Today we are releasing the first Opera 42 developer build. We have quite a lot new improvements that focus on quality for newly developed features. We also include Chrome 55.0.2859.0 intake. Here is the changelog that says much more what has been included in the today release full changelog.

Read on!

Installation links:

Please check out full changelog for details.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for the first revelation of Opera Developer build 42.0.2372.0 !

  • Jan Pospieszalski

    Please block nasty popups @ piratebay page.

    • Kurt Zon

      try The Pirate Bay Clean

    • Ari

      Use uBlock Origin. No popups whatsoever here.

    • Юлия

      They have to pay for servers and possible lawsuits 🙂 I don’t blame them, though if you want uBlockOrigin is the answer. Also Opera might want to consider opening windows in tabs instead, at least make it optional, I know Chromium is capable of doing this.

      • Jan Pospieszalski

        Yes, but popups? I dont talk about normal not-agresive ads, but about big new windows with ads.

  • And finally scroll position doesn’t change after page refresh. Thanks!

    • L33t4opera

      Yep, that’s nice, and I suppose, that also @ralfbrinkmann:disqus might be very happy because of that 😉

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    Are you updating EsyList in AdBlocker with browser upadtes?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess they are independent.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      Yes, they are updated weekly and Opera downloads the updates independently of the browser itself.

  • NoName

    DNA-56683 Wrong url loaded when pressing down arrow and enter quickly in address bar

    This bug (from the changelog) is still there 🙁

    Edit: Nevermind. Opera had to update twice, for some reason. Works now.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi, congrats on the first OPD 42, it seems to be quite nice, and smooth build 😉

    New flags:
    – opera:flags#personal-news-notifications
    Notifies that new content is available by changing the side panel personal news navigation icon.

    – opera:flags#push-messages
    Allow web pages to receive messages from a push messaging service.

    – opera:flags#session-persistent-tab-activation-order
    Tab activation order is persistent between sessions.

    – opera:flags#web-background-sync
    Allow web pages to synchronize data in the background.

    – opera:flags#enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture
    Don't permit an iframe to navigate the top level browsing context unless they are same-origin or the iframe is processing a user gesture.

    – opera:flags#enable-pointer-event-v1-spec-capturing-behavior
    Disables implicit capturing of touch pointer events.

    – opera:flags#enable-gamepad-extensions
    Enabling this option allows web applications to access experimental extensions to the Gamepad APIs.

    Removed flags: extended-suggestions, and surf-easy-promotion.

    • Ghirahim

      Great post, thank you.

    • yigido

      Great post 🙂

  • Вадік Дудар

    What is Opera Turbo 2? Wnen opera team do traffic counter like yandex browser or vivaldi? how i see how many traffic i save with turbo technology?

    • Ari

      I second this. As in Opera mini it would be a good statistic to know.

  • Nekomajin43

    I’ve just closed the browser accidentally with a lot of tabs open. Not possible to restore autosaved sessions. No confirm exit option to avoid it.

    How many times do we have to ask for these features?

    Btw, I was about to post to the hungarian Opera fan page. Now it will be an annoyed post. Good job!

  • mb

    Ublock0 started crashing after this update, can anyone else confirm? x64 W10

    • Ice cream

      Me too. x64 win10

    • MadEddy

      Same here. x64 w10.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks for the reports, now tracked internally as DNA-57392

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Also here.
      Opera x64

  • Ghirahim

    Finally no more slowdowns, at least for now! Opera x64 here.

  • firuz_u7

    Will this version in Opera Ad-block option to block ads on the page manually?
    Thank you and congratulations to the Opera 42 Developer

    Будет ли в этой версии в Opera Ad-block опция блокировать рекламу на странице вручную?
    спасибо и поздравляю с Opera 42 Developer

  • MadEddy

    Plug in on demand (click to launch plug ins) doesn’t work and you can’t tick the option in settings (only the 3 others). Windows 10 x6, opera x64.

