Hi everyone,

Today’s update includes fixes for issues with MP3 and MP4 playback and a crash on Mac. For the full list of fixes, you may click on the full changelog below.

We also upgraded Chromium to version 45.0.2454.85.

This is probably the last Opera 32 beta version before we switch it to Stable, unless you guys find some serious bugs. So, please let us know. Thanks and happy testing!


Full changelog

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Radek, for this small Opera Beta 32.0.1948.19 bug-fix update !
    Testing now close to Opera 32 final release soon.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Radek, thanks for the update and fixes 😉
    The link to the blog post in the change log is wrong.

    • Radek Rzepecki

      updated now, thanks again! 🙂

  • Hi! Any ETA on next update for developer? 😉

    Also, why did you remove the “recently closed” from menu? I think the button next to minimize/maximize/close shows only few recently closed items, but the item in the menu showed everything from current session. 🙁

    • Tomasz Procków

      O32 developer update is scheduled to this Thursday.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        You mean O33, right? 🙂

  • Anton Belyaev

    This version still have the bug with HTML5 youtube player.

    http://i.imgur.com/akgkTy4.png (last opera beta build)

    http://i.imgur.com/9wRceVu.png (chromium version 45.0.2454.85)

    OS Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 (64 bit)

    • Radek Rzepecki

      First of all, please make sure you have the latest version of Flash for Linux installed. It should switch to flash if it can’t use HTML5, unfortunately we do have problems with H264 videos at the moment on Linux.

      Also, please read this, as it may help you.


  • Footman

    opera cant open many sites on mac. for example http://www.macuser.de/ from developer version to stable.

    • Radek Rzepecki

      Are you getting any error message? What’s the problem?

      • Footman

        no error message. just nothing happens. http://forum.parallels.com same

        • Radek Rzepecki

          do you have any extensions installed?

          • Footman

            yes but i tested already to deactivate all of them. and everything is ok on windows. i tested it already with all opera builds developer, beta, stable.

      • Olli

        Page is loading forever. This is occuring on other forums, too.

        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          I see you’re having this problem as well, and also German-on-Mac :). Can you help us narrow this down:

          Can you try viewing the pages in Chrome, is the loading different there? Can you see the same problem across all Opera streams (stable, beta, developer) or only on beta? Does the problem disappear if you install & use https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/ublock/?display=en ?

      • Footman

        I think I found what it is. Opera has problem with webpage framework “xenforo” (or xenforo with opera) and many pages are using this.

        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          Let’s go the opposite direction: I think you are getting served an advertisement or counter that doesn’t load. Can you try installing an ad blocker (I recommend https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/ublock/?display=en ) to see if the page loads after installing that?

          • Footman

            hello. no it does not. and i had adblocker already before. it is really problem with every wepage that is using xenforo.

          • Arjan van Leeuwen

            Hi Footman, since we can’t see the problem here we think it’s strongly related to something the page is trying to serve you (but not us), not to xenforo per se (I have no problem loading any of the pages mentioned in this thread). So we’re going to have to narrow down on what they’re showing you (as in ‘German users on Mac’, probably).

            Here are some things that can help us: can you try viewing the pages in Chrome, is the loading different there? Can you see the same problem across all Opera streams (stable, beta, developer) or only on beta?

          • Footman

            I dont have any problem on chrome and safari on mac. Also i tested on windows on same pc with opera and it works too.
            I tried to change agent, use vpn an nothing helped. So it is really opera mac related problem.

          • Arjan van Leeuwen

            Could you try enabling the developer menu (View -> Show Developer Menu), open the Developer Tools on one of the pages that doesn’t finish loading, go to the Network tab, and checking what it is that doesn’t finish? (you might have to refresh after going to the Network tab).

          • Olli

            It’s fixed in the newest Developer build!

          • Arjan van Leeuwen

            OK then 🙂 Thanks!

          • Footman

            There is everything blank. And the tab is hanging i cant open new page there or something… only close thus tab.

    • Page loads fine for me with Opera 32 beta, is there anything at the bottom of the page (something about loading something or waiting for something)?

