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  • tafugate

    thanks very much for the update, but i’m curious about one thing. how come when i update and relaunch, nothing happens? the only way i can make the update take effect is to exit opera and restart. am i doing something wrong?

    • Jean

      It take a little time to fully unload DLL from memory. You should wait a few seconds before relaunching.

      • tafugate

        crikey! thanks, jean. i just updated opera stable on my notebook, allowed it to sit about 10 minutes (probably doesn’t require that long) before i hit relaunch, and opera updated without exiting and restarting as i normally do. thanks. (8

  • oldq

    it is time to remove the full version of the 42 with the installation – you do it does not lead to a working condition … back to version 41

    • Kornelia

      What kind of problem do you have with 42. version?

      • oldq

        problems remain unresolved, about which I wrote in the previous topics
        1 – Auto Update works after the browser is closed – circle around the cursor turns
        2 – does not remove the tab icon in the Express bar when synchronization works,
        when synchronization is turned off, the icon will be removed
        3 – does not play videos on Vimeo
        and much more…
        if you are working with opera 42 on mac, then you do not see the problem on windows, maybe…

        • Kornelia

          1. Thanks for catching that. We reported this issue in our database. To clarify: the autoupdate was always running after the browser was closed but the cursor shouldn’t blink.
          2. We solved this problem internally but the update on Stable will be available in )44 version. Sorry.
          3. We are able to run videos on Vimeo. Any specific one you cannot load?

          • oldq

            “3. We are able to run videos on Vimeo. Any specific one you cannot load?”
            most of the video on Vimeo stopped working after upgrading to Opera 39
            “1. Thanks for catching that. We reported this issue in our database. To clarify: the autoupdate was always running after the browser was closed but the cursor shouldn’t blink.”
            autoupdate should be in Task Scheduler, but should not run continuously and be visible in Task Manager windows
            do not forget about the problem with the tab icon in the Express-bar, which is not removed in the settings, if you enable sync

  • Alex Lozano

    Thx for the update and… May u have a look on forums to solve a bug in forums?


    • Kornelia

      We’re looking into this. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Alex Lozano


  • K. K. VinayKumar

    How to make Opera to always open links in new tab?

    • Kornelia

      I think the only way to make it is using Ctrl(Cmd)+left mouse button or middle mouse button. There is no Setting for using LMB only for opening links in the new tab.

      • redfox

        What about opening links in new foreground tabs? It has been requested by Chrome/Opera users for years, but it still needs to be managed by an addon.

  • Good one.

  • nikt11

    Kiedy wróci synchronizacja z telefonem?

  • Moza Dan

    2 days ago Opera he started using huge memory when I open few tabs and after a while crash out of memory. How can I fix it?

    • Daniel Bratell

      That sounds bad. Is this happening at startup without you opening any pages first?

      I would need a bit more information to be able to guess better what happens. If you press Shift+ESC you will get information about the processes in the browser. Can you see if there is any process in particular?

      Then it will be better to track this in the bug system: (but you can update here with the bug number).

      It is possible that there is something broken in your profile and that the “fix” is to clear the profile, but I shouldn’t be guessing.

      • Moza Dan

        Thnx for the answer but is very strange, I used Opera because it is very stable but 2 days ago he started using huge memory and something is strange. Any tab I open increase using memory, If I close the tab nothing happened and memory not decrease as is normal. Only restart opera help me after message out of memory I opent one tab and using 128 MB, If I open more tabs, up quickly to 700 MB or 1000 MB

        • Daniel Bratell

          Even after you have closed the tabs? Some web sites use a lot of memory but it should return down again if you close the tab.

          The screenshot only shows the situation when things are “ok”. It would be good to see the same thing when Opera uses 1.5 GB RAM. (And it should probably be done through a bug report).

