Hello! We wanted to bump the version number to the round number 128, but we didn’t make it… Anyway, here’s another stabilization/bugfixing update for our Stable channel – Opera 30. Chromium was updated to version 43.0.2357.130. This build contains a fix for PDF files reader bug, that caused some of the files to be lacking all or most of the characters. It also has one crash fix, packaging adjustments on Linux platform and the issue with address field focus on Mac solved. More detailed information, as always, is provided in our changelog down below.


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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Marcin, for this Opera 30.0.1835.125 Stable version although starting from this 30.0.1835.125 Stable version, NPAPI Flash won’t run anymore and users must switch to use PPAPI to run Flash website content.

    • Sidney Moraes

      That is happening since some versions.

      • nanana1

        Those are beta’s and developer’s versions.

        This is the first stable version that wont let me run my NPAPI Flash plugin. The previous stable version build 88 did ran my NPAPI Flash plugin fine.

        • LoverOfLife

          We also talked about this in a previous beta version. @BK ??
          And now what i/we should do ?


          • nanana1

            Not much choice, have to switch to using PPAPI Flash plugin now.
            Anyway it is a matter of time because Google had set a September deadline to stop NPAPI support in Chromium.

          • LoverOfLife

            True, i know about google will finish support of NPAPI soon.. but now i’m stuck literally, hd videos on Youtube won’t play (in my case) either with PPAPI or with Html5

          • nanana1

            I can share with you how I got my PPAPI plugin to work and credits go to those who had shared on this and other forums.

            1.Download and install the PPAPI Flash Player here :

            After installation completed. your PPAPI Flash plugin should be located in C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlash folder and the plugin filename is pepflashplayer32_18_0_0_209.dll. Make you can locate this plugin file and take note of its path.

            2. Create a shortcut of your launcher.exe located in C:Program Files (x86)Opera to the desktop. Right-click on the shortcut icon and select “Properties” and add the following switch command in the “Target” box :

            “C:Program Files (x86)Operalauncher.exe” –ppapi-flash-path=”C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlashpepflashplayer32_18_0_0_209.dll” –ppapi-flash-version=”″

            (Above line is truncated “C:…… MacromedFlashpepflashplayer32_18_0_0_209.dll” –ppapi-flash-version=”″)

            * do be careful with the “, dashes and spaces

            3. After entering the switch command line, click on Apply and OK.

            4. Start your Opera by clicking on this shortcut icon and Opera should now recognize and use the PPAPI Flash plugin.

            ** The above steps apply to Windows 7 64-bit and your computer setup may be different, so be adaptive to your own Windows and Opera setups.

            *** With every Flash Player update, the switch command line in the shortcut icon must be edited and updated.

          • LoverOfLife

            Thanks, waiting for 🙂

          • LoverOfLife

            Still doesn’t work for me this 🙁 I’ve checked to be correct in “Target” box, i can’t write the full line here, cause is truncated like yours. I think this is not the problem, Opera “sees” the correct plugin anyway, without this line. The flash plugin itself (ppapi) is doing something wrong.. framerate maybe, as i read in other forum. Thank you anyway for trying to help. I’m looking for another solution, if there is one..

          • nanana1

            That’s why I have been proposing to the Opera Desktop Team to include the PPAPI pepperflash plugin in the Opera installation file and make it work out of the box just like how Google Chrome is.

          • Sidney Moraes

            Why not?

          • LoverOfLife
          • Sidney Moraes

            Why you can’t use HTML5 player?

          • LoverOfLife

            Cause it’s choppy playback.. jerky, whatever u wanna call it, losing frames, as i said before

          • Will Henderson

            my computer can not handle newer flash player after 11.1 so i need the old NPAPI version of Flash, i guess it’s time to break down and start looking for a new computer or a new graphics/video card for my old hunk of junk.

        • Sidney Moraes

          PPAPI Flash has a better performance for me. But I use HTML5 player.

  • Marcin Mitek

    I should’ve named it Pluto edition. I missed it!

    • muratservan

      Hi mod, can you please ban nanana1 for his/her useless comments here.

      • SuperTommy

        You can flag a post if you think it violate the rules. But I don’t see any issues with her comments.

        • muratservan

          I’ve already done. Look at her previous comments, all off them are useless. Anyway she won’t get a ban, damn rules.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            If you think that a comment is useless or invalid, you can downvote it or, even better, just ignore the comment.

