We have a further update to Opera Developer. It includes a Chromium update (43.0.2334.0). We have also added support for MSE in conjunction with H.264 on recent versions of Mac and Windows, meaning that 60FPS H.264 videos will now play. Additionally, courgette is now used for updates on Windows, meaning even smaller updates than ever and hence more bandwidth saving.

Linux build will be available in a later build, as we have experienced some internal problems and weren’t able to prepare it for you on time. Sorry 🙁

Known issues

  • Blank popup windows on Mac
  • Pages not loading on some Windows XP machines

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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  • Wando Schneider

    Hi Ruiarí! The changelog is missing..

    • Tomasz Procków

      Changelog updated. 🙂

      • SuperTommy

        Hi Tomasz, congratulations on your first comment on the Opera Desktop Blog!

        Btw Ruari, nanana1 been gone since you hijacked the last developer blog post!

        • Wando Schneider

          I noticed that too! And I’m Waiting for L33t4opera…

          • L33t4opera

            Let’s wait a bit longer for the 3rd “friend”, and maybe for the 4th build as well 😉

      • Wando Schneider

        Yes, a minute after I post the comment 🙂

  • SuperTommy

    Thanks, so far so good. The new synchronization flags are working like a charm! Been having some fun between two computers, like a child on christmas.

  • A nice long change log have not seen that in a while

  • SuperTommy

    Btw, the date of the blog post says April 10. 😉

  • loxiw

    Pretty nice changelog, but I’ll start a hunger strike if you don’t take the navbar out of the bottom in dev 31 :_

    • Gustav Ekner

      Or at least let the user choose

  • Vux777

    SB slide in looks nice
    but i think it takes little longer to load extension
    it’s like animation time is not used for loading, just for visual effect and then comes actual loading of extension

  • Gustav Ekner

    What? April 10? That must be a bug.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not necessarily. Maybe the post was already written and was postponed.

      • Tomasz Procków

        Yes, post was prepared on Friday and today just updated and published.

  • Der Herr Nick

    Hi folks,
    this build uses incredible amounts of CPU when scrolling. E.g. when I slowly scroll up and down a speed dial folder’s content, it consumes more than 60% – for virtually nothing.
    And my PC ‘s not even an 80386 but more or less up-to-date hardware (i5-4300U@1.9 GHz).
    This is a bit annoying as it triggers my – otherwise idle – CPU fan.

    The same goes for scrolling on virtually any other page. IE11 (IE, mwahahaha) uses only 3% of CPU for the same action.

  • 5gdev

    Thank you for the release. Waiting L33t4opera for unofficial release note 🙂

  • Zik

    Thanks for release.
    But… “by Ruarí Ødegaard / April 10, 2015”. 10 April? =O

  • Zik

    Well, something interesting.
    [Win] Sidebar panel animation support.
    [Win] Extension installed bubble for sidebar.
    [Win] Update skins for sidebar spinner on windows/linux.

    Oh, you fix dropdown for HiDPI, thanks.

    Can you default set opened “Recently Tabs” in Tab Menu?

  • Dima S

    The new toolbar on Mac looks optimistic. Some extra translucency would make Opera look even more ‘natural’.

  • Matheus Bombonato

    Is there any way to make the content of a sidebar persistent? Keep it loaded in background? It’s annoying have to load the content every time I reopen the sidebar.

  • Matheus Bombonato

    The PDF plugins still broken. Some formated texts are invisible.
    Example: http://www.tcpdf.org/examples/example_001.pdf

    • Wando Schneider

      Yes. There’s some problems on displaying italic on the pdf plugin.

  • dflyra

    A question: Why the side bar needs to be activated every time I open O and when closing, defaults to non-activated status?

  • ma_t14

    The “new tab” mouse gesture bug still exists for me. Using the gesture sometimes opens one of my speed dial pages instead of a new tab.

    Reported bug as DNA-37182

  • Sidney Moraes

    Linux will have MSE & H264 support too? Just wondering.

  • Zin

    and nothing of irc again, funny, opera has a pdf reader so users wont need a external program, the same happens with h264 but this doesnt happen with irc, well, i hope some devs who read these comments will give a few chances to this http://otter-browser.org/

    • Lacedaemon

      What exactly don’t you understand when they say it won’t ever come back?

    • Zik

      Why you cant make your own irc extension for sidebar? Opera gave you possibility to do this.

      I sure that irc, mail client, rss in sidebar are just the matter of time.
      I just hope Opera will make working sidebar in background.

      • “Through Zik or Zin, she will always be my friend…”

        Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    • bwat47

      built in IRC is a pointless feature in a modern browser, there are so many web based irc clients available…

    • Ok, you have posted this enough times now and we have simply let it go. You have already received the answer that we are not bring back the IRC client. Post this again I’ll just start blocking your posts.

      You are free to talk and ask about other things but enough with the IRC spam already.

  • Didit A. Pamungkas

    Don’t support winXP anymore.. zzz..
    Coz opera don’t support linux x86, what a shame..

