Funky and fresh build from the stabilization branch brings a number of bugfixes and has an updated Chromium to the version of 41.0.2272.74. It also includes two other Chromium updates, that didn’t make to any public beta build of Opera. For more details head to the changelog at the bottom of the post. Happy browsing!


The full list of fixes is available in the changelog.

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Marcin, thanks for the update and bug fixes, of course 😉

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    post not yet linked to start page. 7:39PM

    • Marcin Mitek


  • mok

    Would be nice to have option to create sub-folders in the bookmarks folders.
    I see now it is not possible so i try to use already imported folders/sub-folders from old Opera. Also cannot drag/drop folder into another folder in the main panel on the left.
    Option for ‘add all pages to bookmarks’ would be useful (as in old Opera). I know it is possible to add to the Speedial but not to the bookmarks.

    • Goran

      It works for the right panel but it is not intuitive at all. You can’t make or view sub-folders on the left panel.

      Designers/devs, reconsider this!

      • mok

        Can you make subfolders in right panel?

        • SuperTommy

          For now you can right click -> “New folder”.

          There’s a new button for creating a folder in the Developer channel at the moment, coming soon.

          • mok

            ok, i guess it is in version higher than 27.0.1689.76.
            I have it but nothing happens in right panel when i right click

          • SuperTommy

            Yes, it’s in this beta.

      • SuperTommy

        In Developer channel there’s a flag for tree view in Bookmarks, so you can see sub-folders in the left panel. So it’s being worked on for future releases.

  • Hey Opera what nasty business are you doing? 😀
    Take a look at URL 95 of this DMCA takedown request:


    • Marcin Mitek

      LOL. We have a good company there.

      • So many Program downlaod links in there, I wonder what they are copying and pasting from

        (testing Opera 28 beta here)

    • Cryio

      That really made me LOL. What insane people.

  • Krzysztof Kozłowski

    Now opera blocked Flash plugin for old plugins. Change “opera://flags/#warn-flash-update-needed” not help.

    • Vux777

      there is also opera://flags/#disable-npapi (works by default)
      maybe you change it

      • Krzysztof Kozłowski

        in I do not see this option

        • Vux777

          my bad…
          I have dev buld, and this article is about beta

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, here, it doesn’t block the NPAPI Flash plugin, I can see both versions (NPAPI, and PPAPI) on the Plug-ins page. If you want, then go to the opera:plugins, and press “Show Details” button, and then see if the NPAPI plug-in is on the list, and if so, then check if it’s enabled, and if you have the PPAPI version also installed, make sure that it’s disabled – in case that this doesn’t help, close the Opera, and add the --enable-npapi command line switch at the end of the shortcut to the “launcher.exe”, as follows: "pathtothelauncher.exe" --enable-npapi, then launch the Opera, and see if this helps.

      • That’s not the matter of whether the plugin is npapi or ppapi. this option works on Opera 27 with ppapi flash. It’s just a bug.

        • Krzysztof Kozłowski

          Ok, thx

      • Krzysztof Kozłowski

        Thx, but Opera still not see *papi flash plugin

        • L33t4opera

          What is your os, and the version of the plugin?

          • Krzysztof Kozłowski

            Win 7 x64, plugin flash system
            But chrome
            C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication40.0.2214.115PepperFlashpepflashplayer.dll
            Old Opera beta(27x?) can see paperflash, 28 not.
            I back to Opera 28.0.1750.31 does not block old plugin.
            Edit: No admin rights = no install/update flash.

      • nikt11

        Thanks, helps Your solution:
        launcher.exe –ppapi-flash-path=”C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication40.0.2214.115PepperFlashpepflashplayer.dll”

        • L33t4opera

          You’re welcome, and congrats! Actually, you managed to solve this by yourself 😉

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      Thanks, that was not intended. It’ll be fixed in the next beta (if there’ll be one) or stable (if it’s already stable by the time we publish the next build).

  • Mat M


    Would you mind explaining when you increase the third or the 4th number in version ?

