This May, Opera became the first major browser to ship a dedicated battery saving feature. This feature optimizes our Chromium/Blink based browser engine and user interface in order to give users more time to browse their favorite websites. Our tests showed that the feature increased the battery life by as much as 50% when compared to other browsers, such as Google Chrome.

One browser we didn’t pay attention to was Microsoft Edge. Mostly because Edge is only available on Windows 10. This Monday, however, Microsoft released a video, similar to the one we made, showing Microsoft Edge winning in their test. Following the video was an extensive blog post and obviously a huge PR effort, and it was argued that the test showed that Edge beats Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Willy 2

Like most other engineering teams, we love it when someone picks a fight. If we get beaten in a test like this, we consider it a bug.

So our first step was to see if it actually is the case that “Edge gives longer battery time than Opera”? As Microsoft hasn’t revealed its full methodology, we were unable to run the same tests. The methodology we applied instead was exactly the same as we provided before: browsing a set of popular websites where the automation simulates interaction with the website, making it close to what we expect normal browsing would be on such page.

Our test (which you can replicate) show:


Opera Developer (39.0.2248.0) with native ad blocker and power saver enabled is able to run 22% longer than Microsoft Edge (25.10586.0.0) on a laptop running Windows 10, 64-bit, and 35% longer than the latest version of Google Chrome (51.0.2704.103).

The detailed methodology is described below.

Tests will never perfectly reflect the way real people browse, but there are ways to make some tests more reliable than others. For example, you can use a variety of different websites (video, news etc,) to imitate the way users browse. You can also use a special algorithm that scrolls these websites similar way real users do. This is what we did in previous tests, and this is what we did when comparing Opera to Edge.

How Opera’s battery saver feature works:

We achieved these results with the magic of several under-the-hood optimizations:

  • Reducing activity in background tabs
  • Waking CPU less often due to optimal scheduling of JavaScript timers
  • Automatically pausing unused plug-ins
  • Reducing frame rate to 30 frames per second
  • Tuning video-playback parameters and forcing usage of hardware accelerated video codecs
  • Pausing animations in browser themes
  • Including ad blocker – when enabled, it provides even more battery savings


The browser is by far the most used application on both laptops and desktop computers, and for users it is undoubtedly beneficial that browsers are improving and competing. However, if Microsoft really wants to prove that its browser performs better than others (in any regard), the company should be transparent about its methodology so that others can replicate it.

Better luck next time, Microsoft!

How Opera’s test was done

We used a Lenovo Yoga 500, 14″, i3-5005U, 4GB, 500GB HDD, Win 10 using the balanced power profile. The backlight was set to 100% all the time, Wi-Fi was running in 802.11n mode with RSSI -53 dBm. There was no other software running in the foreground; indexing and background services were stopped. Laptops were placed on a wooden surface for similar heat exchange.
The browser was automated using WinAPI event injection. For battery status information, IOCTL_BATTERY_QUERY_STATUS was used (

Battery remaining capacity was measured once per minute.
In each configuration, the test was run for two hours.
Battery time was estimated in following way:


The tests were done in four steps:

Step 1: Configure the system.
Charge the battery to 100%.

Step 2: Load,,,,,,, and – in separate tabs.

Step 3: In a loop, scrolling activity was simulated in one of the tabs:

For 30 seconds, pressing of Arrow Down was simulated every 100ms
5 seconds of idle time
For 30 seconds, pressing of Arrow Up was simulated every 100ms
15 seconds of idle time
Step 4: Each minute, the present battery capacity was recorded.

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  • I think everyone should try the browser themselves, as you could argue that Opera is in the first place here, because, well, it’s your browser 🙂 I bet if Google does a smiliar test, they win 😛
    But I’m glad you didn’t left this uncommented and even documented your test!

  • senja1

    Maybe they test in Insider bulid? I read their blog post, and I think they as transparent as you are. And they test much used pages:
    “We used the same websites you spend your time on – Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and more.”
    And What you use?
    “Load,,,,,,, and – in separate tabs.”
    Who even use this pages?
    “The results above aren’t just theoretical! To measure Windows efficiency and identify opportunities, we measure aggregated telemetry from millions of Windows 10 devices around the world.”

  • Matteo Contrini

    Actually it’s explained here and here

    And if you want to demonstrate something, you’d better use the same version of Edge that Microsoft used. That’s the point of the entire Microsoft claim.

    • duhduhduh0

      why use a methodology that likely to benefit Microsoft?

      • Dark Magician

        But they also tested Chrome 51 vs Dev Opera with Chromium 53.

      • senja1

        That is methodology that most of users use. Look what Opera tested:
        “Load,,,,,,, and – in separate tabs.”

