In the Opera beta version that we release today, most of you will find the same search popup that was introduced a week ago in the Opera developer release. This one should make the daily routines easier for everyone. As said in the developer release, we have been inspired by mobile platforms, where context menus appear without any additional clicks. So, if you select a text, the popup will appear with the most useful functions – search or copy. Of course, you are in control of this feature and you can turn it off in the Browser / User Interface section of settings.
Please note that there is a batch of A/B testing running at the moment, and that’s why some of you won’t see this popup. To get the version with the popup, all you have to do is reinstall the beta browser on top of your existing one (without losing any data).

Search / Copy popup

Other changes include minor UI and stability fixes – please see the changelog for details.

Installation links:

The changelog can be found here.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for this Opera Beta 39.0.2256.30 update which introduces the new search/copy pop-up and minor stability fixes !

    • Kornelia

      Sure thing! 🙂

  • fdakm

    Hello. Good idea with popup-window. Thanks. But, in some cases yours search/copy popup overlaps my “google translator” extensions popup (bubble-button for quick translating). I understand that it is the problem of extension developer now (they could do new popup position), but maybe you would be interested in that idea – add 3rd field in your popup-window for extension developers. Will be looks nice, without popup-mess. Thank you.

    • MadEddy

      I agree with this suggestion. Or the possibility (when the flags are removed) to disable it in the setting page.
      Thanks for the hard work and your nice innovations.

      • L33t4opera

        Hi, there’s such option already: Settings > Browser > User interface > Enable the search popup on selecting text.

        • MadEddy

          Oh, I didn’t see it. Thanks for pointing my mistake.

    • Aneta Reluga

      The feature is being developed now, we already gathered some suggestions, and also we are aware that the popup, in its current state, sometimes overlaps certain actions native to a page or extension-specific. The developers are working on this.

      • iVarun

        Glad you guys are at least testing new functions for this very promising new feature.
        It truly has a lot of potential in regards to Usability and speed of doing actions which currently take longer to do or those which are less used because users don’t bother with them.

        As for the current UI conflict issues with this feature, how about something like when selecting a long section of text– the time period for which the Left Click is held pressed after text-selection is made, can be used as a determining action of sorts to activate feature or not. Just a brainstorming suggestion.

        I truly hope you guys can integrate Translation into this natively somehow along with the current Search|Copy function. I know licensing, etc may be an issue but i hope you guys try at least.

        • Aneta Reluga

          Thanks for the ideas!

        • Herr Pietrus

          what if someone wants to use it even with single words? I think we need another solution. Not mentioning that all these integrated pop-ups on websites are irritating and useless… so why should we care about it? 🙂

          • Vux777

            there is already “another solution”
            dragging selected text (up, down…)
            it doesn’t fight with other popups and features

      • iosvsios

        If the popup didn’t exclude being able to ctrl-c (or cmd-c), it wouldn’t be so bad. As it is, it interferes with keyboard shortcuts so I HAD to disable it, just because it required more effort to copy text than before.

  • redfox

    The search popup is good for mobiles and tablets, not too much for desktops.
    I personally use also other context menu items like “Use selected text as URL” (preferrably in a new tab – still unavailable in O39/40), or “Search with …” + custom search engine.
    Well, the single functions Search and Copy are not sufficient, I’ll turn this new feature off. The standard context menu is more convenient.
    Waiting for O39 Stable.

    What about the keyboard shortcut for VPN, and a VPN white/black list?

    • rblanca

      agreed..its very annoying for desktops that popup menu…it’s 100 % more faster using keyboard shortcuts and if you don’t use the keyboard, you have the context menu…

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Hmm, for me it’s easier to select a text and click on ‘copy’ or ‘search’ than select it, right click and then click on ‘copy’ or ‘search’.

        If the pop-up could include ‘search with’ would be even better.

        • redfox

          I think a good compromise would be to NOT disable the context menu, when this feature is On, so the user could decide, whether to use the popup or the menu. If a right mouse button would be pressed, the popup menu should disappear automatically.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Yeah, it sounds like the best idea.

    • L33t4opera

      Use selected text as URL preferrably in a new tab

      Hi Redfox, you can check the “GoToWebAddress” extension – it adds an additional “Go to Web Address” option, but it opens the selected text/url in a new tab by default. It offers also another option: if the selected text is not a web address, the Opera will search for it (you can replace the default search engine string with your own).

      • redfox

        Thank you, but I would be pleased if the option to open it in new tab would be implemented directly in the Opera (configurable in the Settings [current tab/new tab]). Every additional extension takes a quite high amount of RAM and can become incompatible with a new Opera version, so I keep only the necessary ones.

