Now that Easter is finished, all hands are back on deck and we’re rolling out another update of our beloved Opera, to the beta channel.

This build has another update to Chromium (now at version 42.0.2311.68) and includes several more fixes, including further cleanup of shortcuts (a detailed list of all changes is provided in the changelog).

Unfortunately there is a known issue on Mac, “Zoom In” (⌘+) does not work—Sorry. We will fix this in a future release.

Thanks for testing and see you next week! 🙂


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  • Radik Gradenko

    I’d really appreciate if Opera didn’t reset my search engine to Google, CONSTANTLY.

    • golebiow6

      Just delete “default_partner_content.json” from the opera latest version folder.

      • Radik Gradenko

        No, I mean, after random updates. This won’t solve that.

  • this article is not shown on /desktop/ index

    • SuperTommy

      You need to refresh the page a couple of times.

      • differences between cmd+r and f5

        • SuperTommy

          Yes, one ignores the cache, the other doesn’t. 🙂

  • Lacedaemon

    I’m reporting again, in case you have missed it in the blogpost before Easter, the major blinking problem -that can cause epilepsy- of accessing pre-loaded tabs (in the background) of webpages that have a dark background, which is happening since 29 was dev & happens also in dev 30:

    -> Working fine in Opera 28 stable, Chrome, Firefox, Presto, etc…
    -> The problem in Opera 29 beta


    Please DON’T RUIN Stable with your next upgrade.

  • Opera, fix the bug. Opera doesn’t play videos on Tumblr if during the same time the real Chrome is opened too.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Can’t confirm, videos on Tumblr play fine here even with Chrome opened.
      Windows 10 10049 x64 here.

  • Vux777

    I think you beta installer wiped my Opera stable installation somehow
    only empty folders is what’s left from it (in Program Files(86))

  • sgrandin

    If Windows can allow its taskbar to be on the bottom, the default position where the vast majority of Windows users have it, why can’t Opera allow its tab bar to be on the bottom?

  • PopovP

    Thanks for the build.

    P.S. Actually Easter is just beginning. 🙂

    • Zik

      Maybe in Russia. =D

  • Habl

    What about x64 version for Windows?

    • Zik

      Why you need it?

      • Hecc-MA

        We want to take advantage of long ago established 64bit CPUs.

      • Lacedaemon

        I think Opera 16-bit is what you need. Just to run in it Windows 95 compatibility mode.. you know that’s my thing also… we are both that little perverse…

      • Gabriel Sussumu

        And x64 apps can have some security improvements that are impossible to do on x86 architecture

      • Because it’s the age of x64

  • Janis B

    Zooming with “+” and “-” only is gone for me. Now only Ctrl + “+” and Ctrl + “-” left. (Opera beta 29.0.1795.35 Win 10 TP x64).
    It’s a pain! And the main question – why!? It was very useful!
    Wish it will come back!

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts to get this behavior back.

      • Janis B

        Sorry for the late reply…
        Thanks, it worked!

  • Jin

    Hi, I’m still having the issue of the endless “loading…” tabs including on opera://xxx internal pages, on my Win7 x64 computer (not on x32) and have to use Opera without sandbox (–no-sandbox) 🙁

    Without –no-sandbox Opera only shows blank tabs with the title “loading” just like the other users have posted in the forum threads:




    I also tried the other possible solutions they have written (e.g. firewall & antivirus check, clean re-install etc.), but only –no-sandbox helped me after all.

    Is this issue on Windows x64 confirmed as a bug? If yes, will it be fixed?

  • Gloriam

    Any idea when the current developer version goes to beta? Really looking forward to using the sidebar.

    • Zik

      May month.

    • Hecc-MA

      Once beta becomes stable, stable is released, dev will advance to beta.

    • ayespy

      You will know it’s about to happen, as the updates become smaller and closer together.

    • ayespy

      And, BTW, I am using the sidebar in Beta now. Just enable the flag and then add the sidebar extensions you want (works fine.)