          • Moza Dan

            Yes Daniel I know, in other browsing Chrome or Mozilla when I closed the tabs, memory returned to normal, only in Opera have this problem started few days ago, I use Opera more than one year and never I had problems. This is new screen ask me

        • redfox

          You are watching too much porn videos. Btw. a waste of VPN bandwidth…

        • Carlos Blanco

          Same here, everything went very smooth and now Opera just run out of memory every time and crashes 🙁

        • There is some memory leak issue in chromium perhaps that is the one you are getting?

    • Andrew Andreyuk

      Turn off VPN and check again

      • Moza Dan

        I turned off VPN and is same problems

  • Moza Dan
    • Menino Caio

      Nice porn links

    • Is it not updating?

  • Vj

    speed dial scaling to colums above 6 is broken still

    • Tommy

      I got no issue.

      • Vj

        im on x64 build and did u try setting above 6 coulumns

  • opera://components/ fails to load now

    macOS 10.12.3

  • Ariane Lu

    We can’t download Opera from China anymore, Browser tell me the connection is reset by peer.
    This link is blocked by China GFW

    I’m trying use https link, but it redirect me to http address.

    Please REPLY me if this problem is resolved, or any progress.

  • SimonPieman

    Driving me bonkers, every time I open Opera, it opens Windows 10 default settings page WTF????

    • We are aware of this. It’s already fixed internally:
      DNA-58950: “[Windows] Default application handler opened on each browser startup”
      This will be available in upcoming this week Beta and Developer builds. Will try to get some information if there is workaround for this on current stable build.

    • Got a workaround for this problem:
      – go to opera:settings
      – Privacy and Security -> Protocol Handlers
      – remove all handlers

  • Bug in Opera with password fields (might be a leak also) it is putting user names in for credit card number and passwords in CVV Code field on (you have to add something to to cart to get there)

    macOS 10.12.3

  • Dember Javier

    I can’t play YouTube videos, but when I play a video in a private window, it plays rightly

  • Cobalt

    When the window is maximized, you cannot drag the link/image to the top left corner and to the top right corner

    This is very useful when we need to quickly open something (link, image, whatever) in the first or in the last tab using drag & drop.

    Actual result:

    Expected result:


  • Marcin Mitek

    How come you have jumped so many build numbers within a week or so? 😉

  • ShintoPlasm

    On macOS, is it somehow possible to remove the large spacing which exists on top of the tab bar? The Windows version has this functionality, but not the Mac version…

  • Paul

    As per Opera Bug reports DNAWIZ-11359 & DNA-53875, Opera still usually requires TWO relaunches when auto-updating to the latest version.

  • twm

    Is google cast broken?

  • Gábor Kovács

    Currency converter doesn’t work in this version! 🙁

  • ktxgio

    Hi, is there an option for choose the visualization of search results like in Chrome?
    With Opera 42 i see this

    With Chrome 56 i see this


  • Marko Koivuniemi

    I uninstalled stable version and tried to reinstall it. Still it suggest to install to “Program Files(x86)” folder. Am I missing something? Using 10 Pro 64-bit.
    (UPDATE: Uninstall of stable in x86-folder leaves folder and couple of log files left. After I deleted those new installation suggest “Program Files”-folder. Maybe installer should check somethin more than just presence of folder when deciding what to suggest?)

    • Przemek Kudła

      Thanks for the report, there is indeed some misbehave in such case. DNA-59105

  • L33t4opera

    The first Opera stable 43.0.2442.806 😉
    (so far for Mac, and linux only)

  • Telyna

    Every time I close and open Opera, the speed dial stays the same, and the theme reverts to default. When I go to bookmarks and clikc on Other Speeds Dials they just keep increasing every time. Any bookmarks I add are put the in new speed dials. This started happening after I installed Avast(I deleted it and it still keeps happening.) How do I fix this?

  • Adrian McDonald

    I just updated to the latest version and I now have no sound on my youtube videos. Why? I can save them to my computer and then play them, but that means I can’t view in real time. Other browsers still play video. What is going on? I updated flash players and anything else I could, still nothing.

  • plotnikva

    “Installation failed” for any addon installation

  • Martin Marprelate

    After installation Opera said the current version is not 42 but 40. Same with 43.

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