    • Ari

      Was that feature ever available in Opera?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        ‘Click to play’ has been there since a long time.

      • MadEddy

        Sure, you can chose how to deal with plug ins in the parameters.

  • Ari

    I think 57071 can be closed since it’s duplicated of 56683 right?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      If this is the case, I guess they probably have already done it.

      • Ari

        Yeah I guessed that too. It was just as friendly reminder.

  • Zin

    Meh, no lost features of Opera 12 like RSS are back…. :/

    • Leonardo Gomes

      RSS support has been there since 41.
      And if you are waiting for Opera to become something like Opera 12 then I guess you may be just wasting your time.

      • Ari

        Yeah I guessed that too, it was just a friendly reminder.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Thank you for the update. As my friend L33t4opera said, I’m happy about a stable scroll position on a page, but I have bad news too:

    – It was already said, that uBlock Origin crashes and can not be reanimated. Here too.
    – When I click a link in my e-mail program (The Bat!), it opens twice in Opera (two tabs with the same content). I have tried it out with different mails and links.

    Opera x64

    Edit: After setting the standard browser again in the settings of Windows and restarting Opera, uBlock still crashes, but external links are only opened once like usual.

  • Is O42 final going to have 64-bit builds? Also, please bring back the option to have news on the speed dial. Or an option to turn off the news completely. If I can’t see news articles at a glance while on the speed dial to me clicking news button and going through the list is no different than visiting the website. Which I actually prefer in this case.

  • Outcast

    When will an Opera Portable x64 installer be released?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess they will bring x64 builds into stable channel, releasing an online installer and then they will think of a portable installer.

  • Cjcr

    Well, if I open a video popup, I want that it reminds the last size of the window for the next videos (for e.g when I am watching a youtube playlist).

    I don’t care if we need black bars for some videos (if you want to keep the aspect ratio), but please, keep the window size at least for all videos.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I thought it’s already working this way.

      • Cjcr

        not here at least. Try with a playlist of youtube videos (some with 4:3 and some others in 16:9). The size of the window changes (and it shouldn’t!).

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Do you have any example one? I’ve tried a playlist here and the video pop-out size was remembered.

  • Иван Иванов
  • Spinmaster Ashray

    Opera should also get an internal extension which shows the current download and upload speed..It would be very handy..

  • ManOnTheBorder

    This build seems to crash on http://html5test.com/
    (Opera x64 on Win 10)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yep, it happened here too.

    • Юлия

      Win10 related? Seems like the ones reporting uB0 crashing are also the Win10 users.

      • Aneta Reluga

        Exactly so. Apologies; this crash has been addressed already and will be fixed in the next developer.

  • shane

    ublock origin seems to be crashing in this build.

  • cicciazzo

    details about “CHR-2879 Bookmarks sync using Chromium sync protocol” ?

  • Luis Amaral

    Synchronization asks for a passphrase??? What is that? I never set up one and I had to reset the password.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Try your old password.

      • Luis Amaral

        I dont remember it, thats why I had to reset the password.

  • Jay L Himes

    This version of Opera Developer does not seem to work on MAC’s current Sierra Beta (10.12.1 Beta (16B2333a)). The browser installs but can’t render any site. All I get is a perpetual progress wheel when I navigate to a site.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      I’m on 16B2338c and don’t see any problem, do you have VPN or Turbo turned on?

    • pauloaguia

      I have the same problem.
      I’m on Windows 7. Both turbo and VPN are turned off (not that they’d work, since I’m behind a proxy).

      • Aneta Reluga

        Hm… perhaps some setting mismatch during the 41/42 upgrade. Needless to say I’m unable to reproduce it.

        Could you please close Opera, backup your profile (its path can be shown in opera:about), remove it temporarily, restart Opera and see if the problem persists? Thanks a lot in advance!