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      If your familiar with version control systems and branching it’s quite easy to understand: The third number is the nightly number from the master branch (that we usually provide on this blog as Developer builds). It increases every night, when a nightly build is made.

      Once Beta is branched from Developer and is on its way to become stable, the fourth number starts increasing, typically also every night. Only essential bug fixes are ported over from the master branch to the beta branch. This means that this build, 28.0.1750.36, was originally branched from developer build 28.0.1750.0, probably around 36 days ago.

      • Mat M

        OK, I didn’t know about different builds number by branch, but that is very interesting.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Small addition to what Arjan wrote: beta is built only when there are fixes backported to that branch. If there are no changes to the branch (which of course happens sometimes) number remains unchanged. Sometimes it’s bumped more than just +1 on given day cause we need more builds for testing, and each build requested for testing bumps the number. I guess you now have all information you could get out of our version number 🙂

  • When it will become stable?

    • Cryio


    • Probably within a week or two.

  • Raymond Lavertue

    I’m a relatively new Opera user interested in having the latest stable build as well as the latest beta version.

    When I click on About Opera in the stable browser I have installed I’m told I’m using Version 27.0.1689.76 and that Opera is up to date. I also have Beta Version 28.0.1750.36. Will my stable installation of Opera be automatically updated to the latest stable version when its released or is downloading from this site required? I’m thinking that 28.0.1750.36 will eventually become Opera 29 and that this must mean there is a stable Version 28 already, but when I click on stable download on the top right of this page, it seems that I still get Opera 27.

    Thank you. This is an interesting forum.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      All streams (stable, beta and developer) are automatically updated when a new build is released.

      Opera beta 28 will become opera stable 28. After it has happened, Opera developer 29 will become opera beta 29 and opera developer 30 will come out starting a new cycle.

  • Sierra

    Why font in Opera 28+ looks blurry and is it possible to revert it to O27 font?

  • Marco Giannetti

    When a new version for mac 32-bit? We are still blocked to version 24, with chromium updated at version 37 (not it’s the 41)
    I’m not the only, there are lot of mac users with 32-bit yet

    • SQL

      The 32 bit version isn’t being developed anymore, as Chromium dropped 32 bit support for Os X. You should really update to a 64 bit bit version of Os X (If you already haven’t), your computer most likely should be able to handle it.

      • Marco Giannetti

        I cannot update to 64-bit, i have a core duo (2006)…

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          Macs are very usable machines still – I have also Macbook with Intel Core Duo. Sad that 32-bit isn’t supported.

          • It is around that time when the Mac could do 64 bit, a late 2006 Macbook Pro can do 64 bit (it has a core 2 duo) (OS is maxed out at OS X 10.7.5 on that machine)

        • Cryio

          Can’t you just change to OSX 64 bit?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Although it’s kinda old, a core duo can run a 64 bits OS.
          Or Mac has a specific limitation on this?

  • Peter Šnobel

    Don`t forget correct Slovak language before final 28 because there are some bad translated strings. DNA-33914

    • Marcin Mitek

      Hi, thanks for your extensive report. Some of your suggestions were taken into consideration and we corrected the strings, but they won’t make it to O28. Expect them in Opera 29. Once again, big thanks 🙂

      • Peter Šnobel

        Most important is string after sync enable. There is information: Synchronizacia NIE JE zapnuta. Translated: Synchronization IS NOT enabled. But correct string must be: Sychronizacia JE zapnuta. Translated: Synchronization IS enabled.

  • tjnapster555

    i really like to see sync in opera

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There is already a sync feature, although limited and still in development stage.

      • tjnapster555

        how can i use it

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You need to enable it in opera:flags.

          Then you login at OMenu > Synchronise.

    • Jedy

      Me too. It is being developed but I can’t test it as it’s not supported on Opera Mini on my tablet yet.

  • Milad Ebadi

    i install and test opera 11 – 12 oftter 2 years !!!

    opera 12 very nice , good and perfect …..

    opera old version only one big problem and this : dont suport chrome extension !

    and opera new versin and newer than 12 suport extension chrome but 1000000 problem !!

