Opera 31 beta is here

We are happy that you can put your hands on the Opera 31 Beta. This release contains quite a few  improvements.

Restyled Discover feature


After the positive feedback to our improved bookmark manager, we decided to implement its style  in the Discover feature. Now, its categories list is on the left, similar to the visual bookmarks setup. Language and country settings are now found under the Settings option.

Speed up on slower devices

We have also made some improvements to speed up the browser, especially for devices using traditional hard drives. We eliminated multiple reads and writes of the same data during the start, so we use access to the drive more efficiently.

There is also another very important change on Windows. Most of the code from the executable file been moved to the dynamic library. Instead of relying on the system algorithm of loading smaller chunks of the EXE file,  we have written code to load bigger parts of the DLL. This technique of DLL preloading reduces time to access to the hard-disk drive.

Typed history synchronization

We are continuing our efforts to deliver even more synchronization options. This release allows you to sync your typed history, so you can get your content faster.


Have fun testing!


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