        • pauloaguia

          I did that – the browser opened with a single tab but the same behavior – no matter what URL I try I only get a loading behaviour and ultimately a timeout.
          I also tried to reinstall Opera using the links provided here both for the 32 and 64 bit version (previously it had autoupgraded from the browser itself). No luck either – still the same…

          • Aneta Reluga

            I see, thanks. I’m afraid I’m unable to reproduce this problem, so it may be related to the proxy you are behind. Can you reveal what kind of proxy it is? Maybe it specifically whitelists only specific browsers, blocking everything else? I’d try to go that way to find out.

          • pauloaguia

            Can you tell me how to figure that out or what kind of reply are you expecting so I know what to try and ask our support team? (although they’re usually not exactly happy to have their time wasted with unsupported software, so I’d try to be as specific as possible in what to ask them).

            Nevertheless, Opera 41 was working fine under this exact conditions. The proxy didn’t change (and is still working as I’m posting this from behind it) and I even used Opera 41 this morning to read my email before letting the autoupgrade go through. The problems started exactly as the browser reopened.

            I’m also going to try this at home later tonight (no proxy there) to help and confirm if the proxy could be related to this or not.

          • Aneta Reluga

            To tell the truth, I know that support teams usually have such workload that they don’t like additional questions from users. If it’s problematic, I’d avoid bothering them. But then again, we cannot do anything here because we have no idea what the proxy is, what the policies are, etc. (it may be anything – blocking user agents, blocking specific requests…). All I can do at the moment is to say I appreciate your efforts, and I’m looking forward to your check results at home – hopefully the results will be meaningful.

          • pauloaguia

            I doubt it’s the proxy but I’ll wait until I confirm it later tonight before trying the support team…

            In the meantime, I installed Opera Beta 41, confirmed it’s working properly, closed the browser, replaced “Opera Next” folder with the backup I had made of the “Opera Developer” profile folder and now everything is running smoothly. I just need to remember to click the Beta icon instead of the Developer one…

      • Jay L Himes

        Turbo and vpn are not enabled.

    • Jay L Himes

      So here is my goofy solution:

      1. vpn was turned off (not enabled).
      2. I enabled vpn.
      3. I quit and relaunched the browser. Still could not browse anywhere. Just a spinning progress wheel.
      4. I disabled vpn. Now, I can browser fine.

      Go figure!

      • pauloaguia

        I tried this this morning and it didn’t work for me.
        However, the build that was just released is working fine now, so I’m considering this a closed case…

  • Aero Windwalker

    Just upgraded this on MacOS and the VPN feature stopped working. How do I roll back?

    • BK

      In settings try cleaning up 3rd party data, this should be enough.

      • PePe

        Win 10 and the VPN stopped working as well. Cleaning up data doesn´t help. Any suggestion?

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Just tested: Works here.
          Opera x64

    • Aneta Reluga

      There are intermittent issues which are being looked into. Sorry about that.

  • Michal

    My sound volume is lower on Stable than on Beta, Developer, and Edge. Why is that? Is there a setting I can change?

  • patkoscsaba

    I’ve got a lot of missing images in RSS reader. As far as I can tell it happens for custom RSS feeds, not the news feeds predefined. For example I see no images at all for this feed: http://www.tion.ro/feed on my MacOS. All images are replaced with a grey circle with an X in the middle. There was no such problem with the same feed in the previous build.
    I have observed a similar behavior on my Linux machine as well, though I don’t recall a specific feed address for this issue on Linux and I don’t have access to it right now.

    • Aneta Reluga

      There was an issue regarding feeds in the release; it is already fixed internally and will be OK in the upcoming developer. Thanks for your report apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Opera still needs a long time to reload this disqus blog page here. Only this page, all my other tabs are fast. I think this behaviour was introduced with 41.x.
    Opera x64
    uBlock Origin not enabled (crashed)

    • Aneta Reluga

      Regarding the crash, it is known and tracked. Regarding the slowdown, it is investigated…

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        I know that the crash is already known. It was just to let you know why I don’t use an ad blocker this time. Maybe someone thinks that the problem might be an ad blocker.
        I think there was somebody else who noticed a slowdown with this page.

