Hi All,

In short: today’s beta update is going to be our stable release candidate. We have fixed the nuisance of private window address bar not accepting input from the keyboard when maximized, and improved the overall build stability.
If you notice any new quality issues, please let us know it the comments!

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Kornelia, for this Opera Beta 35.0.2066.35 update which is a stable RC candidate !

    Expecting Opera 35 Final release soon.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Kornelia, thanks for the update, and fixes 😉 It seems to be more stable build, than the previous one – at least on Windows XP/7, and Linux.

  • Kev87

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the stable release of Opera 35!

  • Nice build but we need fix for windows 10… 🙁

    • Aneta Reluga

      Which fix exactly do you mean, can you please elaborate? 🙂 A lot is going on with Win10, but frankly, not all of changes can make it into 35 for stability reasons.

      • Notification bug already fixed on dev build, and most important freeze on a lot of site like multiplayer.it

        • muratservan

          Desktop notifications still crash Opera. You mean desktop notifications, right?

          • Crash is fixed for me, I mean the bug that web notification doesn’t load icon and other info.

  • Spideymang

    Thanks for the update Kornelia and opera staff, greetings from Mexico City 🙂

  • Robert

    The problem with hanging still present,it’s probably forever.
    you use a router? Try to go into the settings 192.168….

    • Heinz Witt

      No problem here.
      I can normally go to the settings of my router .

      • Robert

        included, but paragraphs needs to be changed not displayed

    • Kev87

      Also no problems here on w10 x64

  • Ios5wasthebest

    please fix the damage from opening (WARNING DO NOT CLICK)
    h t t p : / / c r a s h s a f a r i . c o m

    see this chrome issue https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=581237

    accessing the above site makes opera DISABLE my umatrix addon installed via https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/download-chrome-extension-9/

    also after recovering, going to opera history makes opera crash, because of many entries added to the history by crashsafari dot com site javascript ….

  • Jan Velecký

    Expected some search box improvements… 🙁

  • José Alberto

    I´d like to have a shortcut for Turbo On-Off, like Alt+T…

  • Deyan Aleksandrov

    Are you guys planing on bringing back the private tab back? It was way more convenient than the private window.

    • Cryio

      It’s was THE BEST implementation of private tabs, yet they said from telemetry, users were confused by the fact private tabs could work in tandem with normal tabs. Sad really. Opera really had the best method.

  • Not a bug but a interesting thing for those of us who have tested Opera (betas) since before it was Opera Beta, it was Opera Next. On OS X I noticed that the Profile & Cache are listed as Opera Next for the name still (that has not been updated to Beta name)

    OS X 10.11.3

    • Tommy Wille

      I remember they commented on that once and it’s on purpose. Can’t remember the reason though.

      • Hmm, not see anything (doesn’t mean it wasn’t done), my Next goes back to the first Opera Next build

        • Tommy Wille

          They never changed it.

  • Cryio

    Has Opera v35 fixed the half-filling of the screen on Windows 10 bug? Where it won’t repaint unless you adjust the size of the window again ?

    • I don’t know about this build but the dev version has it fixed.

      EDIT: Actually, never mind. I think it was fixed in first dev build but now it’s back. Just checked. Pretty annoying bug…

    • Tommy Wille

      It’s a Chromium issue. So you have to wait on those guys.

  • Morry

    Thanks guys for the private window address bar fix! This got really annoying when watching porn.

  • Victoria

    Ever since I did the TH2 update Opera Next has been freezing, and way more at first. At first I thought it was because of the graphics card (and I had other issues overall with it) so I updated mine to a generic one and while that helped the YouTube I had in Chrome and decreased the ones in Opera Next, it still freezes when I have say, someone’s Twitter feed with a lot of pictures, gifs, or videos on it.

    I updated to this version and I still got it on a Twitter feed with a lot of media on it. I’m a bit tired of it because I have to close the entire process in order to get it working again. I know others have mentioned this issue on this blog’s comments and on a forum I’ve visited.

    • BK

      Thanks, we will look into this.

      • Victoria

        I have turned off the accelerator and like someone else has mentioned, it makes some things easier but freezes the tab and forces you to close the tab then that link is basically unusable because after you try to re-load it it’ll freeze again because of the videos, but the browser itself seems more stable. For me this is most noticeable when browsing Twitter or sites with embedded Tweets. I’ve had to force quit the entire process once or twice but it’s mostly just the tabs that are the culprits that freeze/become unresponsive.

        Thank you for looking into this!

