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  • nanana1

    Still, thanks for another Opera 42 Stable update although it doesn’t resolve the “Unblock” security nag on files downloaded with it !

  • verter

    When fix for DNA-53282?

    • filbo

      I’ve seen this asked a bunch of times, without any hint what it’s about…

  • KTF

    Flash doesn’t work on Linux (Ubuntu 16.10). It says Flash player is not installed, which is not true (works perfecty fine with Firefox).

    • I had a similiar problem, I solved updating flash to 24, I had 23 that doesn’t work.

      • KTF

        I updated to version 24, so that shouldn’t be the problem. It might even be that it stopped working with the last flash update, a few days ago it was still ok, I’m not entirely sure. The Flash player doesn’t appear in opera://plugins.

        • Then Flash Player PPAPI (which is used by Chromium-based browsers) is not installed, Firefox uses NPAPI Flash Player

    • mercy

      The right package to install is adobe-flashplugin from the Canonical’s ‘partner’ repository.

      • filbo

        Unfortunately, the Canonical package doesn’t include manifest.json, which makes some Chromium-based browsers less happy than you’d like.

        Ruarí Ødegaard (formerly of Opera, now Vivaldi) has a nice script for updating Linux Flash plugin, at

  • gino

    I’m still unable to use google maps and twitter (and maybe others) on Mac OSX 10.11.6. CPU overloaded, super-laggy incomplete maps, broken modal windows. Seems due to a buggy JS handling. Switching back to Opera 41.0.2353.69

    • Kornelia

      I’m using exactly the same OS X version and I’m not having any problems with google maps or twitter. What’s the problem? The page is not loading? Using adblock?

      • gino

        I’m getting what I described above since opera autoupdate last week. Tried disabling all extensions and own ad blocker: same result. Screenshots below, please note cpu and ram menu meters indicators.

        Anyway no problem with Opera 41 and Opera developer 43.0.2431.0

        edit: the twitter one is supposed to be a foreground modal window of a tweet

        • Kornelia

          What Mac do you have? And have you changed “Use hardware acceleration when available” in Preferences? If not, please check if disabling it fixes your problem.

          • gino

            Thank you Kornelia for your support. I have a macbookpro 5,2 aka
            MacBook Pro “Core 2 Duo” 2.66 17″ (Unibody) 2009.
            Disabling “Use hardware acceleration when available” solves both the issues on this Opera 42 stable release.
            Anyway I must correct myself about other versions behavior with the hardware acceleration option enabled:
            on opera 41 stable mentioned above I have no problem at all;
            on opera 43 developer mentioned above I have no problem with twitter but laggy/hanging maps;
            tried also opera 42 beta 42.0.2393.78 and I have no problem with twitter but laggy/hanging maps.
            So mainly the issues seems to be on chrome >= 55.

  • Is not in the changelog but this release fixed also the “Default browser problem” for 64 bit users, atleast for me.

  • ktxgio

    Thanks for new release!

  • Nekomajin43

    Hi @kornelia_m:disqus !

    A few remarks on the video popup.

    This feature is the perfect example why the “finding the magic solution” strategy is wrong. After many months of developement, handling the video popup is still ridiculous.

    You should add a standard window frame, which is only visible when the mouse is over the popup. This frame should have four resizing areas, one in each corner. The other parts of the frame should work as moving areas. It is very hard to grab the edge of the popup without a thicker border.

    The popup should know which corner is the closest to itself, and use it as an anchor on resize. If I place the popup to the bottom right part of the screen, I want the top left corner to move, when the popup resizes itself due to the change in the aspect ratio.

    Before you ask, I wrote this two times months ago, but with every release, it’s just getting worse.

  • SebBot

    Please look into solving the problem mentioned in this thread
    (Opera crashing on Settings Page due to BEX Problem)
    I pointed this out in the previous release as well.

