thanks to your feedback we’ve identified that Opera 30 on Windows 7 x32 is not playing videos on YouTube properly. This is connected with HTML5 support, requiring MSE and H.264.

Today we are releasing browser.js workaround, for Beta channel first. Please help us verifying the solution works well.

First you should check that you have the latest version of browser.js, please go to the page https://www.opera.com/docs/browserjs/

Previous browser.js version was

  • “OPRDesktop 28.0 core 1750.0, June 4, 2015. Active patches: 19 .”

Current version should be :

  • “OPRDesktop 28.0 core 1750.0, June 9, 2015. Active patches: 20 .”

If you don’t have the latest version of browser.js, please restart your Beta browser, it should be downloaded afterwards.

After you assure having latest browser.js version, in order to verify if the fix is working properly, just go to YouTube on your Windows x32 version and try to play some video. You should get Flash version.

Note :

  • Windows 7 and 8(.1) x64 should be not affected and getting HTML 5 videos,
  • Windows XP should be getting Flash version always, as it’s not supporting HTML 5 codecs.
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  • master94ga

    On windows 8.1 64bit playing a video in 720p with the new html5 player I have some stuttering. I have to watch other video to see if the problem is related to the video or the browser…

    • BK


  • netwolf

    Target version and time stamp of the active browser.js file is Opera Desktop 12.10 core 2.12.388, January 13, 2015. Active patches: 267 .

    Perfectly smooth playback, no problems 😉

    • BK

      seems you have outdated browser.js.. 😉

      • netwolf

        Ah no, it’s perfectly right for the Opera version I use 😉

  • Dart

    On windows 7×32 sp1 ultimate with updated browser.js youtube now play all video without html5 support, through flash player.

    • BK

      Perfect, thanks a lot for confirmation 🙂

  • Alessio

    Please, add html5 video on demand like plug-ins or add an option to disable html5 video autoplay.

  • Bancor

    I seem that videos don’t play properly on Windows 7 x64 (Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1, updated this morning).

    Please, look for instance at these links (in Italian…):

    (1) http://video.corriere.it/scontro-fassina-giachetti-che-cao-dici-stai-sereno/99922ef0-0f73-11e5-aa3a-b3683df52e95?playlistId=97fa3b06-7de1-11df-a575-00144f02aabe

    (2) http://video.corriere.it/loris-fornaio-ultime-immagini-bimbo-morto-santa-croce-camerina/de99b024-0f58-11e5-aa3a-b3683df52e95?playlistId=97fa3b06-7de1-11df-a575-00144f02aabe

    Thank you for the attention.
    Have a good time.

    • BK

      For me they don’t work until you have Adblock plus turned on Win 8.1, x64. After turning ext off, they load.

      • Bancor

        Sorry, but I cannot understand… I don’t have any Adblock installed on my computer, nor it runs on Win 8.1.
        Moreover, I haven’t changed any settings in Opera when I installed Opera 30 update.
        Could you explain me better what’s the problem?

      • Bancor

        Well, I tried once more after having turned off Disconnect 5.17.13 extension, and now the videos load and play.
        Thank you for the useful hint; however since Disconnect never caused problems, evidently it needs to be updated now.
        Bye and good afternoon

        • BK

          Thanks, take care !

  • bobcho

    thanks bro 🙂 that helped me so much 😛

  • zdenk0

    hi, do i need flash player anymore? if i install flash player, html5 is not working… and video is played through flash. if i uninstall flash, then i have html5 active, but… HTMLVideoElement ticked, H.264 ticked, WebM VP8 ticked, Media Source Extensions ticked and MSE & WebM VP9. However, next to MSE & H.264 is exclamation point and is not active. I have current browserjs. THANK YOU

  • Yen

    Please return undo closed tab

  • Сергей Трофимов

    1. Why was removed from the opera function show recently closed tabs? !! Return please.
    2. When was the Ukrainian version of Opera will add a section of the game Recommendation / News

    3. Why do not extensions updated, and to press obnovt?
    4. Add a setup function to turn off – turn on Automatic Updates Opera.