        • Yannick

          Opera literally went with websites that have as many ads as possible so that it actually would make a difference here… :/

  • DavidMay

    Microsoft did not turn on the Opera ad-blocker for their tests:

    They tested the browsers as they are pre-configured out of the box. So you should either run your tests with Insider Preview Edge + ABP Extension — or you could also disable the adblocker in Opera and just test the power saver vs Edge. Obviously, blocking ads vs. not blocking ads is kind of an unequal comparison. Apart from that, I agree that the methodology should be stated in their blog post directly and not just posted by a PM on a third-party site.

    • senja1

      They did tested with battery saver. Opera is only browser with integrated ad-blocker, so that is not fair comparison. Its about battery saving, so its logical to use only battery saver turned on.

      • DavidMay

        With battery saver, of course, yes. I was referring to the separate ad-blocker. Battery saver is on by default, the ad-blocker is not (even if it is integrated). The ad-blocker contributes, imho, quite a lot to battery consumption. So, even if Opera ad-blocker is integrated, it would make sense to compare the scenarios I outlined above, as long as you have to manually engage the ad-blocker in Opera (and it is not enabled by default).
        Edit: Clarification.

    • DavidMay

      Bonus question: Why does the comparison chart above lack the symbol for the “ad blocker” (as seen as shield with an “X” here:
      It would really be a clarification if you used both symbols (ad-blocker + battery saver).

    • SKS

      Read original blog post carefully then, here :
      They have said on caption “Opera (with battery saver mode enabled). Unless specified, all browser settings were left at their defaults.”

      • DavidMay

        Very well, good point. I did not see this statement on their site, but saw the comment mentioned above first. But a clear statement regarding the ad-blocker being turned on or off in Opera would have been a helpful addition to that statement in the blog.

  • Matteo Contrini

    Completely non-sense reply.
    Microsoft publishes an article saying “with Anniversary Update, Edge will have better battery”.
    Opera replies “no, we’re better”, testing with a year-old Edge version.

    • BK

      Which version you mean is year old?

      • Matteo Contrini

        Edge but I clearly exaggerated since it should be the last release version, right?
        I think Microsoft is testing with Insider Preview builds though, even if it’s not completely clear from the 2 articles they published.

        • Wando Schneider

          It’s clear to me that they are testing with the insider preview.

        • Cryio

          Microsoft tested Edge in TH2 for that video. Explicitely mentioned. Yeah sure, Edge might be even faster and more efficient in RS1, but that’s not the point here.

          The point was that the current, November version of Edge is already more efficient than the competitors.

    • @pampurio97:disqus
      If you read carefully, “We connected a Surface Book to specialized power monitoring equipment and measured the actual power usage during typical browsing activities in the latest stable versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.”

      And look also here “Windows 10 Anniversary Update will include even more power-saving improvements… and peripheral content like Flash advertisements.” and we already have it.

      • Matteo Contrini

        You’re right, that’s why I said it’s not clear (below), because no version is mentioned. But it is more than possible that the testing version they used is one of the latest public Insider Preview builds.

  • Roby

    Your reaction to Microsoft’s PR is quite silly. You even used memes.
    The fact you reacted to PR which always shows the company doing the advertising in the best possible light is even sillier imo. But ok, if writing this makes you guys feel better. Not that a corporation like Microsoft will bat an eye to this, or the average Joe…

    • Cryio

      Why do you think it’s silly? They simply consider their implementation and their browser is better. Think of it like this.

      Microsoft says Edge provides a smooth normal experience all the while you ALSO get better batter life.
      Opera instead provide a worsened experienced in Power saver but you get better battery life.

      • Roby

        Seriously responding to PR is like seriously responding to a troll post on the internet imo. You should avoid doing that.

        • SoniC

          And I think Opera needs to answer with all the cannons.
          Why ? Because it is free advertising for them. I would ask as many sites (that have posted MS Edge PR) as possible to also include the response clearly stating that Opera is by far better than Edge. Not only by being better in power saving but also including far more features and available on all the platforms and not only in W10.

          • Yannick

            The problem is, unlike Microsoft, Opera is manipulating a test into their own advantage and thereby telling lies about how their browser actually performs. This test is clearly biased towards Opera. To make matters worse: Microsofts test was also biased towards Opera and even against their own browser. Opera is just acting like a little child throwing a tantrum as if Microsoft personally attacked them and with a bunch of wrong arguments.

  • Tommy Wille

    The test they ran was playing a video in Netflix until the battery died. No other specific information was given, like you are doing. Impressive results regardless from both browsers.

