Opera Developer 34.0.2011.0 update

Today, we are bringing an update to Opera Developer 34. In this release, we would like to turn your attention to the following highlights:

Discover is News

Since the name “Discover”, while quite bold, could be a bit confusing to some users, the feature is now renamed. Now, it is named “News” – clear and simple. Enjoy discovering your News!

Share button on Mac

The support for native Share button on Mac has been implemented. It is now possible to share from within the browser using your selected social network or community:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.29.48

Address bar recommendations

We have fixed a few issues:

  • The issue where visited sites were sometimes not recognized and not shown in the address bar recommendations. Now it is resolved in DNA-43977 and should work as expected.
  • We’ve also altered the way tiles are presented in case no apple touch icon is available for the webpage, please see T on the screenshot below.
  • Your history should be processed properly now, so that the collection is filled with your sites. Preinstalled SD’s should be visible only upon clean install, or if you use them.

This feature is now enabled by default. To enable or disable the feature, please go to Settings and in the “User interface” section, modify the “Show extra suggestions” checkbox setting.

2015-10-08 12_52_50-tiles2

In the next iteration, we expect to deliver the option to show only the actual SD’s collection here. We will be happy to see more suggestions on this improvement.

MSE for MP3 support

MSE Audio now works from within Opera, enabling playback from Google Play Music and similar services. To use it, the flag opera://flags/#mse-audio-mpeg-aac is present and needs to be enabled (it is not enabled by default).

Crash fixes

We’ve fixed the following crashes:

  • Crash on Tab Preview – DNA-43967
  • Windows XP specific crash on various video and plugin pages – DNA-44020

We are also currently working on download improvements – expect more soon.

Chromium is upgraded to version 47.0.2508.0.

Known issues:

  • DNA-44479 “Add to bookmarks” / “Edit bookmark” pop-up misses folder select dropdown

Please find the full changelog and links to the builds below.


Full changelog

User comments


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