  • Regis

    It’s better for Opera to push out 35.0 stable before March because Chrome will stop supporting Linux 32 starting from March, XP & Vista starting from April . Don’t miss this rare chance to increase Opera’s market share .

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Chrome or Chromium? If it’s Chromium then Opera may be affected too.

      • Chrome. Chromium and Opera can still support it.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Sometimes you can do something but you don’t want to do it.

  • wihiker

    I’m using Linux Mint 17.1

    Upgraded previous beta to 35.0.2066.35

    Clicked bookmarks and screen was scrambled. Unresponsive to mouse clicks. Opera window went blank and a small pop-up also blank appeared. Restarted system only to have this repeat. I then deleted the old opera-beta config folder in my user section.

    Started Opera. Got the default “look” and speed dial page.

    I clicked bookmarks, and again the Opera screen/window was scrambled and unresponsive.

    I have no extensions installed. On previous Opera updates I did and had issues with each updates and the bookmark extension installed.

    • Jenny Wilson Yukers

      I’m having the same problem. Linux Mint 17.2 64-bit and Opera 35.

  • RmG152

    If you enable this flag
    Opera main process still working, but tabs doesn’t work. And you can’t disable it, because you can’t open flags tab (Windows 10 x64)

    • Can you open new windows?

      • RmG152

        When you open opera, main process still working, but each tab process, spawn werfault.exe and process are closed immediately.

  • mikemanger

    With this build I am getting the issue where keyboard shortcuts sometimes completely stop working. Seems like a recurrence of the same issue that was fixed a while back (don’t know the build sorry!). Possibly related to the private window fixes (DNA-48508)?

    I’m on Windows 10 64bit

    • BK

      Hi. Only keyboard shortcuts, or any keyboard input on webpages?
      Any reproduction steps? 🙂

      Have you modified shortcuts earlier?

      • This has been a long standing bug probably since Opera 25. It’s keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures that stop working. I have no idea how to reproduce but the only way to fix it is full browser restart.

        EDIT: Actually, I just figured out how to reproduce reliably. This only works in Opera stable channel. Can’t reproduce on dev channel.

        1) Open a bunch of empty tabs.
        2) Start spamming close tab mouse gesture really fast.
        3) Result is all shortcuts and mouse gestures will stop working.

        • BK

          thanks, we will try out !

        • mikemanger

          Yes this seems to be the same issue! I can’t type in web page text boxes either. I had never made the connection but must be when I close a lot of tabs after I finish lunch :).

          Happening on beta channel for me as well. As you say dev channel seems to be OK but it does lag for 5 seconds after closing a lot for me (maybe just the new start page).

          • Right, typing in text boxes doesn’t work either. I saw this happen after I reproduced this with the method above yesterday.

  • I have this issue (glitches in new tab, not painting content although is there):


    This is a clean opera, no changes in settings, opening the first time.

    System is Fedora 23 GNOME, 64 bit. Graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 7520G using Fedora’s default radeon drivers.

    Edit: Apparently there are good tabs and bad tabs. If I clone a good tab, it is still a good tab. If I clone a bad tab, it is still a bad tab. :/

    Edit 2: Apparently, a good tab can only still be a good tab if I follow links from the content. But, if I directly open something in the address bar, it becomes a bad tab. :/

    Edit 3: If another is opened by clicking some link in a good tab, then it is also a good tab. :/

    Edit 4: Of course, disabling hardware acceleration in opera’s settings is a workaround. :/

  • nanana1

    Opera has just gone final with 35.0.2066.37 🙂

  • Arman Kyzdarbekov

    не хватает некоторого функционала

    импорт экспорт закладок, настроек, экспресс-панели, пароли в файл из файла,

    в опере 12.xx можно было сохранить файла

    wand.dat — файл в котором Opera хранит пароли к сайтам, которые вы сохранили

    speeddial.ini — это файл в котором хранятся настройки экспресс-панели

    bookmarks.adr — файл с закладками.

    и личные записи в настройках для последующего их применения на сайтах, то есть надо зайти в почту нажал в поле правую кнопку и выбираешь свой данные для входа и т п


    [Personal Info]

    First Name=????





    и еще нехватает надстройки, чтобы показать все свои пароли на веб-страницах при вводе и т п

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 36.0.2130.2 has been promoted to the beta channel 😉

    • Vux777

      is it just my connection or the download is really slow
      it varies from 3- 20 kb/s

  • abjectief

    Whatsapp is crashing opera again. Any chance on a solution or update any time soon?

  • S S V

    freezes when launched from outlook email link