Jakub Ryć

QA Engineer in Desktop engine team. Working for Opera Software since November, 2013 in Opera's Warsaw office.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Jakub, for this small Opera 32.0.1948.12 bug-fix update making it feel as though Opera 32 is going final soon. :p

  • Lacedaemon

    Thanks Jakub for releasing today Opera beta 32.0.1948.12 update, for finding and fixing some nasty crashes on Mac, (I don’t have a Mac), & issue with BBC’s HTML iPlayer that has been solved. This release includes Chromium update to version 45.0.2454.46, and other fixes as I read. I look at the changelog for details that don’t tell me anything but I’m here anyway cause Opera is greeaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vux777

      you should get a life…
      ….or new meds at least

      • Lacedaemon

        u as well…

    • muratservan

      When I started to read I was like “damn an another one” but at the end I laughed so hard.

  • Dark Magician

    Still theme problems in Windows 10, a full month after official launch. And you had to be aware of it before that…

    • SuperTommy

      If it hasn’t been fixed in developer yet, you won’t see it here.

      • beBoss

        And why? Dev things to beta, right?
        And it’s fixed in Dev. if “theme” problems is the scrollbar!

        • SuperTommy

          Sure, after some testing in developer.

          And it’s not fully fixed in developer, the flag is even disabled by default. It will never go stable until working properly. Right now there is DPI-issues for example.

  • Cryio

    I have a few questions:

    1) Does OSX get more prioritized development than Windows ?
    2) Do all the changelogs mention Mac because there are *more* issues with it than Windows?
    3) Do all the changelogs mention Mac because OSX has more capabilities to leverage than Windows ?

    • SuperTommy

      1) No
      2) Not really, it’s just to specify it’s Mac only (often GUI fixes or critical crashes.) Same when it’s Windows only. You see more of these when new OS versions are released, like in previous builds where some of the Windows 10 issues were addressed.
      3) See above.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      1) No
      2) No
      3) No

      Most fixes are for all platforms, so they aren’t mentioned by platform (most of our code is common to all platforms). When we have a fix specifically for Mac we have the habit of mentioning it, to make it obvious for other developers (and users) that they might not be affected by this.

      And if a beta version suddenly includes a lot of Mac fixes (like here!), it means someone has been emptying their list of fixes-to-backport-to-beta: all fixes get done on the developer branch first, and later it’s decided whether we want to put them on the beta branch.

  • Joe438

    I am very much looking forward to this release going stable as well.


    1) Passwords can now be synced!
    2) The gear button for sync gives the ability to decide exactly what is being synced.


    sidebar is a little slimmer.


    1) Sidebar is adjustable.
    2) Tree view is available
    3) Right click to add folders
    4) A smaller tile view option is now available
    5) Share option is leaving.

    Heart Menu:

    1) The Heart menu now allows you to resize and position the bookmark thumbnails.
    2) The Heart Menu no longer automatically adds to bookmarks when they are added to speed dial (a type of bookmarks folder).
    3) There is now a “trash” and “undo” button in the lower left corner of the heart menu. Surprisingly useful and often used.
    4) The speed dial button is now a folder.
    5) There is now an option to “view in bookmarks”
    6) The list of folders now includes “other speed dials”, unsorted bookmarks, trash, and bookmarks bar.
    7) You can create new folders via the heart menu.
    8) Folders are shown in a collapsible tree view.

    If there is a major new feature or loss of one in the above list please let me know. The above is why I am very much looking forward to 32 being promoted to a stable release.

    I’m still curious to know more about “DNA-42207 Speeddials anomalities in Opera 31” It feels overly vague.

    • escruting

      Maybe they should hire you to do the blogposts/changelogs. Half the time we dont even know what changes are implemented, we also dont know half the things they are working on so….Opera is his own worst enemy.

      • Nekomajin43

        Well said!

    • Rafael Luik

      I’m looking forward blocking this version because I can’t set Opera to show me more than 10 recently closed tabs anymore from 32 onwards.

      • escruting

        The heart button also remembers the last folder you used, so the bookmarks you could just put on “unsorted bookmarks” until now, now will go to the last folder used, creating a whole mess without even you knowing most of the times…

    • Lacedaemon

      Most of these features exist in form of flags since a year or so, it’s about time they come to Stable, you are wetting your panties too much…

  • Vladimir

    Add the ukrainian version of the Opera in Discover, sections of the “Game” in the ukrainian language. The ukrainian version of the opera this section is missing!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not all sections are available for all countries. Keep asking the same thing on every single post will not help making what you want happens.

      • Vladimir

        I’m more than a year asking about it. Sent report and every time I leave the blog developers requests.

