Opera developer update to 38.0.2213.0


today we’ve got some update on the developer stream for you. It contains a lot of fixes on features we’ve recently implemented and still developing. Please see the following highlights:

Video pop out updates

  1. The detach button is now available even when video is covered by an overlay content. This means you can detach videos embedded on the site (DNA-52223) and within, for example, the iframe tag.
  2. On sites other than Youtube, there should be a sliding toolbar visible asking if you really want to detach the video window.

VPN updates

  1. A nasty crash on startup when VPN is enabled is now fixed.
  2. A lot of US fixes, such as: moving exposed IP number to the right (OS X), showing IP address in popup (OS X), Address bar not malformed, when enabling VPN for first time (OS X)

Other updates

  1. Windows x64 users – we have an Opera 64-bit build for you this time!
  2. A number of Personal News fixes and improvements, for example tiles visibility and arrangement has been improved.
  3. Also, several fixes for the adblocking feature, such as:
    • The issue where some pages were unusable after turning adblocking on, is now gone.
    • Now, all added custom files are visible after restart – DNA-52878 fix
    • Watched videos are not prevented from being marked as such.
  4. H264 videos are now working on Linux again.

For the full list of changes, as usual, please see the changelog.

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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