Opera beta update to 34.0.2036.16

The days are short, and so is our changelog for this release. Today’s build features mostly the Chromium update plus a few usability and stability fixes, including:

* Plugin interaction fix: DNA-44690

A number of our users have reported that after some time, keyboard or mouse input stops working for them. We identified the issue as related to plugin interaction and fixed it. This is a call-out to all those who had this issue: can you please use this build and confirm that it is now working for you?

* DNA-45934 – spellchecker submenu

This fix is restoring context menu spellchecker options.

* Mac crash on Turbo toggle: DNA-45593

This is a fix for the Mac-specific crash happening when Turbo mode was toggled with no window open.

Known issues

We are aware that some sidebar extensions are misbehaving. This is currently under investigation.


Chromium has been updated to version 47.0.2526.58.

For the list of other changes introduced in this build, please see the changelog link.

Installation links:

Changelog: Full changelog link

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