        • Vux777

          Maybe someone thinks that the problem might be an ad blocker.

          I don’t think so
          With adblocker disabled and in private window, Disqus comments are still slow
          Even with completely clean profile (fresh install) problem persist

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Thank you for your supplement.

        • Юлия

          Disqus loads slow for me too on Opera.

    • CrashNBurn71

      Working fine with both Firefox Developer 51.0a2 (2016-10-05) (64-bit) and Chrome Version 55.0.2881.5 canary (64-bit).

      uMatrix + uBlock enabled in FF. uMatrix in Chrome.

  • Mike

    “DNA-56683 Wrong url loaded when pressing down arrow and enter quickly in address bar” — nice to see this finally fixed, just have to wait for it to hit the stable version now…

  • Luis Amaral

    For some reason the extra sugestions in the address bar are not showing
    up. Actually the option in the settings menu is not even there. How can I
    get it back.

    I tried cheking flags:#extended-suggestions
    but could not find this option.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      They were removed AFAIK.

  • Marek

    VPN stopped working since the yesterday update of the developer. Also sometimes videos stop working, there’s a black screen and nothing happens. The Disqus here doesn’t want to load at all, I had to switch to stable.

    • Aneta Reluga

      As for VPN, there are intermittent issues. As for the Disqus slowness, it is being looked into.

      • Le

        Confirming since I just updated to latest. VPN operation is intermittent and browser rendition is very slow. Is there an update?

  • beBoss

    Page crashing: (google search – barclays online – first link)

    • BK

      We see a lot of crashes, you can expect update with bugfix tomorrow.

  • Martin

    VPN not working….. 🙁

    • Kit Yam Tse

      Clear third party data in preferences solves the problem.

      • Martin

        Thank you 🙂

  • tarkus

    Opera developer 64bit – What do you see if you run this speed test?
    The speed pointer is broken, same happens with Opera beta 32bit but not with Opera stable 32bit!

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No problem here. Everything is running and looks like in other browsers.

      • tarkus

        Look at this video
        PS I’m trying to log-in to Disqus to post this video for 5 long minutes!

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          I thought that you mean something like this, but here it works. Have you tried to disable hardware acceleration in the settings?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do you have latest Flash? Does Flash works fine on other pages?

  • Igor007

    Can’t open this page https://www.battlefield.com can anyone confirm?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Works here.

    • tarkus

      I can’t either!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Page opened fine here.

      Any extension being used? What happens when you try to open it.

    • Igor007

      The problem is with the extension MakeLinks. After disabling, page loads fine.

  • Ghirahim

    “Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual.”

    • Damian eDameXxX Stępnik

      edit: nevermind.

    • Robert


      • Кostadin

        This is probably due to ad blocking. Try without blocking ads.

  • tarkus

    Are you ever going to introduce proper mouse gestures or it’s not even in your wildest thoughts?

  • Der Herr Nick

    Mousepad two-finger scrolling crashes constantly. Happens on various sites.


  • bratpit

    Linux 64.
    Adobe flash Player video option=empty window.
    HTML5 works OK

  • Matheus Bombonato

    Will sync work again between different versions? My bookmarks is a mess… v42 at work and v40 at home… can’t keep then synchronized. What’s going on?

  • PaulW

    I have an issue with this latest developer version which seems to have crept into beta 41 as well.
    When I access this site http://www.geekzone.co.nz/ , login and go to New Forum Posts I see a blue box at the side of the new posts. When I click on this box I should get taken to the first unread post indicated by a red star. Now with developer 42 and beta 41 it just takes me to the top of the last page.
    This link below shows both of these screens. It still works OK in Opera stable release 40 but for how much longer Page 1 shows the new posts page and page 2 the new post.