  • Sonshitsu Nisshin

    Edge didn’t have adblock. Opera has adblock turned on, which is off by default. Significantly less content to load hence significantly less battery expenditure. Demonstration of efficiency should be based on same content load. Bad argument, Opera, bad.

    • BK

      Ofc. Less work for PC is what saves the battery. That’s what we do better having build in features.

      • s1aver

        The feature isn’t enable by default, so it should be off or you should use adblock for both. No user cares if it’s native they still have to enable it either way. Yea I know only the developer preview of edge has adblock extensions but then again you’re using a developer version of Opera, so it makes mores sense than testing it against the current version of edge.

        • BK

          Hmm.. Battery saver is not default ON either 🙂 in Opera UI we do inform user to turn ON battery saver and adblock to gain most on battery. And the need to download externall stuff actually makes bigger difference to many users.

          • s1aver

            Look a fairer test would have been with battery saver disabled since their is a performance penalty that comes with it. But it is also redundant because they beat you with it enabled so it’s not like they’re going to lose with it disabled.
            Whether having a feature native or as an extension maybe a worth while topic if we were discussing customer service experiences. But this is a scientific test where variable need to be kept as equal as possible. It makes sense to use default settings as a standard.

          • BK

            What matters here is it to survive much longer on battery. And we do acheive that with options user is free to use or not.
            This is very similar with OS power saving options where you pick performance vs battery life.

          • Yannick

            Well if that’s the case, you’re free to install an ad blocker, you’re free to edit the host file, etc. This is a ridiculous way of reasoning. Just admit it, this test is biased heavely towards Opera. To make this even more akward, Microsofts test was also biased towards Opera as they went the extra mile to enable Battery Saver only for your browser too. And to make it even better: Microsofts test was actually biased AGAINST their own browser: Netflix will download 1080p content in Edge, while Opera and other can only go up to 720p, causing these browsers to also use less energy. Your benchmark here is just dumb, this is something nobody would do. Microsofts benchmark actually made sense and is a situation people could actually find themselves in.

          • gavingreenwalt

            The windows user has to download *Opera*. If you’re going to say that downloading “external stuff” makes the biggest difference then Opera shouldn’t be installed and Edge would win by default.

      • Yannick

        But that’s not how Opera works by default, and that’s what Microsoft’s test was all about. Not to mention that, unlike Opera, Edge and other browsers don’t degrade your browsing experience along the way. Many websites won’t allow you to visit if an ad blocker is enabled. You’re just making a fool of yourselves here.

    • s1aver

      I know, if they were going to cheat they should of just kept their mouths shut instead. This makes them look silly.

  • They didn’t used AdBlock. And also used the final version of Opera. If you want to compare with Opera Dev version, please, do the test again with AdBlock on Edge on Windows 10 Aniversary Update, and Chrome Dev with AdBlock too.

  • Peter Rüthemann

    How comes the test performed now 1 hour better than some months ago even though you used the same methodology?

    • BK

      Different device. Different laptops tend to have diffeerent battery times:)

  • Юлия

    Ofourse micro$oft wants you to use their OS which is in such a deplorable condition. And that’s just the beginning. It’s only them who will have any gains in the long run anyway. They will try to advertise it even if it means lying to the consumer.

    Something happened
    Something happened

    • BK

      What we focus on here is that with Opera user can work longer on battery. To acheive that in our UI we recommend to use both battery saver and adblock, to limit resources usage and prolong time you have with your laptop:)
      Besides more battery time you will gain more free CPU power and more free RAM for other aps or more tabs open in parallel.

  • SLR

    They compared with the Edge version on Windows 10 redstone, not the current production version of Edge. Whether that’s a fair comparison is a different issue.

    • Yannick

      Nope, the comparision by Microsoft was with Edge 13, not Edge 14.

  • Yannick

    Who knew hey, that if you stop Opera from loading battery-heavy content, that it would run longer. To bad it very likely stops a lot of websites from working too. Otherwise your test would have been fair. But nice that you guys are being asses about this. You could have written this blog post a lot friendlier. It’s not as if Microsoft was picking out on you, yet you seem to be personally offended.

    • nanana1

      Don’t think Opera was personally offended but rather open with their methodology of testing and obsessed with defending the crown of battery life saver browser ! :))

      • Yannick

        Nha, they are clearly offended, the title, the content and the reason this thing is written makes that prety clear. Besides, Microsoft was also open about their methodology, Opera just didn’t read that part of their blog.

    • MegamaN

      Yeah, I would like to see if I can watch my Twitch streams with power-hungry Flash. With Power Saver Mode.

