Full holiday season, but still in Opera we have a bunch of fixes and improvements.

Another week another set of changes in personal news. This time we have both visual and under the hood changes.

  • News tile can have POPULAR or CUSTOM SOURCE badges. They will allow you to spot your RSSes inside a long feed of news. POPULAR badge will appear on tiles that are opened more often.
  • Clicking source label in custom sources takes you to the source.
  • Support for more RSS/Atom feeds, please report if your favourite sources don’t work.
  • Added caching for custom sources to improve load times.
  • Onboarding issues fixed in addition to other problems spotted on the way.
  • More UI tweaks and improvements.




In the meanwhile we have kept working on video pop out. We are listening to your feedback and observing our friends, families and whoever we can to check how you like and use that feature. Let’s summarise what’s included in the latest build.

  • Video pop out button is less intrusive.
  • Once video is popped out into it’s own window, there is no button to reverse the action over the original video.
  • Video pop out button is not shown for short videos (shorter than 16 seconds).
  • There is just one button ‘X’ to close the window.
  • Closing windows doesn’t stop playback.
  • Even more sites and players are supported.
  • Clicking on video pauses / resumes the playback instantly.

Also we added new error pages, which should be nicer, clearer and more useful.

For full list of changes, please take a look at the changelog.

Installation links:

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  • First? 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Jakub, thanks for the fixes and improvements 😉

  • iYuzver

    Stable 39? No, no again. 🙁

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Stable on a Monday? It’s not something that use to happen.

      • iYuzver

        She came out, she came out!!!

        • Leonardo Gomes

          A Tuesday release as usual. 🙂

    • nanana1

      disappointed that VPN is disabled in Opera 39 Stable although tested in Beta 39. 🙁

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, @disqus_1XVlhRqEIm:disqus, @leocgomes:disqus The 1st OPS 39.0.2256.43 😉

      • Leonardo Gomes

        The usual Tuesday release. 🙂

  • Cjcr


    1. Are you planning some kind of “Subscribe to RSS feed” for the pages that supports RSS/Atom like the Opera Presto or SmartRSS?

    2. What about adding an unread count for every RSS feed?


    • Feature implementation isn’t over yet. We have a bunch of internal requirements and we’re listening to your needs too. Your input is welcome 🙂

      • Cjcr

        Thank you. Keep up the great work you are doing in the latest builds.

    • MadEddy

      I strongly agree with the “subscribe to RSS” button.

  • Cjcr

    I have some nice ideas about the popup video feature;

    Should be nice if I click to the detach video, it should be opened with the last size and position on the screen and optionally, go to the last focused/active tab (if there are any).

    Doesn’t have sense have a tab with the video and a videopoup at the same time, at least for me. So, I need to make more clicks to go to the last tab I was working.

    What do you think about?

    • Gutza G

      I agree with the first one. It should remember it’s size and position.

    • We try to store the position and size for different videos. It’s not always possible, different size of video, aspect ration etc. It might “float” a bit if you keep on switching between differently sized videos. However at least one border should stay in the same position.

      Is that different for you? What system are you using?

      As for the automatic switching, we’d like to limit such actions at the moment and keep the feature basic and as little surprising to users as possible. Switching tabs without user’s intention can be irritating.

      • Cjcr

        Yes, it works like you said, but maybe an option to ignore aspect ratio should be enough to keep the same size and position all the time. (?)

        I don’t know if the position and size is site dependent, but should be the same (at least for my taste) for all videos. (?)

        • More options is not always the best approach. Configuration takes quite a while even for advanced users. I believe we can figure out good solution that just works. Ideas? 🙂

          • Cjcr

            I think for advanced users is a good solution. You can hide it behind the KONAMI code like you did for other options 😉

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I guess the point is that more options means more code and this (may) mean more chances of problems.

            Options may be good but they need to be discussed and investigated before to see if it worth the efforts to implement.

          • kesha2000

            I already asked for simple trick, just make right border that remain position, not left. Almost all sites have their useful content on the left side of the screen, even this blog. So it’s convenient to position pop out window to the rightmost. The problem is, when video aspect ratio changes pop out “floats” from it’s left side, thus going beyond the screen or leaving empty space on the right (depending on the video aspect).
            A simple change of saving position to different side would be perfect for a lot more cases.
            Check DNA-53897 if it’s there somewhere.

      • Nekomajin43

        Any comment regarding a window frame? https://disqus.com/home/discussion/operablogdesktop/private_opera_developer_40022870_update/#comment-2789855674

        About the resizing issue, would it be possible to implement an algorithm, which decides in what direction is the best to resize the player? For example, if I place the player to the bottom right corner of the screen, it would be better to keep the bottom right corner in place, and move the top and left edge if necessary. So if you could decide what quarter is the player of the screen, you should keep that corner in place, and move the opposite edges.