    • Jedy

      What problems exactly? Care to list a few? The browser works fine for me. Some of the features need a little work but overall it’s quite a stable browser. If you are referring to the lack of Opera 12 features, that’s not exactly a ‘problem’ but a grievance felt by fans of Opera 12 about the browsers new direction.

  • nutcracker

    It’s pretty obvious: We are heading towards a ‘control panel’ alias ‘start page’ which will gather everything (speed-dial, bookmarks, history, tabs, downloads and probably settings, extensions etc.). If this is the case I’m 100% satisfied. Only if you could just fix the bookmarks – I want a tree (left panel) and individual bookmarks (right panel).

    • bwat47

      agreed, I’m liking the direction its going in. What I’m really hoping for is for the SD to be at least partly integrated into the bookmarks manager (speed dial being available as a folder in the bookmarks manager, and being able to choose thumbnail type like you can in the bookmarks manager).

  • SQL

    Can’t open any links in recent tabs with middle clicks, CTRL-L. click works. Bookmarks from opera menu do open with middle click. Haven’t reported this, happening for me in both beta and dev.

  • Lacedaemon

    So beta is the version people should use as their Stable….
    Google Fixes 51 Vulnerabilities With Release of Chrome 41

    • Marcin Mitek

      We will update soon, no worries.

      • I guessed it would be soon, just some bugs being worked out (I just reported one with click to play being broken in this build)

  • Gloriam

    With the new speed dial, could we have a black bar below the thumbnails instead of white as an option?

  • Click to play plug ins is completely broken Opera beta 28.0.1750.36 was auto loading all flash player content on every page (ignoring all click to play settings (was not broken in older builds)

    OS X 10.10.2 x64

  • Opera beta 28.0.1750.36
    OS X 10.10.2 x64

    On this page here, I am getting a long scroll to the right

  • sgrandin

    Just noticed a glitch with highlighting text on many web pages, including parts of this page: lots of text that can be highlighted with Opera 12 is apparently being seen as images and thus can’t be highlighted with O28b (hadn’t noticed either way before). Highlight and copy when needed is awfully important, practically speaking.
    Examples: (release titles, links under Latest Downloads) (botd titles) (movie, program titles) (titles)
    - (report titles, subject links top, right)

  • fails to load at all but loads fine

    Opera beta 28.0.1750.36
    OS X 10.10.2 x64

  • On many pages the scroll bar on the right is failing to load


    page loads but then I can’t scroll Also does not have a scroll bar on the right but I can scroll the page

    Opera beta 28.0.1750.36
    OS X 10.10.2 x64

  • Максимка

    У меня 2 вопроса к разработчикам.

    1. Функция синхронизации. Если у меня были закладки, страницы на Speed Dial, и я только что вошел со своего аккаунта Opera — все эти данные будут доступны на сервере у вас? Могу ли я их восстановить, если пересяду на другой компьютер или переустановлю систему, и тд?

    2. Как вернуть старую (новую) Speed Dial. В флагах Experimental start page уже не помогает. Снова какие-то скриншоты страниц в старом виде, когда красивый текст был удобнее. Очень сложно ориентироваться.

    Please, help!

    Version: 28.0.1750.40


  • Matthias Brandt

    I just got an update to Opera Stable 28.x. What happened to the experimental start page? It is now absolutely hideous. This product is getting worse and worse.

    • Aprolifix_blue

      experimental start page is gone. what a mess. make up your mind guys. I am disabling the auto update.

  • Guest

    experimental start page is gone. what a mess

  • Jim Johnson

    since the last update opera next is unable to load youtube videos from playlists

    the video-play button (no autoplay enabled) appears and after pressing a black empty spot stays, reload and everything didn’t work
    one need to search the exact same video from a “not-playlists” so opera will play them

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 29 has been promoted to the beta channel 29.0.1795.21, the change log, and the announcement 😉

  • Papibois

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