Opera beta 39.0.2256.15 update

With today’s beta release, we have slightly revamped the personal news feature. Now, it includes the following changes:

  • The “Recommend” sources are moved from the sidebar to the end of the articles stream and they are directly related to the sources you were reading.
  • Top50 layout highlights the top articles.
  • No more stretched images.
  • Articles layout improvements.

Top50 Personalized News

Also, this beta stability update contains an important fix. All those who were unable to enter the Youtube full screen mode when Windows DPI was set to more than 100% should be happy to know that the feature works correctly now. Please try out for yourselves.

Apart from that, our Opera beta contains a number of other fixes related mostly to VPN, power saver and the adblocking solution. Please refer to the changelog for details.

As we strive to deliver stability at the earliest stage possible, you should be safely able to use our beta on a daily basis. However, please let us know if you spot any issues; also, please be persistent if you think something requires our attention but we haven’t addressed it yet.

Installation links:

The changelog can be found here.

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