Weekly Opera beta update is here.

There are some fixes for video popout and Personal News.

Short changelog but you might find something interesting.


Installation links:

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  • Kurt Zon

    Thanks for the update

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Our pleasure, Kurt 🙂

  • sgrandin

    Still can’t reorder My Portfolio in Yahoo (reached via MyYahoo), i.e., grab and drag doesn’t work. It appears to be at least an alt-Chromium browser issue, which means it also happens with Vivaldi and Slimjet (but not IE11). It does work on an iPad Mini with Safari, Opera Mini and Chrome browser.

  • sgrandin

    Pages at Rotten Tomatoes not scaling to window with this beta. This is your default version that opened upon install. With my –alt-high-dpi-setting=96, the site’s ok.


  • Ari

    Issue: When I open a link with middle click or Ctrl+click, then grab the new tab (without having opened yet) and detach it from the window it will look like this:

    It doesn’t happen always, but you have to detach the tab while it’s loading. It happens to me mostly when I open a YT video link, but it’s reproducible with any website.

    For fixing it I have to create a new tab on that new window and then go back to the one with the issue and the content will appear.
    Windows 8.1Pro x64 – Ox64 latest beta

    • Kornelia

      I cannot see the image you send. I tried to reproduce issue with detaching tab but without any luck. Please send me the image.

  • kesha2000

    Nice fixes!
    I have a suggestion to text selection pop out. How about adding a conversion between imperial and metric measurement units (length and weight units would be enough). This is a very frequent necessity and will be perfect addition to currency converter.

    • Ari

      Hey you. I like you 😀

    • Mikolaj Boc

      Sounds cool, also have a problem with this myself at times. Will see what we can do.

  • redfox

    https://ftp.opera.com is completely empty, what happpened?

  • Kovacs Nora

    We really miss the “Search for text when I start typing” option from Windows versions, please-please make this very comfty setting available!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What is the problem with Ctrl + F?

      • Kovacs Nora

        It is very handy if I just type some words without pressing Ctrl F or F3 first… This is the one and only feature that I miss very much from Opera (I used Firefox before).

  • Laurent Bauer

    Hello, when is scheduled Opera 42, please ?
    Both release candidate and stable versions, I mean.
    Thank you for the good work.
    Hope the best for you in 2017.

  • Cobalt

    Strange behavior when dragging a folder from the bookmarks bar to the tab bar

    Description: After this action opens a Google search O__O

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. http://storage7.static.itmages.ru/i/16/1118/h_1479508175_5548032_6029049d65.png or http://storage8.static.itmages.ru/i/16/1118/h_1479508191_2363858_1b3fa08110.png
    2. http://storage3.static.itmages.ru/i/16/1118/h_1479508211_6551301_b2785036a0.png

    Actual result: http://storage4.static.itmages.ru/i/16/1118/h_1479508217_4431553_c669a5e55a.png

    Expected result: This should open all bookmarks in a folder


  • Marko Koivuniemi

    Sad times (again) being Opera user and fan. And complete silence in companys official side.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      People leaving and joining companies is kinda normal and happens all the time.

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        Yes but when my favorite browser is not anymore part of Opera Software ASA there is a lot of questions what comes next.

  • sartic

    In windows 10 magnet links doesn’t work in 41/42. If i hit magnet link windows gives me only option to use windows store app. Firefox works.

  • Arif Ahnan

    hi Kornelia
    opera for windows xp if there?
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  • LoverOfLife

    I recieve this message: “The extension upgrade requires additional permissions. Go to the extension manager to accept the upgrade” I go to the extensions and nothing happens, why ?

    • Junaid Ahmed

      Same problem also happens to me. I very often receive this message and when I go to extension manager can’t find anything.

      • EchoFromSpace

        I noticed this too. You need to click on the Updates filter at the left side, then you see the updates. It used to be automatically.

        • Kornelia

          Hi Guys, could you tell me what extensions are those?

          • EchoFromSpace

            For me it’s InterfaceLIFT Wallpapers. I haven’t installed the update yet since speed dial extension are still broken.

          • Junaid Ahmed

            For me it was IDM Integration Module. THANKS, but this method is confusing, Opera should show the extension when users go to Extension Manager clicking the link within the message. Hope Opera team will change it in upcoming updates.

    • Kornelia

      Sometimes extensions introduced additional permissions. Due to security implications (possibly allowing more power than extension previously had) such updates need to be manually confirmed. To do so:
      – go to opera:extensions
      – select ‘Updates’ on left side menu
      – press ‘Update’ button next to each extension entry and confirm update manually

      • EchoFromSpace

        Yes, but before 42 (or was it 41), clicking the upgrade extension button in the alert opened the extensions with the updates already filtered. Now you have to click the Updates filter yourself.

      • LoverOfLife

        Got it! I’ve found one extension, and i’ve update it. Thanks!

      • The Dude

        Awesome, but, it’s not indicated or intuitive. The “upgrade” message could give directions.

  • sgrandin

    Why are so many Opera beta processes running? I’ve got Yahoo’s home page and two ordinary news tabs open and Task Mgr in Win 10 shows nine Opera processes, using a fair amount of memory in total.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      This is how Chromium /Blink works, using multiple processes for different things.
      So there’s one for the browser, one for each separately opened tab, one for each extension and so on.

      • sgrandin

        Ok, thanks.

  • Sena Gül

    thanks for this update..


  • Илья Найдов

    Don’t even think about cooperating with Roskomnadzor and implementing Russian Internet censorship in Turbo and VPN… I warn you…

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Is this blog’s layout messed up foe anyone else?

    • Yes, but Shift + F5 (or Control + F5) seems to have fixed it.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        It seems to have worked. Thanks.

    • SiMcarD

      I had to delete navigation data.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Hmm, there seems to be a new layout of the page’s top.

  • Kevinar

    Please, can you add setting Open tab in backgroud in pop-up Search/Copy for Search.

  • Andrey
  • Hello, when is scheduled Opera 42, please ?

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