Today, we are bringing you Opera 43, the fastest version ever, with instant page loading and Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) on board.

Speed is what matters most

Since web content is getting heavier and heavier, web browsers need to load pages faster and faster to keep up with user expectations.

Last year, we sped up Opera with features like native ad-blocking, page-load speed optimization, and faster start-up. Now, with instant page loading and PGO, we’re giving it another boost that will squeeze loading time.

How instant page loading works

Instant page loading is a technology that predicts which website you’re typing the address for. Once recognised, it begins loading the site in the background even before you hit enter.


Instant page loading becomes smarter over time by learning which URL inputs led to a specific website. For example, if you type “” on multiple occasions, it will learn from this and begin loading the New York Times in the background. In addition, when you search for something in the address bar, it will load the results likely to be clicked in the background.

Opera can predict what page a user is going to load not only from its behavior, but also when the current page uses the < link rel=prerender … > tag.

PGO for Windows

Another performance feature to land in the latest Opera version is Profile Guided Optimization (PGO). PGO is a compiler technique able to make software running on Windows significantly faster. With PGO, we can teach the compiler what usage scenarios are important so that Opera can perform those tasks even faster, using even less CPU.

PGO optimizes the most important parts of the browser, and brings some significant speed improvements. With this technology, startup is 13% faster*. Also, the browser engine has gotten a performance boost, confirmed by several benchmarks such as Speedometer (60.3% improvement compared to Opera 42), JetStream (7.7%), and Octane (3.35%)**.


Test results on Speedometer after PGO. Higher score is better.

Classic link selection

In addition, Opera 43 brings you classic link selection. With this feature, you are able select text in the link without triggering the link. Using classic link selection is really simple:

– Use horizontal click-and-drag to select the text.
– Use vertical click-and-drag to drag the link.


Download Opera 43 with instant page loading, and let us know what you think.

*These results are from a computer running Windows 7 x32 using an i7-4600 CPU locked at 2.1GHz. In the startup tests, Opera was stored on an HDD. We’ve compared x32 build number 43.0.2442.686 (PGO) and 42.0.2393.78.

**These results are from a computer running Windows 10 x64 using an i7-6500U CPU. We’ve compared x32 build number 43.0.2442.686 (PGO) and 42.02393.78.

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  • jojoPL1987

    I have an bug in the currency conversions in the cloud. If I check for example “2$” is a browser currency are conversions to me, but the “3,5$” no longer. Why?

    • mwendelberger

      Hi! The problem is a single digit after the comma instead of two digits.
      We’re planning to fix this in O44. Sorry for inconvenience.

      • jojoPL1987

        OK. Thanks about information.

  • ma_t14

    “In addition, Opera 43 brings you classic link selection. With this feature, you are able select text in the link without triggering the link”

    Kinda interesting that you decide to bring this now after 2.5 years of users requesting for this behaviour to be integrated.

    • ShintoPlasm

      That’s Chinese customer service for ya! 😛

  • ratamies

    Thanks for link selection!

  • Stay Healthy 911

    Waiting for ability to import/export bookmark option from 3rd side with proper layout position and then it will be my #1 browser. Plus i need ability to drag and drop extension button as i want.

  • Piotr Fokt

    Classic link selection +5 for chill in internet browsing.

  • Davit Babayan

    all fonts (tab bar, url bar, context menu…) start show smaller.. how make them larger.
    I use Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

    • Kornelia

      We had this issue internally “Font in tab title and address bar too small on high-DPI screens” and it was fixed and verified already. However if you’ve got this issue we will check again. I’ll come back to you with the details. Sorry for now.

      • Davit Babayan

        Thank you for reply..
        I use large font on my system but this version ignore system settings

      • Gyorgy Zold

        Gyorgy: I have same issue. Using Ubuntu 14.04, Gnome flashback. The fonts in tabs, message boxes are so small, that are not readable. In the settings menu, I could not identify any possibilty to increase font size,

    • Gianluca Ciccarelli

      At what screen resolution are you working? I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 and use something called Tweak Tool. My resolution is very high, so I choose 2 for Fonts > Scaling. Not sure you can do something similar.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can try to launch the Opera with the switch, as it is described here, except that you replace “opera-developer” with “opera”, as follows:/usr/bin/opera –alt-high-dpi-setting=96If it still doesn’t look good enough for you, launch the Opera with one additional switch:
      /usr/bin/opera –alt-high-dpi-setting=96 –force-device-scale-factor=1and see if this helps in your case.

  • Kalo

    Classic link selection is awesome, been waiting for that, thank you very much. Any update on a setting to not load background tabs on start?

    • Caleb

      Dude, I think that option has been on there since years ago(7 at least) in the startup section of the settings!

      • Caleb

        People can be so dumb sometimes when it comes to opera. It’s fast, elegant, easy to use, and nobody should have any problems with it. The only problems they encounter are ones caused by their own computer/internet.

      • Kalo

        nope, your wrong, delaying loading tabs is not the same as not loading them at all. I know what I am talking about, I use Opera for a long time and other browsers too.

        • Caleb Budde

          I think there is a button you can check and uncheck in the settings for delay loading of
          background tabs.

          • Kalo

            Sorry but did you read my comment? I know the delay setting and it is not what I mean.

        • Caleb

          Then that’s not my problem!

  • graste

    Ubuntu 14.04.

    $ opera-developer

    (process:18803): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
    Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.
    /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera-developer/opera-developer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [0207/] Check failed: ReceiveFixedMessage(fds[0], kZygoteBootMessage, sizeof(kZygoteBootMessage), &boot_pid).
    #0 0x000001bd49fe
    #1 0x000001be93cb
    #2 0x000000ab8905
    #3 0x000000ab7c7e
    #4 0x000000ab822e
    #5 0x0000007a5ca6
    #6 0x0000007acd20
    #7 0x0000018ec590
    #8 0x000001bce7ac
    #9 0x000001bcf12c
    #10 0x000001bcdd30
    #11 0x0000004552f3 OperaMain
    #12 0x7f707859af45 __libc_start_main
    #13 0x000000454561

    /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera-developer/opera_crashreporter: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    • Kornelia

      It’s Opera developer build and it’s known issue. Opera might fail to start if Ubuntu’s Chromium package is installed.

      • graste

        Can I download an older snapshot? only has the current build. I’d like to have a working build again.

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, yes, you can download it from here. Alternatively, you can keep the latest OPD, and try to use the portable version of the Chromium, the 64-bit version can be downloaded from here, or you can try one from here (in case the former will cause too much problems for you).

          • graste


  • Angry Penguin

    Any hope for implement PGO into Opera for Linux?
    I googling and I see that PGO is compiler optimization technique and can be added not only for Windows machines but also for Linux.

    So any hope for it?

    • Cryio

      As far as I know, PGO is something from Visual Studio, that is only on Windows.

      • Giuseppe Attanasio

        No, it is available also on linux with GCC and Clang. On linux they don’t use Visual Studio.

  • Nik

    No video on on Linux.
    Opera can’t recognize flash plugin.

    • Kornelia

      You have to wait until compatible ffmpeg version is released, or download and install a custom package.

      • Nik

        Already did that, before writing here. Ffmpeg is working just fine.

        • Gianluca Ciccarelli

          Hi Nik, can you say something about your configuration? and how did you install the custom ffmpeg package?

  • ktxgio

    thanks a lot for new release with radio site fixing!

  • Adi Jaya

    where i can download the offline version of Opera 43 64-bit?
    the right content in this site is for 32-bit.

  • Moving up & down fast in Opera Task manager causes a CPU spike around 40% to 70%

    macOS 10.12.3

  • qwerzaq

    after each update is lost enshrined Opera icon in the taskbar
    Windows 10 x64
    Opera x64

    • senja1

      I think that problem have anyone who converted x32 to x64. You allways need to unpin, and pin again…

      • qwerzaq

        and how to fix it, each time repeating this process is very annoying
        I can not do a clean install I have a lot of data that I can not delete

      • Przemek Kudła

        There is indeed a problem, thanks for the report, the bug was filed: DNA-59170

    • BK

      Hi, can you clarify if this is manual or automatic update?
      reported as DNA-59170

      • firuz_u7

        I have the same problem in manual and automatic in both cases
        it started after converting x32 to x64

        • BK

          thx a lot for confirmation!

