We’re always excited to upgrade the beta version. First of all, it’s because our most dedicated followers use it. Second, we use the beta channel for daily tasks.

Bookmark tree view

We’re introducing an improved bookmark tree view in this release, so you can create and maintain the structure you would like more easily. You can view it either from the drop-down menu or from the side panel in the bookmark manager.

Bookmark tree view

Sync passwords

Passwords synchronisation now comes to beta. If you already use the sync service, you should notice a message in the sync dialog. You can configure what stuff you want to sync on your account with the new advanced synchronisation settings panel.


In case of any issues with playing videos, please make sure you have the latest available Flash installed.

You gave us feedback that there were duplicates in the bookmarks, whenever you added a website to Speed Dial. We listened: now, only one bookmark will be added, but you’ll need to select the proper folder from the menu to do so.

There are even more improvements in this version, added here and there. So, you are welcome to play with it and discover on your own.


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