    • ktxgio

      Opera v42 x32 (or x86) build working fine here on windows 7 x64 home edition (not professional).
      x64 build is in testing in usb mode and seems to work fine

      • SebBot

        Well, it is “working” fine, ie, there are no unexplained crashes while browsing whatsoever. But opening the settings page, at least in my machine (and several others, if you’ve seen the thread) leads to an instant crash.
        I’ve tried reinstalling Opera, running it in safe mode, disabling AV and disabling gpu but to no avail.
        Heres a screenshot of the crash detail window, if it makes any difference:

        • ktxgio

          even setting page work fine here. is a stange bug! probably incompatibility with a driver? i don’t know…

          • SebBot

            Maybe. Cant really say. Frankly, this is really ridiculous. I have reinstalled Opera about 4 times now (different versions, that is, starting from v38 downloaded from Filehippo). All have the same problem. I’ve never really had to access the settings page from v30-v40. Now, I need to access it for turning ON the VPN.

            I’ve tried using a fresh preferences file, again, with no luck. My next (and final) try will be to trying to run Opera on a VM. If this doesn’t work, I will have run out of ideas.

            Seriously, I wouldn’t even have made this big a deal about it if it were possible to change the settings via command line or by modifying a text file(like the pre-15 versions)

            Thanks for trying to help, anyways.

  • NiceSuperName

    Please fix bookmarks. For example try to add this page to bookmarks. There is no picture at all.
    It’s happened after the 20 year edition update.
    for windows

    • iG0Lka

      Same here

    • Bali505

      Issue confirmed.

    • Kornelia

      Thanks, confirmed on Windows and I have the same issue on some pages on Mac. I’ll report this and we will investigate.

      • firuz_u7

        I wrote it on the last stable release
        Opera x64 Bookmarks can not add a screen shot of the page, or other images
        2 is only a picture and everything

  • iG0Lka

    How to return the folder “Unsorted bookmarks”?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think you can.

      • Nekomajin43

        I still have it. Do you think it will disappear only if I move my bookmarks from it?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I thought they’ve removed it as I don’t see it anymore on all current versions.

          • Nekomajin43

            Well, it was a fallback folder if nothing else was selected, so if I have items in it, they can not move them to anywhere else.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Hmm, maybe it gone for those who didn’t have any bookmark on it?

          • Nekomajin43

            It seems logical.

  • cenon91

    Thank you for this update!

  • Raylan Givens

    With the lastest Opera x64 build for Win 10 I don’t see anymore the ability to add custom adblocking filters even in .txt format. Why is that?

    Moreover, I’m trying to add seperate search box on address bar but it doesn’t work either. What gives? These both see like regressions unless I’m doing something completely wrong.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do you have advanced settings enabled?

  • Andrew Andreyuk

    ubuntu 16.04 + Opera 42.0.2393.94 (Chromium 55.0.2883.87) + chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra 55.0.2883.87 = h264 and mp3 support broken again

    • Radek Rzepecki

      Seems that the latest ffmpeg update broke this. We will investigate.

      • Furious

        Broke this AGAIN. Can anyone please add this to check list of the release? It happens every few releases.

      • Vivaldi had the same issue (they posted in their teamblog)

      • TomEk

        There is also the same problem on opensuse
        But I thing the problem is
        Chromium 55 no longer uses the chromium-ffmpeg package
        So haw can we use the codecs with opera now?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Andrew, the lib is ok, just the path to it in the Opera’s config file is different, you can do one of the following steps, to make it work:
      1. Navigate to the Opera’s root folder/resources, and open the “ffmpeg_preload_config.json” file in your text editor, replace:
      2. Navigate to the Opera’s root folder, create a new subfolder “lib_extra”, and create symbolic link to the lib inside this folder as follows:
      ln -s /usr/lib/chromium-browser/

      • Andrew Andreyuk

        Or 3. create symbol link /usr/lib/chromium-browser/libs/ -> ../

        It’s work now.

      • TomEk

        But there is no more in Chromium 55 and chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra is no more compatible with Chromium 55

  • oldq

    why you need Background Worker…?!!!