        I just do not understand why it is so difficult to do? The company Opera, there are people responsible for this section. I give them two of the most popular Ukrainian gaming site that is very well laid out and Immersed popular engines. Adapt them and built into Opera easier than ever!


        • Vux777

          but Discover is commercial solution
          they need to make contract (I guess) with Opera

          it’s like an add inside browser

          • Vladimir

            What is a contract ??! What are you speaking about?! It is as a RSS

          • Vux777

            you think that Opera is placing those articles for free?
            those are classic adds on internal page
            based on your interests and IP
            just like google search bar on speed dial
            it’s a business model

          • Vladimir

            If you believe what you say, the Opera illegally collects data from users, collects information about the interests of users which sites and news they read. At least in the settings of Opera should be the option of choice to submit such data to the company or not Opera. And there is only sending technical information on using the Opera browser.

          • Vux777

            I don’t see how is that illegal
            you choose what you want and Opera presents that to you (if possible)

          • Leonardo Gomes

            There is a option to disable sending of (some) data in the installer.

            Anyway, almost all software in your computer collect and send home some data, starting from the OS.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, it’s not because someone is asking for something that it will happen. Lots of request have been made for much longer without even being implemented.

          We don’t know what is the criterion to add a section and/or a source in Discover; if Opera has some kind of deal with those sites.

  • Sla Master

    I get sound shuttering on all web pages, including youtube with and without html5.

    Using Opera 32.0.1948.12, Windows Vista 64-bit (WoW64), latest Realtek HD drivers, this bug didn’t happen with the older update.

    • mihe

      try this command after the launcher.exe -> –force-wave-audio

      It fixed my sound stuttering on windows 10 🙂 Seems to be a bug in chromium, which will be fixed in a later version…

      • Sla Master

        thanks, I hope they’ll fix it.

  • georg

    The spell checker is botched in the developer version as well as in the beta version. It shows a dot in front of all possible languages, while there should be a dot merely in front of the active language.

  • Vux777

    difference between


    …and turbo 2

  • tux

    It seems that Chromium bug #242999 is still here on Opera Beta/Dev branch.

  • sgrandin

    Google Maps > Print Preview has a wide white banner across the map, height of the banner depending on the zoom level

  • Alex Parker

    BRING BACK flags to disable Bookmarks Trash and Sync – I don’t use them, I don’t need them, they annoy me.

    BATTLELOG plugin (Battlefield 4) doesn’t work in Opera at all. I can’t launch my game through your browser. I am forced to use a different browser. That sounds normal to you?

    Are NPAPI plugins still supported in Opera, or is it already time to say “goodbye” to Opera forever? As you know, half of Internet still uses NPAPI plugs, and if your browser doesn’t support them, it becomes… useless.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can disable bookmarks sync in settings > sinchronisation > Advanced settings.

      • Alex Parker

        I don’t look to disable Bookmarks Sync, I’m looking to disable Sync *completely*, like i did with a flag in Opera 31.

        Settings > Synchronisation asks me to sign in. I don’t even want to create an account, I want to disable that thing.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, then just don’t login and nothing will be synced.

          The flag will not return since the experiment has ended.

          • Joe438

            How do you get a request to sign in to sync? I just get a grayed out icon.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            When you click on the sync button you should see an option to login or to create an account.

          • Joe438

            Ah, I thought he was referring to some sort of popup.

          • Lacedaemon

            Well considering sync bloatware, it’s more than sane that one requests a way to disable it to make the browser lighter.

          • ayespy

            You sound like the hysterical types who used to tear their hair over there being email in old opera, despite the fact that if you didn’t activate it, it consumed zero memory and zero processor cycles. “Bloat” implies something is using up your resources. Turn sync off and nothing is consumed. The browser is as “light” as if sync never existed. You are angry over nothing.

    • Battlelog Game Launcher (Version: 2.7.1) works fine here in Opera Stable. Do you say it doesn’t work in Opera Beta or with this build?

      As far as I know Chrome disables NPAPI-plugins by default since Version 42 and is soon dropping NPAPI and I guess Opera will follow. PPAPI is still working.

    • bwat47

      As of 9/1/15, battlelog can now work without a plugin.

      To enable it: navigate to battlelog in your browser > Settings > and enable “Use plugin-free game launching”

      And no, NPAPI plugins won’t still be supported. It’s widely known that chromium has dropped NPAPI completely since version 45.

  • there’s an annoying problem that [Open the link in a new tab (T)] and [Open the link in a private window (T)] in the right click menu share the same shortcut key? it sometimes affects the user experience and is better to use separate keys.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do they have shortcuts? I’m not seeing it here.