  • Jose Diaz

    Using a developer version of opera vs stable version browsers is comparing apples to oranges. Microsoft might have used the stable version of opera to compare, which is still resource intensive on my tablet.

    • Sławek Sochaj

      We repeated this test with Opera 38 stable and the result was very similar.

      • Yannick

        Sure, but perhaps you should at least TRY to keep this fair and have at least gone with Edge 14 if you’re going to use developer versions anyway. Not to mention all the other biased variables about this benchmarks that are just designed to put Opera first.

    • NasirAliShah

      I guess so, the current stable version of edge 38… something, which is infact and very improved EGDE experience.

      Edit: i havent really tested Opera on Computer, but latest EGDE on mobile has VERY much improved battery, i use opera sometime when i am on Cellular data, as it does good job in saving data. but then it also shows low res images and unlike before it doesnt let you chose image quality on your own.

      • Yannick

        Edge 38.14371 is not a stable version.

        • NasirAliShah

          its pretty stable for me on mobile, and doing a great job with battery saving

          • Yannick

            In that sense, I agree, but it is not the stable version as in “this is not the one that’s out for all people to use”. 🙂

          • NasirAliShah

            oh yes, its not available for all. you are right too.
            lets hope the Anniversary update hits mobile and PC on july 29 like its suppose to 😛

      • Jose Diaz

        You can change quality of images on the data savings area of both opera mini and opera for android. I dont know if the ios version has it

        • NasirAliShah

          yea i noticed, i was checking under settings 😛

  • Zaheer : )

    you’ll should consider creating a linux distro with just opera in it and tweak it to maximum power saving .. it will be a hit

  • Yro

    Thats nice, now, do the same test but with ad-blocker disabled, as Edge dont have this feature..

    • Slawek Sochaj

      If comparing speed in congested network – should we ignore Opera Turbo because other browsers don’t have it? If comparing speed in normal conditions, should we ignore native ad blocker, because other browsers don’t have it? If comparing power savings… Should we ignore the fact that we have so many unique features that people really want to use?

      • Yannick

        You ignore everything that is not default, so yes, you do. These are benchmarks, the whole point of benchmarks is to test something the way it is used the most: by its default settings. This “test” here is all about optimizing Opera, optimizing the test itself to perform the best in Opera and making sure other browsers don’t win. This is ridiculous.

    • Slawek Sochaj

      Also, here you can find our previous test, in which we actually disabled ad blocker. Not a huge difference:

      • Yannick

        That you did it in the past doesn’t make this test suddenly valid.

    • mb

      Edge should be getting that feature on the next update. I already have it, works alright

  • apple SUCKS

    What about the web sites you/Opera visited??????? As you know, that makes a HUGE difference in performance. When you do a test, you ALL should do a test on the “SAME WEB SITES”, that people visit the most, like Bing/MSN, Steam, Facebook, Ebay, Google, YouTube, Twitter,…………. not some off the wall sites that hardily anyone ever heard or visits. I know Microsoft did post the sites they did the test on, and was mostly the sites I mentioned above(for the exception of amazon and Ebay, I personally i’m on Ebay a lot, and hardly use Amazon). Anyway, from what I have read, Opera tested the sites no one hardly EVER visits(take look at the step 2), here is the list of the sites Opera used for their test. Can someone here please tell me, how many of you visit these sites on a daily bases or have ever(beside YouTube of course)???????????? Just saying.

    Step 1: Configure the system.
    Charge the battery to 100%.

    ((((((Step 2: Load,,,,,,, and – in separate tabs.))))))))

    Step 3: In a loop, scrolling activity was simulated in one of the tabs:

    For 30 seconds, pressing of Arrow Down was simulated every 100ms
    5 seconds of idle time
    For 30 seconds, pressing of Arrow Up was simulated every 100ms
    15 seconds of idle time
    Step 4: Each minute, the present battery capacity was recorded.

  • Cobalt

    The main menu button (design regression on Windows 7)

    Actual result:

    Expected result:


  • Yannick

    I love how you are claiming that Microsoft made a “huge PR effort” while they only blogged about it, something they do quiet often. That’s not a PR effort, news sites just picked it up. The irony is that you’re exactly doing what you are blaiming them for: making a huge PR effort and cheating, and you did so in the most childish way possible.

    • SKS

      Opera is also posting blog. All companies post blogs for news, announcement etc and news, blog sites pick it up. MS is popular brand, and more pickup by sites then Opera’s. It’s not PR effort from any side, it’s just the way it is.

      • Yannick

        Responding to a blog post in this kind of way (childish, calling out your competitors (“Better luck next time, Microsoft!”), etc.) is to draw attention, that’s PR. Microsofts blog post was a technical explanation, that’s not PR. This blog is the definition off “being an ass about it”.