    • Nekomajin43

      Take a look at the OS market share.

    • We still support it. We have fixed the known issue internally. In the mean time you can start Opera on WinXP systems that are affected via the command line switch --with-feature:mse-h264-support=off

  • Lacedaemon

    Thanks a bunch for the long awaited MSE & H.264 support for Windows, now Steam broadcasts can at last be watched flawlessly!

    Please make sure you take a good look @DNA-37036, it’s reported for beta but it applies to the dev stream as well. That behavior is not present in 28 Stable, and it should never exist or return in any stream!

    • Marcin Mitek

      Thanks for the report. We are investigating similar issue. Note: I can reproduce that in Chrome too, this means that there might be an issue with Chromium itself.

      • Lacedaemon

        Thanks Marcin, I’ve responded to that in the beta thread.

  • Hylian Ticipated

    Someday, the option to open bookmarks within the same tab will be available. Someday.

    • Mat M

      Someday, the option to open bookmarks from the bookmarks bar within a new tab will be available.
      Someday 🙂

      • Mikolaj Boc

        Have you tried middle mouse button click? Or context menu?

  • Denyer

    My tabs still appear to be stuck along the top, rather than the side… ? Pretty certain that’s a bug…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope, not a bug.

      • Denyer

        It’s definitely a bug… 😉 (Not to mention one of the few things keeping me on O12)

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And why it should be considered a bug? It would be a bug if Opoera Blink had the option to put tab bar on the side and it wasn’t working.

          As it never had such option, this is just a feature request.

          • Denyer

            Let’s put this one down to a humour translation error 😉 (Though I’m still considering O30 unusable until implemented, as horizontal tabs really are a terrible idea on widescreens, debated ad-nauseum everywhere, seemingly only implemented in O12 and Vivaldi…)

  • siamak

    Waiting for Toggle panel for sidebar extention

  • pureocean

    Dear Ødegaard,

    Opera don’t support texts to tab bar drop expect HTTP prefix. You could try drag & drop any texts to tab-bar from inside of website or text file. As normal, Opera need searching this texts on Google (or default search-engine). Opera don’t allow drop tab-bar by dragged texts. Expect if texts is “http://” prefix.

    Other all web-browsers support any texts dragged by inside web page without http prefix.

    • Mikolaj Boc

      Will report this for you.

      • pureocean

        Thanks Mikolaj.
        Actually I’ve report this (with my bad english): DNA-37121.
        I wrote accidentally ‘address-bar’ in there. 🙂
        I’m now relieved, your report will be correct grammer and understandable. Thank you.

  • Kankee

    Scrolling in the “Discover” tab triggers bug in the display (image areas) – Any return to normal in the second !!!

  • Well, I’m one of the unfortunate XP users who can’t use the browser anymore with this snapshot.

    Any timeline on fixing this? I am eager to try all the new things. 😉

    • Dave-H

      Seems to be OK here on XP, in fact I’m posting from it on XP now!
      What problems are you having?

      • As per the known issue, “Pages not loading on some Windows XP machines”, my machine is one of those where pages don’t load, whereas yours is not one of them. 😉

        • Start Opera developer (30.0.1833.0) from the command line with this switch --with-feature:mse-h264-support=off

          • Thanks! It worked. I disabled the pertinent flag and now I can use the browser without the switch (to open external links, for example). Ruarí, you’re the best.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Drop-down lists and character encoding in them are fixed! Thanks! =)

  • Bugatsu

    Where did the sidebar disappear? I can’t see it anymore. I had it week or two ago. Can it be switched on or off? Win 7, newest developer.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Press Ctrl+Shift+S.

      • Bugatsu

        Thanks Dmitry!

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Since this or one of the earlier builds, Opera dev is somehow not the default browser on my PC. It reads so in settings. The button Make Opera developer the default browser has no effect. Though http(s) links are opened in Opera dev, as usual.

    • Alex

      Same here. I ticked the Make Opera my default browser box when updating, as usual, yet the Settings page says “Opera developer is not currently your default browser.”

  • Alex

    Thank you for the new version! I updated and it seems to run smoothly so far. 🙂

    Yet my bookmarks are gone; more precisely the bookmark page is blank. It loads the bookmarks title on the sidebar, the SD/B/Discover/Tabs/History bar and the search bar on the top of the page.
    I haven’t lost my bookmarks completely though. If I use the Opera button menu, I can safely open any bookmark.

    Anyone else encountering this problem?


  • Hylian Ticipated

    Why does the Recent Tabs in the dropdown menu bring up a lot of “Closed Windows” when I only open in tabs? In-fact, it seems to be chosen at random, as some stuff I recently closed aren’t listed as windows. It’s annoying scrolling down 30 of those just to choose a tab I recently closed.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      Which operating system are you on? It should only show you the 3 most recently closed windows. Can you show a screenshot?

      • Hylian Ticipated

        Windows 7 x64. I should totally be void of errors! Alas, it is the developer version, etc.

