As October starts, our area here gets very colorful: leaves on the trees begin to show opulent reds, oranges and yellows while the others are still green, with some subdued browns here and there. It is one of the days when the sun is shining; much lower over the horizon than during summer days, its light is particularly warm and pleasant.

On such a day, we would like to give you a regular Opera Stable update. The macOS 10.12 early adopters should be particularly happy, as there are even more fixups for Opera Stable running on Sierra. We have also fixed the backspace which stubbornly navigated back in history even when the address field was focused. And, now it is again possible to seamlessly import Firefox bookmarks.

Also, Chromium has been updated to the 53.0.2785.116 version.

If there are any issues you would like to turn our attention to, please let us know!

Installation links:

The changelog is available here.

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