  • Chawoobie

    Opera is still recognized by Norton Security as a threat and is removed. Only way to installl is disable Norton briefly.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Did you already report it to Norton?

      • Chawoobie

        Yes. Several times. Seems like Norton or Opera should come up with permanent resolution or this problem.

        • I poked them on Twitter, I think this has happened in the past also

  • oldq

    1 – when you first open the browser white bar at the bottom
    2 – autoupdate.exe after closing of the browser works, process is displayed in a task manager Windows, a circle near the cursor

  • SteUeRunG

    Is it intended that unsorted bookmarks aren’t displayed any more if you click on “Menu”-button -> “Bookmarks”?
    At least I liked it better the way it was. Showing not only “My folders” but “My folders” and the unsorted bookmarks.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As far as I know, ‘unsorted bookmarks’ is being removed.

      • SteUeRunG

        Ok thanks! I guess then I’ll have to rearrange some of my bookmarks cause i got a few unsorted i use frequently.

      • Herr Pietrus


        • Leonardo Gomes

          ‘Unsorted Bookmarks’ is something that never really made much sense, so it’s better to just remove it, I guess.

          • Azgrel

            What the hell, that’s just stupid. I’m using them as “read later” thing, and now I’ll have to install extension to keep the functionality. Even freaking Edge has function like this built in.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            You can use ‘My Bookmarks’. Or create a ‘read later’ folder.

          • Azgrel

            Both of these are not what I really want. What I like in Unsorted Bookmarks is that they’re separated from the “normal” bookmarks, and that they are (or rather were) the first thing I saw after clicking “Bookmarks” on the speed dial page.

  • Caleb Budde

    Incredibly fast opera 43! Faster than any browser out there!

  • LoverOfLife

    The extension icons are too small. Please revert back the size of icons

    • Przemek Kudła

      Could you please share a screen shot?

    • Herr Pietrus

      Can’t show a screenshot now, i’m too lazy at the moment.
      But icons are smaller, believe me.

  • iG0Lka

    has checked speed in Speedometer.
    Opera 43 beta (43.0.2442.686) – 144.3
    Opera 43 stable (this) (43.0.2442.806) – 143.6

    where the promised acceleration? 🙂

    Besides big request:

    Whether you can do it – you highlight the text is a link (which Opera does not recognize as a link), and clicking on it the wheel to open it in a background tab?
    Now, to open the link in a text (which Opera does not recognize as a link), you need to select the text is a link, then open the context menu by pressing the right mouse button. Then, hold down the Ctrl key and select “Go to web address”
    try it yourself:

    • The link as text is not an Opera problem, that’s their forums. This happens in other browsers too.

      • iG0Lka

        Но эту ссылку в виде текста можно кликнуть, если её выделить, потом нажать правую кнопку и удерживая Ctrl выбрать “Перейти по ссылке”. Я Предлагаю не делать лишних телодвижений, а сделать так, чтобы выделив такую ссылку, можно было открыть её, кликнув по ней колесом. почему бы не сделать дополнительную удобную фичу? Ведь именно из таких мелких удобных фич складывается превосходство Opera, над другими броузерами.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      Compare with Opera 42 🙂

  • Davud Karacuban

    When I use the Pop Out Video Function the small Screen Of the Popout gets green every 5 seconds. Please solve this issue!!

  • RussianNeuroMancer

    Will you enable PGO for Linux build too?

    • Ari

      I don’t think so since they are most likely using Visual Studio for this profiling, and that’s a Microsoft tool…so yeah…

      • Angry Penguin

        PGO is available for Linux via GCC or Cland and Linux apps in most cases use … GCC or Clang. So why not?

        • Ari

          Yeap I know that, but PGO is better optimised on visual studio and I think they will be applying it to opera only by means of Microsoft tool at least on a first stage.

          • Angry Penguin

            Better optimized? So where you got this information if I can ask?
            Also VS is supporting now also on Linux, see here:

            but I not see any reason for use it on Linux but Opera devs have few choices, if they ofc want add PGO to Linux build.

          • Andrew Andreyuk

            Visual Studio Code != Visual Studio

  • Vj

    when i open bookmarks it defaults to my bookmarks before it used to default to unsorted can i transfer from unsorted to my bookmarks…thanks for nice update

  • Nekomajin43

    Does this version support native Chromecast, or it will land in v44?

    • I’d like to know the answer to this too.

      • BK

        Not this version, and rather not 44. Sorry for delay.

        • Alright. I appreciate that you guys are working on it.

        • Влад Гаевский

          Unfortunately, this version completely brokes previous chromecast solution. (as here )
          Because google cast extension is also updated and in opera 43 when i try to install google cast extension – it disappears from extension list, and media router feature somehow turns on, despite the fact that #media-router flag is disabled (by default). So, extension isn’t working, it only adds a button to cast (like natively), but this button is not working also! It doesn’t find my TV to cast on it. Enabling #media-router flag also leads to nothing. So, for now in Opera 43 there is no way to cast youtube video to the Miracast TV, and I need somehow to downgrade to Opera 42 to make it work!

  • Regnas

    How to disable instant page loading?

    • Ari

      Settings – Browser, untick Predict network actions…
      To check if it’s disabled go to opera://net-internals/#prerender and it should say Prerender Enabled: false

      • Regnas

        Thank you very much…

  • Jamie

    When I updated, Nortan flagged and deleted a file. Not sure if it is important or not.

    File: widevinecdmadapter.dll
    Location: c:usersusernameappdataroamingopera softwareopera stablewidevinecdm1.4.8.903_platform_specificwin_x64 widevinecdmadapter.dll

    • BK

      Thx for reporting. It’s false positive, to be fixed on Norton side. We are trying to reach them.

  • Andy81

    The scrolling is slower now on Stable then 43.0.2442.686 Beta on Windows 10 64 Bit. The scrolling is little bit faster on 43.0.2442.686 Beta, it’s better.
    Sorry for my not so good english 🙂

  • Herr Pietrus

    “Classic link selection”
    Yes, yes, yes! Hurray!

  • Herr Pietrus

    It’s not good that you’ve almost removed unsorted bookmarks, it was great place to save something temporarily, it was good that unsorted bookmarks were displayed when we entered Bookmarks Manager, so these temporary (or frequently used – but no as frequently to move them do Speed Dial) bookmarks were easily accessed. Now when we enter the Bookmark Manager we get the folder list – no very wise because the list is also displayed as a folder tree on the left side of the window… why you spoil something that wasn’t obligatory used but could be very handy for some users? What was wrong with that category? Of course I can create my folder called “Unsorted” but I can’t display it by default every time I enter BM.

    And you didn’t even told us that you plan to remove them….

    • If there were any elements in folder then it still should be visible. We blocked possibility for adding elements into it and remove folder after there are no bookmarks inside. So it’s not like we removed access to elements that could have possibly been inside it.
      It was deprecated as for many new users it was just confusing and we wanted to simplify usage for them.

      • Herr Pietrus

        yes, i know that as long as a I have something inside it’s available, but iI really don’t like that move
        What was confusing i that additional folder with simple name?

        Could you then give us an oportunisty to indicate a specific folder that will be open by default when we enter BM?
        it doesn’t make sense to have folder’s list on the left and on the right.

      • kesha2000

        I still see “Unsorted bookmarks” entry in the heart menu, even though I don’t have this folder any more.

  • Regnas

    I’ve also noticed that when I open a image in a new tab, the background is now black, is that a new feature or a bug?
    Is it just me?


    • Cobalt

      It’s a feature =)

      • Regnas

        Cool then… It would be even cooler if I could choose the color myself… 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Chrome also show images with a black background so it’s probably a Chromium thing. ii it’s a change or a bug, I don’t know.

      • Regnas

        Thx.. Good to know it’s not just me… 🙂

  • Agbontan Precious

    Wow! Nice features but you can also checkout for more.

