Today, we have an interesting update to our beta channel, with sidebar extensions, a tab cycler and improved tab menu. Try them out if you browse for serious stuff — work, research, or entertainment.

Sidebar extensions for unlimited use cases

Our new sidebar allows you to install dedicated extensions that you can use whileyou browse. Have you been missing notes? Now, you can install this extension and use it in our sidebar.


Here, you can find a list of our sidebar extensions. We hope you’ll make it much longer soon. The sidebar brings you unlimited possibilities for improving productivity. Sidebar extensions work almost like a standalone app and can respond to your current browsing, or to any other activity you don’t want to lose focus on while browsing, such as score checking.

You can enable the sidebar via the menu or keyboard shortcut:

Windows: Opera menu → Extensions → Sidebar (Ctrl+⇧Shift+s)
Mac: View → Show sidebar (⌘⌥s)

Tab cycler for serious stuff

Tab CyclerWe promised to enrich tabs with new, interesting options. And, we have done a lot in this area recently, with the release of tab preview, tab menu and tab syncing. Now, we have added a powerful tab cycler, so you can switch tabs much more easily.

You can now switch tabs by the order in which they were active. With an improved tab menu, you can change the order based on which tabs were recently used. So, it’s not just switching from right to left anymore. You can even change the default keyboard shortcuts to cycle tabs by the order you’ve used them.

If you still prefer to cycle tabs from left to right, according to the tab bar, we’ve added a few shortcuts for you. On Windows and Linux, press Ctrl + 1/2 to cycle visually. On Mac, press ⌘ + ⇧Shift + ←/→.

Or, you can change the tab cycling order in Opera’s Settings page. In Settings, select Browser > User interface > Cycle tabs in most recently used order.

Improved tab menu

Also, our improved tab menu features two new sections: Recently-Closed tabs and Other Device tabs. With the Recently-Closed section, it will be easier for you to find a webpage you have accidentally closed. And, if you have an Opera account and sign into the browser from another computer, you’ll see all your open tabs under the Other Devices section.

Open Tabs menu


The full list of fixes is available in the changelog.

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  • Zik

    Thanks for update!

  • SuperTommy

    The sync settings flag is enabled by default, is that intentional? Wondering since it’s not been mentioned neither during developer update or now. I personally see it as a feature worth noting.

    Edit: Who cares, it works!

    • rrzepecki

      This feature was enabled since O29. So it’s all the channels now.

      • SuperTommy

        #sync-prefs? It’s not in stable and was introduced in O30 developer.

        • rrzepecki

          oh this… it will be in O30.

          • SuperTommy

            Sorry for the confusion. 🙂 Thanks! Been waiting for this.

  • bviktor

    The sidebar extensions link is 404.

    • Vux777

      you need developer or latest (this) beta to see it

      • Tomasz Procków

        Yes, sidebar extensions are available for developer and current beta.

  • Vux777

    o wow
    …I’m working on “insert note” feature from context menu, when I saw this ツ

    • cool_myll

      Will it sync? Was hoping google keep had some sort of api to use it.

      • Vux777

        but I need to finish first other ext. until SB reaches stable… they are all sort of beta, needs polishing

      • Matheus Bombonato

        Sadly Google Keep has no API at all 🙁

  • SuperTommy

    Also, what has happened to the beta icon? 29 on the left, 30 on the right.

    • Tomasz Procków

      It will be fixed. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • gregorweber

    Will we eventually get a sidebar toggle and an option to move it to the right side?

  • deus-ex

    The Sidebar still is hidden after every start-up. This is broken since last four releases of the v30.xx branch (developer & beta). I start to wonder if the developers aren’t getting this issue on their development environment?

    • Vux777

      it’s connected to “open the start page” in settings. If you check “continue where I left” than it will stay…
      I hope they will mix those things (open the start page and SB to remember state)

      • deus-ex

        Thanks for the hint, much appreciated! I just tried that with the previous developer release v30.0.1835.5, upon first restart it didn’t work, but after the second restart it appears to do the magic.

        For the current beta I restarted from scratch a couple minutes ago, without importing any previous settings/plugins and got the sidebar to stay persistent, too. Of course, when checking Opera’s preferences I can see this is obviously due to its default start-up setting “continue were I left off”.

