With today’s beta release, we have slightly revamped the personal news feature. Now, it includes the following changes:

  • The “Recommend” sources are moved from the sidebar to the end of the articles stream and they are directly related to the sources you were reading.
  • Top50 layout highlights the top articles.
  • No more stretched images.
  • Articles layout improvements.

Top50 Personalized News

Also, this beta stability update contains an important fix. All those who were unable to enter the Youtube full screen mode when Windows DPI was set to more than 100% should be happy to know that the feature works correctly now. Please try out for yourselves.

Apart from that, our Opera beta contains a number of other fixes related mostly to VPN, power saver and the adblocking solution. Please refer to the changelog for details.

As we strive to deliver stability at the earliest stage possible, you should be safely able to use our beta on a daily basis. However, please let us know if you spot any issues; also, please be persistent if you think something requires our attention but we haven’t addressed it yet.

Installation links:

The changelog can be found here.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for the Opera Beta 39.0.2256.15 update which fixes the Youtube full screen bug and other VPN, power saver and the adblocking solution fixes !

  • mihe

    Going back in the History with “Backspace” seems to be broken since the last Beta…

  • Владимир Воронов

    Good afternoon, has several versions with a large number of bookmarks 500+ in the panel express a long and strong braking load

    • BK

      Hi. What CPU do you have? What’s your OS?

  • Rishi Kesh

    where is the battery saver? I can’t find it after installation.

    • bwat47

      If you’re on a laptop the battery saver icon should show in the toolbar when you’re unplugged.

      Also you can go to Opera Menu | Settings and check always show battery saver if you want the icon to always show in the toolbar

  • A. R.

    Does this latest update block youtube ads?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you mean? YouTube ads are blocked since adblocker was introduced.. Most of them at least.

  • Druszlak

    Wouldn’t it be better to fill images in news horizontally (without stretching)? Now, when images have different width it looks cheap and undone.

  • Jose Diaz

    I’m having a bug when watching youtube videos. The icon of fullscreen is grayed out, i click on it and the video goes to fullscreen anyways. Then I get a permanent message saying that Fullscreen is Unavailable inside the video. Can you please look into this?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      This issue have been fixed as the post says. Please make sure that you are using 39.0.2256.15.

  • Watermurf

    There is a feature that I keep hoping you’ll add to Opera. When typing into the address bar, we get a drop down with suggestions. Other browsers allow us to tab into those suggested items. Opera doesn’t to this. Why not? It makes using a browser a bit easier, and Chrome already allows this feature.

    • bwat47

      Yeah I’d love to see this, having to hit the down arrow instead of tab is annoying

    • Rafael Luik

      Why? There’s a button you can use that’s much closer to the Enter button which is the Down Arrow. Tab is on the other side of the keyboard…

      • bwat47

        I find tab much easier to hit than the down arrow when typing personally (and in a standard typing position you should have a hand closer to tab anyway)

        And tab to cycle down address bar suggestion is standard across other major browsers, so many users are probably already used to being able to use tab.

        It would be a nice addition imo

        • Rafael Luik

          Still illogical for me because you still have to move your [right] hand to Enter [if you have one].

          And Tab does something else…

          • bwat47

            Depending on the keyboard having to move a finger to the down arrow can be pretty annoying. For example on my macbook air the down arrow is located down and to the left of the return key (example: http://i.imgur.com/djKjrIO.jpg?1) so hitting the down arrow requires a pretty awkward motion even if you needed to hit enter anyway.

            Hitting the tab key is far more natrual while typing imo, especially on this keyboard.

            It’s something that’s standard in every other major browser so I don’t see how it’s an absurd request 😉

            Regarding the tab key’s other functions, tab still works to cycle through different UI elements in other browsers, just not when the URL suggestion dropdown is active…

    • BK


  • OS X is spelled OS X not OS-X

  • iVarun

    Bug on https://streamable.com.
    Can not change HD-SD setting on stream. Click is unresponsive.
    It used to do that few months back and then was fixed till this build i am assuming.

    • Aneta Reluga

      I just tried with randomly chosen https://streamable.com/vo3i and I can switch. I’m using Win7. Can yo please provide more details regarding your OS? Thanks.

      • iVarun

        Apparently its working just fine now.
        My bad, sorry.

  • Sidney Guioy

    39.0.2256.15(32bit) on W10X64, the top pixel space doesn’t work anymore, when you disable it, you see it disappear even more ( normal behaviour for the second part )

    • Aneta Reluga

      Hmm, I tried various additional settings except disabling/enabling top bar spacing (eg. touch enforcement) but it works for me regardless. Could you please temporarily backup/clean your profile and try again? If it works for you with a clean profile, then some specific setting or extension must have interfered. Thanks in advance.

      • Sidney Guioy

        Still not working with clean profile and not extention, but i forgot that i’m an insider and the bug may be because of the lastest build 14376 ( i did the update yesterday )

        • Aneta Reluga

          I see, thanks. Unfortunately I don’t have an insider installation at hand so this is the thing I am unable to check at the moment.

