Along with the Opera developer 41.0.2340.0 update, we would like to introduce the Opera Portable installer.
It’s a new, revamped version of the Opera Network Installer, with UI better suited for portable installations.
The portable installer provides the stand-alone version selected by default (no need to dive into the Options section), detects portable drives automatically and suggests installation to these devices by default.

Portable Opera Installer

The installer is available for download here. Please try it out and let us know in the comments if it works as expected!

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  • LAMBDA471

    opera should:
    allow adblock plus filters
    block websocket ads
    employ a popup blocker that actually works

  • Can you add password protection for the extensions page? Or some parental control settings?

    Please let me know what you think about something like this.

    I’ve have a pc that my 10 y/o niece is using on which i installed opera with a parental control extension, but that extension can be simply disabled.

  • Spideymang

    Cool! thanks for this news!!

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I don’t know if it works as expected. How should it work? Here it wants to install Opera in a subfolder of my user folder. But I want to install it in my own standard Opera folder, where I already have my profile folder. The installer did obviously not find this profile folder, so I had to select it myself. Like always. Maybe this is different, when I want to install the next update. I don’t know.

    As for the other things: It seems to be the same that I already wrote in, except that VPN does connect today. Did you repair something? And Facebook seems to be a little faster today (so far), but when I scroll through all tabs the first time after starting Opera, it first opens all pages as empty pages and then starts loading the content. The next time (when Opera is already open) the content is already there.

    • x a

      It’s expected to be the same developer build as yesterday – it’s just a network-based (thus it downloads the current (dev) build) installer targeting USB / portable installations by default.

      If the install path defaults to your home directory, that seems a reasonable choice – unprivileged access – for that trait of installer, given you didn’t have a removable storage device mounted, ie plugged in, at launch time.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Yes, it’s funny, but Opera is faster with this build today and VPN works. I did not change my computer or any other programs.

        • BK

          There was a server side fix for VPN delivered yesterday.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Ah, ok Błażej, thank you.

  • Angry Penguin

    Why only for Windows?

  • iYuzver

    Excellent news! Long ago I waited! When you plan to release portable installer in the stable Opera?
    Why there is no option in the settings to make it the default?

  • Paweł

    how to turn off audio annotation? i have this only on the apple site (only opera, Microsoft Edge works without those annotation)
    example on a movie

  • abaddon

    Is there a plan for macOS portable version?

    • Olli

      The macOS version has always been portable. You can just copy the app to a USB stick and start it on any Mac you want.

      • abaddon

        But where is the user data being stored? temporary files and other stuff? In portable Windows version all is contained in one folder.

        • Olli

          Same on macOS, everything is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.OperaDeveloper (for Opera Developer). The settings etc. of course are stored, but it’s the same on Windows. If you want, you can transfer the folder to different devices and have the same settings on all of them.

  • iYuzver

    Function of loading of tabs doesn’t work with a delay. At start of the observer not only the active tab, and all is loaded.

  • biil

    how can I install flash player in opera dev portable ?

  • Ian

    Finally! Like in Opera 12.x!

  • Emanuele

    Is it really portable? Does it solve the passwords portability problems? Does it leave traces on the system?

    For what I know Opera is not portable

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I use Opera as a portable installation for many years now and it works very good. I simply select the path and relating option in the advanced settings during installation. If I stay in the same line (stable, beta or developer) it will recognize or remember the selected path with the next update.

      • Emanuele

        But you’re using a standalone installati in, not a portable One

        Portable: you put it on a Pen drive and it is usable everywhere (does it remeber password between two differenti PCs?)
        Plus, it should leave no traces at all on the systems (files or reg keys)

        For what I know (I don’t test it since the first releases) Opera is not able to perform as a portable app

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          But what should be the sense of a “standalone installation” if it’s not portable? I have not tried out to install it on a stick, but I’m sure it works and is made for that reason.

          • Emanuele

            Nope. Your passwords will not be accessibile on other PCs like any other Chromium based browser.

    • BK

      It’s really portable, but it’s not fully portable.
      Most of things will just work, you can move most of your data easily, bookmarks, session, history etc.
      There are some features that will not work, like stored passwords. This is due to security reasons. We need to enhance it. In our backlog.

      • Emanuele

        This should be clearly specified in the blog. Discovering to not have access to your passwords at the wrong moment could be really troublesome IMHO.

        • DaZung

          I learned this the hard way one time, after reinstalling windows…

      • DaZung

        That stored passwords cannot be moved or exported/imported is pretty much the only gripe I have with Opera.

        Since one can easily find programs to do it the security provided is only apparent. Basically security by inconvenience.

  • Christian Wallrich

    Update with existing Opera: Starting new, updates, starting new, updates…

  • Damian eDameXxX Stępnik

    Feature request:
    Tab stacking

    pic from Opera 12:

    • A. R.

      Yes please!

  • Dark Magician

    What is holding back 64-bit? Limited recourses?

    • BK

      Lack of priority so far and : C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler

      We are working on it now, with the aim to deliver in final, hopefully in 41.

    • BK

      And it’s solved.. Should be out for you next week.

      • DaZung


  • A. R.

    Tab stacking!

  • Ali Reza Zariwala

    Being a developer working on project and I use portable browsers only.
    So it’s a great day for Opera 15+, but maybe is there anyone going to write that Opera 12.x had portable installer, many years ago?

  • g d

    Any chance of giving the news page a theme or coloured background or maybe access from stylish???

  • Brad Peddigrew

    Any chance of adding Google Hangouts support to the sidebar? The existing support for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is very useful, would be great to have Hangouts too.

  • Jason Chester

    Where’s the Mac version? Hello?

  • Calmsea Palomares

    Offline version for Developers???

  • Ajay

    I am developing a site and i would say opera is working fine for me.
    It’s really portable, but it’s not fully portable. Not working with delay and having smooth experience.