      • Marcin Mitek

        Well, they don’t break our rules, we don’t have many: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/comment-policy/

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Shouldn’t the last rule say “content in English” instead of “English content “?

          It looks like if you could only post links with contents from UK. 😀

          • Marcin Mitek

            Indeed, fine chap!

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  • Kev87

    Thanks for the update! I have the feeling that this version is much faster than the previous one. Keep up the good work.

  • stiankross

    The last stable build had problems when you had more than one window open.

    When closed opera with windows task manager and reopened it just one window was there. Is this fixed now?

  • Updated

    Also Flash Player security update & Java security update today

    Shockwave Player update (if you have that one installed)

  • http://www.wired.com/2015/06/the-weird-story-of-the-viral-chinese-scooter-phunkeeduck-io-hawk/

    Is loading with latest news covering the article the entire time I scroll down the page, which makes the page partly unreadable

    OS X 10.10.4

  • senja1

    Why only Opera shows bing.com different than all other browsers? These are the same problems that you had with Presto. Now I have to change the UA to show sites normally. Now just do not see the reason for switching to blink. At least on Presto I could mask as other browser for each site individually. Now I have to change UA for every site at once…

    • Kev87

      What do you mean by ‘different’? I don’t see any difference compared to other browsers.

      • senja1

        Try search something and you will see the difference.

        Or when you click Images, or Videos link.

        This is Opera UA on Images link (see orange letters: IMAGES):


        Here is Videos link vith Opera UA:


        This is with every other UA Images and Videos:



        You dont even have Image Match on Opera UA…

        This is how looks when you search something:

        Opera UA:


        Other UA:


        Opera UA images search:


        Other UA:


        Opera UA videos search:


        Other UA:


        • Sidney Moraes

          Browser sniffing, Microsoft is doing that on purpose.

          • senja1

            Yes, they doing this only for Opera? Does not make any sense…

          • bwat47

            bad web developers are bad 🙁

            In any case, since Opera is chromium based you guys can just mask as chrome for sites that do this without any issues 99.9% of the time.


            That addon will let you setup UA masking on a per domain basis. For the UA string just copy your Opera UA from Opera Menu > About Opera, leaving off the ‘OPR….’ part at the end (the Opera UA is just the chrome UA with an opera tag at the end).

          • bwat47

            pointless browser sniffing is an age old tradition of bad web developers 🙁

            In any case, since Opera is chromium based you guys can just mask as chrome for sites that do this without any issues 99.9% of the time.


            That addon will let you setup UA masking on a per domain basis. For the UA string just copy your Opera UA from Opera Menu > About Opera, leaving off the ‘OPR….’ part at the end (the Opera UA is just the chrome UA with an opera tag at the end).

          • senja1

            Your link not working. But I already use User-Agent Switcher https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/user-agent-switcher/
            But as I said earlier, this is worse solution then on old Opera with Presto, where you can mask any site individual…
            Point is that Opera has same problems for which it was moved to Blink.

          • bwat47

            looks like my link was truncated for some reason, the addon I’m referring to is a different one from the one you are using, it’s called “DomainUserAgent” on the Opera addon site. This addon *does* let you mask the UA on a per site basis like you could in opera 12 🙂

    • muratservan

      The only difference I see is an extra space dependent on view area of page. I don’t know what is the proper name of it but you can post a screenshot for “difference”. 🙂

      • Ricardo J. Barberis

        It doesn’t affect me but it does looks different.

        See the dark grey bar on top in Opera’s screenshots? In Firefox and Qupzilla it’s not grey and it’s below the search box.

        Also, the images don’t popup as in those other browsers when you hover them with the mouse.

        So, confirmed on Linux at least (Slackware 14.1, KDE 4.14, 64 bits)

  • alvin

    Bing image search problem. It happen after update, i guess


    • Those are all cars…

      • Nachiketa Ramesh

        He’s talking about the black bar at the top and the grey boxes. Try another browser and compare.

    • Jovo Vazdusic

      bing lol

      • alvin

        yes, for some specific category, bing search give me results I need while google don’t so I use both of them.

        • senja1

          Image search is much better on Bing.

    • senja1

      It was before update too.

