“If people knew how the internet truly works, I believe they all would use a VPN. By adding free, easy to use VPN to our browser, we hope to make it an essential tool for many people. ”

This was my vision behind the launch of Opera 40 last week, with a built-in VPN feature.

And, today we can truly say an integrated browser VPN is something that resonates with desktop users across the world. In just one week, more than two million new desktop users have joined the Opera family – a new record for us.
Opera browser desktop VPN best launch ever thanks 2 million users

What gets us motivated in the mornings (besides coffee) is to make our browser’s feature set so complete so that you don’t have to download all kinds of unstable, expensive third-party software to keep you safe.

Over the last few days, over 1000 stories have shared this message, making it one of our best product launches so far in Opera’s 20-year history of making web browsers. One of our favorite articles about the VPN launch was from Josh Levenson at The Next Web:  


Josh really gets us, but even more importantly, it seems like you guys agree as well


Yes, #PrivacyMatters. Which is exactly why we put our free, no-log VPN directly in the browser. We wanted to remove cost and complexity so that every type of browser user, from savvy to novice, can access the web with more privacy and control over their data.

We think it’s time to make improved security and privacy, and equal access to content, the new standard of the Internet.

If you agree, then please help us spread the VPN love.

Thx again for your support and feedback.

Pssst: Our friendly lawyers want to remind people that they need to respect and adhere to local laws and regulations when using the VPN feature. You can read more about this in the terms of service of SurfEasy, the VPN provider.

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Krystian, congrats, quite an achievement! 😉

  • verter

    Nice but what about DNA-53282?

    • Aneta Reluga

      As I can see, it is in progress, but no ETA.

    • What is it ?

  • Which protocol and encryption do you use ?

    • Henrik Gustav Faller

      AES-256 encryption. SSL Proxy for communication with server. Server infrastructure use different protocols, including OpenVPN.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Congrats, people.

    • Ruth_opera

      Appreciate your support as always Leonardo 🙂

  • Кostadin

    Congatulations! Looking forward to 42, because, you know, this numer/build will be the ultimate answer to our questions and needs 🙂

  • rpsgc

    If I’m ever able to connect to the VPN, I’ll let you guys know whether I’m impressed by it or not.

    • Chris

      i haven’t been able to connect to it since it was added to stable. for me its just useless junk that just wont work. from what i have heard its just a proxy anyways.

      • Henrik Gustav Faller

        Sorry to hear that you’re not able to connect. What country do you connect from? You can file a bug report here, and we’ll try to look into it. https://bugs.opera.com/wizard/desktop. By the way. It’s more than a proxy. With AES-256 encryption, it does more to make your connection secure and private than proxies.

        • jho

          always consider that anti virus software can block the VPN. E.g. NOD32 with its certificate filtering.

          • rpsgc

            I’m pretty sure that AV are not the problem here.

          • UMaster 7

            also now VPN for me with NOD32 @ Win10x64

        • Chris

          i live in the US. i did use it before on one of the developer ones but don’t remember what one it was. i told them on facebook they got back to me 2 days later asking if its still not connecting. i told them its still not connecting that was 3 days ago nothing more from them.

        • Yes but it’s not a real VPN, a proxy with encryption why not but not a VPN. You use “VPN” like a commercial name, i don’t like this method.

      • rpsgc

        I was NEVER able to connect to it, since the very first experimental build.

        “VPN is temporarily available. Opera is resolving the problem”

        I even get the error in my VM, so no, it’s not security software messing with it.

    • Wizardling

      I’ve never had any problems here. Are you using some kind of interfering anti-virus software, perhaps?

      • rpsgc


  • Илья Найдов

    Ask your lawyers… Can we use VPN feature if it is considered a crime in the country?..

    • John Di

      How come privacy is a crime?

      • Zin

        it kinda is on dictatorships 😉

      • Илья Найдов

        They say the government has the right to read all communications of their citizens (slaves), and now they discovered that 50+% of it is encrypted, and they decided to forbid all encryption except the one where they have the keys to decrypt it on-the-fly and store in a datacenter…

  • MadEddy

    Congratulations, opera team.

  • iYuzver

    Need a South Korean, Chine and Japan VPN!

  • redfox

    I hope the VPN speed will remain usable, like before..

