Hi All,

we’ve got another update for you this week. This time it’s Opera beta, which will be probably the last one before we switch it to Stable.

Linux proprietary codecs support

Opera beta is now able to detect whether the chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra package is installed. As long as this package is up-to-date (45.0.2454.x and newer), Opera can make use of the libraries in this package to provide support for some proprietary codecs for media elements, including H264 and MP3.

New Opera branding

Please give a warm welcome to our new beta logo:


In this release, we have also a number of bugfixes:
– DNA-44054 [Mac] Opera crashes at start with bookmark bar enabled
– DNA-44318 Hidden bookmarks when entering bookmarks manager
– DNA-44494 Enable NPAPI in stable O33
– a few History fixes

For full bugfixes and changes list, please see the changelog.

In this build, Chromium is updated to version 46.0.2490.71.

Please let us know if you find any issues and stay tuned because Opera Stable is just around the corner 🙂



Full changelog

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Kornelia, thanks for the update and fixes 😉

    • nanana1

      At the first look, it is difficult to say the new Opera Beta logo is nice because it does look like bleeding blood on the O.
      I was hoping to see a bright orange O instead, anyway, still many thanks for the new Opera Beta logo 🙂

      • Aneta Reluga

        It’s bleeding because Opera is soooo cutting edge. 😉

        • It is the red taking over the grey from dev to beta, and I would guess stable also

        • Lacedaemon

          That euphemism would be great if it had some nuggets of truth behind it 🙂

  • Lacedaemon

    half red, half wire framed… genious, I’m sure nobody could come up with that… glad I will be keeping the old icon, looks 10x better.

    • Marcin Mitek

      There were unicorns and ponies in the early sketches, but they didn’t make it.

      • Lacedaemon

        nah… old stuff was perfect.

      • Current iOS & OS X versions have the unicorns

  • Wando Schneider

    I think the new logo is nice because of what it represent in each channel: from developer to stable, the logo it’s being created (and painted), it’s a nice reference of what represents each one.

    • Lacedaemon

      Imo, it’s *nice as a concept for academic talk, but not for everyday looking at it and it certainly doesn’t ooze engineering like the previous did. They could take the red stable logo and put a wireframe in it, and for developer what previous beta was.

      *and even that is debatable since the red doesn’t “fuse”, “melt” with the wireframe so it looks not like a thing being slowly transformed but rather like painting it (red looks out of the wireframe while it should be connected with it, see also how to properly connect 3D objects in constructive geometry).

      • Wando Schneider

        It’s very clear that you don’t like the new logo. But, if you don’t mind, I’ll continue to like it 😀

        • Lacedaemon

          who said you are not allowed to like it? 🙂 But it’s different commenting on what one thinks is wrong or right.

  • Apocalypse

    Well new logo is better than old one in my opinion. Looks more modern. Now i hope that after logo we can count on modern browsing too.

    • Lacedaemon

      and… solid browsing in the first place as well (= no blinking)

  • Got so used to the Opera Next and then Opera Beta (even Opera labs) logo over the years, interesting use of the grey color changing to Red from Dev to Beta, than I guess stable will be all red

  • Strange Opera beta bug is it also killed the dock, I downloaded the auto update package to avoid the kill, the icon was already changed in the finder, and I don’t keep the beta or dev builds in the dock

    The bug flung 19 windows (from Opera 32 stable) that were minimized in an order out of the dock and to appear all at one time (now I have to rearrange them in the dock again 🙁

  • Vux777

    kjut logo 🙂

  • Flavoi

    The new logo rocks 🙂

    • rfv

      🙁 seems a wedding ring

  • Druszlak

    Icon in Win7 taskbar (when mini icons applied) is definitely too small.

    • taneli

      Same with Dev icons, way too small, makes the ADD people go nuts. I would like it to be the standard height.

  • Having https://twitter.com/angrybirds/status/627780635470360577 open prevents Opera beta (all streams have the same bug) from responding to any quit command right click or Opera menu. You must kill the tab (I have done it via Opera task manager) holding https://twitter.com/angrybirds/status/627780635470360577 to get Opera beta to quit

    OS X 10.11.0 (10.11.1 was not live when I last tested, tho seem it is a bug in Opera itself)

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      I’m not able to reproduce your problem here. How many tabs you’ve got open? This is standard window or a private one? What if you have this tab open and switch to some other one?

      • Standard (like I did with Opera when it was using Presto, I have around 10 windows some with 7 tabs others 2 or 3. When I kill that tab with the twitter page Opera then responds to the 20+ commands to quit other wise it refuses to quit as if some invisible prompt is stuck)

        I can do it in all streams if I get enough tabs/ windows open, one webpage will prevent Opera from acting on the quit command (even if Opera receives over 50 commands to quit)

        • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

          Thanks for details. I’ll dig in this problem.