      • alvin

        Year but maybe because my previous version is too old so bing still work properly since I re-install OS on my computer that make me install new version

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      Thanks for reporting, we’ll take care of this!

  • drkrvn

    It’s great to see Opera coming back to usability!

    As a next thing please consider improving the download manager!

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      Hi, what improvements would you like to see there? Share your thoughts with us. Thanks.

      • SQL

        There have been suggestions for improving it since day 1 pretty much, but mostly it’s missing the functionality to delete individual downloaded files (you can only delete all downloaded files from the list). Although not directly related to the download manager, I’d still very much like to be able to just Run downloaded files (so that they get saved in a temporary location and i wouldn’t have to manually delete all files).
        The manager is also missing the possibility to show file sizes _after_ download, and the estimated download time (There’s been some discussion about not showing the time on purpose since it can be misleading).

        Overall the download manager interface could do with a visual upgrade.

        (There have been many other suggestions too, but these were just on top of my head)

      • drkrvn

        1. It would be useful to have a right click menu for the ‘Download’-pop-up (the one in the right upper corner), including various options as ‘delete this download’, ‘get URL’, ‘open with’, or maybe just the normal explorer context menu for the files. I just know figured out that in the download tab itself you can do these things, still it would be useful to manage downloads from the popup.

        2. Please implement a ‘run’ option. This has been discussed multiple times, I know, but still I clearly think that it is a lacking feature. At least make it a hidden option in the flags, so that we are able to choose again whether we want to save or directly run a file. My download folder gets cluttered with many files and having to clean up every week or so is annoying.

        3. How about a ‘Download this URL’ option as in Opera 12? Just put in an URL and opera will download it.

        Thank’s for listening to us. Number 2 is my personal number #1!

      • bwat47

        An option to cancel downloads directly from the downloads popup would be nice (its inconvenient to have to go to show all downloads to cancel one).

      • eXzentrik

        Also not implemented yet: A download dialog box which shows the size of the file before the download starts. It’s pretty annoying that I have to start a download everytime to see how big a file is.

  • Ricardo J. Barberis

    Thanks for the update and the Linux library fix (glib2 missing symbols), this version works fine 🙂

  • operaUser

    How can I use RSS with the new version. seems the old version works well with RSS. and I cannot find RSS in the new version. Opera gave up the toll?

  • operaUser

    Any suggestion

  • alvin

    Old problem: Mouse gesture stop working sometime (the last time it stop is when I open too many tab though I don’t know if it is the cause)

    Also, in the last time mouse gesture stop working, I can’t type comment in to reply disqus

    • In addition to this some shortcuts stop working too. ctrl+` which I use all the time for example is one of them.

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      Hi, there shouldn’t be any problem with mouse gestures. Are you sure you didn’t disable the setting by accident? If not, which version of Windows you’re using? Thanks!

      • There is some bug that makes mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts stop working sometimes. I usually encounter this when using FN+media keys on my keyboard. Happens in both Win 7 and 8.1. Don’t know how to reproduce it consistently though.

      • alvin

        I use window 7 and i’m sure that I never disable mouse gesture. If I did, it will also not working when I restart opera but soon after I restart opera, mouse gesture work again

    • helder

      Same thing here. Using Opera in Linux Mint 64.

  • 59er

    Works fine with Windows 7 here. However, on my Windows XP computer it does not open properly. Page indicates not enough memory.

  • Momfer1

    What the f….. have you done? Now Opera is one of the fastest browsers i have ever seen. Even without Turbo! You must have done more than you write in the changelog?

    • Lacedaemon

      Search for “placebo effect”

      • Momfer1

        No. It’s true. It’s much faster than previous versions. I know that vs31 beta is faster after some modifications of the .exe and .dll files. So is this also implanted in vs30 ???

  • blue_screen

    This build blocks NPAPI Flash Player Plug-in. With PPAPI Flash Player Plug-in I have no accelerated video rendering in full screen video mode on youtube. With software video rendering youtube becomes unusable (480p) because of very low frame rate (I have a 2.2 GHz CPU).
    Also: no sound on google translator, soundcloud, amazon MP3.
    Win 7 pro 32bit

    • blue_screen

      I found out that this is due to missing GPU-Process. Since some versions of Opera I don’t see this process any more. I replaced my ATI X600 with an ATI X1300 and now I have the GPU-Process running again. PPAPI Flash Player runs with accelerated video rendering and sounds works an the named sites.