      • Herr Pietrus

        So then it will use different search engine always?
        Wow, thanks!
        I need something like that so much! 🙂

        Edit! Yeas, it works! Great!

    • Blapidoup

      Never open in new tabs, let the user decide what s.he wants instead. Forcing new tabs is against ergonomics and awful practice.

  • David_Gould

    Spent at least 3 seconds trying to dismiss the Search | Copy popup in the image. 😉

    It’s a nice feature.

    Still waiting for per-domain VPN. Suggest looking at Chrome’s Vanilla extension and copying its per-domain UI.

  • Gloriam

    Considering the focus of this update, I’d like to ask if this extension could integrated into Opera by default (the feature itself): It’s so handy, and I think people will like it, many probably don’t even know this was ever possible in Opera, but it was in Opera 12+.

    • Юлия

      Hold Alt while you select. However, Opera triggers the Menu as well, even though you’ve selected text, so it’s a bit buggy.

      • Gloriam

        I suppose that’s a way to do it, would be nice if it was the other way around, perhaps an option for Opera://flags 😀

        • Cobalt

          Hold Alt+Ctrl or Alt+Shift 😉

          • Herr Pietrus

            It’s a Browser, no a new Mortal Kombat or Tekken 😛

            I also miss that “Boss mode” from Opera 12.
            Selecting URL’s text is a real horror now.

          • Mikolaj Boc

            Hahahahahaha 😀

          • Cobalt


  • iPristy

    You should do the same colorization for Search and Copy like on speed dial. If i don’t use any theme on speed dial, there’s black and white text pop up if i point mouse to gear. Do both in dark gray, that should be optimal i think.

    Two months in the oven and you’re adding new functions that’s impressive, it’s about ready then.

  • fdakm

    Hello. Could you add native session saving function? For example, add this item in the dropdown tabs menu and the “sessions” section in the bookmark menu, where i could return to my any saved group of tabs. Thank you.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Nekomajin43

        It is a long-time request…

        • Aneta Reluga

          Yes, it’s true. What else can I say.

    • Herr Pietrus

      Personally I used to saving all cards as a SD folder. 🙂
      I only miss an option to set default thumbnail look (screenshot of the page, not text)

  • pidgin

    “unauthorized access.” Not a single web page opens
    turning vpn off/on results in a crash

    • redfox

      In my case it works well, but parts of some web pages do not load, when VPN is enabled. For example, shop listings on, when a different “sort by” search filter is applied – it only “blicks” for a second, then an error is displayed. When I turn the VPN off, everything is ok.

    • Kornelia

      It’s already in our radar and we solved this internally. Sorry for troubles using VPN. Next update will give you the fix.

  • Gloriam

    For some reason Opera thinks twitch offers unsafe materials, while twitch chat is indeed horrible, please don’t block the actual streams, I think this has been happening for the past few days.

    • Aneta Reluga

      I’m not a regular Twitch user, but things I watch seem OK. Does it happen for all streams for you, or only the selected ones? And also, does refresh help? (Maybe some ad interferes)

      • Gloriam

        Strange thing is, it seems to work just fine now, tried a couple of different twitch channels, once it happens again (and hopefully it won’t), I’ll make another post.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Interesting news from Poland about Chinese “browser”: Maxthon.,News,74766.html

    It sends hidden data about all visited pages nad all installed software.

    Opera is owned by Chinese company now… Do you remember our concerns about security of Chinese software? I hope that opera will be different and even people from Asia know, that you would have too much to lose.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Well, Opera is in process to become a Norwegian company owned by chineses. It will not turn into a Chinese company since it’s not located in China.

    • Jaiba Mon

      This can happen with every browser from any company around the world.

  • sgrandin

    Here’s one example of why print scaling is needed (see pg 3-4):

    OTOH, the pop up for search/copy is genuinely useful.

    • xirit64

      Who is OTOH? 🙂

      • Nachiketa Ramesh

        OTOH – on the other hand

  • sgrandin

    At with a portfolio (logged in), click at the bottom on Go to My Portfolio, then click on Reorder. Reordering hasn’t worked with Opera new in quite some time, if ever. Reported to them more than once.

    • Aneta Reluga

      This would be probably hard to investigate, because for that, we not only have to use MyYahoo, but also have a portfolio to reorder. So, could you please, if possible, report a bug with the following:
      – a screenshot (with sensitive data blurred/greyed out/erased)
      – maybe some output from developer tools?
      Also, does it work correctly in other chromium-based browsers? We need to know if it’s Opera-specific or chromium-specific.
      Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks in advance.

