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  • Davide Repetto

    Nice. Thanks!

  • :up:

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Thanks 🙂 security updates are always welcome!

    • Aneta Reluga

      Told you so during the previous update we would eventually deliver new Chromium 🙂 It just sometimes takes a bit more time to import, tweak and test. Thanks for appreciating 🙂

      • Ricardo

        Again not the current version.
        Perhaps was it compiled with the 21 security fixes included in 54.0.2840.59?

        • BK

          stay tuned, 54.0.2840.59 is planned for final release next week

      • Kai Ockendorf

        Thanks Aneta for the explanations 🙂

  • jho

    General issue:

    When I login here via disqus the username and password is not saved via password manager. So I have to type it every time I want to add a comment.

  • nanana1

    Thanks for this security update to Opera 40 Stable version !

    Just wondering if it is possible to disable Speed dial Suggestions ?

    • BK

      – you can click x on SD itself
      – or you can enable advanced setting in opera:settings, and then in SD settings (via cogwheel on SD) play with SD configuration

      • nanana1

        Thank, BK, I tried the “Click x” on SD method and it closes SD immediately but after some time SD suggestions would return again

        Will try the Opera (Advanced) Setting method as you suggested.

  • KarenArzumanyan

    Ctrl+Shift+V don`t work when address bar is focused.
    If address bar is focused, Ctrl+Shift+V only insert but don’t go to inserted address.
    After Ctrl-T, created new Tab and set focus into adressbar, after this Ctrl+Shift+V don`t work.

    • Kornelia

      Confirmed on Stable, I will report this.

  • Spideymang

    Thanks for the support Opera team

  • Sebastián Lalaurette

    Still can’t remove speed dial tiles for no longer existing extensions.

    Still can’t do anything about speed dial tiles being zoomed in for some reason.


    • Kornelia

      I need more details. What’s your operating system and do you have sync ON? Can you also send me a screenshot of “zoomed” extensions’ tiles?

      • Sebastián Lalaurette

        Sorry, I had filed a bug report on this but I haven’t it available right now. I’m on Windows 7, 32-bit version. Sync is on.

        Here is a screenshot of my Speed Dial:

        Please note the zooming problem. The reddit, Voat, and two weather extensions are supposed to show more info besides what is shown.

        The two tiles in the bottom row belong to Speed Dial extensions that aren’t available anymore (I uninstalled one of them, the other is no longer available on the add-ons repository). If I remove them, they reappear the next time I open the Speed Dial.

        EDIT: There are some tiles that are zoomed on purpose, to show their icons bigger and centered. That’s not a bug. I did that myself. Do you think that somehow Opera got confused and applied the same zoom to all tiles?

  • yigido

    Opera crashed multiple times..while deleting a bookmark in a bookmark folder.
    Please check: DNAWIZ-8116
    Windows 7 SP1 64bit – Opera Beta x64

    • Kornelia

      Thanks for your report. Confirmed. I was able to crash it ones. I will forward your issue to developers.

      • yigido

        I am happy that is confirmed. Hope it will be fixed.

  • Cryio

    What’s this? “DNA-57279 NI does not work on XP”

    Wasn’t Opera 36 or 37 the last supported version?

    • Kornelia

      It was just an installer update due to some certificate changes we had.

      • Okay. So, if I download the online installer of Opera 40 and try to run on Windows XP and Vista, it will not run.

        • Kornelia

          There is no change about supporting Vista and XP. Even the newest installer will just run the latest version of Opera 36.

  • ben

    Opera helped my update this post fast very fast

  • csmungus

    When I install extensions, and “allow in private mode” they do not show up in private mode as icons, so I can not use them in private mode. This may not be a big deal for extensions that do not require you interacting with the icon but it does get frustrating for many extensions that do.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Can you please provide examples of such extensions? I just tried Pushbullet and 2048 Sidebar and both worked, so I need more hints.

  • Izer0

    Still not fixed:

    BUG 1 – Tabs stacking – after I close a tab, all tabs is stacked to the left side, then slide back to full width, my eyes cry from this flashing everytime I close a tab (I use Opera heavily, searching for any tab after I close one is painful).


    BUG 2 – long long term bug – New tab does not show icon if size of tab is below some threshold, on 1920 wide screen this happen if more than about 320 tabs opened, tested also on 1600 wide screen, threshold is around 220 tabs. Tested also on Opera with smaller window size on 1920 screen, working same way, so the “key” is size of tab. Icons on affected new tabs is not show until I close some tabs to make tabs wider. Tabs loaded before I reach threshold is not affected, only new tabs affected. Video attached, look at top-right corner.

    Staying on 39 because of bug 1. I use tabs very intensive and I have sensitive eyes after laser eye surgery. This version is still unusable for eye sensitive people. Does not understand, why do you make this “stupid” tab animation.

    • Aneta Reluga

      #1 is fixed in 42 and we’re considering the backport to 41.
      As for #2, it is virtually impossible to show icons when the tab width is too thin (as it is when there are really many tabs).

      • Sebastián Lalaurette

        Opera Presto let you have several rows of tabs. Would that be possible with Blink?

      • Izer0

        #1 great. #2 But why they are visible on 320 tabs and not on 321 and other new tabs?? All tabs is same size, so this is not about “it’s impossible to show icons on thin tabs”. Like now, in my current session … first about 200 tabs show icons, next 180 show nothing and next 5 show icons. So, no, it is not about thin tab, it is about some rendering mistake. So please, try to open this 300 – 400 tabs session and look at it 😉

  • Andrea

    there is also a x64 version of Opera Stable?

    • Aneta Reluga

      x64 Windows is targeted for 42.

      • Andrea

        Great! Thanks =)

  • Kernell

    HTML5 music shuttering not fixed during three months.

    • BK

      Hi, any more details? What OS, what page?

      • Kernell

        Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. VKontakte and Yandex Music.
        Stuttering occurs after a some time.

  • diana

    Ctrl+Shift+T not work ?
    fix bug !

  • cicciazzo

    perhaps a bug: I cannot play this video:
    (with chrome it works).

  • L33t4opera

    The first Opera stable 41.0.2353.46 😉

  • Gerrie van Wyk

    When I download opera and install it in my windows 10, the screen stays black and nothin happens?