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  • Sebastian Kamieniarz

    New version, thank God! I could not wait for this day to arrive.

  • ktxgio

    thanks for new release!

  • nanana1

    Thank you for updating Opera 42 Stable although I am still on Opera 41 Stable pending resolution of :

    DNA-58537: Zone information registry entry setting not respected for downloaded files.

    • This is fixed internally. Should be available with next O43 Beta or O44 Dev whichever comes first. Not sure if we will be backporting this to O42 as O43 is going stable soon.

      • Eugene B.

        Any hint when we’ll see new O44 Dev build? ;o

  • Kurt Zon

    “We have re-enabled the possibility to install Opera with x64 architecture”

    thank you!!

  • Vj

    i can confirm you can update to x64 build only through the network installer and not through auto update. now speed dial column is not setting above 6 columns. thanks in advance

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hi Vj,
      Thanks for your feedback. Re: installer/auto-update – it is as expected, only Network Installer can migrate an existing build i386 to x64, auto-update should keep the architecture unchanged.

      • Vj

        what about speed dial column is not setting above 6 columns and videos dont work from even with adguard and ghostery disabled i have spoken about these video issues in the previous builds posts. i can say this is definitely from operas side as firefox and chrome seems to be unaffected from this video bug

        • seems to work fine for me on Mac. Could you provide some more details? With link to example video which doesn’t work for you?

          • Vj

            any vid from there.. im on w10 x64 and opera x64

          • Ok, something worth investigating. Seems it did reproduce one time on one machine, but now is working fine.

          • Vj

            should i do a clean install or try deleting something specific from opera profile data

          • After investigating it further it seems to be caused by user agent sniffing done by they seem to server unsupported media type for Opera. For fastest solution use one of user agent switcher extensions:
            and choose Chrome user agent.

          • Vj

            thanks a lot and will this be fixed in future builds

          • That’s not up to us really as it’s caused by itself. We already tried to contact but if necessary we will try to introduce some hack to fix it.

          • Vj


          • oldq

            Away from mac, and to test the windows – you’ll be unpleasantly surprised …

    • Regarding columns. There is ‘Maximum number of columns’ in opera:settings page, need to have ‘Show advanced settings’ enabled to see it. It seems to work fine for me. To make it clear. Number of columns on Speed Dial depends on value in this setting and viewport width.

      • Vj

        i do have advanced settings enabled without that u wont even be able to see no of columns set and i dont see viewport width option

        • Ok, so the problem is that you set for example ‘Maximum number of columns’ to 8 but it still displays only 6 columns? In such case I assume your browser window is wide enough to fit 8 columns. Will investigate tomorrow if I get access to some wide display.

          • Vj

            i had no issue until ur latest build and also remember i just upgraded to x64 opera maybe its isolated only to x64 build

      • Nekomajin43

        Well, it was discussed on this blog many times, that we want to set the actual number of columns, not the maximum. I guess it would be really hard to allow custom tile size and column number. I am sure you don’t have the necessary resources to implement this very difficult feature.

        • Considering profit vs. cost we indeed don’t have necessary resources to implement it.

          • Nekomajin43

            I thought so. Although, it would be good to consider the needs of the users, now and then. 🙂

  • oldq

    not fixed a bug with the express panel icon “tabs”
    When the synchronization
    when synchronization is disabled the icon does not appear
    synchronization problems when updating from version 41 to version 42
    Sync does not work properly, so there are a lot of problems
    starting with the 39 version does not work on vimeo video

    • firuz_u7

      confirm, and my picture)

      • oldq

        your I used because they are better than mine …
        but they still do not understand …

        • firuz_u7

          I hope they will soon fix it

  • redfox

    VPN servers all gone in O39 Stable. Why? I don’t want to upgrade to 42 or newer..

    • Vj

      i can stil see all those country options in my latest build and functional

    • nanana1

      I am still on Opera 41 Build 69 Stable and VPN servers all available and working !

      • redfox

        I have had the VPN servers working for over a year, but they are all missing now, only “optimal location” remained. When I switch the VPN switch off and on, a message “VPN is temporarily unavailable, and Opera is resolving the problem” appears.

    • For communication with VPN we use specific API keys to communicate with servers. Few of old keys have already been disabled. If I remember correctly this includes all keys used by browser older than Opera 41.