    • PaulW

      I see it’s been fixed in Opera beta 41.0.2353.23 . Many thanx..

  • Vikruntasas

    Massive memory leaks. Opera will start taking all RAM it can, while watching video. (Youtube)

    • Aneta Reluga

      Can’t confirm on Windows 7 with Task Manager preview on. What is your OS? Thanks.

      • Vikruntasas

        Windows 7 Home 64 bit. I have upgraded from Opera Next 41, 64 bit to Opera Dev 42, 64 bit and replaced the user files in AppData/Roaming.

        It seems the memory leak happens with VPN enabled. Right now I’m looking at 2.3 GB RAM usage after 15 minutes of viewing.

        • Vikruntasas

          Just skipping around few videos, causes a massive RAM usage:


          • Aneta Reluga

            Can you please update to the newest version (42.0.2374.0) and see if the problem still persists on your machine? Thanks!

          • Vikruntasas

            I did. The problem is still there.

          • littledoremi

            Same thing happened to me as well on latest stable build and beta. 42.0.2393.78

    • disqus_ZnnLgyrhkF

      Same problem with 42.0.2393.94 ends up exceeding 3Gb, on stand by (ie, not switching tabs, or doing anything with the browser. Just leaving it open.

    • nod

      Make sure “Use hardware acceleration when available” is off. I think this worked in my case.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    The bug fix for Windows is here:

    uBlock Origin is running again.

    • Vikruntasas

      VPN is still a mess, even after clearing 3rd party services data. After Opera restart it tries to connect, then disconnects, then connects again non-stop.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        No problem here (in Germany). VPN first connects with “Optimal location”, then I can select on of the 5 countries, mostly I use USA. Everything rather fast.

        Only Disqus ist still sloooooow.

        Opera x64

        • Achtung Freikorps

          I guess vpn succesor countries don’t effect this trouble (for ex. germany) My vpn is not working for 2 days too

  • Grégory Dubois

    Hello, why can’t we choose to have “News” on “Start page” anymore ? It was great. (If still possible, can somebody tells me how to activate this option… In Opera 40 there is a “News” option button in “Start page” settings, not in Opera 42.)

    I also hope we’ll be able to access our “personal RSS news” on the “start page” in the futur.
    That’s the “One thing” that’s make Opera really better than the others, at the moment. (No need to navigate on our favorite websites… to see if there is, or not, new great publications on those.)

    Thanks for your work.

    • Hi. News on start page didn’t get much attention really. So we decided to remove them. On the other hand users get much more flexibility with personal news and RSS support. You can precisely select what you want to read and follow just a selection of sources. Moreover you can still “look around” what’s happening in media if you check Top 50 section.

  • Pls, go to windows store with amd64 version!!

  • Sundaram Iyer

    Is the VPN working now? I have tried downloading different versions and also used the patch provided by Ralf.. still no success

  • VPN is not working. Please help. Is there a FAQ to clearing the VPN settings and getting it working again? I really enjoy the VPN.

  • Will Torres

    Google Hangouts inside Gmail stopped working correctly. When trying to open it from the left column, it takes 5-10 seconds to popup the box. Most times only the input box shows up and 10 seconds later the rest of the messages. It also applies to the minimizing and restoring the box.

  • Ethan Binns

    vpn still not working for me.. anyone else?

  • A. R.
  • Jørgen Gangfløt

    I updated my codec for video playback and suddenly I have no sound on imdb videos. I have recheck every setting, without any luck, but I can if I like disable the video playback totally from imdb, but if keep the settings as I like and have been using for a long time I get a picture, but no sound.

    Help please!

    (Do note that the same ting applies to Vivaldi also, but not Chrome, for on Chrome the video has sound.. The same is true for every browser, except Opera and Vivaldi)

  • Rekha Kale

    Hello Guys,, Opera VPN not spport google,,,, facebook ,,,drive.google ….. anymore…is anyone has solution….please share…..