        Then again it used to work a couple releases ago with the start-up setting “open a specific page”, so I consider this as a bug.

  • eorrr

    Could you PLEASE return the Ctrl+wheel shortcut that used to be in classic Opera.

    • Rafael Luik

      Ctrl+wheel, not RMB+wheel?

  • Gustav Ekner

    Hurray! Sidebar extensions! Since the major opera developer bug with ctrl+f I don’t use Opera Developer as my main browser, but Opera Beta instead. So nowadays I am even more excited before every beta release 🙂

  • Gustav Ekner

    I see there is no Linux 32-bit download. Will you continue releasing 32-bit Linux builds?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Like linux builds themselves, 32 bits Linux will stay on developer channel for a while, i guess.

      • Gustav Ekner

        I intended more at the reduction of the desktop team. Ruari said that they perhaps shouldn’t put it out because those resources may be needed somewhere else. It’s about what the new team can manage.

        • rrzepecki

          32-bit Linux will be on Developer stream only for now…

          • Gustav Ekner

            Okay, so it sounds like you will continue with it. Nice!

  • Nabeel Siddiqui

    love the tab cycle like in the old opera. i just wish the cycle animation popped up on screen like it does for desktop window cycling rather than in the top right corner.

  • Nekomajin43

    Will you change the layout of the tab menu? This dropdown thing is really bad. There are no proper visual indicators.

    How about something like this?

  • SQL

    Ctrl-Tab not working for anyone else after update?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, go to the opera:settings/configureCommands, press the “Reset All” button, and click “OK” 😉

      • SQL

        Oh wow, that fixed it. Thanks!

  • It would take months to familiarize with the new closed tab location. :O

  • theomni

    Can you right click scroll wheel to cycle tabs? That’s still the biggest thing I’m waiting on and the reason why I am still using Opera 12. No other browser has done it right.

    • Lamm

      Only opera can deliver the best right click + scroll wheel tab cycling experience in the past. Hope opera can bring it back….

  • Hecc-MA

    Sounds gweat!!

  • sgrandin

    Recent opened tabs finally! thanks. Would prefer that be on the bottom, as in Opera 12. And strongly prefer the option to place tabs on the bottom, down where most of what I and probably most people work with in Windows is.

    Then there’s the Speed Dial. It’s really frustrating – functionally next to useless – that you give a setting for maximum thumbnails per row, but don’t allow us to actually use it unless we reduce dpi beyond the readable. There’s an Earth-to-Opera Developers quality about some of what you do. Print scaling falls in that category too. One would think that after more than 15 years Opera could come up with on-the-fly scalable print preview and printing module, matching what other browsers had long ago.

  • iPristy

    I have two questions…

    When stable of 30 will come, or what’s your time frame of releasing stable versions?

    I have finally switch to Opera from FF browser but got stuck with deleting history in Opera, does [DNA-37002 History delete directives don’t work] cover my problem in beta release?

    • Nekomajin43

      O30 stable should come in mid-June, since O29 was released the last week.

      • Wando Schneider

        I really think that now, since the shutdown of the desktop team in Oslo, the release cycle will be 2-3 months.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’t think that the changes in the desktop team will affect the release cycle.

        • Nekomajin43

          Why do you think that?

    • OldHickory30

      I use Click & Clean app….The best!

  • Ramdidam

    Your blog post says keyboard shortcut for showing sidebar on mac is ⌘⇧s. On my mac it is ⌘⌥s.

    • Tomasz Procków

      You can check and change your keyboard shortcut for “Show sidebar” in settings. You can access them directly by typing in URL opera://settings/configureCommands

      • Ramdidam

        I know I can configure keyboard shortcuts. I just wanted to point out something I assumed was not working for most users. My 2 cents.

    • rrzepecki

      Yes it should be ⌘⌥s. well spotted, thanks. Just updated the blog post.

  • Why do you still use Mavericks?

  • Corzo

    The flag to turn off bookmark suggestion is no longer available in this build, is this gonna be the default behavior or in the future could be turned off as a option.

  • Pavel Aleksandrov

    Will tab stacking from the old Opera ever return?

    • Dark Magician

      Probably not, but there is Vivaldi.
      A place for all functions dumbed down Opera refuses.