      Does it still happen if you hold shift and then do a page reload?

  • master94ga

    Any news about the new html5 player on twitch.tv?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What the site says about it?

    • It’s been available for a long time. Clear your cache and it should activate.

      • master94ga

        I did but it didn’t work.

    • muratservan

      When did Twitch enable HTML5 player? As I know they use HTML5 only for chat and video controls.

      • master94ga

        Yep, I mean the chat and controls, but I have still the old one while on Chromium on the same pc I have the new one.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, “Today’s redesign moves half of the video player – specifically the controls – from Flash to HTML5 and Javascript. The video itself is still in Flash underneath the controls.” – the source link – and therefore you need to install the Flash plugin, and make sure, that it’s enabled, to get this to work.

      Additionaly, I have noticed, that it displays the new controls in the videos, opened on the subpages, like for example: C9 Sneaky – korean duoQ jensen diamond 1 boys, or $700 WCOOP Knockout, but not for the videos from the main page 😉

      • master94ga

        For me doesn’t work also with the subpages, and we already knew that is only controls and chat 😉

        • L33t4opera

          Please go to the opera://plugins, click on “Show Details” button, and check, which version of Flash plug-in is installed, and whether it is enabled, or not.

          • master94ga

            I have and is enabled, with the same plugin chromium run the html5 controls, also the same pc.

          • L33t4opera

            “We’ve started the rollout of the new video player to 2% of users. We’ll be bumping up that number to 100% after we fix any remaining bugs.

            If you’re not one of the 2%, you can still demo the new player via the popout/embed player. Visit this url and change the parameter to your favorite channel: http://player.twitch.tv/?channel=monstercat” – the source link.

            “Quick question, how did you decide which 2%? Was it random? Random, yep.” – the source link 😉

  • Hey Opera team! First of all, thank you for providing us an amazing browser! I’m here just to ask the developers if they’re going (and when) to fix the ugly Windows 95 scrollbar on Windows 10 (I really hate it).

    • They are working on the look when on Windows 10

      • Dark Magician

        I really don’t understand the delay. They had to have known while Windows 10 was in testing. And it’s two month since the launch, and no other browser has that problem including Vivaldi.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Different browsers, different UIs, different problems, different ways to handle issues with OSs in alpha/beta stages.

          Besides this, it’s not something that prevents the use of the browser so it’s probably not something top priority.

          • BK

            It’s top UI visual aspect, very visible, so it’s high on the priority, but we just want to do it right, the work on this is progressing.

        • Mikolaj Boc

          Hi, I’d like to explain a little about the native controls in web pages. It’d be possible to ‘fix’ this right away by enabling a native theme (the way the controls, including scrollbars) that Chromium offers by a few keystrokes. Although we always struggle to provide a native look and feel, which is the way the operating system the user is currently on would draw the controls. So we decided to implement the thing from scratch for Windows 10 for it to look perfect on all DPI settings (hi DPIs are growing more and more important these days with all retina-like displays). This of course will take time, but the upside is that we’re close to finishing this – you can take a look at our incoming developer release with the ‘alternative native theme’ flag. Once we’ve confirmed everything looks ok, we won’t be holding the thing back from being released.

          • I have already installed the Opera Beta and waiting to see the upcoming updates. Hope you guys fix it as soon as possible cause this scrollbar it makes me crazy.

          • Mikolaj Boc

            Doing our best!

          • Haider Rehman Butt

            Hi Mikolaj. How do I get 64 bit Opera? I dont care if its not stable.

          • Leo Liu

            I think Opera developers should consider scrollbar problem as a bug fix(not a feature), so scrollbar should be fixed in the Opera 32 beta or stable, not in Opera developer build.
            I’m highly annoyed with ugly scrollbar, too!!

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Your monitor is too small! I have to turn my head if I want to see the scrollbar.

  • Илья Найдов

    Google Play Music doesn’t work anyway…

  • Alex Parker

    And so you aren’t going to bring back disable Sync and disable Bookmarks Trash flags, right? Because why give the users the options to CHOOSE, when you can just ENSLAVE the users to whatever options you like.