  • AleksOD


  • Cryio

    Opera devs, congrats on the first major release in 2017! (I think it is :D)

  • John A.

    uBlock Origin far faster and handy than the Opera’s ad blocker.
    ‘blocking any ad/element on page option ‘ necessary.
    Please shrink bar sizes, or add an option to let users shrink.

    • And Opera ad blocker cannot block video ads or eliminate trackers like uBlock, Disconnect, or Ghostery can,

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Well, Opera’s ad-blocker uses the same list as Ublock Origin so it should block the same things.

        And at least here it blocks many video ads.

        • Kai Ockendorf

          I’m using the Ublock extension & it blocks more & better…but I would really like to use Opera’s inbuild solution 🙂 as @disqus_YDJhOQt4lR:disqus mentioned that enhancements are on its way…I’m looking forward to it & who knows, maybe I’ll switch one day to the native one 😉

        • Trevor Gough

          For , using Chrome 56 with Ublock Origin, the site opens relatively quickly. Using Opera with its own ad-blocker, this same site takes considerably longer to open. It seems to be an ad-blocker issue, but I am not entirely sure. The performance difference is marked and something that Opera should perhaps investigate.

      • BK

        Hi. Opera ad blocker does block trackers. And yes, more enhancements to Opera’s native adblock is on its way.

        • Check out, sometimes the ad blocker blocks video ads, sometimes it pauses the video and it turns black for 16 seconds, the length of the video ad. Ublock blocks all of them and is much faster, but like you said, improvements are on the way.

          But overall, I am very pleased with Opera 43…good job!

  • Click show all downloads and it picks a random windows unminimizes it and brings it to the front

    macOS 12.12.3

  • opera 43 (y)

  • oldq

    one more defect of the interface
    there is no close button when opening a private window from the menu
    when opening a private window from a task bar everything is normal

    …it in addition to a post is lower

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What OS? It seems OK here on Windows 10.

      • oldq

        Windows 7 professional x64…
        this defect is confirmed by colleagues…
        and a white band below the start page in case of the first opening of the browser,
        I gave a screenshot in the previous posts

    • Przemek Kudła

      Confirmed: DNA-59035, thanks.

  • Francehelder Santos

    Now, on Ubuntu 16.04 mp3/mp4 support doesn’t work.
    Netflix also doesn’t work.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can follow the below steps, and see if this helps in your case:
      1. Download the opera-ffmpeg-codecs-56.0.2924.76-1 package from the Herecura’s repo: you can find 64-bit version here, and 32-bit one here,
      2. Navigate to the Opera’s root folder, create a new subfolder “lib_extra”, and extract the “” file from the package to this subfolder.

      • Sergio Muñoz

        Thx! Works great on Fedora 25.
        Just move to /usr/lib64/opera/

      • MdN

        Had the same issue on Xubuntu 16.04. Fixed. Thank you!

      • Zabriskie

        It works on Ubuntu 16.10. Thanks a lot!

      • Francehelder Santos

        I was looking for this file (in this version).
        Thank you very much.

        Now, everything works fine.

  • Abdolahi

    there is no close Button in opera private window !
    windows 7 64 bit

    • Nekomajin43

      Confirmed on Win7 32bit.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Seems OK on Windows 10.

      • Caleb

        Everything is ok in windows 10. As for 8/8.1, pretty damn buggy with issues.

    • Ari

      Yeah, happens since long time ago when window is maximised. Win8.1Pro

  • Alex Kelly

    Are you able to disable instant page loading?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      So you tried but it didn’t work?

    • Юлия


    • Ari

      That was answered below on the comments.

  • red5goahead

    An useful improvement about vpn would be an exception list to avoid some sites or domains to use it and an option to lock navigation if vpn wasn’t avaialable.

  • tankfeeder

    memory leaks when VPN enabled.

    • You got more details on it? Could you give us some reproduction steps and details on your operating system?

      • tankfeeder

        Windows 10 + latest patches. open 10 URLs from with VPN (NL), close, start, disable VPN ->

        And after hour opera have 1GB in private memory and countings.
        Important: cant repeat home on win10 too!
        I’m @tankfeeder in twitter too.

  • Mike

    How do I visit sites that use a self-signed certificate? There’s no “there is nothing wrong with the site, proceeeeeed” link anymore!

  • K. K. VinayKumar

    So this “PGO” thing will it work in private mode, If I always open Opera in private mode?

    • Юлия

      Yes, it will. PGO optimises the most used functions of the code, and on a browser I assume it’s got most to do with its rendering engine. However, aside from benchmarks, on a decent system (by decent I mean pretty much anything but some low power tablet) you won’t notice much, if any, difference. That being said, it’s good to squeeze any drop of performance that’s possible.

  • Laura García

    Hi there. Using Opera stable on Fedora 25 Workstation here. Currently I only have one issue, and is that Opera doesn’t show a close button when is maximized.

    I’m guessing here, but I think it’s because GNOME 3.22 is using Wayland, and probably that feature is missing something there.

    • Gianluca Ciccarelli

      Hi Laura, I am on Ubuntu 16.04 + Gnome 3.18, and I can see a small close button on the window’s top right corner. It’s black on black, so pretty hard to see, but when you hover the mouse on it, it gets better. Do you not see this button either?

      • Laura García

        No. Opera just shows the tabs, the new tab button and other button there.


        • Gianluca Ciccarelli

          Okay, thanks for checking. This might then very well be related to Gnome. I have no access to a Gnome 3.22 installation at the moment, but I’ll try to get back to the issue when I do.

  • Dmitriy

    Please make big icons as it was before! When you change the DPI to 125%.

    • Przemek Kudła

      The problem is followed up in DNA-59185

  • SPH88

    I have a couple of questions. Sorry if I sound dumb. Opera is my favorite browser hands down. But is it still safe to use after part of the company got sold? I’ve heard various things about that and don’t know what to think. Also, is using the built in ad blocker faster than using an extension?

    • Ari

      You are using internet, so forget about what’s safe and what’s not. About the adblocker, I haven’t noticed difference against uBlock.

      • SPH88

        I know, I know. I’ve just seen quite a few people more worried about security now that it’s owned by someone else.

        • MdN

          They commented somewhere that they are still a Norwegian company following Norwegian laws about privacy, not Chinese. Same for their VPN provider, it’s Canadian and works according to Canadian laws. I hope it’s true. 🙂

          • SPH88

            For sure. I love Opera. Best browser in my opinion.

    • BK

      Sorry, what did you hear? Hard to comment about undefined “stuff” 🙂
      Regarding native adblocker – it’s was the fastest solution available last time we’ve measured 🙂

      • SPH88

        Mostly just people worried about security now that it’s owned by someone else. I’m sure there’s no basis for it, I was just curious. But thanks for the info!

        • Herr Pietrus

          don’t worry, you don’t know Chinese alphabet, Chinese people doesn’t know Latin one.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Just for curiosity: what made you trust the former owners?

    • angel2485

      Where and when did you hear it was sold to some other company I never heard this before

  • Dan Ouellette

    Since updating to 43.0.2442.806 (PGO), the browser randomly flashes like it is refreshing a bit slow. Also,when I visit my local news site, it displays incorrectly. It opens correctly in Chrome and Firefox. I am using latest version of Win10.

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Every time I open a new tab, my Speed dial theme jumps (can’t explain it otherwise). To reproduce it: open a few new SD tabs & you see what I mean!! W10x64, O43x64

  • Botond Sulyok

    Great update again. But why doesn’t the video pop out keep the original video aspect ratio? There are black areas around the videos this is annoying.

  • Vj

    how can i transfer from unsorted bookmarks to my bookmarks

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Use the Bookmarks Manager (Ctrl + Shift + B).

      • Vj

        it only lets me to view them…i want to transfer from unsorted section to my bookmarks section

        • Leonardo Gomes

          What happens if you try to move the bookmarks to another folder?

          Did you try ctrl + c, ctrl + v?