          • Sidney Guioy

            Just to feedback on this, bug has been fixed in lastest build and was also affecting chromium 🙂

  • iG0Lka

    If before closing of a browser, there was no open tab, then after start of the Opera, the side panel is hidden.

    on steps:

    – we deploy the side panel.

    – we close all tabs.

    – we close the Opera

    – we start the Opera

    we see that the side panel is curtailed.

    Please correct this error – I am forced to use version 36.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Ahh, you mean the extensions sidebar. Thanks a lot, it has been confirmed and will be reported. DNA-55627

  • Please add option to order extension and limit the number of visible extensions.

    Also for the download pop-up what do you think about a context menu with copy, cut, delete options?

  • fdakm

    Please, make the possibility to add custom adblock lists from URLs like this https://adguard.com/en/filter-rules.html?id=2 (this is original URL). At the moment, only “…xxx.txt” lists work. Thanks.

    • Aneta Reluga

      You mean you would like to be able to add lists generated from URLs, not only static plain text URLs? Thanks, I’ll forward your idea.

      • fdakm


      • yigido

        Yes, it is a great idea. Because only 1 time add the URL and then forget about it. You do not need to update this ..txt file.
        Maybe you can add some popular local list’s URLs. If user installs Opera in French, then French filter will be enabled after install.
        What do you think?

        • Aneta Reluga

          At the moment we are delivering a generic solution, but specific lists as per country looks like an interesting idea, thanks.

  • fdakm

    Ohh, and one more thing. Could you please make a permission for users to sort extensions positions on toolbar and in extensions menu. Thank you very much.

    • BK

      while we are busy delivering you other enhancements, for the time being the workaround is to disable all extensions and enable in the order you prefer.

      • fdakm

        I tried this way, but extensions enabled in alphabetical order.

        • ParakeetTurd

          I agree, I would like to be able to move the extensions around. Didn’t think it would fail to be implemented after 2+ years….

          The actual fix I think is to uninstall all the extensions and then reinstall in the order you’d like them in. There’s also another way through an extension but it hasn’t worked for me anymore (it used to work, but I haven’t tried lately). The extension is


          Some people say it’s working now – but take heed to follow the instructions that the developer or what other users did.

          • fdakm

            Thx a lot for the hints. First hint doesn’t work for me, extensions are still unruly. Second works fine, but after hard tuning (as u said in last sentence). It will be great if Opera could do this by itself. I don’t want to tune extensions so hard when required 🙂

      • x a

        You can sort extension buttons (“browser actions”) on the toolbar less destructive:

        Make the browser window as narrow as possible; now you can sort the extensions that end up in the overflow menu by drag and drop.

        Regarding the first few buttons, though, that approach does not work, as they remain on the toolbar rather than being moved to the extender menu due to the minimum window width restriction and the way Opera distributes the remaining width to navigation, address bar, browser actions.

  • rocy76

    webdings no longer supported? I have a symbol we use as part of our email signature and it recently started to display as a capital P instead of the webdings font symbol (looks like a tree with river)

  • Tamás Petróczi

    Dear Developers!

    Though it has most likely been suggested already, I would like to add, that while the inbuilt ad-blocking is both user friendly and more efficient than extension solutions, there is a problem with the blocking lists as they are too strict and so block rich media (esp. image galleries/slideshows) from time to time. As of now the only solution is to whitelist the entire page, however that is unwanted as it also unblocks the ‘real’ ads.

    The added function for using custom lists is appreciated, though it does not replace the built-in list, only supplements it and so serves as no solution for the above problem.

    Please, if possible, investigate solutions for more granular control over what is blocked on a given page (i.e. adding a ‘block element’ line to the context menu, so that after whitelisting a page, the user is able to still mark unwanted ads to be blocked)

    Thanks for your efforts in advance!


    • jho

      Have you tried the extension “ublock origin”? If you want to block only some parts or even unblock some parts you should stick to that one.

      • Tamás Petróczi

        AdBlock Plus also works like a charm. However I would prefer to use the inbuilt adblocking if it had some way for granular control (as offered by AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin).

  • Vladimir

    Add GAMES(NEWS Recomended) in UKRAINIAN version Opera !!

  • Cobalt

    Does not work the Esc key while moving tabs on the tab bar

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Start dragging any tab on the tab bar
    2. Hold down the left mouse button while moving a tab, then press the Esc button

    Actual result: Nothing happens =(

    Expected result: The tab should return to its original position, as it happens in Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi & Internet Explorer


  • Cobalt

    Link to list of changes (changelog) on the page “About Opera” (like in Firefox): http://jpegshare.net/b8/4c/b84c3af26e08db64978370962dd03824.png.html

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Interesting but i think they would have to do a revamp on their pages.
      Maybe it could work on stable releases.

  • Two Crabs

    VPN not working for me. In preferences it shows VPN as “enabled” but when I open a private window it shows me as not being in VPN. if I click on the “VPN” button it asks me to Enable or Disable. When I click on Enable, it shuts down Opera.

  • sgrandin

    “Office workers find printers more important than PCs” – http://betanews.com/2016/07/04/office-printer-more-important-than-pc/

    Al good reason for a printer module with scaling on the fly – along with reducing the amount of paper needed during printing.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 39.0.2256.21 😉