  • redfox

    I still miss a VPN allowed/unallowed sites feature and a keyboard shortcut for switching VPN on/off.

  • NoName

    Ctrl+W (Close tab) does not work if there is text in the address bar, and the bar has focus.
    Backspace still triggers “Previous page” when address bar as focus.

    • Can you say which system you use and which URL you had loaded?

      • NoName

        I have tested this on two Win 10 machines now.

        Ctrl+W DOES work, when the URL is either empty or having the current site’s URL.
        But as soon as you enter/edit the text in the URL bar, it’s no longer possible to use Ctrl+W.

        The backspace problem is a separate issue, but still very annoying. Others has complained about other shortcuts in last developer version as well.

        Edit: I have turned on “Full URL’s”, if that matters.

        • Thank you for your help, I was able to reproduce it. This bug was submitted as DNA-56344

  • Someone tried if chromecast works? I have problem to make it work, when I connect to chromecast I have black screen and after it disconnect 🙁

  • DaZung

    Windows x64 version still links to 2296 build!

  • oic

    how do I add https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/ rss to the newsfeed?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      In theory you should past the address into the search box at ‘add source’.

      • That’s both theory and practice 🙂
        Just click +Add sources and paste this URL https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/feed/

        • redfox

          Why a custom RSS feed isn’t added into Opera automatically when user clicks an “add RSS feed” button on a webpage?

          • It’s not implemented yet. Stay tuned 🙂

          • redfox

            OK 🙂

        • Leonardo Gomes

          The point is that finding those rss feed links on a page may not be that easy. 🙂

        • oic

          I needed /feed/ at the end of the URL for it to work

  • L33t4opera

    New flags in this build:
    – opera:flags#media-detachable-view-hwaccelerated
    Enables hardware acceleration support for detachable video.

    – opera:flags#extensions-component
    Displays Extensions page as a component.

    – opera:flags#no-theme-in-start-page-views
    Disables theme in the main layout of start page views (excluding Speed Dial).

    The flags, that have been removed: #autoupdate-notifications, #certificate-transparency, #context-menu-button, #no-theme-overlay, #show-start-page-hints, #start-page-config.

    • Fil Day

      What about “Disable directWrite” flag?

      • L33t4opera

        Hi, there’s still available (from the command line, not within the UI) the --disable-directwrite-for-ui flag, which disables DirectWrite font rendering for general UI elements on Windows.

        • Fil Day

          Can’t find it in flags 🙁

          • L33t4opera

            Yes, you’re right, I have edited my comment and added, that it’s available as the command line switch 😉
            You can read about the other switches here, but please be aware, that some of them might not work in the Opera, because they are added only in the newest version of Chromium, and probably will be implemented in the further Opera's builds, or will be not added at all.

        • mikemanger

          As far as I can tell –disable-directwrite-for-ui only disables directwrite for the GUI. –disable-direct-write was the same as the flag but the Chromium devs have removed the code for it: https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src.git/+/1acd6b6af8c9ef59fe7227faff4585310e5c2ec8%5E%21/

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Mike, it disables DirectWrite for general UI elements, and in this particular case within the Opera’s UI.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        It’s gone since a while as the experiment has ended.

    • RafaellaG

      #no-theme-overlay is gone?

      Does this mean we have to live with or without the overlay?
      (haven’t downloaded Opera yet, due to wrong link to the x64 experimental build).

      • This means the no overlay-feature in themes is always available. In other words, no-one should be sad the flag is removed. No functionality is removed, only more given. It’s up to theme authors to decide whether to disable the overlay or not.

        You can make your own theme if you disagree even. 🙂

        • RafaellaG

          Thank you 🙂

  • Zin

    “Added caching for custom sources to improve load times.”

    This is the kind of improvement i love to see, good job.

  • Der Herr Nick

    “Support for more RSS/Atom feeds, please report if your favourite sources don’t work.”
    This one doesn’t work at all:

    • Vux777

      it does…win10 here


    • Works here as well. Can you make sure you’re running the latest version. If problems still persists can you post info about the system you’re running. Console log wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Nekomajin43

    Please, make it possible to completely remove/disable the top50 and reccomended sections from the news reader. It is spam, and highly intolerable.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess we can just ignore it.

      • Nekomajin43

        No, we can’t. I can’t tolerate spam.

    • Tommy Wille


    • Top 50 doesn’t download anything in the background so you can just ignore it. Regarding recommendations they need to be fine tuned.

      • Nekomajin43

        No, you don’t understand me. Removing. Not fine tuning, Both of them is spam.

  • tarkus

    O X64 update appears to be v. 40.0.2296.0 and not 40.0.2306.0!