        • SKS

          With this perspective, i agree on PR thing.

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          There are two different blog posts about this – one was kind of pure technical explanation and another one was bragging about. And it’s part of the game.

        • LamiaLove

          Really? Technical explanation?! And what were the technical details exactly? What was the web site they opened în the browsers? What versions of browsers did they use? How many extensions were loaded in the browsers? What power-saving features were enabled and disabled on the browsers? Etc. Etc. Etc.

          • Yannick

            They gave all details you ask for:
            – All browsers where default installs, no extensions, default settings (except Opera, which had Battery Saver enabled)
            – The website was a Netflix video

            – The used the latest stable releases

            So there you go, the details you asked for. They’ve all been disclosed.

          • LamiaLove

            Link, please? Actually, never mind. The info I want is not available for either Microsoft’s of Opera’s tests.

  • Goran

    I am so glad Opera is standing up to its rivals and succeeding at that.

  • Heinz Rüdiger

    Hm adblock browser vs non adblock browser…no this is not a fair comparison while all Browsers can have adblock and Archive higher power savings
    and of Course, how is the Performance with your power saving on?

    • Ami Geva

      The test is comparing browser out of the box but my chrome, with the ad blocker plugin, performance is much worse than Opera out of the box.
      The only problem I see now with Opera is the small number of extensions.

      • Heinz Rüdiger

        opera has adblock and powersaving features enabled by Default? I dont think so…so this is not the “ootb” experience…at last not for opera but edge and chrome is ootb experience in this comparison
        And of course, opera browser is a preview Version, edge and Chrome not but both know preview versions!
        All in all, heavy pr action but nothing else (in my opinion even less than in Microsofts test)

  • Adam Kimball

    Lost in all this hoopla about battery life is the fact that both Opera and Edge are garbage browsers. This is like watching two ugly girls fighting over the homecoming king.

    • 都良美寿 ローライト

      One man’s trash is another ones treasure. It’s all a matter of opinion and prospective.

    • Gordon Freeman

      So whats your Browser …?

    • greatteacher


    • SKS

      if u think it garbage, why trouble to browse and make comment all the way here ?

  • sgrandin

    As someone elsewhere (and perhaps here) pointed out, Opera’s test vs. Edge is patently dishonest. You compared a developer version to a public release version.

    In a way, no surprise: the lack of basic integrity of your test matches the lack of quality in your handling the basics of Opera functionality since the switchover to Chromium. Opera didn’t used to be this way.

  • MegamaN

    How about the ability to open new TABs in the background as unloaded?
    That eats-up bandwidth if they load the page.

    • Paweł Miniewicz

      Hi! Usually, the intention is to have the tab ready when you switch to it. So I think most people would actually like it to be loading in background. But, yes, we are thinking how to lazy load the tab and keep good user experience. If you remember we have had such features some time ago available as a flag in Opera 21 (, but we decided that it needs more consideration.

  • Nwgat

    would been nice if this mode was enabled by default when changing to battery, currently there is now way to do that, you have to manually enable it :/

    • Paweł Miniewicz

      We heard your feedback. It is coming with next release, stay tuned!

      • 都良美寿 ローライト

        Thanks so much! I wish Firefox was like you guys and listened to its userbase (why I left Firefox)

      • Sigurd Øines

        You should also allow us to enable power saving when on wall power, as it will enable the computer to run colder and saving my lap from severe burns

  • Mikolaj Boc

    Another case of fair play by MS is here:

    I’m afraid to reach into my fridge, fearing Edge might be lurking there.

    (Chrome and Safari, and any prefix of Opera, Firefox are affected, too). But seems they’re lagging because they didn’t add e.g. Vivaldi. C’mon MS, there’s so many browsers to consider in this brilliant feature 🙂

    • Boris Lazarov

      Well, the mentioned browsers don’t have “modern” apps, so they are missing from the Store. Or the problem is that MS suggests Edge in those searches?

      • Mikolaj Boc

        Well, imagine that we display an ‘Opera loves you’ banner if the user writes ‘E’, ‘Ed’, ‘Edg’ or ‘Edge’. How would you react?

    • It seems to be removed on recent redstone build.

      • Mikołaj Boć

        Great to hear that.

    • icetom

      its not Microsofts job to test every browser with negligible market share.
      even Opera basically plays no role in the market if we are honest.

  • Oskar

    Maybe they tested only non-beta versions? How much batter life did Opera stable get in the same test?