  • Falconet

    Linux Mint x64
    Currently using the latest stable but his has happened since the previous version.
    If I select some text, a box with “search/copy” shows. If I scroll-down or up with that selected text, the box won’t go away but rather more boxes show up.
    Then Opera crashes.

    Here is a pic.

    • Are OS updates installed?

      • Falconet

        Always up to date.

  • drodz

    I can confirm, that this version has fixed problems with constant crashes on my Linux Mint 17.3 🙂 Thank you!

  • anab

    On my side version 42 is working fine so far (Ubuntu 12.04 / x32). Thanks to the team for this update. As fast solution I normaly use Dillo, but as Opera is more comfortable – think I will switch to Opera.

  • matija

    Has anyone else experience annoying issue being unable to disable Tabs on Customize start page > Navigation


    • oldq

      I acknowledge there is a problem …
      if you disable sync everything is fine

    • oldq

      there is a problem with the tab icon, if you disable sync icon is removed
      category tabs in sync does not coincide with the category manager bookmarks opera 42

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It has been mentioned already. They probably should be working on a fix.

  • firuz_u7

    Removes the tab of the sidebar, but after a while it appears there again but check mark removed

  • oldq
    • Do you have any blank pages open? Not sure what the text about the ‘start page’ one says

  • fancloud

    I can’t install win10 x64 version. I tried to uninstall previous version before auto-update and to install new version via web installer but it didn’t work and I still have x86. Suggestions? Do I need to delete all opera’s temporary files on pc before new installation?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You need to download the offline installer.

      • fancloud

        I’ll try. Thank you

      • Lim

        I can’t get to install the 64-bit version. I got an error “error when copying file to Assets folder”.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          How are you installing it? For all users, standalone, what?
          Do you have admin rights?

          • Lim

            I do have admin rights. I downloaded the 64 bit version from the auto update. After I run it, it extract files for the new version and run the installer.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Does it work if you choose standalone installation? Or maybe you can try a different installation folder.

          • Lim

            Standalone(default folder) doesn’t work but standalone / install for all user on different folder works.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And that (different) folder is also in ‘Program Files’?

          • Lim


  • catup

    Hello, I am using Opera browser on a 2K monitor. The words are not as clear as those for Chrome and other browsers. Would anyone have any idea?

  • Just Saying

    Opera auto-update hidden process now starts everytime I close Opera. I do it like a hundred times a day, there’s no need in checking updates so often. Can I somehow change this behavior?

    • oldq

      I’m sorry, google translation…

      after you close your browser while working opera_autoupdate process – before such was not why he continues to work and how to disable …? shutdown scheduler does not work, the removal of the .exe is not the best option … perhaps this is due to the preservation of information about open tabs that-be at the next time you open the browser, supposedly faster upload them – but I close all the tabs, and what have Auto Update …

      opera went in the wrong direction – opera developers believe that the browser should not be opened and closed as needed, and it must constantly be open with multiple tabs and permanent preservation process – update – Alert … those who do not need it, time to think about an alternative …

  • I just updated to 42.0.2393.94 a day or two ago on Debian Linux.
    I was logged in to google and various other sites — just a few minutes ago Opera decided to log me out of everything (it is almost like the login cookies had been cleared).

    Is anyone else having a similar issue like this (with 42.0.2393.94 or an earlier version) ?

    • Was the last time you logged into Google about 30 days ago?

      • I don’t really remember how many days ago I logged in to Google, I use various Google services everyday — so I don’t see why I would have been logged out (especially since I was still logged in just a few minutes before this happened).

        Maybe this was just a fluke or some transient issue…I don’t know.

    • Today I was just using opera and everything with my extensions were fine, but then out of the blue all of my extensions were magically disabled without permission.

      I was able to re-enable them manually, but I don’t know why this wold have happened and it seems really odd

      • Also it seems that after a while that ‘Opera Turbo’ gets re-enabled, for some reason.

