Opera developer 40.0.2280.0 update

In today’s developer update, you will find the following changes and fixes:

Personal news enhancements

The personal news feature is being intensively developed at the moment. Various ideas are being tested and implemented to make this feature as useful as possible. Currently we’d like you to pay attention at the following highlights:

  • More consistent layout in the list view and Top50:Personal News Top50
  • Improved recommendations: we have removed the generic ones in the sidebar and now, show only the relevant ones at the end of a news stream.
  • We removed a slay of dead sources from the catalog and worked on the statistics to ensure you are getting really personalized streams.My Sources

Search popup

We are also introducing the search popup, which makes the daily routines easier for everyone. We have been inspired by mobile platforms, where context menus appear without any additional clicks. So, if you select a text, the popup will appear with the most useful functions – search or copy. Of course, you are in control of this feature and you can turn it off in the Browser / User Interface section of settings.

Search/Copy popup

New default theme

The default theme appearing on the start page and internal pages, has also been changed. We hope you like it!

Other changes

There are various changes to VPN functionality – many of these will be transparent to the user. Also, quite a number of Mac fixes has been implemented. For details, please take look at the changelog.

Known issues

  1. Unfortunately, the Windows x64 issue proved to be harder to fix than expected, so we don’t have Win x64 builds again. Sincerest apologies. We are working on that.
  2. Mac users will notice display issues with the page title.
  3. We’re aware that the search/copy popup is not DPI scaled.

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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