    • Gary Rockliff

      I have been using it and speed is the fastest of any VPN i have tested. The fact it is free, easily setup for the layman and adblocking ability his enough for most of my clients to switch. It keeps no logs and no kickout or data limits. My plugins like lastpass all work great. I have even used the Opera Android VPN on Kodi and it does not slow down speeds, Well done to Opera.

  • Юлия

    Nice 🙂

    I don’t know if Opera already has, but if not you should implement a kill switch, at least optional. In case something goes wrong on your servers, user’s IP should not be leaked as long as VPN feature is enabled.

  • Zavulon00

    there’s a way to turn off the default search engines???
    i just want to press “y” and go to youtube 🙁

    • jho

      add your youtube search to “yy” … faster than asking for a shortcut which is probably fixed for customers who paid for integration (<– no prob with it).

      • redfox

        better “yt”.. gold old O12.

    • thatism3

      1. Open opera:about, copy the path to the profile (Paths > Profile), and make a note of the path to the installation root (Paths > Install), close the browser,
      2. Open your file explorer, and navigate to the installationroot operaversion resources subfolder (eg. installationroot 40.0.2308.62 resources), rename the default_partner_content.json to eg. default_partner_content.json-old, and overwrite the default_partner_content.json with the ab_tests.json file,
      3. Copy the default_partner_content.json to the profile folder (overwrite existing file), and make this file read-only.
      Relaunch the browser, right-click on the address bar, select “Edit search engines…”, and you should see, that all default search engines are gone, except Google, which is hard-coded in the executable file.

  • Yaddle

    i see that FIDO U2F support has been added in Opera 40?

    and i have to find out about this from an unrelated news article? no announcement on opera.com about this? Or was it supposed to be an easter egg?

    is there any plan at all to enable U2F for the WinXP builds of Opera?

    Google Chrome (49.0.2623.112) is still the only one that has native U2F support on WinXP…. i guess i’m stuck on this ancient Chrome version at work until Firefox deploys U2F built-in support (not as an U2F support addon as it is now). 🙁

    • BK

      Have you been thinking about upgrading your OS?

      • Yaddle

        at home i already have a Win10 license … my problem is that at work we’re still stuck on WinXP … our government paid quite a few million euros in 2004 and 2008/2009 for Microsoft licenses and when it came time for license renewals in 2014 the national anti-corruption direction stepped in and decided to prosecute for corruption practically anyone involved with Microsoft government licensing,. including private companies (even the national division of Microsoft)…

        i think that the government probably intended to use the investigation as a leverage for lowering the volume prices… but this intent backfired badly and as a result pretty much nobody dares to commit to an overhaul of the hundreds of thousands of government systems that are still running WinXP… i’d rather migrate the systems here at work to linux rather than Win10 but there’s another order from “up top” that we MUST use MS Windows for desktops otherwise they won’t certify our systems as accredited so…*shrug*.

        Other than enabling the POSReady channel, so that we get what little updates are trickling down and compatible from embedded devices, there’s nothing much that we can do about this here at work. POSReady XP extended support expires in 2019 so i think that the government beancounters are relying on this for updates so it’s probably a safe bet we won’t be seeing any new volume Windows licenses until then.


  • Simon

    I’ve always been a Firefox buddy. I have tried Opera several times throughout last few years but never stick to it for longer. This time it’s just fuck….. best update ever. Love Opera. Thanks you all for this great browser – now my default forever !!! 🙂

    • Henrik Gustav Faller

      Wow, thank’s Simon. You just made our day 🙂

  • Neill Augustine

    Hi! I’m feeling left out and bereft. I read about your free VPN for Windows machines last night on Popular Electronics, so I downloaded the installer, installed it, looked for and couldn’t find the VPN, immediately was informed I had to update my version of Opera, so I did and still couldn’t find the VPN area.
    I was, however, hit with a nice big reminder that I could increase my online security by buying SurfEasy VPN with a 7 day money back guarantee.

    Is this due to my using WinXP?

    • xirit64


    • redfox

      Yes, unfortunately the latest version supporting WinXP was O36, which has not been upgraded to include the VPN feature yet. Only some other security fixes (Chromium related) have been applied recently. I also regret it.

  • Cenon M.

    Opera will always without a doubt be my all time favorite browser.

  • Paranam Kid

    Hi, I am currently using Opera Dev, but would like to switch to the latest “normal” stable version of Opera, without having to set up from scratch.
    Is that possible, keeping my Opera Dev settings? What about my extensions?
    Please give me a brief guideline as to how to achieve this, if it is at all possible.

