Opera developer update to 36.0.2114.0

Exactly a week passed from our previous developer snapshot, and here we go again, with yet another release. We have changed quite a bit, including suggestions from our dedicated users – many thanks, you are most reliable!

For today’s release, we have the following highlights:

Users’ suggestions

Yes. A separate section only for the users’ suggestions being implemented. Go and see for yourself:

  • Behold – you can now have a completely clean start-page. However, to fully utilize this feature, you have to go to Settings -> Browser, scroll down and enable “Show advanced settings”. Then, open the start-page, click “Customize Start Page” and enjoy the ability to turn off everything:Start-page customization

    Note that without the “Show advanced settings” checkbox enabled, you can only turn off themes and news.

  • We have also removed the white underlay from the news page so that the background is either generally clean and themed. Do you like it now?
  • The bookmarks bar folder icon has been updated to conform with the Opera visual integrity. Thanks for your input!

News configuration

As you can see on the screenshot attached above, now you can configure news from the start-page configuration panel right away – we have fixed the nuisance from the previous release ­čÖé

Themes configuration

The updated Themes carousel now appears in both the Settings->Browser panel and the “Show Advanced Settings” start-page configuration panel. You can select from both the installed themes and the Opera online themes:

Themes: Settings

Themes: SD settings

Of course, the previous method of Opera theming is also still available.

Other features

The ones below are currently hidden under flags, so please check them out when you feel explorative:

  • If you have some substantial history, you can try out the flag #personalized-news-start-page, and see how it works for you after you click through the configuration steps:Personalized News
  • If you have a slow connection (around 1Mb/s or less), news can be auto-supported by the Turbo2 mode without having to explicitly turn on Opera Turbo. To enable that, please switch the #turbo-for-news-on-startpage flag.
  • To test our current state of flawless switching between internal pages, please enable the #start-page-web-ui-components flag.

Important note for Linux users

For technical reasons, we are unable to deliver the updated Linux build today. No need to worry though – another developer update is expected soon. Your patience will be rewarded.


We have also updated the Chromium version to 49.0.2612.0.

Known issues

DNA-48596 On Mac, Opera freezes when going to the fullscreen mode with more than one extension in the expander menu
DNA-48602 More history content is not loaded when generating history and going back to the History tab
DNA-48599 opera:activity infinite loading when the user is not logged into the sync service
DNA-48607 On HiDPI displays, the page scrollbar is incorrectly scaled

Installation links:

And, here’s the full changelog link.

User comments


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