  • Andrii Tsvek

    How can I check the version of Opera? x32 or x64? And how install 64bit version if I have x32

    • Vj

      reinstall thru network installer without uninstalling check version easily open task manager if u see opera thats x64 if u see opera 32 then u know

    • Vj
    • Leonardo Gomes

      Check Menu > About Opera. If you find ‘Wow64’ then it’s a 32 bits version.

  • Tomek Duda

    Now I can select like a boss, without extension. 🙂

  • Herr Pietrus

    What about adding folder to the RSS Reader to grup selected sources and create different “streams” e.g. to create a “folder” called “News” in order to put into it all news feeds and display them together but without any other sources for example without business, entertainment or technology articles? Something similar to the old Opera Mobile (which has a lot more categories than the new one!)

    • Nekomajin43

      And the ability to rename the sources, because web devs sometimes use meaningless titles, like “new posts”.

      • Herr Pietrus

        Good Idea too.

  • Agen Jakarta

    Every time I open a new tab, my Speed dial theme jumps (can’t explain it
    otherwise). To reproduce it: open a few new SD tabs & you see what I
    mean!! W10x64, O43x64

  • Gordon Freeman

    Great Opera 43 – good work – thumbs up !!!

  • angel2485

    This is strange, I lost Speed Dial for about a year now come today I have it back and is working great and much faster too, why did Opera make us wait so long for this fix and when I asked for some help to get it back some time ago, they acted like they did not understand how to fix it, I’ve waited all this time, Yay, it’s back now, no more trying to find someone to help me fix the missing Speed Dial, even though I don’t have the things that they made Speed Dial for I still enjoy using it on my fast computer, Thanks Opera for returning Speed Dial

  • Ariane Lu

    Great work! Don’t need copy either link text then select text from it

  • عبد الرحمان

    Amizing opera .you The best for ever

  • Clemens Haffner

    Mhh, for me the update broke h264 on youtube, (in the HTML5 test, MSE&H264, and H264 are red now). bad for laptops (especially old ones like my thinkPad T60)

    Software: Linux Mint 18.1 32bit
    Hawrdware: Core Duo T2600, ATI X1400 128MB

    • Kornelia

      You have to wait until compatible ffmpeg version is released, or download and install a custom package.

      • Clemens Haffner

        Do you know where I can get the updated packages from? The xenial repos only list the chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra v.55, but opera 43 is based on chromium 56 as far as I know

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, please have a look here.

  • Kean Clifford

    Is this recent update anything to do with the fact that on my Macbook Air I can no longer read my business e-mails, or access the BBC new pages in any readable format? The font has changed and the format appears more like code that the friendly layout I have encountered for the previous 3 years of use. It still appears fine on Safari – do I have to re-adopt Safari as my preferred browser or have I problem of my own creation and the timing of the problem is just coincidence?

  • uptown18

    I love using OPERA but due to not updating it self i uninstalled this app so please make it up to date

    • Przemek Kudła

      Which version were you using?

  • Andrey

    If i disable all plug-ins on opera://plugins, after restart browser the plugins already enabled (except Chromium PDF Viewer)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s known.

      • Andrey


        • Leonardo Gomes

          There are comments about this in this blog since a while.

          This is the main one, I guess:

          • Andrey

            But is developer version.., in Opera beta – all ok.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            That’s strange because current beta version should be facing the same issue as stable one.

          • Andrey

            What version opera are you using?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Developer 44 and I also have stable 43 installed. In developer you can’t even disable plugins in opera://plugins anymore.

          • Andrey

            You too often write in beta topics, but use developer & stable versions

          • Leonardo Gomes

            So…? Currently both stable and beta are in version 43 so both should be basically the same.

          • Andrey

            But in beta all ok with this bug. Why?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Are you using latest beta? I’ve just teste here and the problem happens on it.

          • Andrey

            Yes, x86 on 7×64

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I’m using x64 version of build 43.0.2442.686 and i I disable, let’s say, Flash in opera://plugins then it will be enabled again when Opera is reopened.

            Do you have the same settings in beta as you have in other channels builds?

          • Andrey


  • Andrei

    Page loading time is really improved a lot! Thanks Opera Software!

  • Izer0

    Loading icons on 200+ tabs still not working (respectively, to be exact, working totally randomly, and I am sure it is very simply stupid rendering problem), using bookmark manager with 3000+ bookmarks is horrible (can you make search box to respond only on enter?), experienced user is not interesting group for Opera guys.

  • Cobalt

    State of the window is not saved after pressing Win+↑/Win+↓ if you have opened only the start page

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open Opera without open tabs:
    2. Press Win+↑ to maximize a window:
    3. Close Opera
    4. Reopen Opera

    Actual result: The window is not maximized:


    • Leonardo Gomes

      Can’t reproduce here on Windows 10.

  • redfox

    Left clicks on hyperlinks are sometimes ignored (about 1/5) at some web pages like, it may be related to the classic link selection feature. See DNAWIZ-11636.

  • Cobalt
  • cenon91

    The speed is godly compared to the other browsers that I have been using and the Classic link selection is an awesome feature as well, it just makes it much more easier to copy links without accessing them. Thank you Opera!

  • Cobalt

    Dear Developers, what about DNAWIZ-3733???

    Really miss the possibility to find the selected text in a text field using the search engine by default through the context menu (like in Chrome & Firefox)


    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s a feature request and they usually don’t comment on possible future features.

      But I think it would be nice to have this in Opera.

  • Getting error “Out of memory” when watching Youtube videos. I had same problem with Opera 42 also.

    ps. I have Windows 7 64 bit and 32 GB memory.

  • Dominik Nosal

    dlaczego znów w wersji 43 nie działa kodek H264 i flash na Linuxie? dlaczego o tych zmianach nie informujecie?

  • Юлия

    You should limit the popup video proportions on resize according to the playing file. Example:

    Note I’m only dragging from the right edge of the window.

    (whichever link works, imgur is ambiguous with large gif files)

  • Cobalt

    Opera crash when I try to drag a bookmark from the folder on the bookmarks bar



    • Cobalt

      Follow the arrow in the screenshot (drag the bookmark back to the bookmarks bar).

  • opt

    Can’t open ms store links on any windows 10 pc:

  • red5goahead

    Get a lots of “Out of memory” with new release. on any tabs. need shutdown Opera to solve.
    probably it’s related to youtube even embedded into tweets

  • Naidek L

    Some websites won’t load properly since the last update (i.e. only badly formatted text with no pictures). Tried deactivating ad-blocker and opera turbo with no result 🙁

  • Konstantin Paramonov

    Ad tiles reappear on Speed Dial after every restart. I tried a clean install, a portable install – nothing. The duplicates of all these tiles are in a folder with no name. The folder is under “Speed Dials” section in Bookmarks. I also have another copy of portable Opera and it does not have that problem at all. What do I do?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, go to opera:flags#first-run-partner-content-update, and disable it, remove the tiles, relaunch the Opera, and see if this helps in your case.

  • Ken Hiro

    I cannot install this new opera on CentOS 6.8 64-bit. It failed dependencies and Any suggestion ?

  • Version 43 does not properly load many pages in political sites like The Hill, Breitbart, and others. Have gone back to version 42 and have no issues with same pages. You need to fix this ASAP.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Any example links?

      Did you check with ad-blocker disabled? What about extensions?


        • Regnas

          All those webpages are working properly here on v43.

          • Meanwhile, I’m staying at 42 until you fix it, regardless of what you browser shows.

          • Przemek Kudła

            It seems that you are using “Opera Turbo”, please turn it off and check if the problem persists.

          • Here”s links to screen shot that I am getting on a bare version of 43 with no extensions or popup blocker enabled:




          • Leonardo Gomes

            Something seems to be blocking content in those pages.

            The behavior is the same if you open those pages in a private window? Do you se any security/privacy software that may be blocking content on web pages? What about DNS filters?

          • Use Norton 360 and have turned off the Firewall and Auto protect, but Gateway Pundit and The Hill are still not in HTML format. In fact, The Hill is worse off now. However, Breitbart is now working. Did you issue another update to 43?

            BTW: All sites do work in private mode, so what in regular mode could be causing thi issue?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Something working in private window but not in regular one usually means a problem caused by an extension.