    Annoying behavior reports:
    -I can’t seem to be able to reach the history from my PC browser on my Android and vice versa. This is possible in Chrome and is very nice feature. Yesterday I wanted to show a page on my phone, I’d been reading it earlier on the day on my PC so I just went in to “History” to quickly find it, unsuccessfully!
    -Password synchronization seem to work not so good between PC and Android. I try to use passwords that are to long to remember sometimes just because I save them in the browser anyway. But when I go to the web page on the phone the password is nowhere to be found! Really annoying! Seem to work sometimes.

    • Privat Privat

      Agree, its the only way to make sure.

  • Jean Racine

    Opera developper? You lost me there.

  • EF

    Yay, Opera! Picking browser fights makes everyone not in first place, better! It also is a good opportunity to demonstrate code developed right, the first time.

  • Gustav Ekner

    I think many comments here are strange, especially when I see a certain user who seems to cross complain about Opera’s arrogance, for example on the comment section on this site:, where they complain about Opera being salty and putting memes in their blog post (are we talking about battery saving, or memes in blog posts?).

    I don’t think Opera’s being arrogant and “offended” at all, they just made a bit funny blog post to respond to Microsoft’s video. And for people complaining about that they used an adblocker, this is not strange at all. Opera used all the power saving features that Opera had (ad block and power saving mode) and all the power saving features that Edge had (none). And then they just released a test. And of course it showed that Opera was better, it would be stupid of them if they posted something saying the opposite, and at the same time it was totally normal that Microsoft’s video showed that Edge was better. If you seriously want a 100% objective test, you can’t go to an dependent site!

    So to conclude: I don’t think it was *Opera* who was being offended here… Relax please 🙂

  • Raylan Givens

    The problem is Microsoft Edge is the most efficient even on Desktop PCs. That’s a fact; while Opera’s battery saver is mostly for laptops.

    • Johnathan Pertolick

      “most efficient on desktop PCs”

      Who the heck cares about power efficiency while hooked up to a wall socket?

      You trying to cut your power bill by $0.01/mo ?

      Trying to make sure your 350W PSU doesn’t get overloaded by a youtube page loading…?

      • SKS


      • Raylan Givens

        Most efficient means the most well built browser out there. Edge uses less CPU and GPU utilization for the same rendering. This is what efficient means, not just the less power it uses.

        Even on IE 11.0.32 try a YouTube video while you have something like Process Explorer open and then try with any other Browser. Then you will understand how less resources Microsoft’s browsers use for same video for instance.

        Also, I won’t even mention about the best smooth scrolling. Chromium Engine still cannot get it right and efficiently. Many other such paradigms.

        • TheinsanegamerN

          Since my desktop was built in this decade, I can open Process explorer, play multiple videos, and have a game open with no slowdown.

          If you run hardware from 10 years ago, dont be surprised if it doesnt cope well with modern demands.

          • Raylan Givens

            If you consider i5 4690 and GTX 960 hardware from 10 years ago, well… Again, though, it doesn’t mean you have to write crappy code and call it a day.

          • TheinsanegamerN

            You also don’t have to spend as much time trying to squeeze as much power as possible out of modern hardware. Not being obsessive over perfect optimization is not the same as writing crappy code.

            Like I said, ten year old hardware is fine. My spare machine is an old core 2 duo machine from 2006. And it doesn’t struggle at all managing a combinations of browsers, file browsers, and video streams simultaneously. No modern machine will struggle, unless you consider 1% higher CPU usage “struggling”

          • Raylan Givens

            What about the fact that when MS is building something, it does it in the best possible way. Right now VP9 video on Edge is the only browser that use Video Engine in Nvidia Hardware. This shows others don’t care as much.

      • Raylan Givens

        Take a hint about my PSU: CS550M

  • Ysleiro

    You turned on an Ad-Blocker on your browser, used an insider build to test against a stable build and call them out for being unfair in their tests?

    MS’s test tested an actual real life experience (watching a movie on Netflix). Your test was not a real life scenario (who loads that many pages in quick succession, scrolls down for 30 seconds and moves on?).

    You are right MS’s test was biased. BIASED AGAINST THEMSELVES. During MS’s test Edge was loading 1080p content while Opera and Chrome were loading 720p.

    • Johnathan Pertolick

      Actually the youtube video they loaded supports full 1080p

      Also just because edge/netflix supports 1080p doesn’t mean it was used. You can manually limit the setting, and Netflix’s technology will also change stream quality dynamically. Without looking at the stream settings live you can’t confirm Netflix served 1080p for the test.

      This is why smarmy criticism in comments is so stupid. It took me literally fifteen seconds to demonstrate that your ALL CAPS condescending comment was nothing more than you demonstrating to the public your own ignorance 🙁

      • Hamish Campbell

        Except for the bit about ad-blocker?