      • redfox

        Any chance to make it work again? I really want to keep the O39 version.
        Btw., has the problematic feature “This file came from another computer..” been already disabled in O42 Stable, or not yet?

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Thanks for the update! When will we finally get rid of the “Windows loading circle” on the mouse pointer after I closed Opera? Opera Neon btw behaves normal & I don’t see it! W10x64, Ox64

    • Eugene B.

      +1. So annoying. It happens cus of starting opera_autoupdate.exe on the browser exit.

      • Ari

        +1 Really annoying

  • Mateusz

    Guys can you consider per website permission managment like in Google Chrome?

    • old Opera had that with Site preference

      • Nekomajin43

        Neon has it too, so fingers crossed.

  • jojoPL1987

    I use Opera 32-bit, if I tried go on a 64-bit I have to run the installer. If, however, I would go back to the previous version?

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hi jojoPL1987,

      If you really wanted to switch from x64 to i386 then you can install explicitly i386 offline build.

    • To install Opera 32-bit on 64-bit Windows you would have to run offline installer.

    • Przemek Kudła

      Is there any reason you want to go back to Opera 32-bits?

      • jojoPL1987

        For now still I use Opera 32-bit. I wanted to know if and how I could get back just in case

  • palafox433

    The VPN has stopped working for me today. Only gives the option of Germany (which was the option I was previously using), and just keeps saying Connecting… I’m using the latest stable release (42.0.2393.351), on Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64). It was working fine less than 24 hours ago, before the browser updated.

    EDIT: Never mind. It’s started working again, no idea why!

  • Chawoobie

    Lately, every time I try to download an update, Norton Security analyzes it and removes it as a threat. I contacted Symantec on one of the builds and they added it to OK list, but indicated that I would have to do this for each new build. I have been able to use the offline download to avoid this problem, but today even that doesn’t work with the newest build of the stable version.

    • Spideymang

      This happens also with AVG Business, I reached the support team and they recommended to add to exception list the folders or file that prompts as a threat

  • Not seen stable builds this close to each other in a while

  • Ahmed AL-Jaber

    Still No Support for ELAN-tech Touchpad ?

  • xirit64

    Can’t choose thumbnail when clicking on the heart icon. Only grey. It’s a new install for a user-only account, Opera x64, W7x64.

    • xirit64

      Update: I ‘ve tested it on the same PC as a normal install and on a different machine and it happens there too as well (on some sites). In Opera Beta 43 it works fine.

  • Damian Langhammer

    I see this UAC window, always like I open Opera.

  • Tommy V

    Any idea why I can’t update from behind a proxy? This issue started around two months ago, so some kind of change has been implemented on the auto update.

    tunnel:// does not work from behind strict proxy allowing port 80 and 443.

    • Hello,
      Could you report the issue through and attach following log files to bug report:
      – $profile_dir/opera.log
      – $profile_dir/opera_autoupdate.log
      – %LOCALAPPDATA%/Temp/Opera Installer/opera_installer*.log
      Just attach any of those log files that will be available.

      • Tommy V

        DNAWIZ-11211 created. I’m running OSX (or as it’s named now: macOS) 10.12.3
        Could not find any log files named as above.

  • wise man

    What happened whit Opera? After update the last version destroy my memory, any tab I open increase memory, If I close the tab memory does not decrease 🙁

  • Andrey
  • Arko Roy

    I want the update link

  • Marius Beijkers

    Opera, the worst browser ever. No VPN. The handling and settings are total rubbish. Opera, a complete waste of time. I will never use it again.

  • Alisha roy

    Opera has done the amazing job. This browser is fast low data consuming.

  • Newton Carneiro

    nosso Opera a maior tecnologia do mundo ,nosso Neon e lindo ,so falta aplicativo ,deveriam priorizar isto bem rápido ,pós ele na sua abertura de paginas e o mais rápido do mundo ,e também não existe tantas invasões como em outros Browser ,realmente vamos logo ,pós ira dar muito sucesso .no nosso mundo da nossa internet

  • Craig Goslan

    Hi, I’m new to Opera and I am trying to add my bookmarks to the bookmarks bar. I can do this with each individual bookmark, but I’d like to be able to do it all in one go, if possible. I am using Opera 43, could someone advise me please

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