      • Pavel Aleksandrov

        Oh wow I had no idea that existed. It’s looking really promising ! For now it can’t replace Opera for me due to the lack of sync and extensions, and tab stacking is a feature I only really use at work, so that’s where I’ll be using Vivaldi.

        I still hope that they bring those features back. If it took the Vivaldi team 4 months to implement all of those and they’re on the same Blink environment, then I don’t think it’s asking a lot of the Opera team to make an effort and make their browser ACTUALLY power-user friendly.

        • Dark Magician

          I know, they kept lying to us that it can’t be done.
          They wasted a lot of good will.

  • Kira Yao

    If you close the browser and reopen it up, the sidebar would disappear? Anyone got the same problem?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, it will remain open, if you select the “Continue where I left off” option under Settings > On startup 😉

      • Kira Yao

        I have done more test. If you have other pages open then it works fine. But, sometimes if you close Opera with start page, the sidebar would disappear.

  • Predrag

    Opera is having problem to load Flash component.

    This is problem as of few days ago on XP x32 Opera beta, Opera Developer and stable stream, on min. 3 different computers.
    HTML5 is working fine.

    • Predrag

      Win XP x32, opera beta. All addons are turned off, and all opera flags are on default.
      Sound cloud is having problem to load flash.

  • Dark Magician

    YT HTML5 h.264 keeps crashing.

    • Marc

      Yes, I’ve experienced that, too! Watching a video on Youtube with the HTML5 player enabled crashes the site within 5-10 seconds. Very annoying!

  • Perk1

    In last few days i watched some videos on YT in full screen 1080p and after some time Opera has crushed.

  • Perk1

    We still can add in bookmark folder which we want it? If we have nested folders i can bookmark and put it in the first folder. If i want it in other one i have to do that manually.

  • SQL

    With HTML5 enabled on youtube, this MSE+H264 video crashes the tab about 10 seconds in.

    Can anyone else confirm?

    I’m playing at 1080p, but crashed with 480p too. Windows 7×64.

    • Marcin Mitek

      We are aware of it. Consider it’s confirmed.

      • SuperTommy

        I would be amazed if you weren’t aware considering three people reported it in a row without noticing it themselves. 🙂

        • Marcin Mitek

          Well, we decided to give it to you nonetheless. We will gather more feedback thanks to that.

          • SuperTommy

            No, I meant it as a joke considering three users reported it within a timespan of one hour and right above each other, and it would be hard for you to miss such “spamming” of the same issue. 🙂 It was more a humorous pointing finger to SQL for not reading the comments before posting, and instead reply to the other ones and say “me too!”

      • Илья Найдов

        This video is not H264, but it still crashes even is I disable the MSE+H264 flag…

      • and when it will be fixed?

        • Marcin Mitek

          We are testing a fix at the moment.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Disabling opera://flags/#mse-h264-support may help for now.

  • anardun

    One thing I was extremely disappointed with the opera 29 version, is the loss of screencapped thumbs on the speed dial. I know this may be opposite to how some users feel about it and I think I know why.

    I think that there’s a key difference in how people use the speed dial here:

    1, for some people they see the Speed Dial page in the same way they use menus on their smart phone and they just want an icon so they can use it a shortcut to get to sites they use often.

    2, For other people, they see the speed dial as a visual bookmarks system for things they may be in the middle of (searches, projects, research, etc) and want to be able to visually be reminded of what’s on that page and also to be able to visually see the difference between multiples pages from the same site.

    The first group wanted Opera’s speed dial to only give them a graphical icon for the base site of the page (google, youtube, twitter, ebay, etc). The second group wanted the screencapped thumbs and made good use out of them.

    The reality is, both groups make up opera’s userbase. So can you make it a setting that people can choose between the base site’s icon vs screencapped thumb of the page itself? It would be a win-win for both subgroups of Opera users that use the Speed Dial page the most and the flexibility/usability of it would functionally be doubled. And I would stop being so frustrated at having all of my grouped search projects now full of identical, generic, brightly colored icons that only say “google” or “youtube” (etc) as if that’s supposed to be helpful to tell them apart. It’s not helpful when I have to load each page just to tell what is on it. And neither urls nor the first few words of a page title are always that informative.