      • sgrandin

        The same thing happens with Vivaldi and Slimjet. That suggests chromium specific.

        If you have a Yahoo login, then getting to My Yahoo is easy and creating a small test portfolio should be simple. On my end, showing reorder not working (or working) is not easy, since it’s a dynamic not static operation.

  • fdakm

    Just a thought. Think about a such search feature – “multi-search” (as option)

    This feature looks like:
    Search results page of most relevant results, splitted on 2-3 columns, each related to specific search service, sorted from right to left by users preference.
    Also, as internal option of this feature – menu with fast switching between separate results pages of specific search services (searching occurs once on all chosen search services).

    All search services have own engine of searching relevant information. Some search services have almost similar algorithm, but not the same. Biggest search services want to offer their subservices by showing certain results. 90% users use the 1st page of the searching results in 90% cases (sometimes another search algorithm more useful) and some of them want to change search services to use their advantage (for example – video services), or just to compare search engines… All I want to say is – would be very comfortable to use “all-in-one” result page from time to time 😉 I hope it was clear for understanding. Thanks.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Wow, that’s profound! Thanks. I’ve reported this as a DNA-55929 suggestion.

  • Druszlak

    I find it annoying, hence, please consider this: opening all tabs grouped in a folder in SD should open them in background. Each time when i want to open multiple folders from SD i have to go back to SD instead of comfortably open one by one. Think about it Opera. ;o)

  • Kevinar

    You can add to pop-up window option Translate by Google Translator?

    • Cenon M.

      That sounds like a good idea.

    • redfox

      How? There are many languages supported by Google translator, not only one.

      • Same as custom search engines. You enter an url with a placeholder that will be replaced by the selected text. And you can change languages as you fit once on the translator page.

    • Junaid Ahmed

      Download “Google Translator” addon. You’ll get what you want plus more..

  • What i’d like added to the popup is an option for custom urls, similar to the custom search engines so we can do more with the selected text (e.g. translate).

    And what do you think about an extra setting that only shows the popup when it’s dragged and the action is executed on drop on top of the wanted action?
    I can’t help but select stuff whenever my hand is on the mouse.

    Also is there a way to disable a single mouse gesture?
    I close tabs way to often.

  • Cenon M.

    I would totally love this feature on the stable version.

  • Андрей Чечерин

    I miss the Presto!

    • nanana1

      It’s still available at Opera 12.18 😉

    • jho

      Honestly, I dont miss it. It is just slow. I opened it a few days ago and I realised that it was time to move on. I have all my stuff which I need now in new Opera. Since v32 introduced the sidebar.

      • Blapidoup

        On the contrary, I opened it this week and though “That’s why I stick with that browser for years.”. It’s so fast that it’s really hard to go back to this post presto Opera 🙁

        • redfox

          Its fast on sites not using javascript.

          • jho

            But almost every site is using Javascript heavily. And I do not speak about the ad loading scripts which you can block with scriptblockers.

  • sgrandin

    When I tried to add to the Speed Dial by clicking on the +, the site didn’t show as a choice, only Amazon did, which isn’t open at the moment. Aren’t open pages supposed to show? Strangely, it doesn’t in 12.18 either, something I’ve never seen.

    Trying again today with Yahoo and this page open, those show but the other still doesn’t. And not in 12.18 either. Could there be something about the page?

  • firuz_u7

    Please correct synchronization, I am constantly losing your bookmarks that have kept this synchronization removes them?

    исправьте пожалуйста синхронизация, я постоянна теряю свои закладки которые до этого сохранял, эта синхронизация удаляет их?

    • Kornelia

      Please try to reset your account at Then login again.

  • sgrandin
    At the bottom of the page are four Contact options, one of which is Chat. It’s there with 12.18 but not with this beta (has the other three). I know the Chat is legit because I just had one.

    • Aneta Reluga

      I’m using beta on Win7 and I’m getting the live chat option:
      I even deliberately used blocking ads to be sure.
      Perhaps some extension is blocking the option for you?
      What is your OS?

      • sgrandin

        Win 8.1. Rebooted to be sure. What I see in 12.18 is that the three options on the right load right off, with a second or two delay for the Chat. But in O39, it doesn’t load at all. Then I turned off AdBlock and O’s ad blocker, reloaded and it now appears. But I couldn’t isolate it to one or the other, tho with yours there was the delay. Then I reestablished the ad blockers, closed 39 and reopened it and Chat is not there, no matter how long I wait. Don’t have more time now to investigate. I use AdBlock with 12.18 too.

