Last Wednesday we have delivered fresh, Chromium 55 based builds. It quickly occurred it’s one of the most crashing builds we’ve delivered so far this year (ups!). That’s why we’ve quickly prepared an update for you, so that you can continue using the developer version during the weekend.

In this Opera 42 development cycle, amongst the others, we are working on:

  • Improving the overall builds speed – fine-tuning the code and compiler/linker options,
  • Improving the startup performance,
  • Further optimization for battery savings,
  • Prerenderer for addressbar that will improve perceived webpages’ opening speed (in the code review at the moment),
  • Windows x64 builds in the final release.

In this build, you will also notice some video popup fixes, and more personal news changes.
We were not able to prepare the Linux update, and Mac was unaffected by the popular crash, that’s why only Windows builds are being delivered today.

Installation links:

Please check out the full changelog for details.

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