      To get an extension, just visit the page of a sidebar extension in developer, copy the URL from developer to beta, go to the page in beta, and install it.

  • Dark Magician

    Fix Gamespot click bug.

  • starbeamrainbowlabs

    Chrome has a new flag that, when turned on, lets you mute individual tabs by clicking the audio icon that appears. Could we have that feature in opera too please? 🙂

  • Ken

    Um… Why does the Dropdown in opera look weird? It looks normal in Internet Explorer.

    • ayespy

      Opera writes its own window and element decorations, from scratch, rather than borrowing from Windows (like IE) or Chrome or Mozilla. If you can describe what you object to with regard to the dropdown (as you provided no comparison and the vast, vast majority of users here will have no idea what it looks like in IE), you would give something for the developers to consider in future development.

      FWIW, the link you provided looks identical in IE and Opera, with the exception that in Opera, there are more “best images” shown.

      • Ken

        Here is a comparison screenshot of it in IE and Opera. It used to look the same in Opera and IE but now, the Opera look has changed.


        • ayespy

          I see. Opera adds outline and drop shadow to the dropdown box. Does it look that way in all three Opera versions, or just beta? Because CSS features like this may change when Beta goes to Stable.

  • Opera, tell us, please, how in a blink of an eye you managed to go from absolutely the best to absolutely the worst browser? how was this even possible? was it a magic?

    • ayespy

      To be fair, it’s not the worst. It is better in many respects than the overall browser market, and continuing (at a snail’s pace) to get better.

      If I had the stability and smoothness of Opera and the features (and coming features) of VIvalidi, I would be ecstatic. Instead, I am very excited regarding one of these browsers, and grudgingly satisfied with the other. You are free to guess which is which.

      • I am fair. And I know what I experience. After all I am with Opera since version 4.0. It always had problems but now it’s simply awful. Sall good stuff in Opera now is from Google. All bad is collected from both teams.

        • ayespy

          Ah. You know what you experience – and I guess, everyone’s experience is the same as yours. It’s pretty clear “best” and “worst” are purely subjective measures and, since you have provided zero details as to your personal standards, it’s also pretty clear no one will ever have the opportunity to satisfy them. Have a nice life.

          • paor ludi

            features are not subjective measure

          • ayespy

            Largely, they are. The only thing objective is their presence.

            Need for them, manner of implementation, importance of features over speed, etc. – all subjective.

            There are two objective measures – speed, and accuracy of rendering, and people differ over how important these are versus some feature(s) or other.

  • Fulerenic

    I’m really thinking about to leave Opera definitely (after 9 years relationship). On desktop now I use 90 % Chrome and 10 % Opera 12.17. On my Android phone Opera is still my main browser but in these days I observe freezing and slow scrolling. Don’t know what happened and hope that with next patch it will be solved. But I’m one step closer to switch to Chrome also on mobile 🙁

    • paor ludi

      After all, my default mobile Browser now is CM Browser, SeaMonkey on Desktop…I’m so sad.

  • João Gonçalves

    After installing Adobe Acrobat DC, whenever I try to open a PDF file, I get a warning telling me that the “Adobe Reader needs to be updated”. But… I can’t updated it because Acrobat DC is the latest version available.

    Please fix it because now I cannot open pdf files.

  • Praveen

    Theres something wrong with JavaScript. I’m using Ubuntu 14.02. Just updated. Usually, a new window will pop-up when I click on the score in this like – http://www.livescore.com . Not any more. Please look into it.

  • Synchronization continues to duplicate bookmarks. I just spent 45 minutes going through the frustrating and time consuming process of finding all the duplicates, deleting them, and putting all my bookmarks back where they belong. Now after 20 minutes, something has happened that has caused those bookmarks to be duplicated again.

    I’m done with synchronization. There’s no log of how or when it’s working, there’s no way to know exactly when it’s synchronizing or what it’s synchronizing, and the native bookmark manager is still inadequate to properly manage more than a handful of bookmarks. I’m shutting sync off until a future version where a changelog specifically addresses synchronization.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 29.0.1795.41 😉