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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Opera Desktop Team, for fixing this regression bug in this Opera Beta 43.0.2442.686 RC version : DNA-58537 Zone information registry entry setting not respected for downloaded files
    and also, the Download function is also working well now. :))

    • Kornelia

      Thanks @disqus_1XVlhRqEIm:disqus !

  • vertebranes

    wrong Date (Feb 1, 2017) – or time travel? 😉

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Probably the post was created yesterday?

  • Ari

    I’m still seeing this leak:

    Opera opens in new page tab like this:
    First strange thing I notice is that I have 2 processes for start page. So then, I go to let’s say Opera blog:
    You can see that there is a process still opened for start page, so I terminate that process and open a new tab to see how many processes it opens:
    Same as the beginning, 2 processes. Probably those 2 are normal but if I go to a site again on that new tab then the start page process is still running again, and I don’t think that’s normal.

    • Przemek Kudła

      This is not a leak, the start page is kept in memory to improve opening a new tab.

  • RussianNeuroMancer

    Any news about this issues?
    DNAWIZ-10142 – impossible to select more than one word on Linux with
    DNAWIZ-10143 – new context menu doesn’t react on taps on Linux.
    DNA-53982 – Hardware video decoder not utilized in Linux, patches available.

    • Kornelia

      Thanks for pointing them. We’re doing our best to verify and view all issues from bugwizard (DNAWIZ) but sometimes there are too many. It’s a good idea to put some of (in your opinion) important here and I will be able to forward them faster if needed. Thanks.

  • sgrandin

    Is launcher.exe being abandoned? This is the second straight build that has used opera.exe instead. Launcher is highly convenient for adding commands after the .exe, while opera.exe doesn’t seem to allow that. And even if it did, the user will have to modify it with every new build.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Launcher.exe seems to still be there. At least I can see it in Opera’s installation folder.

      • sgrandin

        Launcher.exe is one level up from the beta installation, so it wouldn’t be touched by installing a new version. The question I’m raising has to do with whether or not launcher.exe is operative in all conditions. The place to look is the desktop or more certainly the taskbar. In my installation, opera.exe replaced launcher.exe on the taskbar. This time I had to go into the Taskbar folder and change the Target and Start In entries to launcher.exe (from opera.exe). This is the second straight beta where there’s been this kind of problem. Never before in what, three years. Perhaps it’s related to going from Win 10 1511 to 1607, although at least with this beta (unlike the last) it’s not opening and operating a second taskbar icon.

    • nanana1

      Confirmed launcher.exe is still there on my portable mode installation :

    • Kornelia

      Did you upgrade to the new version using network installer? And just to be sure, your operating system is Windows7, right?

      • sgrandin

        No, Win 10 Pro x64 1607 (last beta was 1511 and 1607). Network installer? I used the one from this page.

      • sgrandin

        Here’s a screenshot of the taskbar icon following a reinstall (on top) of the latest beta: That icon made it to the taskbar after opening the desktop one that uses launcher.exe and then I pinned it. Why it doesn’t hold that target I don’t know. Since Properties shows the numbered beta version folder as the Target, after taking the screenshot I changed it to launcher.exe. Same thing the last beta too.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          There seem to have had some installation/updating fails. Maybe they are the cause of the issue?

          • sgrandin

            Only in the sense that sometimes a system restore loses something in the mix, as apparently happened yesterday with Opera beta. The results of reinstalling the latest version on top is what I reported. The first time this happened was after going from Win 10 1511 to 1607 and ending up with the double task bar icon, the new one loading from the numbered beta instead of launcher.exe. I reported that with the last beta.

  • Chawoobie

    Online download still being identified as threat by Norton. This has been a problem with the past three or four builds of all versions..

  • Samphann Long

    Audio and Video are out of sync on dailymotion, while there’s no problem using Google Chrome. Windows 10. Please fix.

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hello Samphann,
      I just tried dailymotion random video and I could not reproduce the issue of desync of audio and video. Do you mean any specific video material (url) that you experience the problem?

