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  • Dark Magician

    Soon stable?

    Also first. 😀

    • BK

      Yes, soon, currently PLANNED for next week.

  • iYuzver

    Stable! Stable!!! I want Stable!

    • nanana1

      Looking at the short changelog, expect Opera 39 Stable in a couple of days ! 😉

  • PlonPlon

    Stable please!

  • iG0Lka

    Please repair the DNA- 55627 .

    I’m tired already sit on the 36 version . I want to use VPN, and other new features !

  • Watermurf

    Problems with videos on certain web sites. For instance, many of the videos on generate an error message, stating the following…”We’re sorry, an error has occurred when playing video (video is not readable).”

    Is this a known problem? Seems to happen most often on, and is happening with both the latest stable and beta versions of Opera.

    BTW… the only ad blocker enabled is the integrated Opera ad block.

    • Spideymang

      I don´t know but for me it’s not a problem [win7 x64,Opera 38.0.2220.41,Flash Player] all videos are played normally.

      I think you can reset-delete the cache in flash, in windows you can follow this steps in the URL

      Worked for me when I was having some issues with videos.

    • Haiku Butterfly

      I’m receiving this error, too and also a message about ads being required and I should turn off ad blocking, but I don’t have ad blocking turned on.