      • Maybe my description is not accurate, but when you right click a link, you can use keyboard to control where you open this link in the popup menu. For some users here their userscript will take advantage in these “shortcuts” to speed up some actions.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Ok, now i see what you mean.

          Well, it seems toi me that the shortcut is for changing between the two options as you need to press “enter” to open the link.

          • So that’s the problem.
            Some userscripts for chrome can’t figure out this then they can’t work properly.

      • And just like what you see, the two actions above share the same shortcut [T]

  • Nekomajin43

    Another week without a dev build? What’s happening?

    • Kev87

      That is just the same as I thought.

    • Lacedaemon

      you should get a life…

    • Olli

      I have a strong feeling that browser development at Opera is gonna be canceled at the end of this year. Looks like they outsourced the whole development to Poland, probably beacause of lower wages and because staff can be dismissed more flexibly.

      Bad thing, Vivaldi is far from ready to be productively used.

      • Joe438

        Wouldn’t that mean that the development will continue at the Poland division? I suspect you mean there will be a bit of a delay as they get things settled over there.

        When you say it “looks like” it will be canceled at the end of this year are you aware of something in particular that makes you say that?

        It will be sad if it does stop work on Opera (I’m not saying there is any evidence that that is the case). Despite everything I do have warm feelings towards Opera and want them to do well. I have been with them since 2003 or so.

        • Lacedaemon

          Opera’s Oslo team (Norway) was closed in April this year, all staff was laid off, and development was handed to Opera Poland. Restructuring has already happened and the “pace” of the browser has significantly dropped since then. Not that it was that good in the first place either though, 3 years have passed and the so-called “innovations” that were promised (see “Opera’s 15 vision and beyond” and other stuff) have still to come, excluding the removal of “Bookmark sharing” of course…

        • Olli

          Well, I think the guys at Poland are just keeping the desktop browser merely alive until it gets killed, there’s no real development anymore. There has again not been a developer snapshot since two weeks now and the last one didn’t even fix all known issues. In the last seven weeks there were only three dev snapshots and not a single one brought considerable new features.
          Even worse: While there was a new final release every month since at least the beginning of this year, there were two months between the two last final releases (and the newest one didn’t even contain new features). So the manpower deployed to the development seems to be very limited.

          There were rumours that Opera (the company) is going to be sold several times in the last 18 months and I strongly believe that Opera is searching for buyers. I am rather pessimistic about future buyers wanting to keep the desktop browser alive since it seems to be the product that makes the least profit at Opera. A future buyer is probably interested in their ad business (which is also not performing so well atm due to the sanctions implied on the Russian market) or their video and picture compression technology. The desktop browser is not really interesting anymore, every larger company can build that kind of browser (without its own engine) in less than a couple of months. At best, a future buyer will merge Opera with its own browser.

          • Joe438

            I see. Much of this I am am already aware of, but your inside understanding of how development works or at least should work helps me to better understand where things are at.

            I’m very glad for your work on Vivaldi. I get the impression that you are saddened by some of the decisions and directions the leadership has taken with Opera, but you do not wish bad things upon Opera much as I also want Opera and Vivaldi to do well.

            I plan on sticking with Opera a while longer yet. I tend not to jump ship too quickly. Before Vivaldi very few browsers are anything close to operating like Opera with power users in mind. It seems all the other browsers are either good at one specialized thing or else advertise how simple they are to use. I may start dual testing with Vivaldi though.

          • Olli

            I am in no way affiliated to Vivaldi or Opera, I’m not “Oli”, the former Opera employee. 😉

            I plan to switch to Vivaldi, but it’s still very unstable, especially on OS X. Since Windows seems to be number one priority for them, that’s probably not going to change anytime soon.

          • Joe438

            Ah, my apologies. I thought you were the former Opera employee Oli. Since you are not please forgive me, but I will wait for something a bit more concrete from Opera.

            There have been many naysayers here of late so I will quote Mark Twain “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

            Now, Let’s get back to some testing 🙂

      • Lacedaemon

        Not “cancel”, they ‘ve simply finalized the browser (bookmarks, “modern lookin -Win10 compliant-” Speed Dial, syncing between their devices -the most important of all-) and all they ‘ve got to do from now on is integrating the chunks of new Google’s chromium code in it and fixing the associated bugs. That was the plan from the beginning and it unfolded slowly but steadily. Of course they would use working staff with lower wages for that, it’s usual… lame business, shareholders love those moves. I wouldn’t be suprised if they move this department in the near future to India to be honest.

    • escruting

      Maybe this week there are no bugfixes needed?

      • Nekomajin43

        That’s impossible.

  • Joe438

    I would like to encourage increased enforcement of the Commenting Policy.

  • Lamv

    Can you add shortkeys for pin tab?