          • The extensions were turned off during the latest check, but I just enabled then in private mode and the pages are working fine. Something in regular mode is inhibiting proper HTML formatting

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It may be being caused by a corrupted profile. Try checking with a clean one.

          • So how does one create a new Opera profile? I don’t trust all of these third party apps from dubious sources and I can’t find any instructions on this site? And there is no ability built into the browser.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Go to Menu > About Opera and take note of the path to Opera’s profile folder.
            Close Opera, go to the profile folder and rename it.
            Open Opera and a new profile folder will be created.

            Use Opera with the new profile for a while to see if the problem still happens. If not, then start copying the files from the old profile, one by one, to the new one to try to find out which one is causing the issue.

            You can also use the portable installer.

          • Created new profile and still cannot properly render HTML. Any other ideas? What changed from version 42 to 43, and of those changes, what are omitted in private mode? That may well be where the issue lies, unless you’d like me to try uninstalling Opera completely, including all registry entries and start with a fresh, clean install, with my renamed profile saved elsewhere. Please provide the steps to completely uninstall version 43 if that is what you’d like me to do next.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Try using the portable installer. Make sure to install in a directory different from the current installation.

            Private mode has its own cache and cookies. Maybe the problem is related to this?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          All loaded fine here.

  • Adrian McDonald

    I just updated to the latest version and I now have no sound on my youtube videos. Why? I can save them to my computer and then play them, but that means I can’t view in real time. Other browsers still play video. What is going on? I updated flash players and anything else I could, still nothing.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What OS? I have no such problems with Windows 10.

      BTW, Youtube doesn’t use Flash by default to play videos since a while.

  • Kara Fetterhoff

    Version 43 does not seem to support WordPress. When I go to add blogs through word press, all text formatting toolbars are invisible and adding media loads nothing.

  • I’ve made Opera Blink my default browser since version 25 (when bookmarks came back) and this version is the most fast of all! The spped is really fast and browse with is really nice 🙂 great job!
    Greetings from Argentina 😀

  • tankfeeder
  • Mateusz

    I noticed today that after update to 43, i cannot open protocols associated with UWP apps on Windows 10. I have message that there is no protocol associated with for example “mswindows-store:”

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As far as I know, Opera Blink never supported protocols other than the ‘regular’ ones.

      • Mateusz

        Well, it worked at Opera 42, i could launch winstore directly from web version of store page.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Interesting because I remember people complaining about Opera’s lack of ability to handle protocols since a long while.

  • redfox

    Visual bugs in styling html INPUT elements since v. 43.

  • Krzysztof Iracki

    Firstly – thanks for first new release in 2017! Speed improvements are incredible, especially when Opera knows a bit you and predicts most visited websites. However, I must admit that I do not like new behavior of bookmarks. When I hit Heart icon I am moved to My Bookmarks view instead of unsorted ones. Previous behavior was much better.

    Secondly – well-anticipated tab stacking! C’mon Opera, where is your soul?!

    Last but not least – hope Neon cool features will be incorporated to Opera soon (like snapshots and player in left-pane bar and Chrome-like tab for searching).

  • Влад Гаевский

    This version brokes support of Chromecast extension. When installing it, native media-router ui is activated despite the flag media-router is set by default (disabled).
    Therefore, no way to cast youtiube videos to TV with miracast in this version. That was working in 42.

    • UMaster 7

      at the moment I still have touse Chrome only due to this missing feature and of course tab / desktop casting 😀

  • The things I want to ask, does the battery saving mode really works, I don’t see any significant battery saving compares to IE and Opera UI very slugish on Windows Classic themes.. I need explanation. Thanks

    • Ari

      Before it was more aggressive I think with JS timers, now it’s lighter on those. Also it disables prerender feature (loading in the background the predicted website).

  • Will

    A suggestion Opera please make the update optional and put links up to older versions. Why force the auto-updates? I absolutely hate this version 43, the auto update caused everything I was doing to freeze! I can no longer run multiple browser windows without problems. This update made Oprea feel truly clunky and weird.

    If you want to run an older version here is how,

    A. download for an older version from somewhere
    B. Uninstall the update bad version from your control panel
    C. Disconnect from the Internet
    D. Install the older version of Opera
    E. Go to Opera’s installation folder and find the folder with the number of the latest build. Inside it you will find the file ‘opera_autoupdate.exe’.

    Right click on it and click on rename. Change the name. I changed mine to opera_autoupdate.stop

    Now everything should be working good again and you will get an update error when you view the about tab.

    • led9ru

      There you go
      Your step E. cause redness menu button – if you just delete opera_autoupdate.exe.
      necessary to start opera.exe with command line switch = Your path..opera.exe “–disable-update”

  • Vlad Violenty

    propietary codec not work on ubuntu 16.10

    • Andrew Andreyuk

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-chromium-builds/stage
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

      • Vlad Violenty


  • Will

    Not good! Not good at all! You guys doing critical stuff with this browser better check yourselves. I sure wouldn’t log into my back account with Opera anymore!

    Opera browser sold to a Chinese consortium for $600 million

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You are kinda late.

  • Vega MV

    This version make all my bookmarks disappear!

  • kgbme

    This URL which gets launched from various places, links in the blog and -also- the Disqus comments (every now-and-again) isn’t all that cool… xD

    *From: (“Opera 43 squeezes page loading time to its limits”)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I remember have seen some people commenting about this before but here that url never showed up.

  • Am i still completely unable to select my own search engine hotkeys?

    • You can manage your search engines keywords:
      You can modify custom search engines and use any unique keyword.

  • Small CPU spike on , tho it does cause the fans to spin & the Memory usage for the tab grows by a few MB every few seconds (I find part of it is outdated code and broken & unfinished links)

    macOS 10.12.3

  • jayaich

    This update breaks my favourite sites and is unusable for that reason. Not only that, but it was an auto-update. Grrr.

    • What is your OS and what are a few of the sites?

      • Atlantique

        The same for me. I use Windows 10 last version.

      • Atlantique
        • Leonardo Gomes

          And the issue with that page would be…? Here it seems to load fine.

        • Try holding shift and reload the page

          • Atlantique

            It worked! Thank you i will now be able to use again Opera.

          • Atlantique

            Finally the last problem is when Opera is reading a PDF it splits, in the middle, the document during the scrolling and few seconds after the scrolling. After that everything is back to normal.

            The faster you are scrolling the bigger is the distortion. Especially if you stop suddenly scrolling. (I use a trackpad) and if there is a big picture.
            Example of a PDF where I see this problem:

  • NotKoslovKolosovsky

    Private mode is a bit buggy. When I first open it the top bar is all black without the close, minimize, resize and open new tab buttons.
    After minimizing or resizing the window through other methods it then goes back to normal.

    VPN also not working since a few months ago.

    • Tro

      Black title bar in private mode – the same

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Issue with private windows is known.

  • Kol Valentine

    Please disable the auto-update feature. I would, first, like to know what new features will be added and get some comments from fellow users rather than being ‘forced’ to update. The 43 version is very buggy, with most of the sites I regularly visit not showing properly. That is just one of the many other problems. Unsorted bookmarks, for me, have disappeared.

    Had a really bad feeling when I saw ‘PGO’ in the about page. 😐

    Switching back to Opera’s last greatest, 42.

  • Tro

    I got a private problem and question. How disable in omnibar a showing bookmarks? I don’t want suggestions any bookmark when I type in omnibar. It’s so weird that I can’t turn off this.

    • There is settings to disable this:
      Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar

      • Tro

        Unfortunately, it does not work. Check yourself

        • Sorry thought you’ve been talking about suggestions from search engines. As far as I know there is now way to disable bookmarks/history items from appearing in omnibox.

  • LamiaLove

    OH MY GOD! Finally, we get link text selection back. The web is less of a shithole now.
    But, what is up with the weird popup menu that appears automatically when selecting text from a link? It looks completely out of place. Doesn’t look like anything else in Opera.

    That crappy popup appears on any text selection. How do I disable that crap?

    OH MY GOD, you are injecting it in pages. Stop that crap!