    • Nekomajin43

      Why do those two bother you? You don’t have to log into sync, and you can empty the bookmark trash with two clicks.

  • Zin

    Still missing some opera 12 features like irc and possibilities of configuration of the appearance section.

    • Pavel Aleksandrov


    • ayespy

      Don’t forget – also missing native side tabs, tab stacking, email, rss, native notes, mdi, bookmark export, etc. etc.

  • Akira Kazama

    When the option ‘Click to play’ is enabled, Youtube videos almost always fail to load at the first attempt, it just show a black screen, I have to refresh the page to make them work. This only happens in Youtube.

    • Is that on the Flash Player video player (Flash Player updated?) or is that the HTML5 video player?

      Try holding the shift key and then click with the mouse the reload page button

      • Akira Kazama

        I didn’t work, I’m using the flash player but it seems this is a Youtube problem.

        • Do you have any extensions?

          I am not having the issue, tho I sometimes see it with the way some site embed Youtube videos

          Do you have any example videos?

          • Akira Kazama

            Yes, I’m using an extension to block HTML5 video because the ‘Click to play’ option only works with Flash video.

            I think an option or extension to stop the auto-play of HTML5 videos would be enough for me.

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Akira, perhaps one of those two will be useful for you 😉

          • Akira Kazama

            That’s what I was looking for, thanks!

    • koniiiik

      I think this is a Youtube issue; I’ve been experiencing this behavior in other browsers for ages now.

      • Akira Kazama

        I see, I have tried with some other Chromium-based browsers and they have the same problem.

  • iVarun

    The Similar image search and

    The Translate extensions don’t seem to work.

    Whats going on?

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      Thanks for your report, we’ll investigate this issue.

  • svelte

    Is it normal that Opera beta 32.0.1948.19 takes twice more RAM than Opera stable? While they say Chromium 45 is more lighter, faster e.t.c.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      I doubt that’s normal. Have you tried with clean profile or at least without extensions. As noted below there are now problems with at least couple of extension and maybe some other extension hogs memory. I havent noticed this and I have 3 windows with over 100 tabs open.

      • svelte

        No any pligins and extensions. Absolutely clear profile in Opera beta.
        Process list:
        1 564 КB Opera beta crash-reporter
        60 328 КB Opera beta Internet Browser
        101 104 КB Opera beta Internet Browser
        72 116 КB Opera beta Internet Browser
        77 156 КB Opera beta Internet Browser

        628 КB Opera crash-reporter
        36 396 КB Opera Internet Browser
        18 532 КB Opera Internet Browser
        7 300 КB Opera Internet Browser
        61 312 КB Opera Internet Browser
        1 048 КB Opera Internet Browser

        Only one same tab open in both browsers.

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          Interesting. Could it be possible that using single tab is not enough to tell memory usage. It doesn’t really matter with those amounts. But if usage is doubled when using real world example then there is a problem.

          • svelte

            Six real tabs.
            total 500 636 KB Opera beta Internet Browser VS
            total 238 956 KB Opera Internet Browser

            but after 2-3 minutes

            total 352 892 KB Opera beta Internet Browser VS
            total 220 384 KB Opera Internet Browser

  • kesha2000

    Where is search engine icons?

    • bwat47

      afaik its a known bug

  • Dark Magician

    Button for download manager missing most of the time.
    Last two builds same issue, i download a file, and the button doesn’t show.
    So I manually have to go to downloads.

  • proxxy

    Still bug with start in unmaximized mode (os x yosemite).

  • Haider Rehman Butt

    How do I get 64 bit Opera?

    • ayespy

      Install Linux or buy a Mac.

      • Haider Rehman Butt

        I dualboot Ubuntu and Windows. I want Opera 64 bit for Windows too..

        • ayespy

          But there isn’t one. So until (if ever) there is, you have to wait.

        • Leo Liu

          Opera 32bit for Linux is still in the developer channel, so I think Opera 64bit for Windows won’t release to the developer channel until Opera 32bit for Linux goes to beta.
          (They can’t do both things at the same time.)