        And he might be right about the video.

      • Ysleiro

        I wrote certain points in all caps for EMPHASIS. Since I can’t bolden anything.

        I can’t confirm what quality the streams were but I’m not trying to, nor do I need to in order to make the claim that the test was BIASED IN Opera’s FAVOR. Since Netflix does support higher stream resolution on Edge.

        Source: Netflix

        Thanks for maliciously interpreting my message. I’d love for you to maliciously interpret this accronym: S.M.D.

  • Ami Geva

    These type of lab test usually prove what you are trying to prove and have nothing to do with real life. Saying that, I use Ubuntu 14.04 and recently I switched to Opera from Chrome. My laptop performance and battery life improved dramatically. I don’t have graphs and/or fancy results but my life experience certainly proves that Opera ROCKS 🙂

    • revjtanton

      Yeah that real world test is what matters. I made the switch a month or so ago and love it. I have no graph or fancy tests either, but with Chrome my Macbook wouldn’t last 4 hours. Now it goes a good 6 or 7 hours on a charge. Opera is great!

  • Davor

    I’d be interested to see how you fare against Safari, which is known for not burning through battery, on a MacBook.

  • Yro

    Is there any plans to update Opera Mail? It would be nice to have new theming and new ways of viewing the mails (side-by-side / 3 way / etc)..

  • icetom

    why do you post that on your blog, you better post it directly to Microsoft if you think they should test otherwise.
    Hardly have we seen anything backfire so hard like this on this blog.
    I see you get roasted for this blogpost across the internet.

  • fost

    Błażej, on what basis did you choose those test sites? For example, is there something specific about them that made them particularly appropriate for this test?

    • BK

      Hi, we’ve picked few quite “heavy” sites, focusing on the news media.

    • Yannick

      They picked them based on how much ads they had so the difference between content that Opera had to load compared to Edge and Chrome would be substantial to put Opera first.

  • illegaloperation

    Is anyone really surprise that blocking ads in Opera, but not blocking ads in competing browers (Edge and Chrome) allows Opera to win?

    It’s basically cheating.

    • Gordon Freeman

      Don’t you think that hard work to implement
      battery saving feature must pay off ?

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Test was made using features found in browser. It’s not Opera’s fault that Edge and Chrome doesn’t include native ad-blocker (yet).

      • BK

        This exactly!

      • Mosè Bottacini

        err, no. Opera test demonstrates that opera can browse for more time, not that it is managing energy better. it depends on what we want to prove: if we are searching for the more energy efficient then the ad-blocker should not be used and, if we are searching for the one that can browse for longer time, then all the tricks are allowed. but they are very different things, opera says it clearly: they are only looking for who can browse for longer time (even if the way they say it make you think that they are also managing energy better….)

        • Nekomajin43

          Well then, let’s get back to this issue when we can install Edge under different operating systems. 😉

    • That’s just ridiculous. You are really stupid.

    • xirit64
  • Lorenzo Jiménez

    Ok, know I want to see the same test with Safari. jejeje

  • A Jacobson

    Is this Android or something?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope, it’s about Opera for desktops.

  • Χρήστος Σιδηρόπουλος

    Opera is much better that internet expl..EDGE!!! EDGE!!!!

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Native browser from OS company gets upper hand. I believe Opera could beat Edge if Windows was a third party OS to both of them. As far I know MS also turned on Opera’s Battery Saver mode during the test. Looks like Opera’s use of ad-blocking and developer build made the differences.

  • Ingo Petzny

    Wow, I am impressed. I try it on my Surface Pro 4 which not has a real good battery life and you really see and feel that you can work much longer when using Opera instead of Edge, Chrome or Firefox.
    Thanks a lot for this. My only browser on mobile PCs is Opera now. *thumbs up*

    • Caleb Budde

      That’s so awesome. It’s too bad my school blocks the browser from being downloaded. They’re chrome freaks. I hate those people.

  • Carver

    This is funny because you created this post to basically call out Microsoft for trying to obscure the tests. Then, an actual Microsoft Edge engineer replies and clearly proves with data that Opera was the one who actually had a totally ignorant testing method that would of course only ever show their own browser as the clear winner.

    I don’t know who that MS engineer was, but he came in through the back, farted on your dinner, took your wife and then just let himself out the front door.

    The neckbeard fanboys here might not have seen it, but it was god damned beautiful.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      “Clearly proves” is in your head. But that’s OK. I have no problems who obscured or not – I think it’s funny that some MS fanboys takes these tests so seriously and get’s so offended.

      • icetom

        “that some MS fanboys ”
        MS fanboys dont exist.

