Opera developer 36.0.2079.0 update

Hi All!

This is the last developer release – and the last release in general – we’ve got for you this year, and so, maybe it’s time for a short summary for 2015:

  • We’ve released 90 builds in total…
  • …of which, 40 were developer builds…
  • …and also 21 stable builds and 29 beta builds;
  • We made it to 36 developer version (from 28 exactly a year ago);
  • We fixed numerous issues, introduced new ones along with new features, and then fixed them again;
  • We changed quite a lot, and some of the changes were made possible owing to our community eager to help us, report bugs and suggest improvements. Thanks guys!

Back to the release, though. As you will notice when looking at the changelog, we have fixed a number of issues, dealt with crashes (thanks a lot, Shion!) and introduced a few improvements. We also plan to introduce some Speed Dial adjustment changes soon – stay tuned for the first developer build in 2016!

Here is the selected highlight for today’s release – the one you’ve requested for quite some time:

Show the sync button only when needed

Currently, the sync button is not useful for majority of the time. If you don’t use synchronization at all, it just wastes your UI space. So we decided to make some changes. It’s still being implemented, so when something won’t work as expected, don’t panic, just report 😉

General rules:
  • Sync button is always visible if #hide-sync-login-button flag is disabled (in all states)
  • Sync button is hidden two weeks after flag was enabled for the first time and button is in grey state
  • Sync button is hidden in red button state, when error is caused by network problem
  • Sync button is hidden in green button state
  • Sync button is visible when sync login popup is displayed and at least 10 seconds after popup is closed

Have a good time and a Happy New Year with our developer release. 🙂

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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