    But if it’s a setting, then both groups can use it the way that works best for their browsing habits and everyone ends up happier.

    • Licaon_Kter

      And a “reload” option with timer. mmm just like you know which software used to have 😉

    • SuperTommy

      You can choose screencapped thumbnails via the heart menu.

      • anardun

        Yes and no. That way only works if you’re also bookmarking it. And it also requires taking several extra indirect steps to 1) add it as a bookmark before adding it to your speed dial [redundant], then 2) clicking through the heart menu to get the screencapped visual that you want and then 3) adding it through the heart menu to the bottom of your speed dial page and then 4) going to your speed dial and dragging it into the speed dial group you want it organised under.

        It’s not nearly as practical or accessible as simply copying the url, going straight to your speed dial, and adding it directly where you want it to be in one step.

        Also, it doesn’t work if it’s not something you planned on bookmarking (often because it was only for temporary reference). Having to double add everything you want to add to your speed dial into your bookmarks, only makes the two features needlessly redundant to each other. Why even have both if you’re going to force people to use them in the same ways? Far worse, is how it also creates extra work to clean up after later when those temporary reference links are no longer something you need anymore. Using the roundabout method, you’d need to then find and delete the same link in two separate places (one of which you never used or needed to create in the first place). That, combined with all the extra steps required (just to get that screencapped thumb in your speed dial) is incredibly unwieldy for something which should probably just be a toggle box option in your settings.

        So to sum it up: Trying to use the heart menu for this is basically a hidden, roundabout method that takes three times the steps and time to do it per link plus creating a redundant mess of your bookmarks at the same time (manually needed to delete pages you never intended or needed as bookmarks just to keep your bookmarks use-ably organised). In short, it isn’t really practical. Especially not for something I use multiple times a day (either to update, switch out links or to add to). Though I appreciate knowing about it, it’s not a viable solution or that comparable in functionality. Although I wish it was.

        • SuperTommy

          A shorter method is to right click and “Add to Speed Dial” via context menu, then go to heart menu and choose image, because then it’s already added as a bookmark in the Speed Dial folder. It won’t be added as a separate and duplicated bookmark.

          I agree there are more effective solutions though.

          • anardun

            It’s not ideal and I’m still frustrated as heck. But knowing this makeshift way does make it a little more manageable. And especially with the added way to bypass creating an extra bookmark mess. Still not great, but possible. So thanks for your help. And for also looking past the frustrated tone in my posts (I’m guessing) is probably there. You’re a lifesaver.

            The recent functionality that Speed Dial had (screencapped thumbs especially + customizable organizing of them + grouping) was one of the reasons Opera had gone from being just a backup browser into becoming my main browser of choice. So them screwing with speed dial to make the thumbs useless/less informative was a nasty let down with the new update. Not much I can do though. But at least now I have some manageable way to get by in the meantime for the ones I really absolutely need a screencapped thumb for. *fingers crossed they’ll add it back as an optional setting somewhere in the near future*

          • SuperTommy

            No worries. 🙂 I hope they’ll make it easier too, just have to wait and see.

          • bwat47

            I like that they added the ability to customize the thumbnail type, but I have to agree the current implementation of having to do it via the heart menu is very inconvenient if you have to adjust the thumbnails for existing speed dials.

            I think they could resolve this by allowing you to toggle thumbnails directly from the speed dial/bkm pages edit function:

            SD Mockup:

            BKM Mockup:

            I’m not sure why some people got all of their thumbnails changed from full screenshots to something else when they upgraded to opera 29 though, I don’t think that’s intended behavior. On my machines that I upgraded from opera 28 > 29 it retained all the existing screenshot thumbnail images on my speed dial.

  • afurman

    Hi, guys! Thanks for the update!

    Is it possible to somehow put a webpage to the sidebar? For example, I’d like to have my preferred online dictionary open on the sidebar while browsing.

    I tried dragging a tab to the sidebar as the simplest way to do it wich I could imagine, but this didn’t work 🙁

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think it’s possible. Unless you have an extension that allows you to do that.

