Happy New Year,

this is the first post this year and Opera 44 cycle is starting! We’ve been working on some new features for you to preview. Note that some of them, described below, are in early development stages, so you might not find a flag to switch them on to take a look, but please stay tuned.

Mac: Touch bar UI

Some time ago, Apple introduced a Touch Bar on MacBook Pros, and an API to allow applications to use it. Opera will use the Touch Bar to allow for common actions such as going back, focusing the address field, or navigating through your Speed Dials and tabs. We didn’t like how Safari had implemented the screenshots of tabs, so we went with a much more useful icons and colours.

Credential Management API

Password management is one of the major features of any browser. On web sites which use a login form, the user entered credentials are stored by the browser’s password manager and later on it allows the user to log in to the site using the stored credentials. The credential management API provides a mean for a website to control storing and filling in of credentials for a site. The site can use password based sign-ins or federated sign-ins, such as Google or Facebook account, via the API. When the user logs in to a site that utilises credential management API, the credentials are stored in the password manager. On further visits, the site successfully logs in the user with the credentials API methods. All this gives the site more control over the usage of credentials. You can see the feature in action here.

Hardware accelerated non-MSE video

We are working on hardware accelerating more videos on Windows. We are already using the graphics processor (GPU) for videos that are streamed (MSE), like they are on for instance YouTube. Now we are adding GPU support for most of the remaining videos (non-MSE).

This should lower the power consumption and CPU usage and also prevent high resolution videos from being jerky.

Note: Not all graphics cards and drivers can handle hardware-accelerated video. Check opera:gpu to see how your graphics card is doing. If that page doesn’t say “Video Encode: Hardware accelerated”, then you might need a newer hardware driver or different hardware altogether to take advantage of this.

Block malware shortcuts from being opened in Opera

Last year, we introduced additional protections for risky downloads. Now, we want to protect users from being misdirected to harmful websites by malware-infected shortcuts opened from other applications.
Malware infecting browsers is an increasing threat on the internet. Together with our Fraud and Malware Protection, we believe this should decrease possible threads that come from such attacks and to increase user awareness of what’s being opened in their browser.

Full changelog

Installation links:

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  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Opera still sets the plugins back to standard when Opera is closed and restarted. If I disable the Chrome PDF viewer it is again enabled after restart.

    By the way: Happy New Year!


    • Hey, this is part of chromium changes we have not taken care of yet. Disabling plugins won’t be possible anymore through opera:plugins. For PDF viewer there is going to be added section in settings ‘PDF Documents’ which will allow to disabled PDF viewer. Can’t tell you when this will be fully fixed but it will be done before O43 goes stable.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Ok, thank you for the information. Is there any file that I can delete or rename to have a fast success for now?

      • vertebranes

        and what about the other plugins, e.g. News feed handler + Widevine Content Decryption Module?

        • No idea at the moment how it will be handled. Don’t want to give you misleading answer as we all have to wait for final implementation.

          • vertebranes

            thx for info.
            So we’ll wait and see… 😉

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Ralf, you can try to follow the below steps (it works in my case) :
      1. add the following command line switch at the end of the shortcut to the “launcher.exe”: "pathtolauncher.exe" --show-component-extension-options
      2. Launch the Opera, open the “Extensions” page, scroll down to “Chrome PDF Viewer”, and click on “Disable”.
      After that you can remove the switch.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Cool trick!

  • helsten2

    and Happy New Year!

    Automatic update did not work here.
    Got “43.0.2431.0 – An error occurred while checking for updates”

    W7x64 Ox64

    • We had problems with autoupdate in version 43.0.2431.0. We pushed upgrade of opera_autoupdate which should be now in version 1.1.13, please look for opera_autoupdate.version file in your installation folder. If it’s still in version 1.1.12 I’d advice during manual upgrade as it will be fastest.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Kornelia, thanks for the new build and fixes 😉 Happy New Year 2017!

    New flags in comparison to the latest 43 version:
    – opera:flags#quit-when-profile-broken
    Don't continue running if profile problems are detected.

    – opera:flags#enable-memory-coordinator
    Enable memory coordinator instead of memory pressure listeners.

    – opera:flags#cross-process-guests
    Highly experimental where guests such as are implemented on the out-of-process iframe infrastructure.

    – opera:flags#touch-bar-ui (Mac)
    Enables integration of Touch Bar on supported MacBook Pro models.

  • bratpit

    Happy NewYear

    issues from previous developer:

    1. Autocomplete names in search field on speed dial / Google/ not working

    2. Download this file /archive tar.gz/:


    change it’s real /from 3 to 30 kb/ size and some packagers can not open it.