      But as it worked with the ATI X600 graphic card on old versions of ChrOpera and Opera 12.17 still works fine, this is a very annoying bug. Please fix this!
      I mean this the stable stream – there shouldn’t be so many bugs!

      • blue_screen

        Next bug: Accelerated video rendering with PPAPI Flash Player plug-in works only if Opera is set to run plug-ins automatically. With the 2nd option in Opera plug-in settings it does not work.

    • sorin

      Same problem here: in Facebook cannot play videos since Adobe is out of date, too many other sites too! Cannot use this browser completely in my work where I am not administrator to make any changes. In opera://plugins Adobe Flash Player Version: 18,0,0,209 is Enabled (only NPAPI I see there) Windows XP 32bit! Only at home is OK (Win7 X64).I will give up in the end…

  • eFDei

    After update NPAPI doesn’t work at all :/ I had to go back to Opera 28.
    I’m using NPAPI instead of PAPPI because :
    1. on PAPPI can’t play 5.1 music in quite old Creative 5.1 Audio (analog), only using NPAPI resolved this
    2. on PAPPI I have screen problems .. double size texture and images ,on NPAPI never happened
    3. I’m in panic , I’ve heard NPAPI will be supported august only, and then even Opera 28 doesnt resolve my problems 1 and 2 :////

    Can any one help me or give some tips ?

    • muratservan

      I found a solution for “Chrome” but maybe it solves your problem too. https://productforums.google.com/d/msg/chrome/3KHrijRT5rM/rOdfOUmsugoJ

      • eFDei

        yeah i knew about that , and it works for 5.1 audio. BUT I can’t resolve no.2 problem 😉 It’s about resolution , it’s very low, example :

        a browser game
        PPAPI : http://i61.tinypic.com/1fak5z.jpg – very not fine 😉
        NPAPI : http://i57.tinypic.com/2d6nx21.jpg – fine

        youtube :
        PPAPI : http://i57.tinypic.com/2i0ytrl.jpg – looks ugly
        NPAPI : http://i58.tinypic.com/14och14.jpg – fine

        • muratservan

          I’ll look for a solution but I recommend you to use full HTML support in Youtube. Simply go youtube.com/html5 and enable HTML player.

          • eFDei

            when opera 30 appears html5 was default for some time , and guess what 🙂 on html5 audio 2.0 instead 5.1 and low res problem. I checked 5 minutes ago switching to html5 (from your link) and it’s the same problem so i have to stay in Flash for now.

    • opera://flags/#disable-npapi
      Set that to disabled (it will work for a few months)

      • eFDei

        nothing happened when i switched it , besides it was disabled already

        • Check if Flash Player is updated
 is the current version (you need to update both PAPPI & NPAPI builds) as of this comment

          • eFDei

            both are up-to-date , indeed

    • Deilan


      Or try to manually go through opera://flags/ and find the appropriate flag.

      • eFDei

        As i wrote before . I’ve tried it on #enable and #disable npapi and it doesnt resolve the issue.

        I’m using Opera 28.0.1750.48 on NPAPI flash right now and it’s works fine. Opera 30 still the same :/

        • Deilan

          Sad. *Sigh* I also prefer to stay with 30.0.1835.88. 🙁

  • Jorton

    Well, then we need to wait for 128.

  • ng wang

    still there is a problem to play the video on mac website, the WWDC15 video,

    but for the small ones I can play, I am not sure whether it’s due to it’s too big???
    please have a look?
    thanks .

    • The video on http://www.apple.com/live/2015-june-event/ ?

      It think it is the embed code that uses something Apple has in Safari (they said the live stream require Safari (the video requires Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X 10.8.5 or later while on mobile it supports Safari on iOS 6.0 or later) Apple does some sort of special stream for the live stream versus the smaller videos which are parts of the WWDC 15 event

      • ng wang

        yes ,the 2015 WWDC video.

        maybe you are right. but why when I use chrome I can play it? but not opera. I even tried vivaldi, it can also play??? waiting for the solution.

        thanks a lot.

  • CUF Cyl3erunion

    On my Win 8.1 computer, opera crashes a few seconds after starting up. Started ever since it updated to .125. Anyone encounter this as well? No problem here on Win 7 computer.