    • cooldept

      YES PLEASE. I MEAN THIS IS THE BASIC FUNCTIONALITY YOU WOULD EXPECT. NOTES, TABS, etc. that’s just fluff, nothing really valuable. Being able to load any page in the side bar (that’s a whole new 2 sided browser). Pls do at least this with the side bar, if you dont do anything else… PLEASE

  • Ben Barber

    Hey, the tab switcher is pretty annoying. Can I turn it off?

    I get that it’s necessary if you want to have more effective “recently used” behavior, but it’s visually jarring and *slower* than just cycling through tabs.

    The Command+Shift+Arrow is not a great replacement. I have a lot of muscle-memory with Ctrl+Tab, and Command+Shift+Arrow also doesn’t work inside a text input.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Which tab switcher?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Btw, Ctrl + Tab works here.

  • SQL

    It seems like I can no longer right-click my bookmark folders at “My Folders”, or in the tree either. I can right-click the background and create new folders via that but can’t open the context menus.

    • SuperTommy

      Works fine here. Do you have #trees-in-bookmarks flag enabled? It created the issues you have,

      • SQL

        Hm, it was actually enabled, weird. Thanks!

  • Juraj Kováč

    It’s incredibly infuriating to have my search engines reset to default on every single update. If I want ‘w’ to point to the English Wikipedia instead of the localized one, Opera should let me, and not revert to defaults every time. Same goes for adding local search engines, which I really don’t care for. Just respect user settings for once.

  • Nekomajin43

    Can anyone tell me where are the custom search engines being stored?

    • L33t4opera

      The root directory of the profile > the “Web Data” file > the “Keywords” table.

      • Nekomajin43


      • Falconet

        What is the root directory in Linux.
        I can’t even find the install directory…

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, the default root folder for the Opera beta’s profile should be ~/.config/opera-beta. You can check all paths in Opera’s menu > About Opera > Paths.

          • Falconet


  • led9ru

    How delete this?

    You are ChromeOpera, not GoogleOpera, this is offensive ads!

  • Please, would you pack a RPM for Opera for Linux?

  • led9ru

    My message – where it? I do not break the rules – why the message has been deleted?

  • Wilhelmine Faust

    Wie kann ich die Einstellung speichern? – Seitenleiste ist immer wieder ausgeschaltet!

  • Martin Fiala

    It’s great that there’s finally a somewhat sensible sidebar, but it really needs an option to switch it to the right side of the screen. Please.

    • ayespy

      Tabs need to be able to be on right, sidebar on left. In other words, there needs to be the possibility of having two sidebars, or for vertical tabs to exist on their own.

  • fliker

    Finally you’re going a proper way. I like changes in 29, especially sound playing on tab, task manager, cards from synchronized devices. Keep going this way, after long time Opera as browser (not as mail client, etc.) is much better than old versions. Thank you!

  • Pietro

    You could implement the F12 shortcut to bring development web panel as in Chrome. Really. What about?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can add it by yourself: go to Settings > Shortcuts, and click on “Configure Shortcuts” button (or go to opera:settings/configureCommands), find the “Developer tools”, and click on “Type a shortcut” on the right, press F12, and click “OK”.

      • Pietro

        Thanks. I forgot to explore keyboard shortcuts !

  • Why would Opera beta be getting stuck in mobile emulations on many pages? I have to open developer tools and then set it to Kindle Fire HDX and then uncheck the box next to the resolution and the site is fine again.

    Opera beta 30.0.1835.18

    OS X 10.10.3

    Seems it might be a bug with the zoom getting set wrong on page load

    • WhizzWr

      It can be found even on the latest stable build. Something to do with corrupted/stuck preference I think. I had to clear Opera’s AppData folder in order to fix this mobile emulation “retention”.

      • Tho I am not seeing it in the stable & developer streams, tho seems now tho to be some sites are loading with zoom at about 20%

        • Vux777

          you can check couple of things just to make it clear…

          – browser zoom levels

          – see if viewport meta tag flag is enabled (some sites will auto-zoom based on window size if flag is enabled)

          …sometimes sites switch to mobile mode if my browser window is narrow (usually when SB is active in window mode)

          • opera://settings/contentExceptions#zoomlevels Has a bunch of zoom levels (I never set) and there is nothing set for the zoom level

            Opera://flags/?search=view#enable-viewport-meta was on (will try with it off)

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Everytime i’ve tried to enable browser://flags/?search=view#enable-viewport-meta i ended up turnibg it off again because it used to mess zoom in many pages.

