Opera developer 35.0.2052.0

Several days ago, you’ve seen a 35 announcement which provided some outline of our current efforts. Today we offer update to 35 version, with updated Chromium and quite a number of already enabled features which include:

Mute me baby

That’s right. No more surprises when you open a background tab and, out of a sudden, you hear something you didn’t expect. Now, it is possible to mute either the selected tab or the whole browser:

Mute tabs

Warning on active downloads when closing

Also, no more accidental download interruptions. When the user has unfinished downloads – active or paused – and attempts to close Opera, a warning will appear:

Active downloads warning

Sync and bookmarks duplication

Duplicates issue has been a problem we track for quite some time now. It was especially problematic in case your Internet connection was interrupted often. With the O35 cycle, we intend to fix this issue for you. Have you been hit by this issue, please check how this is working for you now. The fix is delivered on desktop browser for now, and if proved to be working well, it will be ported to all browsers (Mini, Opera for Androids, etc).

Opera menu

For more intuitive access to the menu options, we’ve also changed our main menu name:

New OMenu

Bookmarks bar – Yes! we do have it

It turns out many of our users didn’t know how to turn on the bookmarks bar, so we made it easier to enable or disable it, either while adding a bookmark or in the bookmarks manager general view:

Bookmarks bar when adding

Bookmarks view

Simple settings

To access most popular settings in single place, and make quick start easier for new users, we have introduced the “simple settings” page, where you can find all the most sought-for configuration options. This feature is currently hidden behind the #simple-settings-page flag. There are more changes incoming. Please go explore – how do you like it?

Linux RPM

Today’s Linux packages, in addition to the usual .deb files, are being delivered also in the RPM format. This should be good news for all RPM-based Linux distribution users, including Fedora, Mandriva and SUSE.


Known issues

We are aware of Mac crashes on popup windows (internally logged as DNA-45915) and are working on it.


The Chromium version has been updated to 48.0.2547.0.

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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