    • Aneta Reluga

      Yes. 🙁 Issues with x64 again. The developers are doing their best.

  • SiMcarD

    I think that grey over gray is not properly the best for readability…

    • Vux777

      you can disable it for now with

      • Trevor Gough

        Thank you.

    • Trevor Gough

      I agree.

  • MAJOR Tv Netwrk from BR no working 🙂

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Maybe you block too much. When I switch my adblocker off, I can see the video.

    • Works for me even with adblock ON. Video pop out performs good as well. What system are you running? Can you give exact URL that shows the problem?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problems here. I’ve tried a couple of videos and they played fine.
      Windows 10 here.

  • Dark Magician

    Minor UI thing, it definitely doesn’t look good to have red O in Win 10 native theme. Or at least not in that shade.

    • Just tried browser on Win 10 and not sure what are you writing about. Do you mean red “O” in menu in left-top corner? Can you provide us with the screenshot, so we will know better ?

  • Thanks for the video pop-up update. Now this feature is actually usable and isn’t just getting in the way.

  • Vux777

    there is some problem with layout on experiments page when zoomed and in maximized window
    – zoom experiments page (opera://flags/) to 150%
    – reload the page
    – scroll to the bottom
    scrollbar passes way below window bottom border

  • Update worked this time on OS X 10.11.6

    Interesting hardcore poweruser thing

  • DaZung

    As previously reported, Opera developer for Windows x64 still points to a previous version. No x64 version this time?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Maybe you save this page to your bookmarks or speed dials: https://get.opera.com/ftp/pub/

    • Leonardo Gomes

      That’s it, i guess.
      For now I would keep using the 32 bits version until the x64 one goes stable.

      • Aneta Reluga

        Yes, sorry about that. :/

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It’s part of testing something in experimental stage.

  • MarkG54321

    Hmm, can’t seem to find Custom block lists???

    Is this missing in developer build, but available in stable?

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      You have to turn on advanced options to see it.

  • daniellz

    opera://extensions/ scroll perfomance issue anybody?

    please, just add #extensions-content{transform: translate3d(0,0,0)}

    • Vux777

      yea, I’m having scroll issues ever since new layout was introduced…
      and YES, adding transform to css helps a lot

      btw. same thing on experiments page

      • Hi! What do you mean by new layout? 🙂

        • Vux777

          new look for internal pages
          old one looked like this:

          it is still possible to revert back with flag

          that new layout have serious scrolling issues on extensions and experiments page
          but with @dan1ellz:disqus tip, works very smooth

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Vux777, are you sure, that you’re using the 40.0.2306.0?
            It seems that the flag is removed in this build.

          • Vux777

            you are right… it is now only left in stable

    • Thank you. Added this suggestion as DNA-56346

      • x a

        Wouldn’t it rather be something like will-change: scroll-position; (on #content-scrollarea and possibly on #top-layout, either)?

        • Vux777

          will-change: scroll-position; doesn’t work in my case (scrolling is the same)
          but, after playing for a while…what helps is replacing HSLA color format with HEX on extension-list-item for bg color
          I think that’s the simplest solution

          transform: translate3d(0,0,0) makes font blurry, I didn’t notice that previously

  • Afonso

    Can’t believe that hubspot is showing this about Opera https://www.dropbox.com/s/rnfbh43lt42m0ke/Screenshot%202016-08-02%2011.29.22.jpg?dl=0

    • Ralf Brinkmann


  • Muad Dib

    Can you please update the Win x64 versions as well? Thanks.

  • David_Gould

    I’ve had a problem with pop out video since its introduction. It often pops out *behind* the Opera window and thus is invisible unless Opera isn’t maximised.

    Currently using this version, Windows 7 SP1, NVidia drivers 364.72, GTX 670.

  • toby

    yeah looks like the VPN feature is now broken again…

    • Aneta Reluga

      Could you please provide specific examples? Thanks in advance.

      • David_Gould

        Works fine here, with US at least.

      • toby

        well, as soon as i try to turn on the VPN feature, it remains orange and notifies me that “VPN is temporarily unavailable, and Opera is resolving the problem” if you’re on the most up-to-date version and try this, on any site, you should receive the same response

      • toby

        well, as soon as i try to turn on the VPN feature, it remains orange and notifies me that “VPN is temporarily unavailable, and Opera is resolving the problem” if you’re on the most up-to-date version and try this, on any site, you should receive the same response

  • Harry B

    Is there anywhere where I can download a version of Opera that is simply a web browser? That doesn’t auto update? That doesn’t include stuff that I don’t need and didn’t ask for? That allows ME to control IT rather than it controlling me? Or do I have to move to Vivaldi?