      • Samphann Long
        • Robert Tomaszewski

          I just tried this link in O43 43.0.2442.686 (Win10) and cannot see desync between video and audio on that material especially when people says something while their mouth being shown, e.g. at 23:16. To me it looks and sounds exactly the same way as in Chrome 56.0.2924.87.

          • Samphann Long

            I thought the same at first. Then I continued watching, but it started in a minute or two.

          • Robert Tomaszewski

            Hmm, now I cannot load the link provided :/
            I analyzed another ones (various interviews) e.g.:
            and could not find any out of sync issue there for the entire interview.

          • Samphann Long

            Okay. Thanks. If I encounter any issues next time, I will report here.

  • Yura

    What’s about WebGl ? It crashed. Please try to test
    for example

  • novainc

    HTML5 videos don’t seem to be working on Linux yet.

  • Юрий Горелов

    Opera – browser with embedded advertisement windows)

  • iG0Lka

    the audioplayer doesn’t work for
    we choose an audiotrack and in attempt to lose we receive the error message.

    in Opera (stable) the audioplayer works without problems.

  • Cobalt

    There is no indicator that shows an updated content of pinned tabs (like in Chrome)



  • Cobalt

    The icon of the sound speaker in a pinned tab

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Pin any tab:
    2. Drag a pinned tab outside the window:

    Actual result:


  • Cobalt
    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems OK for me. What exactly is the problem with the button?

  • Cobalt

    The main menu button not highlighted after you press F10 (regression)

    Opera Stable 42.0.2393.517:
    Opera Beta 43.0.2442.686:


  • Cobalt

    No preview in the settings of start page for those images in the title of which has parentheses


    Parentheses in the file name that cause this problem:


  • LoverOfLife

    The extension icons are too small. It looks like Chrome’s material design bug. Please don’t make this regression in Stable version.

  • Cobalt

    Difficulties with the drag links diagonally

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Turn on: “Horizontal drag link’s text selection” (opera://flags/#horizontal-link-selection)
    2. Try dragging the link diagonally (a fairly common use case):

    Actual result:

    Please make sure that drag links diagonally works. Otherwise, this behavior is very annoying.


  • Cobalt
  • Cobalt

    Bug with repeated pressing of Shift+Tab on the settings page

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Turn on the bookmarks bar.
    2. Go to the settings page.
    3. Open any pop-up window. For example: opera://settings/adblocker-custom-lists
    4. Press Shift+Tab several times.

    Actual result: Selecting elements occurs not only in this box, but also outside of it.


  • Courtney Miles

    The VPN does not work? I’m not sure if it’s the browser or that the service is down.

    • Andrey

      vpn working

  • jamesanthony sun

    When to provide stable download?

    • ShintoPlasm

      I think the FTP server already has it up.

  • annech

    The newer version seems faster

  • sgrandin

    I’m finding the page on its own vertically scrolls back to the top while reading down the page.

  • Martin Sirs

    Popup windows opened using javascript are opening a window
    where the height specified includes the toolbar, url, chrome etc.
    Previously the height specified was just the contents and the toolbar
    etc was in addition. Therefore, popups are now too small to display
    contents without scrolling.

    Similarly, the specified width now appears to include the windows chrome (surround).

    Please comment if this is intended or not, thanks.

    I am expriencing this on 43.0.2442.806 Stable.

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Want an option to bring back old bookmark system where when you enter bookmark section you are shown unorganized bookmarks first(I don’t even know what’s the advantage of this change, cause these folders are always available in the left panel. In old system you could see “unorganized bookmarks+bookmark folders” at once when you entered into the bookmark section. Now you can only see duplicate folders{both left panel and in the main page}). I visit a very wide range of sites and it would require at least 30 folder to categorize them all. Then I’ll forget which bookmark is in which folder. I categorized almost half of my bookmarks in various folders. But rest are less obvious and are in unorganized section where I can find them with a quick look. Now folders are shown first and I often end up looking wrong folders when the bookmark is in unorganized section. Search can’t help when you can’t remember the site’s name, you just remember what it does. This doesn’t used to happen in old way.

  • L33t4opera

    The first Opera beta 44.0.2510.73 😉