    • filbo

      I had this crash once with the recent beta build (43.0.2442.7 x86_64). Hmm, to be clear: crash occurred when I clicked on “blocked content” and was segfault (signal 11). The output of `whoopsie` or `apport` or whatever it is that destroys coredumps on Ubuntu doesn’t appear to include stack trace, so I’m not confirming the RIP address.

  • Vikruntasas

    Happy New Year fellow Operites 😛

    Opening strong with more built-in malware protection? Yes please. Hardware accelerated video? I’ll takes it and I likes it ^^.

  • Eugene B.

    Loading circle on my cursor is spinning after opening the Speed Dial page. I disabled chrome://flags/#media-router as a workaround. Please check this issue.
    P.S. Win 10 v1607.

    • Kornelia

      We will check it. Thanks.

  • vertebranes

    (1) still present:
    – cache won’t full be emptied, if performing ‘chrome://settings/clearBrowserData’. It remains big file-residues in profile/data/Cache.
    – crash of Opera-dev, if VPN is active and network is disconnected for few seconds.

    (2) the standalone-version using the win-offline-file seems to produce another version, than that by using the win-portable-installer.
    – time of files differs,
    – the size of the port.-installer-version is bigger: e.g. ‘opera_child.dll’ + ‘opera_browser.dll’ are about 28 MB bigger than in the other version.

  • Angry Penguin

    Can you enable Hardware acceleration also on Linux? Enable it with flag #ignore-gpu-blacklist not working (It show in opera:gpu all on green) but it not work, because this is hardcode disabled. You can check it by flag #disable-accelerated-video-decode if is unavailable for Linux, then is force disabled, if you available, then we can enabled hardware acceleration by first flag -ignore-gpu-blacklist.

    Worth to add, this hardware acceleration works fine. You can check it on chromium-dev or beta for ubuntu thanks to PPA: https://answers.launchpad.net/~saiarcot895/+archive/ubuntu/chromium-dev
    Also for Arch Linux is nice AUR with chromium with hardware acceleration and also work fine.

    You should try enable it via flag in compiling time. If not enable it for all Linux, enable it only for #disable-accelerated-video-decode and get disable for #ignore-gpu-blacklist. Thanks to this, Hardware Acceleration stay disabled by default for all, but users like me or others, can simple eneble it with one flag in opera:flags and try hardware accekeration also on opera. Why not? C’mon 😀

  • Nekomajin43

    Hi Kornelia!

    What is the “unified UI”?

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I see the same strange behaviour I found in the last Beta:
    I want to edit the name of one of my speed dials, but I can’t add the letter “f” by typing it. The cursor disappears and there is no “f” visible. The only way is to copy it anywhere else and then to insert it with CTRL-V.
    It does not matter which speed dial, it does not matter if I change the name or the address and it does not matter if “f” or “F”. It’s always the same result.
    Is that a secret keyboard shortcut that I don’t know or what does it mean?

    • SiMcarD
    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problems here, I can type any letter there.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      It does not happen with single, individual Speed Dials on the main level, only with Speed Dials in subfolders!
      Please try again.

      • SiMcarD

        I can’t confirm, sorry.
        Same OS but I have Opera x86

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          I have tried with extensions enabled, I have tried with all extensions disabled, I have tried a complete new and empty profile: As soon as I put a speed dial together with others in a subfolder, I can repeat this behaviour.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        OK, with a SD entry in a folder I managed to reproduce the issue.
        Win10 and Opera x64.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Finally I’m not alone. I hope Opera will read this too.

      • EchoFromSpace

        Confirmed in the beta version. After pressing the f key, the focus jumps to the search field in the folder.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Oh! Really, you are correct. The search field.

  • Юлия

    Hardware accelerated non-MSE video

    Finally. It’s weird, because in Chromium it worked just fine, only Opera was behind. It still got it’s own issues, for instance in Windows 7 if you press winkey twice while playing a video in fullscreen it brings the taskbar to front (expected Windows behaviour). There’s some hiccups every now and then if you move the pointer above different windows and Opera’s fullscreen video (I don’t know if Chromium does the same; FireFox doesn’t). Still, better than before where it maxed one CPU core and the whole video would play at 10fps or so without touching anything – problem which I believe started when you introduced the video popup.

    Ah, Happy New Year (without further such regressions)! =)

  • Corzo

    Hi Opera team, sorry to ask again but I have this doubt.

    The black background when you open a image it’s gonna be definitive or there’s a flag or setting to disable it, because it breaks the Viewhance extension and it’s only for chrome and Image Autosizer for opera.
    When the change to center the image was made didn’t affect the functionality, but in this case it does.

