Today’s update has an extremely short but important changelog:
Turbo fix DNA-46593 which improves stability and performance;
— Linux users can now play Netflix videos with the DNA-40876.

For technical details on the proper Linux Netflix configuration, please refer to https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2016/01/first-opera-beta-update-2016/#comment-2457400236

The Chromium version has been updated to 47.0.2526.111.

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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  • Cryio

    Yaaai, updates.

  • Ricardo J. Barberis
  • SteveX

    Hi, I have frequent freezes and crash on some sites, for example here: http://multiplayer.it after few seconds Opera freezes, and I have to terminate the process.

    • +1
      I have the same problem on the same site, I’m on windows 10 64bit, on linux work fine.

      • Aneta Reluga

        Thanks; SteveX, do you also have Win10? I am unable to repro on Win7 and I’m trying to find some common denominator here.

        • SteveX

          Yes, I’m using Windows 10 64 bit, Opera last version.

          • Aneta Reluga

            Thanks! Ok, so maybe 10-specific. We’ll investigate.

          • eXzentrik

            I have reported these freezes several times now in the comment section of the last three stable builds or so. And other Opera employees already said that they are investigating this issue. Maybe the “Known Issue” of the current dev build is refering to the freezing problem, too:

            “We are aware of a renderer crash on pages containing videos with audio. This is Chromium-specific and already reported.”

            Again: Indeed it’s a Chromium-specific issue which only exists since/under Windows 10 Build 1511 and in conjunction with HTML5 contents (and maybe GeForce cards). Vivaldi has these freezes, too.

            A workaround for the browser freezes is to disable the hardware acceleration. Then only the affected tab freezes, but not the whole browser.

          • Aneta Reluga

            The above crash you mention was indeed reported and I could reproduce it myself. My primary machine is Win7, for Win10 I need to seek help, and since you are here for quite some time, you probably also remember that there were crashes specific to only one platform (be it Win10-only or Mac-only, for example).
            Also note that two similar crashes on different pages can have a totally different root cause so they need to be thoroughly investigated all the same, with or without assumptions.

          • eXzentrik

            Sure, but Opera was rockstable under Windows 8.1 and 10 (before Build 1511) here. No crashes or freezes. I also tried an identical Opera version under 8.1 (rockstable) and later under 10 Build 1511 (freezes) on the same computer.

            By the way: “Good” freezing candidates are EuroGamer.net and mediathek.daserste.de here. And like I said: Vivaldi freezes on these pages, too. And in both cases the deactivation of HWA leads to tab instead of browser freezes. So I’m pretty sure that it’s the same bug/origin all over again (at least in my case).

          • On multiplayer.it I noticed that the browser freeze during the loading of a video on the left, so also this problem probably is video related and maybe is the same of the one already reported.

          • eXzentrik

            Why has my last posting with a reproducable freezing example been deleted?

          • I have an AMD Radeon HD 7750 and can confirm the freezes, too.

            Windows 10, 64-bit

  • Dark Magician

    Remove from about page .0 since it’s redundant.

  • catup

    Opera icon in the windows 10 starting menu is totally white

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Same here. And the one for the beta is totally gray.

      • catup

        I do not think any one pays attention to fix this annoying problem

  • 2 stable builds in 2 weeks, been a while since I have seen that 🙂

  • Spideymang

    Great people and staff of Opera !! please make extension expander a stable feature I’m waiting for it, actually I use some extensions and my plugin bar its crowded 😛

    Greetings from Mexico

    • muratservan

      They are working on it. Check out developer version (or beta, I am not sure).

  • catup

    Keeping checking for updates for a long time.

  • devirto

    Just update my O to this version and … MUTE TAB has gone what happened

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s disabled by default. You need to enable the flag: opera://flags#mute-tabs

      • muratservan

        But why? Isn’t it a stable feature?

        • Kev87

          It’s originally a feature of Opera 35, which is now in beta.

      • devirto

        Not argue but I thought it was enabled (I didn’t changed nothing before) by default in previous release … whatever … thanks 😉

        • Kev87

          They mentioned it somewhere in a changelog last week that they disabled it by default now for the stable. When the beta becomes stable it will be back again by default, but of course feel free to use the flag like mentioned above.

          • devirto

            OK Thanks again

  • Afonso
  • https://www.livecap.tv/s/admiralbulldog/uuhnxYr0NsQ

    100% reproducible freeze. This freeze has been present for few versions now too…
    Win 10 pro 64 bit.

    EDIT: Freezes builds from all channels.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Same here.

    • BK

      Hm.. Works for me, win 10 x64.

      • Works as in it freezes the browser or the video works and no freeze occurs?

        EDIT: Just checked on Win 10 x64 Home (fresh install) freezes 100% of the time, also. Windows 7 SP1 x64 no freeze, however.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          “Works for me” usually means that no issue were found.

