Opera developer moves to version 30

Today Opera developer has been updated to version 30 (30.0.1812.0). For this release we will continue to work on our extension sidebar implementation (already 20 sidebar extensions have appeared). We are also working to improve the features hidden behind various flags that have yet to be enabled. As always, there will be more information on those features when we set the flags to be on.

Our changelog provides a full list of fixes thus far. As always with the first release in a cycle, we have bumped Chromium by a major version (to 43.0.2327.5).

At the start of a release cycle, some things can be a little rougher around the edges as we make the architectural changes needed to move things on. Therefore, there are a few known issues you should be aware of:

Known issues

  • Drop downs do not display correctly in HiPDI environments on Windows and Linux
  • The dialog shown for invalid certificates is displayed in wrong place on Mac
  • Incorrect preview behavior when switching tabs with keyboard shortcuts
  • Incorrect icon not shown in the title bar in some window managers under Linux
  • The about page on Windows says, “developer developer”

We have also had a couple of internal reports of out of memory crashes and (on Linux) failure to start on some distros. Let us know if you also experience these issues below, so we can see how widespread the problems actually are.

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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