    • Mikolaj Boc

      Hi, question 1):
      Settings->User Interface->Enable the search pop-up when selecting text

      Edit 2)
      We are not injecting it in pages, it’s a native window, don’t worry 🙂

      • LamiaLove

        I already found the checkbox in settings, but thanks for trying to help! 😀

        I’m glad nothing is injected, but it means it’s full of bugs. I thought it was a script which would not play nice with other stuff on the webpage, but it means I was wrong and it’s just a buggy as hell (crappy) feature.

        Problems with it:
        0. It covers text on the page and it is distracting as hell. Also, it reminds of shitty websites that show a similar pop-up when selecting text. I guess the mix of a shitty website pop-up and a crappy browser pop-up will be nothing short of magical. :))
        1. Checking the option for search pop-up in settings will enable BOTH search and copy.
        2. Unchecking the option for search pop-up in settings will disable ONLY search. Copy pop-up will still be displayed for pages that are already open when unchecking the option.
        3. After unchecking the option for search pop-up in settings, in disqus comments the copy pop-up will be shown at some other horribly wrong position, not where the selection is.

    • Ari

      You learned the c.. word yesterday didn’t you?

      • LamiaLove

        What is a c.. word?

  • Cobalt

    Active item “Empty trash” in the context menu (when the “Trash” folder in Bookmarks is empty)


    And why these context menu items is active if the folder is empty:

    P. S. Oh my God!!! *facepalm*


    • Cobalt

      QA (Quality Assurance) is still alive?! o_O LOL!!! xD

      • Don’t be cocky.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        They have more important issues to take care of.

        • Cobalt

          Yeah, sure… ^^

          • Leonardo Gomes

            In a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is something that needs to be fixed immediatly, this issue would be a 4, at most a 3.

          • Ari

            pff… I wouldn’t give it lower than 5. But we already know how Cobalt is with his OCD

          • LamiaLove

            Bullshit! It’s a 6 at best. :))

  • Spencer

    Should Opera 12.17 x64 be prompting to upgrade to the latest version now that Opera for Windows x64 is stable again? Opera 12 says I have the latest version…

    • It depends on what the OS is, newer versions of Opera dropped support for some older OS.

      • Spencer

        Windows 10 x64.

        • LamiaLove

          Chas4 has no idea what he’s talking about.
          Opera 12 is a dead end. It will not be updated to anything else, because it is the last version of the old Opera. It doesn’t matter what OS you have.
          The new Opera is a completely different browser with the same name and it started at version 15.

    • Eroticus

      Nope. Opera 12 wasn’t based on Chrome.

  • rek

    What happened to the bookmark HTML file export?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There was one?

      • Nekomajin43

        There were something mentioned in a changelog weeks ago.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Ah, so this is about something yet to come?

          • Nekomajin43

            It was mentioned around december once in a changelog or in a dev comment. I can’t remember. But nothing since then.

      • rek

        It was announced in the developer release for Version 43

        • Leonardo Gomes

          In the post? I really don’t remember it but I will check.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          OK, found it. I guess it should have been postponed.

  • redfox

    The horizontal click selection feature should have some pixel tolerance. If I click a hyperlink to open it, but I move the mouse a bit during the click (not intentionally), Opera thinks I want to select the text and does not open the link.

    • Ari

      THIS! Clicking on a link has become so unreliable because of this

  • Cobalt

    Two problems with the display of Speed Dial

    Problem #1:

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Go to program settings and set the minimum number of columns for Speed Dial (3):
    2. Open a new tab and click to the “Add a site” button:

    Actual result: Too much empty space on the left and right sides:

    Expected result:

    Problem #2:

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Go to program settings and set the maximum number of columns for Speed Dial (11):
    2. Maximize the window
    3. Open a new tab and click to the “Add a site” button

    Actual result: The cut of the thumbnails on the right side:


  • Miguel Lopez

    Hate the new version…the bookmarks menu is extremely restrictive and it is duplicating my bookmarks with an additional “My Folder” folder that I cannot move or modify. The Bookmarks title menu will not show all of the bookmarks if the list is too long, forcing me to open the Bookmarks editing menu to see all of them. I spent over an hour to try to fix it to no avail. My only option was to load Opera 42.0 and turn-off the auto update.

    A big step back!

  • nrpardee

    Over the last few days, a bunch of web pages won’t render, including ebay, homedepot, my newspaper, and others. I’m about to dump Opera, because it’s getting unusable (and seems to be getting worse, or at least the more sites I hit, the more problems I run into)

    • Ari

      Have you tried cleaning cookies and cache? Have you got any extension? I also visit ebay and homedepot and haven’t had any issues.

      • nrpardee

        I’ve been using Opera as my primary browser- heavily – for over two years. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I appreciate the response and suggestions. But I refuse to use the “clean cookies” solution- it’s the brute force method like “reinstall Windows.” that MIGHT solve the problem, but doesn’t figure out what’s happening. If it was only one site I might clear the cookies for that site, but it’s not just one site. And the problem just started, seemingly coincidentally with the new version. Thanks again for the ideas.

        • Ari

          I don’t think you will get a response like “It’s because of THIS”, if you don’t walk through towards a solution. “Reinstall Windows” solution would be, uninstall Opera, create a new profile and start your history and bookmarks all over from scratch, which is pretty different from what I told you to do. Anyway, good luck, I hope you fix it

  • Iseedeadpeople

    OS X Yosemite 10.11.3
    Opera 43.0.2442.806

    Popup opened after clicking on the icon under the tabs, extensions, Ghostery is broken.
    It never happened before.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  • oh no, the 43 version doesn’t always start the dev tools panel on macOS!

    • Could you give more details here? I tried opening DevTool with:
      – shortcut
      – menu option
      – context menu (Inspect Element)
      All those methods worked for me on various sites I tried (,,, etc.).

      • anything between context menu,command+option+i and force touch are possibled! I don’t know why

      • I use the chinese version 🙂

      • Frederick Willems

        I also have problems with opening the DevTools. I only use the context menu (Inspect Element). Sometimes it works, but usually not. I can see the overlay, but no sidebar.

        I experience a lot of bugs since 43. DevTools don’t work, when resizing my browser the content doesn’t scale and overflows, … Restarting Opera fixes the issues for a little while but they always come back.

        Oh btw, I cleared all preferences etc, doesn’t help.

  • Click on the downloads icon (when something is being downloaded) and click show more should open it in a tab in the same window not one that is minimized and a random one at that

    macOS 10.12.3

    • This seems to be already working fine on O44 developer which we will soon be promoting to Beta.

  • Lukáš Langer

    I have a problem with self-signed certificate page. The cert is not OK, but every browser I ever used and every old Opera warned me, that something is wrong about the site, but everytime there was an option like “I know what I’am doing” and “Continue to the site”. But in Opera 43 is the error message only and the only one button here is “Back to safety”. So now I’m not able to use production system of my company and I have to use Firefox for it :/

    • Mika Takala

      My thoughts too… Had to install Firefox to get any work done.

    • redfox

      Lukáši, self-signed certifikáty se dají povolit v opera://flags.

    • Oleg

      Have same problem, I am using opera on my dev machine and of course I have to work with sites with invalid certificates, not only localhost but also other test sites in internal network… Previously I I had no problems and I cannot open such sites… In opera:flags there is no option to enable this behavior for sites in local network, only available option is: Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost – which is not enough, I want to approve any site with invalid certificate.

    • Grzegorz Łabuzek

      I have same situation – please correct this and allow users to decide if we want to continue or not.

    • hari.g

      Just being self-signed shouldn’t be a problem, can you check whether the certificate uses sha1 digest?

  • uptown18

    I am using your opera mini neon i download it today i will give you feedback after few days,

  • Attis

    I <3 Opera!

  • I think opera interface design should be more concise and flat 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you mean by ‘flat’? And concise in what way?

      • flat design, and like chrome’s interface,less button display and window height can be higher. what do you think?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And what would be a ‘flat design’? The name doesn’t sound good. 🙂

          Talking about window height, I don’t see that many difference between Opera and Chrome.

          • opera is about 3px less than chrome, i am a front end developer 🙂
            sorry, my english is poor :(. you can look microsoft’s website design to know what I mean.

