In today’s update we offer You a few UI and stability fixes. Those include especially:

  • DNA-48919 Windows size is retained after autoupdate.
  • DNA-46375 Mac issue with windows not opened, while previous one was minimised, is also fixed now.
  • The Chromium version has been updated to 48.0.2564.109.

    Installation links:

    Changelog: Full changelog link

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    • nanana1

      Thanks, Kornelia, for this Opera Stable 35.0.2066.68 update !

      Was expecting a blog post on Opera 12.18 and found this instead. 😉

      • Condar

        Dissection of a corpse

        • Marcin Mitek

          That’s a good metal band name.

      • Юлия

        I heard is only to modify something in the about page in accordance to the new owner. I would rather stick with 12.17 (I hvave that too installed, portable :3 )

        • Cryio

          “New owner”? So the transition is complete ?

          • Marcin Mitek

            See the link I posted above.

        • Tomasz Procków

          O12.18 has some security fixes: RC4 is disabled and TLS 1.2 is enabled. More info about that update will be posted soon.

      • Marcin Mitek
    • Łukasz Janik

      When opera will be html5 on 555 points?

      • Cryio

        That site is no longer maintained. So it’s worthless.

        • Łukasz Janik


        • The site is still maintained, the developer has been busy. No browser has full points on that site and the total might change in the future (as it has in the past)

    • ktxgio

      thanks a lot for new release

    • Кostadin

      Good! How can I get introduced to 37 🙂

    • Daniel

      actualizando 😛

    • Spideymang

      I like the new notification for the updates, thanks Kornelia

    • PlonPlon

      And today also an update to Opera 12! Yeah! Welcome 12.18!

    • Marcin Data

      There is a bug not allowing to push play button for flow feature of Deezer (and some other quirks in Deezer) – it does not appear in current beta version.

    • Vlad
    • Josip Kozarac

      Nope, this problem isn’t fix yet 🙁
      Monitor won’t go to sleep while Opera is running!

      The result of the powercfg.exe /energy command =>

      The program has made a request to prevent the display from automatically entering a low-power mode.
      Requesting ProcessDeviceHarddiskVolume1Program Files (x86)Opera35.0.2066.68opera.exe

      Until v33, this feature was working.

      Windows 8.1 Pro with all of the Windows Updates.

      PS: Aneta Reluga, where are you!?

      • Kornelia

        Unfortunately this fix did not make it to this update. Sorry for that. It will be available as soon as we’ll release another update. And fear not – Aneta will be back 🙂

        • Josip Kozarac

          OK, I’ll sit here and wait for the new release…
          Thank you, Kornelia, for your reply.

      • Aneta Reluga

        [Terminator voice] I’ll be back.

        • Josip Kozarac


    • oic

      Has the problem with scrolling in twitter crash been fixed? This has been a problem with all chrome browsers for a long time now

    • Ser2k2

      Thanks for the update.

    • Mayur More

      I’m using 35.0.2066.37 version in my office desktop, facing sudden browser crashed issue from last 2-3 weeks. Please assist me why m facing this issue..

      • Kornelia

        Hi, first of all I would like to know what operating system you’re using. Are those crashes reproducible on some specific sites? Have you got any extensions installed?

        • Mayur More

          Thank You for prompt reply. I’m using Windows 7 OS. No, I have not observed it’s crashing on any particular website. No external extensions installed in my opera browser.

      • ammodytes

        i also have this problem, random crashes, and always crash on http://www.mondo.rs

    • christian

      Remaining issue:

      With advanced keybindings enabled ({“Keybindings”:{“Settings”:{“AdvancedEnabled”:true}}) typing a single . (dot) into a Facebook chat window opens the site search, typing a single number changes tabs, zooms the page etc.

      So I have to disable advanced keybindings or take care not to start a Facebook chat message with a . or number… 😉

      Win 7 x64

    • Spideymang

      Hi Opera staff, I have an issue with Opera Desktop Ver 35.0.2066.68 Windows 7 64 bits.

      I have many extensions installed and for some reason the icon bar of the extension sometimes doesn´t show all of them, It hides the extensions and I need to deactive some of them to see another one, it’s annoying. Hope you can help to fix it.

      Thank you for the support!

    • Колька Однорог

      Hi! Opera 35.0.2066.68 on Windows 10×64 still hangs while trying to listen audio preview here: http://www.motionelements.com/lightbox/view/b8d0255f7c9256b2ba2ad465e16aa0d6
      Default advanced settings, all of my extensions are disabled.
      Thank you!

    • ThanhLiem

      Hi Opera!
      I’d like to report that Opera doesn’t work when i download a file on mediafire.com though Opera Turbo was active or not. I mean i can’t download anything on this page and I must use another browser to do this such as : Chrome or FF. It appears not only on this version but also on all previous versions . i wonder whether it occurs only to me? Please check it again.
      Sorry for my bad English.
      Thank you!

    • Dmitriy K.

      I wonder when will be fixed Opera crash on web notification? Good example is Slack. Receiving a notification there crashes Opera 34 and 35. Kinda sad story.