    • Raylan Givens

      Unfortunately for you, Browser aren’t built individually, for each persons needs. Get Firefox and disabled a shite load of things in that case.

    • jho

      You can just use the plain Chromium. Vivaldi adds stuff that you also do not want. A lot of Vivaldi users are complaining about the slow UI which is based on web tech like CSS etc. And at Vivaldi they can also only cook with water. At the moment the vialdi blog has more “community” posts than snapshot posts.

  • A. R.

    Please add this feature:

    – Tab Stacking

    It’s long overdue.

  • João Gonçalves

    I can’t enter my accademic email page using Opera.
    After I enter my login data, it enters in a endless loading loop.
    It works great on Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    • Wando Schneider

      have you tried with the adblock disabled?

      • João Gonçalves

        Yes, I have now tried with your suggestion.
        The problem remains the same with adblock disabled.

  • Kamen Minkov

    Getting nasty again with Speed Dial spam, eh?

  • David_Gould

    Can’t access my own passwords. Opera now demands my Windows account password. I’m pretty sure I don’t have one. I don’t get asked for one when booting and Cain and Abel says I don’t have one.

    Yet leaving blank and clicking OK does nothing.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Opera asks for your Windows password to show saved passwords since a long time.
      If you don’t have your own user or don’t have a password for Windows then Opera must be asking for Admin’s one.

      • David_Gould

        Trying to avoid being a hacker target but that account doesn’t seem to have a password either.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Hmm, is that even allowed?

          • David_Gould
          • Leonardo Gomes

            I thought it wasn’t possible to have an Admin account without a password.
            There are other accounts?

          • David_Gould

            There’s one other, yes. Cane and Abel said that one doesn’t have a password either. I have a feeling Windows 7 forced me to create it. I never use it.

  • Martopo

    Video pop out cannot detect on touchscreen. I can’t hold & drag around the box or touch to activate play/pause.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I have still problems with embedded videos in Facebook, when my adblocker is enabled. Either the video stops completely or only the video stops and the sound goes on. Am I the only one?

  • Biohazard

    Bug in the URL bar.

  • Albu Emil

    Am i the only one with the problem that Opera forgets it’s logged in ?
    This includes sites and also the Synchronize feature of Opera, every time i restart the browser i have to login to about all sites (Gmail, Facebook, xda-developers forum, …)
    It even seems to forget i’m logged in even without restart, after a few hours if i refresh my facebook page it asks me to login. It’s very annoying specially when you use 2 factor authenticator and each requires you to also get the 2FA code.

    This worked correctly in the previous builds.

    Opera->About shows the following :
    Version: 40.0.2306.0 – Opera is up to date
    Update stream: developer
    System: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS (x86_64; KDE)

    P.S. i’ve tried deleting all the cookies, it doesn’t seem to help

    • Vux777

      did you maybe changed something in cookies management?

      or using some extension for it…?

      • Albu Emil

        Weird, I’ve set the value from “Allow local data to be set” to “Block sites from setting any data” and then back to “Allow local data” and now it works correctly.
        Very weird, never had this problem before the update.
        Anyways, thanks for the advice, i forgot about the cookies setting.

  • tarkus

    Today I want to ask a rather silly question! After a long-time relationship with android (tablet & phone) I decided to switch to windows. As you can imagine I installed O dev on my new tablet and… I cannot find a way – with the touch screen – to drag one tile over the other to create a group in the speed-dial. Is there a difference between O android & O dev in that department, and what am I doing wrong?

  • Кostadin

    quite often unable to scroll articles on inquisitr.com.
    example: http://www.inquisitr.com/3390999/will-nasa-cancel-manned-mars-mission/
    Windows 10, x32bit Opera

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I can. And at the bottom of each page I see Hillary. And slowly I can understand Bill.

      • Кostadin

        Man, you put me in despair. Any chance you tested on a laptop using touch pad? Cause I am able to scroll this way. But using mouse-wheel is a no-go. Sometimes it starts OK and soon becomes impossible. No issues on other sites.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Sorry, that I put you in despair. I have no laptop to compare. And I have no idea what the problem could be. My only advice is, to close Opera, rename the profile folder for testing purpose, restart Opera (it will create a new, virgin profile folder) and then see what happens. Later you can rename the old profile folder back.

  • L33t4opera

    The first Opera developer 41.0.2315.0 😉

  • Man, you put me in despair. Any chance you tested on a laptop using touch pad? Cause I am able to scroll this way. https://paykasatr.net But using mouse-wheel is a no-go. Sometimes it starts OK and soon becomes impossible. No issues on other sites. paykasa satın al

  • Thank You Opera. http://mixhaber.com/

  • Yes .. I use the combination of “Sort tabs” and “Extract tabs” http://ledekranistanbul.com/

    Led Ekran