  • LoverOfLife

    Why in Firefox i can play so smooth, without any problems, html5 & flash hd videos (Youtube, Facebook, etc..) and in Opera, or any other Chromium based browser is so much lag and cpu is stressed, peeks or stays at 100% ?

    • Lacedaemon

      Because for Chrome users that use only 1 tab for 1 task and for Opera users that use maximum 5 tabs -according to official sayings-, a stressing of 100% of CPU doesn’t matter to them (users) or goes unnoticed. What a great design and concept it is huh? yeah, that’s right.
      Sadly and as you say also, for anything else than 1 task you need another browser to do the job.
      But most importantly and most sadly is that official Opera asks you to upgrade your Opera Presto 12.17 for being newer and better, only for you to find out in the process that it’s plagued by the same issues Chrome has (see also white blinks, huge memory consumption, etc…).

    • Юлия

      FireFox has really good hardware acceleration (uses graphics card when possible) 🙂 Once I go full screen, CPU sits at 0-2% while watching 1080p on YouTube. Using Chromium it constantly takes half a core or more.

      I wonder why did Opera choose Chromium as base over FireFox.

      • First of all it’s Firefox, not FireFox. Second, read about the differences between their engines. Chromium is miles ahead of Firefox, and it has always been. It’s not even a contest. Gecko is a terrible engine.

        • LoverOfLife

          In these simple things, like playing videos on YT, slowing down computer watching them, eating so much resourses ? In that is miles ahead ?

        • Lacedaemon

          right, and Chromium’s engine that kills your eyes by blinking everywhere and everytime and no one seems to care about fixing it for years is so much better… truly amazing engine…. also what LoverOfLife said.

        • bwat47

          Gecko is not a terrible engine. It’s competitive with Chromium/blink when it comes to Web standards/performance.

          Performance issue with firefox are generally ‘perceived’ performance issues that stem from the user interface not being multithreaded/multiprocess like chromium is.

          • Vux777

            they are in the process of switching to multiprocess (e10s, together with new extension system)

            I think they gonna be flamed as much as Opera was when switched to blink

          • bwat47

            > I think they gonna be flamed as much as Opera was when switched to blink

            Judging from the response they got when they announced the depracation of XUL, they’re already being flamed lol

  • Footman

    opera cant open many sites on mac. for example http://www.macuser.de

  • master94ga

    I noticed that Chrome on twitch.tv have the new player html5, in opera still not, why?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Which Chrome version and which OS?

      Here on Windows 10 and Chrome 45 that site still uses flash.

      • master94ga

        All on linux 64 bit, I tested Chromium 44.0.2403.157, Opera 31.0.1889.174 and Opera 33.0.1967.0. The only one browser with new player is Chromium, both version of Opera use old flash version.

    • mikemanger

      I think Twitch are still rolling out the new player. I still don’t get it in Chrome. You can install an extension like this Chrome one to force it to work (you’ll also need this extension to install it).

  • catup

    Low memory usage? When will it go to stable stream?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      When 32 goes stable?

      • catup


  • Dark Magician

    Fix WebRTC IP leak, that is essentially Chromium bug.


  • dflyra

    The most recent posts are here, so I’m posting here. Can somebody explain how syncing works? I have a laptop, I deleted all bookmarks & speed-dials and synced. Everything worked OK for the bookmarks, nearly OK for the speed dials (I found a folder in bookmarks ‘other speed dials’). Now, after 30 days I opened my desktop PC and I found some of my bookmarks (not all) doubled, tripled & quadrupled. The same happened to some of my speed dials (again not all). On the other hand some of my laptop’s new opened speed dials were not there (i.e. in ‘other speed dials’). Aren’t the bookmarks & the speed dials from the two computers merging, ignoring the similar entries and adding only the new ones from each computer?

  • L33t4opera

    New update – Opera beta 32.0.1948.19 😉

  • Nachiketa Ramesh

    How would one go about installing Opera on Fedora 22? Is there an official Linux repo? Why does the Linux link go to Opera 12.16?

    Also does this get the same fixes from Chromium 45 as Chrome with lower memory usage and such?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, “perhaps you are aware that a .deb is in principle a tarball. Ex-Opera employee Ruari has written a script that you can use to convert the .debs to .rpm, you can find it here: https://gist.github.com/ruario/3ed0d3a6c0764c4ae9f9

      As far as official .rpm packages go, we are evaluating this: we do create them internally, but we don’t have a repository set up yet to provide easy updates, which is a requirement for us to consider official support.” – the source link.

      “The russian-fedora community repo carries all of the opera RPMs. http://ru.fedoracommunity.org/repository” – the source link.

      • Nachiketa Ramesh

        Thank you so much. What about the memory improvements. Will Opera get them too?