      • Just tested on my work machine with Win 10 pro x64 and no crash occurs, neither on stable nor in the latest dev build.

        • I think the crash only occurs with “HTML5” and not Flash.

          • Well that much we already knew I think. I reported the HTML5 freeze weeks ago. But I think that page always uses HTML5. I could be wrong though.

      • Jozef Pistej

        another reproducible freeze win10x64, latest stable and devel version

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Confirmed here

    • Confirmed.

      Windows 10, 64 bit

    • Unknown

      no doubt they cant fix this sh*t for 2 month.
      w10 x64

    • Kev87

      Also a freeze here on win 10 x64

  • Found a different click to play bug on http://www.cc.com/full-episodes/xs0a9z/-midnight-with-chris-hardwick-monday–january-18–2016-season-3-ep-03049?xrs=synd_twitter_011816_mid_27

    First click to play is flash player and is an ad, then the main content is supposed to load but instead a broken click to play button shows again, can’t click to play

    OS X 10.11.3

  • Mladen Mladenov

    Hey guys!

    On OS X 10.11.3 when I try to play a video on Facebook, it says Flash unavailable (because I haven’t installed it) and the video doesn’t play. I open the same link in Safari and it loads the HTML5 version without a problem. Could something be done on your end, or the blame lies in Facebook?

    • It is a know thing (I think), I see it also Facebook is sending Opera users Flash Player player, and others HTML 5 player

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  • Максимка

    Hi, guys!

    I have a bug: when trying to login to vk.com browser stops working and I coudn’t do nothing. But when loggin from vk.com/login.php page — it works normally. Whats the problem?

    When using other browser — no problem.

    Zhenis, PLEASE, HELP!!!

    OS: Windows 10, TH2, Enterprise Eng x64
    Opera version: 34.0.2036.50

    • BK

      Hi, do you have the same issue on beta version?
      Do you use some extensions?

      • Максимка

        I’ve tested current Beta now and didn’t found this bug. Now, on this stable release too. But when using it comes through time. Somtimes yes, sometimes not. I’ve tried to disable all extensions, it doesnt help.

        Extensions: dotVPN, uBlock, Image Autosizer, SaveFrom.net, Select like a Boss, Webpage Screenshot Free.

  • Taro

    uBlock doesn’t show 3rd party filters settings and I can’t reinstall it either from the Opera add-ons website. It’s stuck at “Installing”.

  • duhduhduh0

    On OS X 10.11.3, why does Facebook videos and Youtube oftens often tell me that Video is Unavailable when it can be played on Safari or Chrome?

    • I played a shared Youtube video a few minutes ago on Facebook just fine, do you have Flash Player PPAPI version (current as of this comment)?

      OS X 10.11.3

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    So, in Opera 34 NPAPI-plugins support has been returned. However, why Opera, even with disabled flag #disable-npapi cannot find installed NPAPI version of Adobe Flash? I’m asking this question, because on my computer online video players, that uses Flash, with NPAPI version of Flash Player plays video smoother, compared to PPAPI, which plays videos with frame drops.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Most probably that flag doesn’t work anymore. Or some npapi plugins don’t work anymore, like Java

      • Alex Wazovskiy

        This flag is working: when I enable it, some plugins, such as VLC Web Plugin disappearing from opera://plugins/ page, and vice versa. It seems, Opera cannot find only the NPAPI-version of Flash Player. I hope, Opera developers will pay attention on this issue and fix it, if this is really bug, not feature 😀

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Most probably this is not possible. That flag is already an workaround to keep npapi plugins usable but as the time passes and the version number increases, it may become more dificult to keep those plugins working.

  • Falconet

    So why can’t I play twitter videos anymore?
    Ubuntu MATE 14.04.3, latest stable opera, up to date system (including an ffmpeg update yesterday)

  • Sven Eppler

    just updated Opera to 34.0.2036.50 an suddenly h.264 HTML5 Video stopped working. I’m running Ubuntu 15.10 x86. Have the latest Chromium (48.0.2564.82) and chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-xtra (48.0.2564.82) but no luck when visiting the Quirksmode Vide-Testpage (http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/tests/video.html).

    • Joana Silva

      Same with me running Opera on Ubuntu 14.04.3(x64), Netflix player also sttoped working whit a message of HTML5 issue. Firefox 44 also get the same message, but a few days days ago it worked nomally. Now only Chrome 48 works in Netflix.

  • Morry

    Can you please bring hiding of the sync button to stable release? Thanks!

  • 50% cpu spike while idle on http://imgur.com/kWOIf2c

    OS X 10.11.3

  • SKS

    On Ubuntu 15.10, opera doesnot sync anything after Opera account login. Bookmark view is with multiple repetion of some part of UI which used to be case earlier for speed dial page. When Opera will be usable in Ubuntu????

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 35.0.2066.37 has been promoted the stable channel 😉
    This is the first stable release, which provides also 32-bit packages for Linux.