          • ayespy

            I don’t think it’s safe to assume they will EVER produce a 64-bit Windows edition, absent an absolute economic imperative to do so. It’s fussier than 32-bit, it’s an additional product stream to maintain and debug, and 32-bit software runs on all Windows systems. Until these factors change, they have no incentive to build a 64-bit version. Keep in mind also that 64-bit versions of pretty much everything, even though faster on some systems, also consume more processor cycles and RAM – so the chance that someone will be unhappy with their user experience on an older 64-bit system is somewhat greater than with 32-bit software.

          • Leo Liu

            I agree with you. But what I mean is if there is any 64bit for Windows news, it would comes after the 32bit for Linux goes to beta.

  • Mike Robinson

    I just read in this thread (http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=377191) that Opera 32 solves this ridiculous bug in Chromium, so I decided to give Opera beta a go since this Chrome bug really annoys me. I imported my Chrome bookmarks, but when I go to manage them, this is what I get: http://imgur.com/lQJMRwJ What the heck is that supposed to be?

    P.S. I’m using 64 bit on Linux


    After restarting the browser, the bookmarks page now appears fine. It only appeared all screwed up like that after the first install, which was a fresh install.

  • Lacedaemon

    Bugs & problems:

    1. Creating a new window (initial window is maximized) and dragging it with the mouse from the maximized state to another place does this: http://s16.postimg.org/ctebo3ftx/image.png
    Creating a new private window (initial window is maximized) and dragging it with the mouse from the maximized state to another place does this: http://s23.postimg.org/xzb0vtq8r/npw.png

    2. Lots of skipped frames (=stuttering) when playing 60fps source-quality livestream video in twitch.tv(ppapi http://s16.postimg.org/wll7zzq1h/skipped.png

    3. Middle-click on bookmarks in unsorted bookmarks don’t opens them in a background tab. In some folders it does, in others it does not as well.

    4. 8 toolbar icons are too little, when the window is snapped to a side they become 7.


  • Mike Robinson

    I also had a lot of problems being able to add thumbnails to the speed dial entries instead of the default solid background colour. I went through all of the settings and even the advanced flags and finally did a Google search and found this site https://blogs.opera.com/news/2015/07/customize-operas-speed-dial/ which says that to change it, you have to click through the speed dial entry and then click on the red heart in the address bar. This is *not* intuitive at all. Just the fact that I would have to resort to Google to be able to do something simple like this should be an indication that this is a terrible UI design flaw. You should be able to edit the thumbnail right from the speed dial page.

  • iPristy

    Everything works for me why don’t you release it already. Sunspider benchmark is broken for me, double the result but it’s Chrome 45 fault.

  • Mike Robinson

    There is also a small problem with tab management. You can only drag a tab from window A to window B if window A initially has more than one tab in it.

    For example, if I drag a tab down from the tab bar it opens that tab in a new window, however when I try to drag that tab back from the new window to the main window it doesn’t do anything unless the new window has more than one tab.

    You should be able to drag that tab to another window even if it’s the last tab (in which case it should place the tab in the new window and close the other one).

  • Hallgeir

    How do you turn on the sound in this version (YouTube and flashplayer)? Previous versions did all play loud and clear, but not v.32. And because of the silent updater, I have to install v.31 about once a day…

  • taxis

    Opera 32.0.1948.25

    Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (x86_64; Unity)



    • L33t4opera

      Hi, please take a look here – with one exception, that you need to run “opera-beta”, instead of “opera”, as follows:/usr/bin/opera-beta --disable-gpu-compositingIf this doesn’t help, try to disable the use of GPU as shown below: /usr/bin/opera-beta --disable-gpu

  • Lacedaemon

    I’ve just got a report that suddenly all thumbnails from Speed Dial were lost and were replaced by url adresses. Vista x32 Home Basic

  • L33t4opera

    The first Opera beta 33.0.1990.11 😉

  • DM

    Is there any possibility to play html5 videous in opera on linux?
    Have troubles on coursera site.