Better downloads and quieter tabs in Opera 35 for computers

Today is our first, stable update of Opera for computers for 2016.

It’s a very strong start for many cool features we plan for this year. So, let’s have a quick dive into the features we brought to Opera for computers version 35.

Mute tabs

Sometimes, you close a tab just after you opened it because there is a loud ad or auto-playing video.

Now, we’ve made it easier for you to mute the sound from a website so you can continue viewing or reading the page without closing its tab.

From the tab’s context menu, we also added an option to mute all other tabs. This is especially helpful in some cases when you are, for example, listening to music on YouTube while browsing sites with auto-play sounds and videos that interfere with your music.

context.menu.mute.tabs.opera35 browser desktop

Improved downloads

We’ve made many improvements to the download popup in Opera for computers, and, for version 35, it’s high time we roll out a refreshed interface which gives you a better view of downloaded files.

Beyond the interface, we also included quick links for the most used file formats: documents, PDFs, images, music, videos, archives and others.

better.downloads.view.opera35 browser desktop opera

Many of you reported that, especially on slower networks, Opera for computers exits without warning that a file is downloading. Now, we will double check with you to ensure that your file has been downloaded. You will get a popup message to confirm if you want to close the browser while you are still downloading in the background.

Customize as you like

We love testing how you use the browser because that’s the most efficient way to get feedback from real people about Opera for computers.

We see that you love customizing your browser. And, Opera for computers has options for customization. Thanks to you who agreed to send us anonymous usage statistics. We were able to see the frequently-changed settings.

This is why we introduce a new, basic section in Opera’s settings.

Now, you can easily decide on options for start-up behavior, downloads, bookmarks bar or cookies. We have not only gathered big data, we also listened to live users’ feedback and added the possibility to change themes directly from settings.

opera browser desktop customise themes wallpaper cool cat

Good News for Linux Users!

Linux systems coverage has increased. We made Opera 35 Stable for 32bit platform architecture and we’re also adding RPM packages.

These are the most visible changes we introduced in this release. There are many more changes under the hood. Read through the changelog if you want to see them all.

It is just the beginning of 2016. Stay tuned and you will hear about a lot of cool stuff we have planned for you. And, as always, let us know what you think about Opera for computers in the comments.

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