  • The page causes Opera to have a 99% CPU usage for just one tab

    macOS 10.12.2

  • Unknown

    getting out of memory error while watching any youtube video.

    W10 x64
    8gb Ddr3

  • oldq

    sinhronization fix for Opera 42 on
    with the associated problems with the tab icon on the start page

  • alligoodw

    Something I’ve noticed about this build is the fact that it runs out of memory on my system. Using Windows 10 Home, version 1607, build 14393.576, when I view a lot of videos over a lengthen period of time, I’ve noticed a message come up noting that I’ve run out of memory and then Opera closes. Upon closing, Opera reopens itself presenting the page of choice that I’ve selected in Settings.

    I never experience this behavior with earlier versions of Opera.

  • Piotr Fokt

    Opera not respect fixed navbar in Facebook. I’m scrolling but navbar is static. Win 10 AU, Opera 42

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s working fine here.

      • Piotr Fokt

        I have this bug on 2 machines and 2 version 32bit and 64bit.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Any extensions running?

          • Piotr Fokt

            Yes and No.On first machine – Fresh Install Win 10, Opera 42 64bit and no extensions. On second – Fresh Install Win 10, Opera 42 32bit, about 13 extensions.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Does it make any difference if you disable hardware acceleration?

  • christian

    Can’t post more than one emoji within WhatsApp Web. If I try to do so, instead of emojis I just see text like ’emoji unicode: …’

  • Tommy V

    Problems with auto-update on Mac:


    Versjon: 42.0.2393.94 – Det oppstod en feil mens vi så etter oppdateringer
    Oppdateringskanal: Stable
    System: Mac OS X 10.12.3 64-bit

  • Jack Spider

    Java cannot verify the Java version on my Opera. The troubleshooting page says to enable the Java plug-in. But I cannot find the Plug-in section in the Settings on my Opera installation. (Which is the latest one.) It should be after the JavaScript section, but, instead, the Flash section follows the JavaScript section. I finally found the Plug-in section in the Developer menu item, but Java is not in the list of the installed plug-ins. Question, how do I enable Java (not JavaScript) in the latest version of Opera (42.0.2393.94 ) running on 64-bit Windows 7?
    And another question. How can I change the search engine from Yandex to Google in the search box on the speed-dial page?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Java support has ended in version 34. Chromium based browsers no longer support Java since a long time.

      Even Oracle is dropping support for Java plugin.

      • Jack Spider

        Thank you for the info.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can’t change Start Page’s search engine.

      • Jack Spider

        Bummer. But thank you for sparing me the time and effort trying to do it. Still, perhaps, there is some hack to do it? For why in the world am I forced upon an option I don’t want?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can hide it in start page settings.

          • Jack Spider

            That I know. But I don’t want just to remove it, I want to change it to Google. I know that I can make a Google search box in the address line or simply enter the search term into the address line, but using the search box on the speed dial page is just a tiny bit more comfortable. And little things mean a lot. Or, perhaps, it’s knowing that something is being forced upon me that really bothers me. Anyway, thank you for the info.

  • Ad blocker is not checking the domain url, as some ad listings will block the entire site
    Had this happen a few hours ago on, something and the adblocker is blocking the entire site

    macOS 10.2.2

  • José Alberto

    Does everyone see the shortcut page in this mode?
    can I change text by image? I remember we could change the image for every favorite site

  • Ariane Lu

    I think there should have a ‘Rename’ feature for personal feeds.

  • DG 6909

    I have a sudden mistake in reading Dailymotion’s vids : the audio stream is really too fast, and faster than the video. Help!

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 42.0.2393.137 😉

  • Unable to use Google Maps on Opera version 43.0.2442.806 @ Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (x86_64; LXDE). I have Flash installed (and working) in case it should backwards to Flash, but this is how it looks:

  • Irvan Dohan

    The Flash plugin does not work on Debian 8.7 x64. but through firefox result is very good


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