          • Vux777

            every time you change zoom (with browser) on any page, zoom levels are recorded in settings and stay there (unless you reset zoom to 100%, then they are removed)

            viewport meta tag was probably causing your zoomed pages

            btw. in dev and beta those settings looks bugged, it should be like this in stable, with zoom lvl and ability to delete them

          • Tho I never changed the zoom, I agree with the bugged part I see no set number for any site listed there (same spot as in your screenshot)

          • Vux777

            ctrl & mousewheel or
            ctrl & (+/-) also makes those changes…
            and they are inherited trough updates…probably new opera settings sync will also sync them (if enabled)

          • I know of ctrl & mousewheel (I found it by mistake), tho I am not using a mouse most of the time

          • Vux777

            maybe NSA/CIA were sniffing your comp, and lame as they are, they forgot to change zoom back as it was …๏̯͡๏
            just saying…
            for instance, after every update, they move my speed dials to another folder, so I have to manually drag them into correct one 🙂
            ot: you see, padawan!?..I’m not very good in this… 😛

          • I have had no luck with waving my hand

            It started some time in the 28 or 29 beta builds

  • Is there any way to stop WebRTC from leaking origin IP?

  • WhizzWr

    SIDEBAR! I.LOVE.Opera! Keep going! Opera is about signature feature tailored for power user.

  • Oh my. My shortcuts to switch to next or previous tabs stopped working, they now show tab preview with no option of easy key shotcut confirm tab selection. Could you please disable the tab previews on key shortcut if they are disabled in settings? Thanks.

  • Lucas Petrini

    I’ve been kind of disappointed with Opera since you guys started from scratch based on Chromium, but it’s good to know you are working hard to bring back good old features and new ones.

  • duhduhduh0

    I seriously think the tab cycler should be at the side bar……

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera beta 30.0.1835.26, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    • SuperTommy

      I’m getting closer, only 5 minutes late this time.

    • Vux777

      they removed article

      • L33t4opera

        It just wasn’t published yet, now it’s available 😉

  • kaoruAngel

    Oodles of thanks for fixing the tab navigation keyboard shortcuts to something more like what we’re used to (ctrl+1/2 works just as ergonomically as the standard ctrl+pgup/pgdn we’re used to, although I suppose it eliminates the ability to jump straight to specific tabs by number), and a bonus thanks for allowing us to decide what we want the shortcut to be ourselves (from the keyboard shortcuts blog post from a week before).

  • Fajar Vashra

    from what ive see, you guys working hard for almost a year or more to just add something like this ? while vivaldi TP already have this long before … just like youre working to add useless feature , do more creative ….

  • Sermon79

    Hello Opera Team, i like your decision to use a new engine and am returning to Opera. I left Opera in 2013 cause i had issues with the browser support on some sites but i am very confident and looking forward to use Opera again.

    Right now i am struggling to optimize the UI. The sidebar seems not movable to the right. This results in more mouse movements, cause scrollbars are on the right and the sidebar, where i keep my tabs are on the left. This puts a lot of strain on the wrist, maybe it is possible in future releases to make the sidebar movable. If it is already, it would be great if you could pint me to the seting where i can configure this.

  • Auth User

    How can make move sidebar on the right?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can’t.

  • Martin Marprelate

    Please make the sidebar moveable, otherwise you sux Opera.

  • Jared Kok

    I would love an option to move the sidebar to the right side of the browser especially because the chatting extensions like WhatsApp Web, Messenger and Telegram are my most used sidebar extensions are are what made me switch to Opera in the first place but they are awkward to use on the left side because they cover a lot of content like videos and some articles which tend to be more to the left so multitasking doesn’t work that well. Most websites like Twitch and Facebook tend to leave their chatboxes to the right side of the page so that they don’t get in the way of content and I would like to be able to use my Opera chatting extensions that way too especially for YouTube which places videos to the left when not in fullscreen mode so that I can watch videos while chatting with friends. I do hope the development team is looking into this feature being added in the future.

    • Volodimir Mikhalevich

      Yes! And how make it?

  • Please allow us to move the sidebar to the right side.