    • redfox

      Yes, you can copy the content of your Opera dev profile to the stable one, but with no garancy.

      • Paranam Kid

        1. What is the profile folder called or where is it? I cannot find a folder called Profile here C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Developer
        2. what about my extensions. will I have to reinstall those in Opera Stable?

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          I copy whole directory content from Opera Developer to Opera (or Opera Next). Sometimes it works just fine – usually just fine when version goes up. (Now I have problem with stable version and my sync doesn’t work in OS X Sierra – it works in developer. Sync works in my Windows versions both stable and developer.
          It would be great to have import option between three branches. Tabs and windows combination are my precious ones and those I need most. (At least option in sync that would copy tab/window settings from another device)
          UPDATE: I started Opera with empty profile and sync started working. No i just copied extensions folders (state etc.) and Current session -file which include tabs and windows. (It’s over 12MB)

          • Paranam Kid

            Thank you, it worked. I copied all the subfolders & files in the Opera Developer folder, but NOT the OD folder itself.
            I then pasted those subfolders & files to the Opera Stable subfolder (which is under the Opera Softwrae folder.
            All my settings AND extensions were transferred perfectly so the switch was a cinch.
            Many thanks for your help :-))

          • Paranam Kid

            Update 2016-10-06: it did not turn out well. The VPN does not work anymore, it is difficult/impossible to load many web pages.
            So, I tried the copy/paste strategy for the Beta version, and there it works. For me Beta is better than Developer because the latter uses a lot of memory, which increases the longer it is open. That also happens with Beta, but to a lesser extent.

  • Raszlo

    Opera? Those copycats who have stolen innovative and experimental new feature from Mozilla Foundation called Min Vid?


    • Andrew Andreyuk

      > stolen innovative and experimental new feature from Mozilla Foundation

      > “Use Sideplayer for Chrome to watch YouTube videos in an overlay” – October 2015

      > “Opera beta update with new video pop out” – April 14, 2016

  • yigido

    Opera crashed.
    Please check : DNAWIZ-7375

  • I can think

    So if I leave comments on websites, log into Wikipedia, or my bank, what iP address will show, will my bank still be able to identify me. The FBI tracks ip addresses. what will my ip address look like to them. Duh, just curious. If I was a hacker or terrorist I would already know the answers to this question. How do you respond to court orders for ip addresses on the other side of of the opera vpn. In other words why would any one trust that the vpn in opera is secure

    oh by the way the knew adblocker you have does not work. I get ads all the time I do not get with the ad blocker I download for I explorer.

    • Nekomajin43

      Do you use the same domain list in Opera and IE?

  • A_Lover

    Why isn’t a VPN built-in (and turned on) for all desktop/mobile OSs? Do a huge number of people specifically want their connections to *NOT* be safe?

    It just doesn’t make any sense. There a plenty of fast/free VPN offers.

    • Chris

      i don’t use a VPN i have before off and on. you can’t have one on when you’re like signed into facebook or your email if you do you will get a email from them wanting you to change your password. i have got email from gmail wanting me to change my password because i forgot to turn off my VPN before signing into my gmail. and a lot of VPN’s you can’t trust and a lot of them are slow. if i’m downloading a big file then i sure don’t want the VPN to be on.

  • Hadley Zedras

    Both Opera iOS and Opera VPN for mobile have the ‘Block Ads’ feature……Question: with both toggled ‘On’ will that slow down loading and browsing in general?

    • Nope, but actually it does not block anything

  • MrAdminus

    Very impressed by the new browser, did a speed test using octane 2.0 and got the same score as with Chromium so it’s really fast too. (Using the Linux version..)

  • Sunny Cloud

    All went smoothly after last update until today when Opera crashes-Speed Dial starts and closes non-stop.
    On my Android device the same story.
    Am I alone with this?

    • Algy

      No, I’ve had nothing but problems since the “best launch ever”. Eg: VPN works intermittently, Opera freezes, browser won’t load at all, extremely slow etc etc etc. In other words – unusable.
      In fact I’ve given up and changed to Vivaldi (I only came here to see if Opera has sorted out this worst launch ever).

