The days are short, and so is our changelog for this release. Today’s build features mostly the Chromium update plus a few usability and stability fixes, including:

* Plugin interaction fix: DNA-44690

A number of our users have reported that after some time, keyboard or mouse input stops working for them. We identified the issue as related to plugin interaction and fixed it. This is a call-out to all those who had this issue: can you please use this build and confirm that it is now working for you?

* DNA-45934 – spellchecker submenu

This fix is restoring context menu spellchecker options.

* Mac crash on Turbo toggle: DNA-45593

This is a fix for the Mac-specific crash happening when Turbo mode was toggled with no window open.

Known issues

We are aware that some sidebar extensions are misbehaving. This is currently under investigation.


Chromium has been updated to version 47.0.2526.58.

For the list of other changes introduced in this build, please see the changelog link.

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Aneta, thanks for the update, and fixes 😉

  • Kurt Zon

    if you are not logged into disqus and try to upvote a comment opera instantly crashes…

    • Aneta Reluga

      Looks like a crash on the popup window. Thanks for the report, and two questions:
      1) Which OS? I am unable to repro on Win 7, and we have info about new Win10 snapshot crashing various apps.
      2) Do you have any extensions and if so, do you have a crash also with all of them disabled?

      • Kurt Zon

        win 10 pro *64
        no crash with xtensions disabled

    • Vux777

      flag New tabs model usually does that (crashes Opera on popup window

  • iFelix

    Neflix have a problem with de aspect ratio. Change to 4:3 I think.

  • xirit64

    I really miss opening Speed Dial folders in New Window, is it coming already to the Stable? Next week for sure, no? 😛

  • eshepelyuk

    What about Java support ? It is still not working.

    • BK

      With O34 Java support is discontinued.

      • eshepelyuk

        Could you please provide a link to official announcement or warning about this from Opera team ?
        Unfortunately I can not find anything about it except mentions likes this in a few blog posts.

        • SuperTommy

          You have your official announcement from Opera team above. It’s also well known that Chromium and Mozilla has been planning on dropping Java for quite some time. Opera with Chromium is no different.

          Afaik, warnings about Java being deprecated has been shown in the browser for some time now when you’ve tried to load Java plugins. But I don’t use Java myself so I can’t confirm.

  • xirit64

    Strangely enough the fix DNA-45900 “Set as default” dialog broken. is still not working in a Windows 7 64-bit Pro PC here, it works though in one with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate. Both installed on an appdata path.

    Also will “News” be translated to most languages just in time before the move to the stable stream or shall it remain like this? It looks kinda awkward, everything in native language and then “News” in between.

  • Still getting the dialogue about opening [x] sites. Please add a checkbox to not ask again.

  • Vux777

    I really don’t get it
    why you ditching Tab Hibernation experiment?
    it was one of the things that could make Opera unique, and it was working very good, even at this stage (experimental)

    • xirit64

      I think when you use the Chromium engine as a dev you already know that you ‘re mainly (95%) targeting people with newer machines and plenty of RAM so I guess they didn’t want to spend more resources on that.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Are you sure they just ditch it from beta branch because it needs more time? So they publish it when it’s ready?

      • Vux777

        they remove it from last couple of dev builds too
        I hope it’s gonna be part of that new tabs model thingie

    • rblanca

      They remove Tab Hibernation? Uhh crap….it was great…i’m using it on stable and works awesome….

    • BK

      Thanks for this feedback. Can you share a bit more of your experience with this feature?

      • Vux777

        not much to say
        it worked
        those tabs that could hibernate reduced memory consumption extremely, usually dropped to 500 KB – 1MB
        I didn’t noticed any delay or stalling when switching TO hibernated tab, very responsive and smooth
        I would reduced that time needed to start hibernating (from 40 sec to 20)…so that effect is more noticeable

        • BK


  • xirit64

    Can you please make the recently closed tab menu show more than 10 items? I think it’s far far more important than the number of open tabs. I can’t find a tab I want and I have to always resort to history, that’s very annoying and counter-productive.

  • Vux777

    there’s a small crack on bookmark heart bg (on the right)

    dev and beta

  • OldHickory30

    The share feature still will not work with any other mail client other then Apple Mail on 10.11.1!

  • Sidney Guioy

    since this build( maybe it started the previous one, but not sure ) i got a LOT of Opera freezing ( when i click somewhere i get “opera is not responding” ) so i force close and reopen it, sometime it refreez instant ( not on a specific site )

    no crash log

    Win10 1511, X64 , Opera 34.0.2036.16
    flags have been reseted
    Delais background tab loading is enable as i usually got 25 tab open from previous session

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 34.0.2036.24 😉

  • Nick Stratton

    opera is not responding for a few days now, i have most recent update, windows 7. it froze on me a couple of days ago, i waited for it to respond again but it didnt so i closed the program. Restarted my laptop and tried opening uo opera again. after about 3 seconds it freezes and will sit not responding for hours until i close the program. I am forced to use chrome to post this and try and fix Opera. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but the uninstall never ends. it runs through like normal, the status bar fills and then it will sit unresponsive until you force it to close.

  • November11Seven

    Hey I’m still having this issue. is there a patch out yet?

  • nick

    how to tun on turbo mode on opera 38