    Thanks and Happy New Year.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It also happens on Chrome so it seems to be a Chromium change/bug.

      • Corzo

        Thanks for the answer Leonardo.

    • led9ru
      • Corzo

        Thanks, I used before and doesn’t have the functions and options of the Viewhance extension.

      • Corzo

        The issue of the black background happens in both extensions, I mentioned its only for chrome in case it was an opera change or bug and the Autosizer mention was an example that the same happens with something build for opera which has been updated today 01-09-17 when the last update dated from 09-21-15.

        The one you mentioned which works, thanks for the help, and Autosizer doesn’t have the customization of the Viewhance extension and that was the case of my answer.

  • Damian eDameXxX Stępnik

    Dark UI would be fantastic.

  • To quote from a comment in the Opera beta board: (“Summary: wrong zoom persistence when open different host / same domain”). My experience is slightly different in that I are switching domains, but otherwise the same. My website is unusable with Opera beta or developer. If this problem migrates to Opera Stable, I will have to switch browsers, which I don’t want to do because Opera keeps making new innovative features.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As far as I know, Opera has always remembered the zoom level at a domains basis or, at least, seems to be doing it since a long time.

      • Leonardo, you’re right, it is supposed to be that way, but there’s a bug in beta and developer.

        There is a problem with the back/forward cache between two sites that have a different zoom level.

        For example, the site I created, http://biblemegasite.com/outline-leb.html has a 100% zoom level, while biblegateway.com has a 200% zoom level. My bible outline links to biblegateway.com. I click on an outline link on my site, and it goes to the Bible Gateway with the correct 200% zoom. When I click the back button to my site, it zooms my site to 200%, even though Opera says it is 100%.

        When I fix the zoom of my site to 100%, I click an outline link, and Bible Gateway shrinks from 200% to 100%, and the print is too tiny for me to read. This is a bug in Beta and Developer, but not in Stable. This bug makes my site useless, and I hope it is fixed before it goes to Stable.

  • When is chrome cast going to be fully functional?

    • Przemek Kudła

      What do you mean by “fully functional”?

      • I mean just going to work. I can’t cast anything it gives me error connection lost every single time. Not netflix nor youtube nor any plain webpage. I have to use chrome. I’m still using the extension too. Didn’t you guys say you were going to build it in at some point?

        • Przemek Kudła

          Plain web pages are not supported at the moment.
          Have you tried Opera stable? It should work.
          It doesn’t work with Opera developer, this is known issue, we are working on a fix.

          • > Have you tried Opera stable?
            Ok, I just tried and netflix and youtube work.

            > Plain web pages are not supported at the moment.

            Any ETA on this part?

          • Przemek Kudła

            I can’t give any ETA now. The feature must be reimplemented, as there were significant changes on the chromium’s side (that’s the reason it doesn’t work with the developer).

          • Thank’s for the info!

  • Ghirahim

    Every time I start Opera, I see this. Why?

    Also, auto update doesn’t work. If I check “About Opera”, it says “Version: 43.0.2431.0 – New version 44.0.2463.0 is available”. If it’s available, why don’t you download it?!

    • oic

      You have to redownload a new installer on this website to install the version 44. Apparently auto update won’t upgrade you from 43 to 44

      • Ghirahim

        I just manually installed version 44 and I still see that “Update” window.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I saw that same message about the new version of the autoupdate on tuesday and just clicked OK.

      • Ghirahim

        It didn’t work on 43, but it worked now on 44! It’s finally gone, thanks.

    • NoName

      I get this every time, because I have disabled the auto-update schedule in Windows (I think).
      It’s actually already downloaded, it just have to install it.

  • filbo

    Changelog URL in the .deb package’s changelog is once again wrong: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/changelog44/#b2463.0
    (which leads to an infinite redirect loop).

    Correct link is:

    OR, can add “-for-” to the currently presented link:
    (it eventually redirects to the right place).

    Robert Tomaszewski said in:
    that this would be fixed. It has been wrong in all three release lines (-stable -beta -developer) for at least the last few release cycles.

  • filbo

    Regarding the new malware protection feature:

    I haven’t seen it in action, so only reacting to the screenshot in the blog post here, but: that prompt is totally useless! It needs to have some semantic content about WHY the user is being prompted — not:

    “program wants to open web site … xyz website is going to be opened by abc program”, but:

    “Malware alert!

    Program wants to open web site … xyz website, WHICH ACCORDING TO LONG RANGE SENSORS IS SWARMING WITH ROMULANS, is going to be opened by abc program. We recommend against this unless you have specific knowledge of this xyz site. Are you sure???”