          • Nekomajin43

            Really? 3 whole pixels?

          • yeah . i think so

  • Adblocker in Opera is breaking now

    macOS 10.12.3

  • Eze

    It’s been a few days since I’m not able to play any Twitter videos or gifs in my timeline. I tried clearing everything (cache, cookies, etc) and reinstalling Opera.
    I’m running Opera 43.0.2442.806 (PGO) on Windows 10 64bits.

  • jordan coleman

    i downloaded opera and its not loading any pages

  • Drake Xiang

    if I had dev tool on for long enough time, other tabs will leave out the same white space, anyone have that issue? win 10

  • sunny anand

    I am using opera neon it is functioning good it has some cons and prons also i will give feedback but after some day

  • D14L

    a bug i found. can you guys look into it, please?

    this site worked fine in opera 42 and now it is not displayed right

  • Ariane Lu

    In this version, I can see this bug a lot of times every day. on Windows 10

    Web page content become small after resize window, like maximize to half screen, then maximize to full screen.

  • Tang

    Battery saver looks screwed.

    • Radek Rzepecki

      Thanks for letting us know. We will fix it! 🙂

  • leila Kehali
  • Clasan Ibanez

    Flash plugin is not working on Debian 8.7 x64.
    In Chrome, Vivaldi and Firefox is OK.

    • Radek Rzepecki

      Please update your flash to the latest version PPAPI

  • Ads might request MIDI full control, and if you click deny Opera will crash (Opera sent the crash report)

    macOS 10.12.3

    • Radek Rzepecki

      could you give me an example of such site, because I am not able to reproduce it.

      • I could not get the example as Opera crashed, the request dialog listed an ad url

        “Opera sent the crash report”

  • Irvan Dohan

    The Flash plugin does not work on Debian 8.7 x64. but through firefox result is very good

    visit my home

    • Do you have the PPAPI Flash Player plug in installed?

  • Faheem Ahmed

    opera please update the neon browser with these features

    • Junaid Ahmed

      Opera Neon is a experimental browser. It may never be updated, or can receive update tomorrow. You’ll know when it happen. Use main Opera meanwhile.

      • Faheem Ahmed

        but opera neaon is fater

        • Junaid Ahmed

          Yes cause its now just a UI with an engine. If it survives, it’ll be bogged down with time like everyone else’s 🙂

  • Tommy

    I switched from SLOW Edge to FAST Opera a 1/2 year ago on W10. Have not looked back. It is fast, I love the Speed Dial and I love that upon closing the last tab the whole app does not close. O43 is even better. I’m sure there are bugs but none that have impacted me. I have no requests for improvement for O44 as O43 meets/exceeds all my expectations on my desktop… maybe an alternative execution other than the old school upper left hand corner placement. This browser REALLY feels integrated into W10.

  • Isaac Okoronkwo


  • Ariane Lu

    Feature request:

    Feed rename, some RSS feed’s name is too long, like “Web Updates – Google Developer”, or just called “RSS”

  • anjan singh
  • Kuba

    How to change ctrl + tab behaviour? The one implemented now (with manu poping) is not very intutive…

    • Kuba

      Nvm found it 🙂

    • Corthloy

      I’m looking for the same, I hate the poping menu

      • Kuba

        Settings > in search type Tab or go down to User int. Unmark:
        Cycle tabs in most recently used order
        It will delete randomness from ctrl + tab. But the pop up stays.

  • Martin Sirs

    Popup windows opened using javascript are opening a window where the height specified includes the toolbar, url, chrome etc. Previously the height specified was just the contents and the toolbar etc was in addition. Therefore, popups are now too small to display contents without scrolling.

    Please comment if this is intended or not, thanks.

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Things I like about Opera–
    1. Lightest on system resource. Still doesn’t hang!
    2. Ability to return the start-page by closing the last tab without closing the browser.
    3. Comparatively respectful to user privacy than Google/MS.
    4. Good old Turbo mode which saves data(though a few sites are inaccessible/loads after delay with it on). Hope it’s saving rate will continue to improve.
    5. Responsive blog.
    6. Smart choices/decisions.
    Regular Opera users since 2012. Among one of the happy users about that Opera doesn’t come with a mail and torrent client now. It isn’t necessary anymore on Windows. Good luck OperaTeam!

  • Does the video on play for longer than 6 seconds for anyone?

    Developer tools show lots of errors

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Here it played until the end but I had to turn ad-blocker off. I’m on Windows 10.

      • I noticed the video player is not flash based, and has a high risk of corrupted cache, cleared the cache but the video was still choppy, have had corrupted cache on this same video player multiple times.
        I have notice PPAPI is about 10+ years behind NPAPI on macOS in terms of performance.

        The site also has a lot of extra force page reloads (which cause a big CPU spike in Opera, around 40+% with the page idle it will reload on its own)

        macOS 10.12.3

  • ballowap
  • Drake Xiang
  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 43.0.2442.991 😉

  • Kamil Wabnic

    Nice work with link selection 🙂 but opera 43 is for me useless because after the update to Opera 43 stable Flash Player doesn’t work 🙁 Please fix it

    Opera 43.0.2442.991, Ubuntu 16.10 (x86_64; KDE), PPAPI Flash

    • Radek Rzepecki

      Please update your flash plugin to the latest version PPAPI

  • Iseedeadpeople

    Thank you for fixes (43.0.2442.991 update)
    Opera team is the best

  • wow, has a high risk of corrupted cache, cleared the cache but the video was still choppy, have had corrupted cache on this same video player multiple times. Printer Driver Download

  • Teja Mark

    good update nice work fastest version ever

  • It seems like everything is getting faster in the world. Great job! There is also room for faster bandwidth and leased line costs are coming down all the time too so all good!

  • Opera Turbo over HTTPS

    Opera Turbo over HTTPS!
    When? Next update?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’m not seeing this coming.

  • Void Habit

    You guys at Opera are the best, I used your browser for the last 10 years, I could not be more happy with the improvement you guys bring, specially the native VPN, now with the PGO, Opera will rocks !

  • Simon

    It is broken after 43.0.2442.806

  • Good news!!!

  • grt to see still opera is fighting out against today’s giants like Chrome & Firefox
    always good to have more competitors in the market, it keeps a check on the Customer/User first approach, We ourselves are in RD on developing a inbuilt Opera browser within a Mobile app,, more details on the app will be added soon on Opera integration within webviews of an Android/iOS Apps

  • Laxus

    i love this version TY

  • Dima Blover

    Please tell me why on Opera for Windows?
    1. doesn’t work in Opera.
    2. Music on doesn’t playing
    3. Behance doesn’t work
    3. Web-sites really slowly downloading

    • it’s working for me. what’s the matter? Does your ISP block that site?

  • Good one..
    I am using opera on my mobile last 3-4 years. And I am very much satisfied from your service. After updating it becomes better and better.
    News section of home page is very good.
    5 stars for your software

  • grt to see still opera is fighting out against today’s giants like Chrome & Firefox
    always good to have more competitors in the market, it keeps a check on the Customer/User first approach

  • Wraith

    Hi guys, did the mobile version of Opera for iOS can sync with the desktop browser?,
    It´s nice to see improvement in the desktop version and I use it everyday as my main browser but when It comes to the mobile version well the thing are really bad.

    • Leonardo Gomes
      • Wraith

        Hi Leonardo, but you don´t understand what I mean, I can start session on my mobile but it can´t sync a single item, maybe is because on the Desktop version I have my own passphrase protecting my password but this option is not available on the mobile version and that seems to be locked the sync function of the others items (bookmarks, speedials etc)

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, I answered your question based on the information provided in your comment.

          Pass-phrase encryption is available only on Opera for desktops. So if you enable it, your Opera installations on mobile devices will not be able to sync.

          BTW, by Opera Mobile for IOS you mean Coast or Mini?

          • Wraith

            Opera Mini.
            Oh I see, is sad that the mobile version can´t support that.
            Thanks anyway!

