Opera developer 39.0.2248.0 update


Lately I’m feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day … 🙂

Here’s a fresh update on our developer stream available for you. It contains some improvements and bugfixes.

Power saver mode – phase 2 (some tech talk)
  1. Progressive timer throttling. Timers are throttling a little bit to start with and then increased after a 10s delay. This affects background tabs both with and without power save mode. Without power save mode we throttle to 10s after the delay and with power save mode to 30s.
  2. Timers originating from cross-origin iframes are now throttled in foreground frames. These are throttled to 1s at first and 10s after the delay. This is mostly targeted at ads but might affect other use cases.
Personal news

As you can see in the changelog this team is not wasting time! Many changes and bugfixes are listed there. All to improve the experience with your own, personal news.

Update, test and share your feedback as always! See you on disqus.

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Changelog: Full changelog link

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