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  • nanana1

    Thanks for another quick update to Opera 38.0.2220.31 Stable version to upgrade Chromium engine and fix download bug !

  • Dark Magician

    One bug introduced in 38 still present.

    • Gordon Freeman

      Same Problem here. Message disappears only if i scale Windows 8.1
      to 100 % or 110 %. (i use 125 % – 1920*1080) !!!

      • Dark Magician

        I have a problem with a TV and 150% scaling on Windows 10.

        • Aneta Reluga

          Ok. Thanks for the issue reminders.

  • Emanuele

    It seems I can’t autoupdate… I click on the restart button and the browser re-launches itself but without updating… tried 10000 times with no results … now I will download the full installer but I suppose this is a bug you should be notified about

    • On Windows?

      • Emanuele

        yes. Win 10 x64

        • redfox

          Windows 10 is evil.

        • Try waiting a few seconds before clicking on the relaunch button (I have seen this a few times before in the past)

          • Aneta Reluga

            Yes, this is another thing worth trying.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Autoupdate is gradually enabled.

      • Emanuele

        But my Opera installation had already notified me about the update, downloaded it, and then the Opera button changed to red, asking me to restart the browser 😉

        • Aneta Reluga

          Ok, so basically the steps are:
          1) You see the notification about available update to a higher version and the button to restart.
          2) You restart the browser.
          3) After restart, the version is the older one, the update starts downloading and you get the ‘update’ button again.
          4) Rinse, repeat 😉
          Am I right?
          If this is the case, please exit Opera, try to clean your Temp folders (they are in c:WindowsTemp and c:Users[YourUserName]AppDataLocalTemp), then restart Opera and tell me what happens next. Thanks in advance.

          • Emanuele

            I can’t since I yet updated downloading the full installer. If it happens again next time I’ll follow your instructions

      • It seems to be a bug in the Windows updater (I have seen it since version 25 and on up through the current version), seen it on Windows 7, Win 8.1, Win 10

        The relaunch button shows before Opera has finished the downlaod or finished the prep work to install the update

  • Alessandro Lamesta

    blue screen with the new version by clicking on settings.

    Windows 10 64bit

    • Aneta Reluga

      Sorry to ask, no one likes blue screens, but… was it repeatable of one-time issue? I’m unable to reproduce.

      • Alessandro Lamesta

        I have no way to try on other pc’s, outside of my right now.

        • Is it a Microsoft Surface machine?

          • Alessandro Lamesta

            No, is the my Pc desktop.

      • Alessandro Lamesta

        Problem solved, apparently the problem was caused by an asmedia usb drivers.

  • ktxgio

    thanks for new release. what about download problem? i haven’t any download problem here

    • Aneta Reluga

      There was an issue with displaying all downloads panel. Glad that you don’t have any problem because we’ve fixed it. 😉

      • ktxgio


  • Spideymang

    thanks for the news @Aneta

  • Oskar

    Just had to reinstall Opera due to a Java problem. The experience wasn’t as good as it should have been: The tiles in the startup screen wasn’t migrated and I had to try to remember which ones I used to have. Also all my search engines had disappeared so I had to go through that process again. Lastly, I removed every trace of Opera from my PC and still it installed in the 32-bit application data, why not in 64-bit? Still my problem was solved and now when I’m up and running I don’t have any problems AFAIK, which is nice.

  • [828586]

    windows 10, opera while every start is opening default app settings, opera is already default, please fix this VERY annoying bug, bug existed in last release

    • BK

      It might be windows issue. Can you try to register some other browser as default, and then try to register opera again?

      • Ludwig

        Tried it, didn’t work, Windows 10 aswell. Every start it happens. Must be a bug.

  • Dark Magician

    There is also this problem with YT notifications, I’m logged in.

  • Cobalt

    Enlarged text and images while selecting and dragging

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Select the text or image on the site
    2. Drag it

    Actual result:

    Expected result:


  • Cobalt

    Remove duplicate hidden option “Hide the search box in Speed Dial” from the settings page:
    This option is no longer necessary, because the corresponding setting appeared in the settings of start page:


    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s not a bug in my opinion. They are just different paths to reach the same goal.

      • Nekomajin43

        But the power user settings should be merged with advanced settings.

        • Cobalt


      • Cobalt

        I think it’s just an old legacy that developers simply forgot to remove.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’t think so. Also, you only see those entries in settings because you have power user mode turned on.
          Majority of users probably doesn’t even know about it and won’t see any duplicated setting.

  • Cobalt

    I beg you, add finally keyboard shortcut to create a new tab next to the current one!!! It’s not funny, guys! =(

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I wouldn’t expect it to be added in a near future. However, it’s just a guess and things may go in a different way.

      • Cobalt

        >>I wouldn’t expect it to be added in a near future.

        Why not? O__O

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’t think they will charge tab opening behaviour. At least not that soon.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Cobalt, you can install the “Classic Tabs” extension, go to the options, and select the check box to the left of “Open all tabs next to the active tab”.
      I’m aware, that this is not a native solution, but it works 😉

      • Cobalt

        Thanks, but I need a native solution 🙁
        OMFG, even in minimalist Chrome has such a feature! FACEPALM!!!