        Edited, of course. There’s also tabs listed under the Speed Dial


        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          They might be windows from other devices – are you logged in to Sync?

          As a workaround, it looks like you manually disabled opera://flags/#tab-menu-with-recent-tabs . Try changing it back to its default, moving recent tabs to the tab menu (button top right of the window or Ctrl+M shortcut). In there the recently closed windows list is only showing the last 3.

  • Fra

    Creating a new folder while adding a bookmark still does not work. Win7 x64.

  • L33t4opera

    Surprise for the Linux fans! 🙂
    This time, the first 32-bit version of the new Opera for Linux, Hooray! 😉

  • Licaon_Kter

    The non-bookmarks-backend SpeedDial has the Reload option grayed out ( W7x64 ), great way to force us to switch to it, right? 😐
    Because the bookmarks-backend SpeedDial thumbs are static and they don’t need a refresh option, which is ANOTHER step back BTW.

    • Lacedaemon

      hmm that is not good. The new super white – blocky Speed Dial may look good with a few items (default install, default wallpaper) but with having a dark wallpaper, many folders and lots of SD items (= the real-life case and not an exhibition gallery for show-off) it looks really awful.

    • Licaon_Kter

      @ruario:disqus: Since you are forcing this on your users any news of a way to auto-regenerate thumbnails for the bookmarks/speeddial tiles?

  • Alex B

    Sidebar randomly become visible. Every time I hide it and in a short period of time (seconds-minutes) it’s here again!
    Win7x64, tested on 2 boxes.

  • I noticed that with ‘trees in bookmarks’ activated, the ‘My Folders’ link in the bookmarks tab is closed and you have to click on the link to reveal the folders within. I prefer to have the folders all visible from the outset as it is with current beta stream. Just seems to create more work for the user.

  • ricksper

    Auto Update from 1820 not working. I keep being told “Opera is up to date”

  • kohoutec

    As Alex B has already noted, the sidebar randomly appears. To combat this I tried disabling the sidebar in flags…Opera then would not open, tries and crashes every time. I reset my Opera profile to resolve.

  • Vux777

    in latest dev (win) It’s not possible to have side bar in full screen (or is it just me?)
    also, in this version, unwanted side bar closing is much more frequent. It happens on some events not necessarily related to SB extension(s). For instance, when my RSS reader (Smart RSS) notified me of new feeds (sound notification), SB closed. It is always something that triggers that unwanted closing.
    Third, on Facebook, Blue bar is broken in many ways.
    this is one example http://prntscr.com/6uuntl

    and many other elements get broken if I drag something over FB page
    I noticed that on some other pages too, but can’t remember where (probably static elements)

    • L33t4opera

      not possible to have side bar in full screen

      Hi Vux777, “DNA-35532 [Win] Sidebar not hidden when using full screen mode ☣” (fix).

      • Vux777

        but I want sidebar in full screen
        why would that be a bug?

      • Anonimo

        I want sidebar in full screen too!

    • Guest

      Clean up cache from settings>Privacy&Security>Clear browsing data, it may help.

    • Anonimo

      That bug you see with facebook, I have it too. Reported bug DNA-37526

  • Vux777

    there is a bug in pageAction icon. If page is loaded from new tab (speed dial), icon is not shown until address bar is resized (window resize) or until another page is loaded in that tab (inner navigation)

  • Zik

    I dont know what to do. Opera’s developers help me.

    In pages of Opera blog and all pages of Twitch (chat only, videostream only, even settings page) I have around 30% CPU usage.

    This video (10Mb) shows how it is going on (should plays in browser): http://a.pomf.se/croyce.mp4

    This happens only in Opera dev 30 and Opera beta 29. Opera Stable 28 is okay, but I use 30 as default browser and it’s not comfortable.

    Windows 10 TP build 10049, profile of Opera is completely clear, no flags, no extensions.

    • Lacedaemon

      I dont know what to do. Opera’s developers help me.
      I use 30 as default browser and it’s not comfortable.

      your… desperation breaks my heart. For a start you can try reading this: What is Opera, Opera beta, and Opera developer?

      Also you can’t use an unfinished OS (beta) and expect everything to be fully optimized…

  • rek

    And again the sync duplicated my favorites.. and not just one time. Heres a screen: http://fs2.directupload.net/images/150419/743i97w7.jpg

    • Nerdebeu

      Me too. I tried everything. Delete profiles on all devices. Import the bookmarks file on one machine, it works well on 3 machines where bookmarks are in a single copy. Until I turn on the fourth Machine … And all the bookmarks on all Machnes are found in 4 copies (and even more for unclassified bookmarks, until 7 or 8). I’m going crazy. It’s been months since that’s how. Never had this problem with the release 12.xx.

      Deleted bookmarks them for several days also reappear as if by magic.

  • Ralf Brinkmann
  • Operaa. Biz insanlar pek anlamadık bu operadan http://www.seksliporno.com/

  • Kost Ostr

    В новой Opera 30.0 файлы перетаскиваются как страницы html, а не файлы.