  • edward john

    Guys how many of you using opera .Whatever
    browser may came opera is my favorite with turbo speed. Guys you know about
    opera turbo. It works even in low net connection. That’s why still opera is in
    top web and mobile browser. Culinary Schools
    in Dubai

  • Lokashree sam

    I am using opera from past 5 years. I dint find any reasons to go with Chrome or Firefox. Really am satisfied with the service you people are providing. Please keep updating for the permanent users like us.thank you

    Engineering Colleges In Chennai

  • weebee

    Something seems to be broken with this release. First, there seems to be a difference in the way it handles opening links in a new tab. Previously, I had an extension that would force open tabs in the background all the time (force background tab) but it no longer works properly. When I open a link in the background, it switches me to a different tab than the current one. It switches me to the last tab that was active before the current one. I noticed this problem in the previous release and it remains in the current one. I wish there was an in built option to do this (not the U mouse gesture or ctrl + click) so I don’t have to use an extension to do so. The other issue is that quite often, right click stops working and you have to wait a while before it starts working again.

  • Prashant

    I love using opera mini i love to use it as well as i use it in my pc and mobile also

  • Corpus Salus

    that’s nice but now opera won’t load ANY pages. =/
    every time I load the browser I need to delete the config file in order for it to work

  • Add feature to block and such script. many site using intrusive ads and causing alot of wasted time, bandwidth, and also giving virus, malware, adware, spyware auto download, that’s bad… I hope future ads like native ads take over the place where ads are clean, no virus and such… Opera please make it happend. I’m sick of site that can’t be loaded…

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  • Dean Perkinson

    I just upgraded to Opera 43.0. When I open Opera (home page is it hangs for a couple of minutes with the tab for Bing opened and the page only partially loaded.

    CPU of 24% is being used by (Windows 10) “Local Security Access Process (? no sure about the last word, but does start with “P”…). When LSAP CPU utilization goes back to normal (Task Manager) Opera loads the rest of the Bing page.

    After that, everything loads normally… Until I shutdown Opera then restart. Then the hanging on LSAP behavior repeats consistently.

    Any ideas? I’ve changed nothing since the Opera upgrade from 42 to 43 a few days ago.

  • Dilshad Ali

    wow its awesome! i just download opera on my window system and run my website an its loaded faster then other browsers, thanks opera

  • sachin sharma
  • Ygor Cortes

    Unfortunately full screen mode is not working properly for me. The task bar always stays over the browser, even on full screen. Really annoying when watching YouTube videos :/

    • Ahmed AL-Jaber

      Its Windows 10 bugs. the start menu is in different layer with desktop app.

  • Unfortunately full screen mode is not working properly for me. The task bar always stays over the browser, even on full screen. Really annoying when watching YouTube videos.

  • Bora Ozer

    I have the same problem. The loading of aile koruma programı is too slow.

  • Erdal Elma

    This site has got a lot of really useful stuff on it. Thanks for informing me yeni.

  • how does one disable the PDF plugin-viewer ?

    opera://plugins/ shows both the PDF plugin entries as read-only and there is no way to click and uncheck the option.

    Is there a file that can be tweaked in .config/opera/ directory on Linux ?
    Is there a startup option that one can pass to the opera binary to disable loading the PDF files ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      In Settings, check the option ‘Open PDF files with default PDV viewer’.

  • Wow, so smooth.

    • Paul Salute

      Honestly its blazing on

  • super good job. thumbs up.

  • bio

  • anjali shah

    Superb! no one can compete Opera 43 best in all

  • har andro

    Of course opera can load pages even in slow connection using opera turbo .This is why i am still using opera.SAMS

  • Mohammad Rameez

    Great post ! keep it up… very infomative

  • Zaqueo Echeverria

    Esto solo afecta a las páginas que no necesitan actualizarse constantemente, claro. aun así, buen trabajo Opera.

  • Yunus Farsak
  • John Scott

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    Many thanks.

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    Sizde bu sitelere üye olarak hemen anında bonus kazanabilirsiniz.

  • Erdal Elma This site has got a lot of really useful stuff on it. Thanks for informing me.

  • Digital Marketer
  • Ahmed AL-Jaber

    Always fan of Opera

  • Jesse Davis

    Thanks! Enjoying the page loading speed when accessing my blog posts!

  • page speed is important these days, Good Move 🙂

  • ykwhizy007

    nice move…i love opera from my day one HOME

  • Nice Article well Download YES speed is important these days, @anilkumar19:disqus

  • PK

    I’m getting completely fed up with pages not opening and having to copy address into chrome. What’s happening?

  • infoimle

    page speed is important these days, Good Move 🙂

  • Adeyemi Adekunle Member

    i love this version TY

  • Hmmm, well, this is seen

  • Apps to Translate
  • Sounds like you guys are doing a great job! I’m excited to start integrating Opera into our business.

  • opera verry good ^^

  • R123

    Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.

    Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.


  • html color

    Interesting article! Thank you for sharing them! I hope you will continue to have similar posts to share with everyone!

  • Hello there.
    i’m trying to load my website from opera.
    it’s took along long time.
    when i’m trying with chrome, it’s faster .
    why ?

    the site is:



  • Sabrina Azam

    new video uploading on you tube please like and subscribe 🙂

  • Now that’s a great improvement I would say. Page Loading speed is really one of the major aspects for all the websites and blogs. But is it upgraded for the mobile version also? I think that’s more important because mobile is overtaking desktop these days.

  • Upgrading the speed of the browser is a wonderful move. There should be some browser which can atlest come close Chrome. Hopefully Opera will increase its market share from its standard 8.4% market share.

  • The speed is really good fine now


  • Godsword James

    The best browser ever.

  • I am not satisfied with Opera Browser because i am using it and many sites can’t load properly. It takes time to refresh a page or load something. Mostly the site is not working on it. I want to know that is there anything any plugin or extension which i am missing due to which my opera browser is not working properly. ??Experts please answer my question

  • I pretty much like the features; it is a good version.

  • The Opera Team is simply the best, am a fan for your browser for the last 15 years. get tips from and also

  • PGO, is something new which has been added to the Opera. However, as compared to chrome, how significant fast has opera become after this.

  • great very smooth always fan of opera….

  • Ismaheel Owolabi

    am really satisfied with opera because it’s very fast and good when streaming online movies at anytime. Thanks for the new features The new features is more awesome and beautiful especially the whatsapp and telegram added make it more fantastic.

  • Great !!!

    It’s really good for my website

  • Adesoji Awobajo

    cool Commenting from

  • Confident Okereke

    Yeah i must say i noticed some decrease in page load time between this new version of the app and the former, at least my Tech blog now loads faster than it used.

  • the loading time is quite slow like when I go to our site when I help my clients place an order for their promotional products I hope they will improve the accuracy of the browser.

  • Now a Days loading speed really Matters! 🙂

  • Don Joseph Chikeleze

    Wow, I tested one of my site, and it loads faster than this my friends site,


  • Ismaheel Owolabi

    Opera browser is very fast when loading. i love using opera browser a very big thanks to the developer

  • Ismaheel Owolabi

    I just keep loving Opera more better, because it’s very fast and easy to use.

  • Rigorz Oyuncusu

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  • Ismaheel Owolabi

    Opera needs more upgrade because the speed is getting low but normally the browser is awesome than others because of the features added to it.

  • oganaij

    This is really informative thanks. From


  • Ajay Mishra

    while download a file I am getting an “internal error”. The link is-

  • Jean2

    What about memory usage optimizations? Opera uses way too much and there is no way to limit it!

  • aman sharma

    along with I got iTube apk from Here:

  • Rahul Raj

    Hi, Support I am Using Latest Version Of Opera, Few day back I made Some changes In My website and When I checked It On Opera Browser Then my Site Fonts Is Not Loading I clear Browser Cache Cookies And All Possible That I can Do In Opera Browser i did even I check It by Enabling Desktop View But fonts still not loading, then i check my site on chrome browser and uc browser its is loading fine even on uc mini full site is loading, What i do for in opera browser to make it load. i think there is a bug in latest version of opera

    Kindly check it and respond my comment thanks

  • younG

    Applause to the developer from lectportal