Opera beta update 31.0.1889.74

Hi Opera fans!

While summer is still here we have another update on the beta stream for you.

This build has updated Chromium to version 44.0.2403.84, and includes a couple of fixes. For more details, please see the changlog below.

For some time already we’re trying to track down and fix a bug causing duplicates in bookmarks when using the synchronization feature. That’s one of the most frequently reported bugs related to synchronization however whimsical in reproduction and that’s where we’d appreciate your help.

If you’re willing to help us to fix that issue now you have a good chance by simply setting the OPERA_DUPLICATION_LOGGING environment variable (to any value) or run Opera with –opera-duplication-logging command parameter. Doing that will enable duplicates detection code and some special logs dedicated to track down the issue. The logs will be written in sync_duplication.log in your profile folder and
won’t contain any kind of private data. Please note that enabling those logs may slow down adding and moving bookmarks in the bookmark manager a little bit and that’s expected.

If you enable the logs and notice any new unwanted duplicates in your bookmark manager after that, please send an email to us at desktop-support-external@opera.com with the sync_duplication.log file, hopefully that will help us tracking down the root cause and fixing the bug.

Happy Testing!


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