      • Sunny Cloud

        Next day after I published my post all miraculously went back to normal! 🙂
        If frankly I’ve never been angry to Opera guys since for me it is the best browser (I’ve tried some 5-6 of them) – it is very comfortable to use with well though functions etc..
        After that funny performance I decided to have a spare browser on my machine (just in case) and same as you first installed Vivaldi,but after Opera it seemed to be a little bit outdated and I installed Waterfox instead.
        After using for a while Firefox I had a chance to compare both and have to admit that Waterfox is such nice surprise since it stays very close to Opera in terms of features and functionality!
        But…I love Opera more than anyway! Both – literally and figuratively! 🙂

        • Algy

          Yes, I don’t dislike Opera, it’s just that I can’t get the latest version to work properly (or at all sometimes) on my Linux system. I didn’t have any problems with previous versions. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing (3 times!) but it’s still very unstable. Firefox and Chromium work fine.

          • Sunny Cloud

            I am so sorry,mate to hear this!…Unfortunately I can’t help you since I am not computer savvy and with Linux I have very special relations – I simply keep a distance.
            I tried it out once,but very soon I figured out that one way or another,but Windows for me works out better! 🙂
            You should chat with Linux community about your problem.
            And again-maybe there is some issues with your machine?
            Sharing your pain with you!….

  • MetalAZ

    So Target was added automatically today to my speed dial, both on Windows and Linux (I dual boot). I get you need to make money but adding sites automatically is gonna make me stop using the browser.

    • Kai Ockendorf

      Noticed that too & was a bit surprised! Thought at first of a new update! W10x64

  • Tolga Aydemir

    who pays for the vpn service? how do they make money?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      SurfEasy (an Opera company) has a paid service.

  • Leod

    Any chance of getting the UK added as a connection option? The VPN Is brilliant but not if I want to access local content

    • Paranam Kid

      You don’t need a local server to access local content. Besides, using a UK server would eliminate your privacy considering the UK government is massively surveiiling its citizens.

  • Peter Buyze

    Since yesterday the list of VPN servers shown in Opera is limited to 1, Netherlands. Moreover, yesterday it said the service is temporarily unavailable, today that is still the case, but I cannot switch since there are no alternatives shown.
    Any suggestions?

  • What about IPv6 support ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Opera supports IPV6. Or are you talking about IPV6 support on VPN? If so, I guess this one may not be that easy to provide.

      • Yes I’m talking about IPv6 VPN.

  • Raylan Givens

    Next beta when official will we get official x64 version?

  • XoeoX

    The VPN seemed to work fine for the first day only, launch day. Ever since then I only get the protection on very few websites and that gives me no way of knowing if its working on any other browsers or P2P’s like it says it does. Are you just overwealmed by all the new users and can’t keep up or is there a deeper problem? The amount of end point countries sometimes drops to one but it mostly just says temp unavailable. If it’s not working please bite the bullet and post a notice that your aware of the issues and working on it rather than pretending everything is OK, it will make ppl trust you more in the end.

    • Jonatan

      It’s working fine with me, i had 0 problem since the launch, but remember: you can use it for free, if they services become busy (an obviously thing) you will be placed in the queue, there are an limit to the server. If you want a better thing, then you need to pay for it.

      Still, its very, very better than these free public vpn that offer a server with 0.1kbps speed.

  • Somebody ever so Black

    VPN isnt working for me when I downloaded Opera. Can somebody help? Mods?

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  • Domain Rider

    VPN hasn’t worked for me in the UK for weeks – always ‘temporarily unavailable’. There used to be a selection of virtual locations, now there’s only Netherlands.

  • Sharo Kirima

    hello I need to recover data and bookmarks of my opera account delete
    them by accident and I need them back because I have very important
    data. Do you know how to contact opera support? I need to recover my
    data and I am very angry about losing my data. I use a portable version
    of Opera

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can try contacting them through their social networks and giving them enough information about your problem.
      However I guess that they can’t recover your data as they don’t have it.

      And please don’t keep spamming the forum and also this blog with that story as it will not help bringing your data back.

      Next time, do a backup of your data if it is so important to you.

  • s7te2013

    And please don’t keep spamming the forum and also this blog with that story as it will not help bringing your data back.


  • Very impressed by the new browser, did a speed test using octane 2.0 and got the same score as with Chromium so it’s really fast too.
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  • Mustafa Aydın

    nice post.
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  • R123

    Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    * Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    * IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.
    Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.