  • Vux777

    in last couple of builds (beta and dev), Opera will pull only bookmarks bar favicons, but not for the rest of the bookmarks and non of the sidebar extensions if using them (not cached)
    is this how it’s going to stay or just temporary ?
    …still works in stable

    • Mikolaj Boc

      We had to disable downloading the favicons at once so that you don’t get 1000 requests after fresh installs with imported bookmarks. We still may think of some cleverer solution but for now auto fetch is off.
      Favicons will be fetched with the sites you visit.

      • Vux777

        oh no…that sucks
        then pls allow some method for adding favicons to the pool
        so that, if imported file contains favicons, there’s a way for devs to import them too

        • Mikolaj Boc

          Do you mean some kind of extension API for downloading favicons?

          • Vux777

            well, if can be packed it into one solution it would be great

            but I meant that you allow extensions to write to chrome://favicons
            just to fetch favicon temporary is useless if extension can’t add it to favicon browser cache

            so the proper actions would be:
            -if extension ask for chrome://favicon/url, and there isn’t one, throw an error

            (this is important, because as it is now, there is no way to know if browser have cached favicon or not…only solution is to compare base64 data with default non-existing favicon, and that is big, unnecessary and wrong… )

            -on error, let extensions devs decide what to do
            leave it like that or, fetch site favicon with your “extension API” that would also save that favicon, not just load it temporarily…
            this way you leave decisions to extensions
            It’s not just about bookmarks
            any sidebar extension that uses favicons and have some import mechanism ends like this

            I must say, how favicons works internally in chromiums is not very clear, it is not documented anywhere…outsiders can only make conclusions by observation

          • Mikolaj Boc

            I agree that favicon handling doc is not the strongest part of Chromium documentation.
            I’ll try to take this issue further, see what I can do.

  • Wczoraj właśnie walczyłem (zwycięsko) z problemem braku kodeków, a Wy mi dzisiaj aktualizację dajecie? Dzięki, już nie potrzeba 😛 (długo Wam to zajęło, w sumie to dzięki, będzie łatwiej “przyszłym pokoleniom”)

  • master94ga

    Netflix streaming doesn’t work on Linux with Opera Stable and Opera Developer…

  • Dark Magician

    Move all your sites to HTTPS already (blogs included).
    Nice update, I like the new logo.

  • mrfx

    Since few builds forms elements, mainly checkboxes are invisible. After update to 33.0.1990.35 they were visible once for the first time, then dissapear and now they are hidden again.

  • Lacedaemon

    Good morning/day,

    this video shows the accessing of already loaded tabs in the background on all Opera streams: http://sendvid.com/za7euorg

    and this one the same on Opera Presto: http://sendvid.com/1a5b1twr

    Can anyone from Opera ASA tell me how upgrading to the new browser version of yours is an improvement in the core browsing experience? I especially want to hear from someone higher like @zhenisbeisekov. Thank you.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Good thing that Zhenis is almost 2 meters high. I’ll poke him 🙂

      • Lacedaemon

        Good thing to know that you have such a good relationship with him. That will save me the effort of re-posting it in the upcoming Stable release.

        • Lacedaemon, thank you very much for addressing me directly. And actually Marcin Mitek poke me to answer, because I missed it somehow.

          If you ask, why we have decided to switch web engine to get world class coverage in site compatibility. Realistically, only wed developers, who were Opera fans, tested on Presto. Then, yes. We made a conscious choice.

          If you have an idea, how to get only the goodies from the source code and not to get bugs, you should probably consider to join us http://www.operasoftware.com/company/jobs/list

          • Lacedaemon

            Hello Zhenis, thanks for coming by.
            Compatibilty is one thing, having the expected minimum quality of the browsing experience is another. As you have seen in the videos I’ve posted, the core experience in browsing is broken, and it’s in that state forever. As a faithful Opera user I was prompted (& forced) to abandon the older version and use the new one as the experience would be better according to your sayings, but obviously it’s not, not even in that minimum level of expectancy.
            I guess according to the way you ‘ve responded you don’t really care about bringing to the users that minimum quality, you only care for site compatibility and communication between several devices. Glad to hear you didn’t want and don’t plan to address that issue at all, -and to your defense no one seems to be bothered by it in this blog, so I guess it’s just me not being happy about hurting my eyes-, it will make my (already in the works) transition to Firefox (which provides that minimum acceptance of quality) much easier. Thanks again for coming by and good luck in your career.

          • escruting

            Yeah man, i’m with you. Also, does anyone remember that on Opera Presto you could press the “go back” button and there was no need to load the page again and it showed instantly, like if it was loaded locally? THAT was good browsing.

          • I see many assumptions in your comment. I know also that usually assumptions may be misleading.

            I know that many readers on this blog are engineers, and I refer to your knowledge that you cannot solve all the problems at once, and you need to prioritize them.

            Thank you very much for writing these comments.

  • reflet

    can’t open my resourse. Not sure if its working in Opera corretcly..help. please. http://jokerslots.net/gaminator/

  • Vux777

    there is a rendering bug in this build
    scrollbars and textareas have strange gradients


    win10 x64

    • Aneta Reluga

      Is it Win10 b10565? We need more info to reproduce. Thanks.