    • filbo

      or some such wording : )

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I think it would just cause unnecessary panic and confuse people.

  • Opera still Remains The Best.. They make Huge Moves

  • patkoscsaba

    Thanks for this release. Seems to be behaving nicely. A couple of questions:
    1) Any chance you will provide in the future ffmpeg that can do H264 on Linux?
    2) Address bar text is very small on this build. Same is true for the text on the tabs. Webpage text sizes are correct.

    • Kornelia

      1) Please install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra.
      2) I will check this.

      • patkoscsaba

        1) I use a distribution that doesn’t have ffmpeg any more (Sabayon/Gentoo). It has avconv instead which is more or less the same thing. Chrome and chromium are both compiled against system x264 in my distribution’s packages, which means they use libavconv.so (or one of the other avconv libs) instead of ffmpeg.so. Unfortunately, Opera will not pick up these libraries automatically. For the time being I manually create a symlink between ffmpeg.so from a build for Ubuntu. But every time you update the Chrome version Opera relies on, I have to manually find the Ubuntu package you mentioned and extract ffmpeg from it and symlink it to Opera’s install folder. By the way I have the same issue with stable Opera as well. It won’t pick up the system’s avconv that is replacing ffmpeg.
        And because I am not on a DEB or RPM system, I sue Ruario’s script to install Opera (slightly modified to create the symlink I mentioned above). https://gist.github.com/ruario/ace4fb780216aa28d922
        2) Thank you. If it is for to any help, I use KDE framework 16 and Plasma 5.29. I didn’t try on other DEs.

      • Angry Penguin

        I have installed chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra 57 from chromium dev ppa and Opera still not use H264 (other browser based on Chromium, Yes). Bug in browser or your script checking version of ffmpeg and if it stable 55, then use it, if is new like my 57, then disable it.

        Could you check?

        • bratpit

          Build your own ffmpeg.so library.


          • Angry Penguin

            Like I said. Not working on Opera with codecs extra “57” – other broweser work with 57 but not opera. I know, that self compiling version works but why we should compiling it? If we have in repository chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra 57? Also work 55 version, but all new not.

        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          This is caused by an ffmpeg update in Chromium, which means that not all versions are compatible with each other. It will be resolved as soon as Opera is updated to a Chromium version that includes the update.

    • Kamil
  • Matheus Bombonato

    The page redrawing bug after using Developer Tools on the side still there after 5 or 6 releases 🙁
    Is hard to reproduce, but its happening on 3 different PCs, so is not specific of 1 computer.
    – Open 2 tabs with random sites.
    – On the tab 2, open the developer tools and dock it to the right.
    – After work a while on the tab 2, the tab 1 gets the same width from the tab 2. An empty space appears on the right side.

  • Raszlo

    What happened to XTranslate extension? Could you please explain why it has been blacklisted?

    I liked it. Now I can’t into english. ;))

  • Eugene B.

    I usually read facebook messages via this page: https://www.facebook.com/messages/name_of_a_pesron. And I always have to scroll down to the latest message. It happens on both 44 dev and 43 beta, everything is fine on 42 stable though. Could you check this thing also?

  • senja1

    Why did you remove XTranslate extension? Did you inform the developer that his extension is malicious?

  • Cobalt

    Why this bug is still not fixed? O___O

    Not working preview of the tab in the “Tab menu” when you re-mouseover on that tab in the list

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Hover the mouse over the tab in the list of “Tab menu”: http://jpegshare.net/a1/a6/a1a6adb764d60533b39198a2b51c5ab5.png.html
    2. Move your mouse cursor to the side: http://jpegshare.net/75/67/75671c2b76344b9955c1857b59b57026.png.html
    3. Again, move the mouse cursor over the same tab: http://jpegshare.net/f1/10/f1103e3939713f068fc5e45e0d34f275.png.html

    Actual result: No preview of this tab =(

    Expected result: There must be a preview of this tab


    • yigido

      After the Step 2, you should hover on another tab, then it works.
      But you are right for multiple time hovering on same tab not working 🙂

      • Cobalt

        >After the Step 2, you should hover on another tab, then it works.

        Yeah I know that =)

    • Kornelia

      Moved to DNA project.

      • Cobalt

        Thanks, Kornelia.

      • Cobalt

        What about DNA-54201?

        • Kornelia

          I’ve CCd the right people there.

          • Cobalt

            What did they say?

  • fearphage

    In the last 2 builds, the address bar font size has been too small to read easily.

    Ubuntu 16.10 x64, 4k screen, 1.75x zoom.

    Screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2400/scrot/selection_2017-01-06_121907.png

    • yigido

      I think, it is coming from source code of Chromium. It is newly by default “Material Design”
      If you pay attention enough, you will see extension icons are smaller with new releases 😉

      • fearphage

        Is there a way I can fix this or is this on Opera’s end?

        I don’t have Chromium itself installed, but I have Chrome dev. It doesn’t and hasn’t exhibited any of these issues.

    • Kornelia

      We’ve got it reported internally as DNA-58346. Thanks.

  • Khairul Skmt
    • Junaid Ahmed

      Not relevant to this article

  • Cobalt
    • Przemek Kudła

      This is not strange. We decided that the status bar would be shown on the side which offered more space. The link is placed in the center of the page, so the status jumps from left to right if you sweep the cursor over it.

      • Cobalt

        Yeah, but when the mouse cursor is over the link, in 99% of cases you’d expect to see a tooltip in the lower left corner, and not in the lower right corner o_O It looks very silly and illogical! Make a tooltip and text within it smaller in size. Like in Chrome or Firefox. This should fix this nasty and stupid situation.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          As long as the tool tip can be seen, it doesn’t make much difference if it will show up in the left, in the right or even in the middle.

          I would say that 90% wouldn’t even care about such tool tips and would just click on the link.

          • Nekomajin43

            On a wide monitor, it can be a problem, to find the status bubble. I would like a static status bar, but I think it will never happen. In this case, it would be best to float the bubble to the right only when it would overlap the link.

  • doogie

    Just noticed an issue in this developer build – VPN on my laptop is stuck on “Connecting” with an orange VPN icon, the only option in the location dropdown is “Optimal location”. VPN works flawlessly on my desktop (same network, same Opera developer build, same browser settings). Both PCs are running Win 10 Pro x64 – the laptop is running the Insider Preview but I doubt that this would affect Operas built-in VPN). Any ideas why this isn’t working?

    • Kornelia

      Try going to Settings – Privacy & security – Clear Browsing Data – Third party services data. And click the button “Clear Browsing Data”. This should help.

      • doogie

        That did the trick, it’s working again. Thanks for your help!

      • It fixed me the issue too.

      • Paul S

        does’t work for me. VNP still not connect

  • Łukasz Janik

    na polskim blogu, juz nie piszecie?

    • Kornelia

      Wrócimy. 😉

      • Łukasz Janik

        ok. opera 42 zawiesza przewijanie na fb, za pomoca strzalek i page down i up.

        zle dziala vpn, niektore strony nie wyswietla.

      • Łukasz Janik


  • Sean

    Looks great! One issue – reordering tabs in the browser does not reorder the tabs on the Mac touch bar.

  • Walkie Talkie

    Please, make possible to remove a top window’s panel in Opera (which is with a window’s header) on non-Gnome and non-Unity Linux distros.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Wrong Tab behaviour?
    I click a link in facebook, the link opens in a new tab.
    I close the new tab.
    Shouldn’t Opera show me the Tab from before? Instead of that Opera shows me the next Tab on the right side. I think this was different in earlier versions.
    “Tabs to the front” (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tabs-to-the-front/hjaooagfdhdhmbfchnkhggjmacjlacla)

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera developer 44.0.2475.0 😉

  • Gennadi Motsyo

    Linux version 44.0.2475.0 – flash player doesn’t work. HTML5 doesn’t work (in https://html5test.com H.264/265 support – No)… Tested with and without /usr/lib64/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera-developer/lib_extra 56.0.2924.10 and 54.0.2810.2 versions…

  • Grégory Dubois

    Ok fine, good work, stil the best browser. But before those last versions, we where able the see the “News streams” directly on the “Speeddial page”. It will be great if we can do this again… Do you think it will be possible in the future (for example just with a check button, in speeddial options) ? In this way, we customize the News streams we want to see in the News section (with check buttons) and make it appears on speeddial, by choosing it in its options… Don’t know if its hard to encode, but It would be great, don’t you think so ?

    In really appreciate the new “search | copy” suggestion appearing when selecting text on a page, great and so evident idea. Thank you.

  • Gennadi Motsyo

    Linux version 44.0.2487.0 – flash player doesn’t work. HTML5 doesn’t work (in https://html5test.com H.264/265 support – No)…

  • Opera allows the user to resume his/her download.
    It also keeps the history of downloaded files and also good one feature that allows opening them
    or the folder where the file has been downloaded. I think this is good efficiency and latency of work….

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  • mmarke01

    I am now going back to firefox.. since the last two upgrades I have had nothing but issues.. slow, memory issues.. very frustrating.. I am done with Opera..