        • Bao Nguyen

          Lol. Go to websites like windowscentral, or winbeta, there you’ll meet the horde of MS fanboys.

  • I was using Chrome, Firefox, Opera but recently switched to UC Browser. Why?

    Simply because the whole browser gives me touch optimized interface and I have Windows 10 LapTab

    see the square buttons which are ideal for fingers. See the gap between two lines which helps to prevent accidental touch.

    • iasatan

      I can’t open the picture.
      I also have an 8″ windows tablet, and non of the normal browsers are optimized for it. Metro IE was the best, but the removed it in Windows 10.
      But on my pc, Opera is the best. It’s fast, I like it’s design, millions of extensions etc

  • tarkus

    I don’t want (and don’t have the qualifications) to ‘mathematically’ test battery’s duration according to the browser used, so I’ll confine myself to the ‘real world’ use. I’m, also, not interested if tricks are used (i.e. ad blocking etc.), I just care about the absolute bottom line: battery duration. What is apparent using my laptop: Opera has the ‘edge’ – Edge is second by a (small) margin, but definitely second! It’s rather easy for everybody to come to the same conclusion: Just use the two browsers by doing what you are usually doing, for a (rather extended) period of time and repeat it for a number of tries. The conclusion is, always, the same: Battery lasts longer by using Opera but (and this is my remark) it’s never a good idea to brag so much – somebody else will overturn or surpass the results and then a new circle of arguing and bragging begins!

  • Cobalt

    After dragging the bookmark “” on the tab bar from the bookmarks bar, the focus does not go to the text field

    Drag bookmark “” from the bookmarks bar to the tab bar:
    In Chrome works!

    Actual result:

    Expected result:


  • Kenny

    Popup button doesn’t work for video on

  • Cobalt

    Not working Middle Click & Shift+Middle Click on the “Start page” button to open Start page in the background & foreground (like in Chrome):


  • Cobalt

    Does not work drag & drop (text or image) from one tab to another (like in Chrome)

    For example, to insert an image or text from one tab to the text field in another tab (drag & drop).

    Actual result:
    Step 1:
    Step 2:

    Expected result:
    Step 1:
    Step 2:


    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not a bug, just a long time request.

    • Ahmed AL-Jaber

      oh i just realize that, but i never do that since i always use right click,
      that look important in Mac

  • zakius

    that’s great, really
    too bad noone can get any use of it cause we still can’t configure our gestures
    and besides of that, talk to Pocket and make them release chromium extension working like deprecated firefox extension, when these two things appear I’ll switch from FF gladly

    • Gordon Freeman

      If you install the Opera Extension “Download Chrome Extension”
      you can install Pocket Extension from “Chrome Web Store”.

      • zakius

        but the chromium extension is only “add to Pocket button”, not the fully featured one from firefox (I mean the one that got removed from store cause they added built-in “add to pocket button”)
        combo of add to pocket button and pickpocket is kind of solution, but still far away from comfortable

  • Yohanes Pradono

    whatsapp web says it’s not supporting opera 38.0. it worked with previous version though

  • sickent
  • Tomáš Bergl

    Would be interesting to compare also presto 😉

  • prk

    Why not compare with firefox, it is better than chrome for sure. Or is it better than Opera?

    • eto

      You are free to do it, test steps are available in the article.

  • Ahmed AL-Jaber

    Since Opera use Chromium i think it will be pretty much same with Google Chrome.

  • I’m not using Opera now a days but I’m on Google Chrome and just recenly I have switched to Microsoft Edge and I do feel the difference. My laptab battery drain drastically when I’m using chrome and when I’m using Microsoft Edge I’m able to work more hours. Even I have disabled “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” under systems in advance settings of chrome but still not much of a difference in battery draining. So for now I have switched to Microsoft Edge. I love chrome and its features but loos like I’m gonna stay with Edge until the the battery draining issue will be resolved.

  • in my laptop battery is so … :/ so options wich help to keep battery in life are good for me!

  • Adrian Groza

    Can I post my two cents?From my tests, depending on the platform,the difference between the browsers can be much higher or insignificant.For example, I watch alot of documentaries on YouTube,and YouTube uses vp9 by default if the browser accepts it.The problem is that many GPUs on mobile do not decode vp9 In hardware (sometimes the decoder is on the dedicated GPU which is reluctant to run browsers and is a massive power hog),thus forcing CPU decoding. Microsoft edge however does not support vp9 and uses h264 decoding which is available on any mobile GPU starting with GeForce 8 ,Radeon 2000 series and Intel Gma4500, delivering a much better battery life because it decodes videos in hardware.