  • eXzentrik

    Silverlight doesn’t work anymore at Maxdome.de since this Opera version. I have to use Internet Explorer 11, which still works fine with Silverlight. Has this something to do with changes in NPAPI support and the Flash problems which are described here in the comments and in the following forum thread?


    I hope it’s just a bug and that you will fix it soon. Or make the HTML5 player of Maxdome work with Opera – that would be perfect. 😉

    • That’s good news because Silverlight doesn’t exist anymore, thus should not be supported.

      • eXzentrik

        Silverlight is still required by certain video streaming services such as Maxdome.de, Netflix.de, Watchever.de and Videoload.de. Maxdome and Netflix doesn’t work with an actual stable version of Opera via HTML5. So there are enough reasons to still support Silverlight until the majority of the browsers work with the HTML5 players of the big streaming services.

        EDIT: Just checked Maxdome and it seems to work with Silverlight again.

  • Michael The Geek 

    Will not play Youtube vids. I get a error.


    “Live search” not working on Windows 8.1 64bit

  • shrineme .

    Opera is a disaster trying to get it to work as a second browser. Errors are everywhere, certificate errors, won’t stream any video, Very fast at getting me nowhere. it wants https everywhere or nothing. I downloaded it again, same result.

  • Razvan Dragos

    Unity Web player plugin issue. Everytime when i try to access my game i get this notification issue (and probably for every website using unity web player). See print here: http://s12.postimg.org/nom3dcjp9/vega_conflict.jpg

    • Check and see if there is an update to the Unity plug in, last I have seen Unity Plugin version: 5.0.3f2 is the current

  • Rudobrody

    Oh, thanks for removing NPAPI Flash support. PPAPI is utterly useless (slow as hell) on Brazos APUs, so that means goodbye Opera.

    • LoverOfLife

      I’ll stick with version 30.0.1835.88, which is the last that support Npapi. I don’t know how long..

  • Jeff

    I still have periodic issues where the browser tab I’m in will start to have screen artifacts flash around the page randomly. Then, if I switch to another tab or try to reload the tab I’m in, all of my pages will go black and I’ll have to restart the browser. I don’t know if anyone else is having similar issues.

  • Daw

    I cant use flash PPAPI – movies are shaking like mad :/ ON NPAPI it says – update the plugin (I have newest version). Damn you flash!

    • On NPAPI my 5.1 surround speakers works perfect, PPAPI use shi**y stereo so music is annoying, also HTML5 started to shutter on 60FPS movies. PLEASE! Return NPAPI support or make PPAPI and HTML5 support surround sound ,.,

  • Razvan Dragos

    HUO! You guys ruined Opera by removing the Unity Web Player plugin.

  • Does the page http://www.safercar.gov/tires/pages/tires_buying.html give anyone else a CPU spike for just that tab? I see it in the Opera Task manager as the tab using 39 to 55% CPU just idle (not doing anything on the site, just sitting there)

    Using this stable build

    OS X 10.10.4

  • VfBFan

    DNA-36716 Blurry font on background/not active tab title ☣
    …is back

  • OldHickory30

    I have a strange issue with Opera and internet speed. I have determine that if I leave Opera open for awhile, it brings my internet speed down by 40-50%, In addition when I run speed test the reading are erratic, i’e, it bounces all over the place. Since I did not want to believe it was Opera, I tried other browsers, i.e. Firefox and Safari and I do not experience either of these problems. In addition this has been going on for some time. Thoughts anyone…Doesn’t make sense why Opera would slow up my internet speeds but I assure you it is!

  • covertaffairs

    silverlight and flash are NOT working in this version….

    also major artifact issues that bounce all over the page.
    needs immediate fix….us netflix and amazon vid viewers are pissed and having to resort to other browsers! so far internet explorer is the winner – kill me.

    if anyone has a solution to this, please post it. im at a loss.

    • NPAPI plug in support is dropping soon

      A temp work around for NPAPI plug ins is to set opera://flags/?search=npapi#disable-npapi to disabled (will not work for much longer)

      On the Flash Player download site select the for Opera and Chromium – PPAPI version (there is expected to be another update to Flash Player on 8/11/15) another reason Flash may not be working is that the version you have is outdated

      The other question is have you updated to Opera 31 https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2015/08/opera-31-speeds-up/ ?

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