      • What OS?

        • Dmitriy K.


    • ammodytes
    • Downloads are broken. They seem to never finish (they actually do, but as Opera doesn’t realize it, the 100% “unfinished” downloads prevent from new downloads being queued, and Save As dialogs to open).

    • Jan Velecký

      I have Opera 34 stable and it says, that it’s current version. 🙂

    • Felipe Sckhar

      And no fix for the constant crashing and freezing on windows 10 yet..

      • Pavel Aleksandrov

        I’m glad I’m not the only one. Also pages often just stay white until you scroll the mouse wheel. Opera 34 used to do that on my laptop, real lame.

    • Twitter web keeps crashing Opera, it occurs that while scrolling and the embeded videos starts to load (I don’t know if scrolling speed is the issue, but I noticed that scrolling slowly with my mouse’s wheel twitter works fine), but opera just hangs, so I have to restart opera, I even have this command ready in my Run command dialog (Win+R) :

      cmd /c taskkill /f /im opera.exe && “C:Program Files (x86)Operalauncher.exe”

      It occurs that randomly, when twitter videos starts loading and I scroll down or up faster, the web browser just becomes unresponsive, I don’t know if it is only an issue on my PC, so here are some other details,

      Additional info:
      Running on Windows 10 Pro x64
      Extensions installed:
      – XTranslate
      – Adguard AdBlocker

      BTW, would it be possible to add a general extensions blacklist/whitelist certain extensions to block them to execute on some sites, even though those extensions have permission to most sites/tabs? I mean, something like Private Navigation does, e.g. it would be great to have bank sites not being allowed (by us, the users) to be affected by some extensions.

      • Tommy Wille

        It’s a known issue.

    • Lobr

      I have over 80 tabs now and they started to disappear at the end of tab panel. I have to do a few switches the see them again. When I had 60-70 tabs opened, tabs started to switch themselves on closing. For example, I have tabs 1, 2, 3, 4. When I close 2, they are switching and I see 3, 1, 4. Then I click on 3 and it switching back, so I open 1 instead. Very annoying.
      It’s on 35.0.2066.68

    • yigido

      I can’t install Opera Stable. Can any staff help me abaout it? Are there any external “Opera Uninstaller”? I think the problem was the old Opera installation.
      Screenshot: http://s11.postimg.org/gaada0fgz/screenshot.png
      The screenshot says “An error occured while installation”..

      • (not staff here), do you have anything preventing installing of software on the Windows machine?

      • Aneta Reluga

        I second to Chas4 comment; also, can you please try with today’s update?

        • yigido

          Hi, I tried todays update but no luck. I tried to clean everything on my regedit, program files, appdata, programdata etc. with names Opera.
          I deleted every Opera file on my machine I am sure. I tried to install Developer version before this issue. I uninstalled it after that I cannot install Opera stable. I cannot install that Developer version again, as well. I need another solution. I can do some moderate staff with computers, I am not novice user but I cannot solve this.

    • ParakeetTurd

      There’s been a strange PDF bug for the past many months and many versions of Opera. My bug reports have also never been answered about it. It only occurs on my Windows 8 laptop (8.1 Pro 64 bit). Currently I’m on Version 35.0.2066.68 of Opera but it has been an issue for many builds prior to this one.

      The scaling of Opera’s built in PDF Viewer is off. For example, when I search for keywords in the PDF, the locations it has found the words are way way off. For example, at:
      when I search for “Lie Group” and cycle through what is found, the position of the bar and the location of the words do not match. Moreover, there seems to be like 10% “excess PDF length” when I scroll all the way down – the bar keeps scrolling even though I’m at the end of the PDF. Is there any user end fix or anything? I have reinstalled Opera, too.

      Strangely, this does not happen on my Linux 32-bit laptop (which, thank you for finally releasing it! It was a long wait since 2014…)

    • L33t4opera

      New build – Opera stable 35.0.2066.82 😉

    • ShintoPlasm

      Does anyone else have this 3-4 second delay before any new tab gets loaded? Clicking links on a page in the existing tab connects and opens them instantly, but new tabs (including system tabs like Extensions and Settings) always have this horrible delay before anything starts moving in the new tab. I’ve had this problem with a number of Stable versions already, I think since version 33 or so…

      I’ve trawled the internet and support forums but couldn’t find a solution to this. Any help please? Thx!

      • Moises Lima

        I have this problem too, tried alot things sometime its get better but then the problem back again…

      • Bux

        I also have this problem, and sometimes pages just wont load and I have to open a new tab and try again

    • Google Hangout video causes a CPU spike of over 100% (multicore system here) when using 720p for both incoming and outgoing video, a work around is to use 360p for in and out going video video (using Google Hangout not the plug in)

      OS X 10.11.3

      • Aneta Reluga

        Thanks, we’ll investigate.

    • Petr K.

      Well it’s actually freezes after like a minute after starting no matter on what page (or pages when multiple tabs are opened) I am. I used to wait few minutes to get it un-freezed but now it’s not helping either.