Opera developer 38.0.2198.0 update


Today we’ve got some fresh builds from the developer stream. It is mainly a fixup release, with the following brief highlights:

Adblocking updates
  • Adblocker now consumes a lot less memory on start (up to 100MB less!)
  • Fix: articles not loaded on some sites with adblocker on (e.g.
  • There are also several updates in the UI and exception lists.
Other updates
  • Fix: selecting language in the spellchecker.
  • Fix: crashes due to unregistered new permission in extensions.
  • Clipboard access in WebUI pages is now correctly applied.
  • Fix: unable to close browser while downloading a file.
  • Fix: opening of bookmark folder items from the context menu.
  • Fix: exceptions lists in Settings are now visible again.
  • Fix: download resumption not working after restart.
  • Personal news:This feature is under heavy development right now, so the #personal-news flag is still disabled by default. The team is working on improvements and adding more cool stuff there. You can enable the feature flag and share your feedback about our tuned news page.
Known issues

We are aware that embedded YouTube videos cannot be played in the fullscreen mode, and are working on the fix.
Also, the Linux users will again have issues with h264 videos. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Chromium was updated to version 51.0.2687.0.


Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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