Update to Opera developer 29.0.1795.0, plus a new sidebar extension subcategory

A slightly smaller update today, with 34 fixes and improvements. Sadly, not every release can be as fun as the previous developer.

In other news, I see that some of you have begun to submit sidebar extensions. To make it easier to quickly locate them, we have added a sidebar subcategory on the Opera add-ons site.

I’ll quickly highlight a few of the interesting ones that have just appeared:

  • Simple Notes—a clean, Notes work-alike, with auto-saving and a context menu to make a note from selected text (Thanks Corey!)
  • Simple Bookmark Sidebar—shows your bookmarks in a panel in English or German (Thanks Oliver!)
  • Bookmarks by the Side—shows your bookmarks in a panel, with the ability to search them

Sidebar Category

If you are working on a sidebar extension or have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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