  • Cobalt

    Please, move settings “Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware” and “Maximum number of columns” in the settings of the start page:

    This makes sense and in that place they will be easier to find 🙂
    From the program settings, of course, it should be removed, in order not to duplicate the same functionality in two different places.

  • iPristy

    Your native ad blocker doesn’t work properly with i just get empty page, if i disable it than works and yes i have Flash PPAPI on.

    • Kornelia

      Thanks for this report. Logged internally

      • Vlad Violenty

        When O40?

        • Kornelia

          Hold your horses 🙂 We’re on Opera Stable 38 now.

      • I have seen similar issue on other sites (I posted comments in other stable blog comments), one of them is

  • Jason Coplen

    Bug: with 2 different google sheets open in different tabs, of course, there’s a never ending spinning cursor on Windows 10 (while in Opera) even after those tabs have been closed. The only solution is to close and restart the browser.

    • Kornelia

      Sorry but we can’t reproduce your issue. Do you have anything else enabled? Battery save mode, adblocker, turbo…?

  • Did you remove the VPN functionality? There’s now an ad for SurfEasy VPN in preferences where the VPN setting used to be. I’m on Mac.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope, it’s just restrict to developer channel currently.

      You can enable it in flags if you want.

      • Thanks!

        Now I’ve tried out the different versions and from what I can tell the VPN setting is present in Developer (Mac/Win) and Beta (Mac).

  • KWP

    Two things:

    1. Before update whenever some passage of text was highlighted, I could just click copy/search displayed above the highlight. Currently it doesn’t appear at all.

    2. Desktop notifications disappeared. They are enabled in settings, however none of them show on screen.

  • ParakeetTurd

    There is still a bug with the PDF scaling that I reported a long time ago that people just shut down because I was on Windows 8.1 I guess (The person who could not reproduce the issue was on Windows 10 too, not even Windows 8.1; what kind of proof that the bug doesn’t exist is that?!). But now with Windows 10, I can even record the bug and silence all the put-downers.


    The original PDF link is:

    Opera has this scaling issue for all PDFs for me, but on this PDF the error is especially noticable.

    Version information

    Version: 38.0.2220.31 – Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 10 64-bit (WoW64)

  • christian

    Some slideshows don’t work.

  • Satetaporn Sirion

    twitter – This browser does not support video playback.
    Version information

    Version: 38.0.2220.31 – Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 10 64-bit (WoW64)

  • Lloyd

    cant open opera at all

    • Does it just crash?

  • Венедикт Штилле

    Opera 38 Stable RAM perfomance is not the same in both windows—in Process Explorer and in Opera Task manager:
    In any case it’s too enormous RAM consumption. Maybe you should optimize browser core one more time. Before approximately Opera 35 had arrived, everything was fine with memory usage. I miss that:

    • Try it again after turning on power saving mode, it might dip a bit

      Part of it is some pages have to much stuff on one page

      Facebook sitting for a while hits over 600MB

  • tom21

    Why is there still no 64 bit build for Windows? Sorry, there are no excuses, it’s really time.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There’s one but it’s still considered experimental so it’s restricted to the developer channel for now.

  • Izer0

    vrrrrr … Opera crashes everytime I close second window. Icons on tabs – which password – magic keyword, need I use, to provide Opera to show icons everytime I launch it? From version 36 the icons on tabs is like magic, sometimes shown, lot of time not! On my 300+ tabs, icons is very important “navigation” element.

  • dick_c

    I seem to be getting more page crashes, maybe since the last upgrade. I’ve had a couple today while at facebook and huffingtonpost.

  • Freddy

    It seems that, again, videos on YouTube are no longer marked as watched when using the native adblocker.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Already fixed in latest developer build. Don’t know when it will reach stable channel.

      • Tells me ad blocker might be blocking some first party urls for Youtube

  • Drake Xiang

    Don’t know if I can report bug here.
    1.enable mouse gesture
    2.move cursor on scroll bar and hold the mouse left button and hold the mouse right button
    5.drag down
    6.with default setting, you will open a new tab, return to the original tab’ll find the scroll bar moves along with cursor even though you don’t hold any button

  • Dark Magician

    Video pop up sometimes doesn’t auto hide example YT. Which is annoying.

  • Click to play broken on the video loads, no picture, but audio auto loads and plays

    ad blocker is on for that side

    OS X 10.11.5

  • Ignacio Carrasco

    hi, i’m the only one who get opera freezed in that link?

  • Fhury

    Please stop setting Opera as default PDF reader… 🙁

  • Is there a option to have the battery saver on by default with opening Opera?

  • UMaster 7

    Userscript via Tampermonkey is blocked on imdb TOP250 list by Opera ad blocker 🙁

    document.onreadystatechange = function () {
    if(document.readyState === “complete”){

    Did work a few builds before / with the last build of Opera stable.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 38.0.2220.41 😉