        • Aneta Reluga

          I admit there was a slight delay to load that option. Thanks for checking, still it is weird why you are getting different results.

  • redfox

    Could you please add the download handling feature by file extension (Open with, Save to disk – with the option to remember the choice or always ask), like in other browsers? Thanks

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Just for curiosity, what other browsers have this feature? I don’t see it in many of them.

      • redfox

        Opera 12 and older, Mozilla based browsers .. since ages. Opera 12 also had an option to pass the URL directly to another application, like a download manager (ToGetright.exe for example).

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Where can I find that option in Firefox? I never saw it.

          • redfox

            Tools/Options/Applications (FF28)

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Thanks. In FF47 i can see it but i don’t see a way to add something to the list.

          • redfox

            A never version does not have to be better 😉 As usual.

          • NoName

            The list grows when they are used.

            I just tried with a custom homemade URI.
            The first time it’s used, you are prompted what to do.

  • Юлия
    • Herr Pietrus

      Chinese takeover is risky, but on the other hand I’m afraid that without new
      investors we will be left some day with ugly Vivaldi and primitive Chrome… Of course, new Opera WAS really bad but know is really great. It always deserved more appreciation.

      • jho

        As long as there is no evidence I assume that everything is ok. Or do you feel better if the owner is located in the US? Vivaldi e.g. is located outside the EU. Also not really good if you are concerned about privacy.

        As long as Opera is located in Norway/Poland, there should be no problem because they have to stick to EU law (Norway is included in the inner EU market). And I do not think that even Chinese law allow to steal data to do crime etc.

    • Dark Magician
      • Юлия

        Lol 🙂 I’d never advocate for those browsers. Use only from trusted companies and if the browser can’t be made to shut up and not communicate with its home, then don’t trust it with your privacy.

        • Harry

          Trusted companies?

          Name one browser that doesn’t “call home” in one way or another. There is no such thing as privacy on the Net.

          • jho

            When no one should use sync features because this is calling home at its best. 😉

            By the way. It does not really matter where the location of the company is. E.g. Kaspersky is one of the popular and best av scanners. And no one cares that it is from Russia. It is important if you trust the people behind a software or not.

          • Юлия

            Name one browser that doesn’t “call home”
            You can easily achieve this with Firefox. Was possible with Opera v12 too. I don’t know with the new one (I have not tried to).

            There is no such thing as privacy on the Net
            Yes, there is. And the ones who seek will find it (; Ofcourse, you will not get too far with this by using services like facebook, hangouts, deliberately sending all your files to useless “cloud” storage, unnecessary sync services, allowing Google and the likes to present to you “interest based ads”, etc; all of which are doing the exact opposite. And just because one company tries to do that, does not mean you should let the guard down. Find an alternative. There will always be one.

            That being said, feel free to use Skype. I use it, the portable version and after I’m done with it the whole thing gets completely closed. Feel free to use Facebook as well if you need it – in a separate browser. PC hardware came a long way, I think pretty much every PC that is no older than 6 or 7 years can hold two browsers open with no issues. Get a good content blocker (uBlockOrigin), use a hosts file (MVPS), try to rely on local services which by design provide superior functionality to cloud based ones anyway, let alone the privacy aspect. Block third party cookies, why any sane person would need that is beyond comprehension. You don’t need Google to scan the websites you visit or your downloads for “malicious code” or whatever they call it, it’s common sense what is safe and what it isn’t. Same thing goes to antivirus software, it’s useless. It really is common sense, and this list could go on and on, far beyond the character limit imposed by Disqus.

  • Salman Shafi

    My Opera Dev version does not work. It will not open any sites, it just sits there and loads all day and does nothing.

  • Карина Филатова

    Hi! I am just wonderring whe my web resourse is not working with Opera 39.0.?

  • L33t4opera

    New build – OPB 39.0.2256.37 😉

  • j7ndominica0

    I find the popup annoying since I usually read and follow lengthy text by selecting parts of it. This enables me to read text not broken up into paragraphs, or to return to the initial position in case of accidental (mouse wheel) or automatic (javascript) scrolling of the web page. Maybe this new menu could be convenient for users of laptop touchpads. A computer without a workingg right mouse button is still an exception and not for “everyone”.

    Some websites have had such popups for internal use (such as for inserting a quote), and I strongly disliked them there, as I do most dynamic HTML on-mouse-over.