      • Vux777

        no win10 pro x64 b10240
        it was Alternative native theme flag that causing it

        when I disable it, gradient is gone

        • bwat47

          I saw this too. This only happens when *both* alt native theme and gpu rasterization is enabled.

          if you disable gpu rasterization the alt native theme should work as expected.

          • Aneta Reluga

            Thank you, it is confirmed and reported as DNA-44944

  • Allan Bruno Petersen

    I’m excited to see NPAPI back.. If this ends up being a long term thing we might have to install Opera at work for our 200 employees and 10000 students 🙂 -We we left with Firefox/Explorer when Chrome ditched NPAPI – since we depend on Java in the foreseeable future for administrative and student systems.

    • NoName

      I would not recommend that, as it’s only temporarily support.
      In the near future, Chromium is dropping the support completely.

  • T E

    Was is Opera such a terrible and basic design since you guys switched from presto to blink? I tried using opera post version 12 and is not a blind resistance to change on my part, but counter intuitive design on Opera team’s..
    A start menu like drop down to access options instead of a menu bar, no dragonfly, but a different less useful tool, bookmarks folders such as imported ones hard to organize. Actually everything about the browser nowadays is hard and too basic.. I will stick with version 12 and use firefox and chrome.
    R.I.P #1 browser.

  • sgrandin

    I was reminded just now for the nth time why Opera webkit would be so much easier to use if users could set where tabs are placed. As I sometimes do, I was just working with a lot of site(s) links near the bottom of the page. With tabs on the bottom, it is quick and easy to go back and forth, as one can do with Opera 12. But with the newer Opera, one is forced to go back and forth between the bottom of the page and the top of the browser – repeatedly. Come on, Opera developers, wake up and help us out here (I note that Vivaldi, which is also Chromium based and hasn’t even been released yet, has had a tab placement option for quite some time).

  • Falconet

    Opera 33.0.1990.39 now released as stable.

    • Cryio

      Where can you download it ?

      EDIT: I’ve taken a look online and it seems it hit stable only on Linux.

      • Falconet

        Yes, I received it via PPA.

      • L33t4opera

        There is already version 33.0.1990.43 on ftp servers for all platforms.

  • I’m having problems with videos from tmz.com and TMZ Sports. They play choppy, pausing several times as it plays. I tried Chrome and Opera Developer, and it plays flawlessly. I’m not talking about the YouTube videos on that site, just the TMZ’s own embedded videos.

  • Good news, I hope to not patch this browser anymore.

  • Kari Ikonen

    So Is Opera 33 actually going to fix bookmark folder&bookmark multiplying problem in sync? It’s really starting to get into nerves to spend everyday hour or two trying to weed of multiplied bookmark folders and bookmarks. Sadly that is not too much exaggeration. And I finally gave up and turned off brain dead sync.

    (side note: Android version of opera is ironically saying “Your information is kept save, everywhere”, in sync operation setup. Well, I presume this *everywhere* part is guaranteed by random multiplication of bookmarks, so one cannot get rid off them at all (except when attempt to discard multiple bookmarks will actually suddenly delete all bookmarks from random bookmark folders)).

    So is there some hope by waiting for 33, or is it time to dump opera bookmark management into trashbin, and migrate into some external bookmark management?

    • BK

      Hi, we are working on this, but O35 seems more likely like a delivery on the final fix. Sorry for the trouble.

      • Kari Ikonen

        ok, good to hear that progress is happening. Too bad that there is no fix in nearby future, since I had to turn sync off 🙁

  • ElectricPrism

    I fail to understand what Opera has to offer that is “better” than the competition.

    If Opera Mail was a thing on Linux I might consider that a ✓ – but it just seems like Opera is less popular and young – please enlightenment me.

    • rfv

      how did you type the ✓? I copy-pasted yours!

    • rfv

      You fail? You are being so blind! Don’t be dumb!

      Don’t you see they have a unique killer feature? The Discover SPAM — yes, now you are thinking right: that feature that displays ads the user doesn’t want to see — will make Opera gain more than 50% market share! Due to this feature, there will come a time when Opera will have more than IE/Edge + Firefox+ Chrome all combined!

  • Jademarisa

    I agree. Do more. How about getting optional classic menu and skins back? That would be “doing more”. BTW, preventing the browser from taking forever to open and crashing with every new opened tab would be a plus.

    • BK

      Hello, re crashes, did you used clean install? What’s your OS, do you use extensions?

  • nanana1

    Opera 33 has gone final with build 1990.43


    Waiting for Opera 34 Beta. 😉

  • 33.0.1990.43

  • michal

    hi, how can I import bookmarks from older opera in .adr file ?, thx for answer

  • Rômulo

    Cheers for the proprietary codecs, now Linux only needs Netflix

  • L33t4opera

    The first Opera beta 34.0.2036.3 😉
    The change log, and the announcement.

  • Michael Scheck

    Ubuntu Mate 1.8.2 Opera 33.0.1990.115
    Only can open 1st Tab on startup… all others are a garbled mess.. Unless hovering on their Tab… Whats up with that????

  • Prad Ray

    No sound. Why?