Today, we released Opera 29 to the beta stream. Now, you can easily sync your Speed Dial entries and open tabs between different devices. You can assign your own keyboard shortcuts. And, we added an audio indicator to help you find which tab is blasting sound.

Sync Speed Dial entries and open tabs

See open tabs from your other devices directly from the start page. At the bottom of the start page, click Tabs. This brings up a nice overview of your browser’s open tabs and open tabs on other devices signed into your Opera account. On the sidebar, click the device’s name to see its open tabs.


We updated the look of Speed Dial and included an option to change an entry’s thumbnail using the heart menu. You can easily access and manage Speed Dial entries from other devices using the bookmark manager.  Click Other Speed Dials in the sidebar.


We also added a quick way to access your history directly from the start page and gave the history page a fresher look.

Customize your keyboard shortcuts

You can set almost any browser command to your own keyboard shortcut combination in the settings page. Click Browser on the sidebar. Under Shortcuts, click the Configure shortcuts button. Then, start customizing how you use Opera. For example, you can set F1 to “Paste and go" and quickly get to the site you copied into your clipboard.


See which tab is playing audio

Does it ever happen to you that you open a browser session and one or more tabs is blasting sound? It used to be a hassle to discover the culprit, so we added an audio indicator. Now, there is no problem finding the tab blaring audio at full volume.


Other improvements

Opera 29 beta also includes more goodies, such as:

  • More mouse gestures
  • Centered standalone images

If you have any thoughts and feedback on these new updates, please let us know in the comments section below.


The full list of fixes is available in the changelog.

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  • Cryio

    And proper sync finally comes to Opera Blink.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info Helge, and congrats on the promotion of the Opera 29 to the beta channel!

  • loxiw

    Nice bunch of features 🙂

    But guys… the navbar….

  • Gloriam

    Looking forward to testing these new features!

  • I surely have missed it but where can we change the size of the Speed Dial entries?

    • SuperTommy

      Not possible yet.

    • netwolf

      Ctrl + mouse-wheel

      • Ricardo J. Barberis

        Man (or lady?), that’s so simple, it’s genius! Thanks a lot!

        Oh, and it also works on Bookmarks and Discover 🙂

  • Once Opera 29 is released it will be the best browser out there in my opinion. The only thing that is missing is being able to use bookmarks as the default start page in a new tabs. You have to add this as an option guys.

    • sgrandin

      Best? To me, Opera 12.17 remains more functional, user friendly.

      • Zin

        Opera 12.16 here, i couldnt bear all the annoyances regarding pop-ups talking about certificates all the time on 12.17, i want to like the new Opera but this wont happen till it gets some reseamblance to what it was in the past (remember the past when users were an important part of Opera and werent ignored?)

      • Hecc-MA

        Champion and king of “Incompatible and unstable” reign.

      • Ricardo J. Barberis

        I love Opera 12, I still have it installed and ocasionally use it (a couple of times a week) but it leaks memory so much (on Linux at least) I can’t use it long before I have to close it and start it again.

        Now, thanks to some add-ons (ClassicTabs, TabHamster, RSS, Detector, Reload Image, Page Reloader) the new Opera has almost everythng I love about 12.x.

        Oh, and compatibility: some sites are terribly slow (if they work at all) on classic Opera but fly on anything based on Blink/WebKit (I guess it’s mostly the JavaScript engine).

  • Chawoobie

    Looks good. In previous version, I could copy/paste the favorites folder into the new build to import all of my bookmarks. That doesn’t seem to be working in this latest build.

  • Jiem Kram

    Would be great if we could use extensions again in the next build for Mac.

  • SLR

    Congrats on this feature packed build. Looking forward to stable.

  • Yves

    Sync for password will come too ?

  • netwolf

    Sync is only working half: I have Opera running on an iOS and an Android device (besides desktop). While both devices appear in Bookmarks – Other speed dials (correct entries shown), only the iOS device shows its SD entries and it looks as if the Android-device didn’t exist at all.
    (both devices running latest version, sync is of course enabled).

    btw, one question: how does the “new” sync relate to “old” Opera link and the 12.17 client which is connected to it, everything synced as it should be?

  • Radik Gradenko

    Please give us a way to sort the bookmarks alphabetically – even recursively. Thanks 🙂

    • SuperTommy

      For now you can sort the bookmarks alphabetically via the O-menu and right click on the bookmarks folders.

      • Radik Gradenko

        Neat, thanks. Then I guess it should be almost trivial to add this to the bookmark page as well… sometime 🙂

  • hrh_fourtyseven

    wow Sync Finally !!

    but where is the reload option for speed dials pic?
    and where is “option to change an entry’s thumbnail”?!!

    • Wando Schneider

      From the blog post: “We updated the look of Speed Dial and included an option to change an entry’s thumbnail using the heart menu.”

      • hrh_fourtyseven

        sorry but I really couldnt find any reload or changing thumbnail option!

      • Nekomajin43

        How about changing the tile size and the white color around the tiles?

        • Wando Schneider

          As I say in the comments below: It’s a work in progress. Wait and you’ll see 🙂

        • hrh_fourtyseven

          ctrl+scroll for size

  • Lacedaemon

    forget it…

    • Hecc-MA

      Quite annoying and quite frustrating, like playing cat and mice, been there.

      Move the folder to the second position and then move the item you want to put in it.

  • Matheus Bombonato

    Can we have sync for search engines and extensions as next step? 🙂

  • Upekha Leslie

    Can you please add password sync as well, that would be fantastic. Thank You!

  • siamak

    Tanks for sync But complete your work with sidebar panel and add toggle option for that. tanks again.

  • Wraith

    I would like old native Speed dial sync or an option to make my dials sync without having separated dials on bookmarks.

  • Shion

    While sync is yet to become usefull to me, that sound indicator is quite a nice idea. Nice, but pretty much useless as it is. To make it usefull you should at least add a mute button, like Maxton did. Or if you wish for a unique useful feature – per-tab mute, or even better – per-site mute/volume options should be made. You know, it would be very usefull on screamer/porn/unmoderated sites. Hope to see centered standalone images on stable stream soon.

  • Florent Martin


    I would like to know if you think that soon it will be possible to have 2 or more tabs open at the same time like in Opera 12 ?

    Now that many people own wide screen monitors, it would be really useful to be able to have 2 tabs open in the same window.

    I miss this option a lot !

    Thanks a lot for improving the new Opera, can’t wait to see the side bar extensions working !

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think it will come back, at least in a near future.

      • Florent Martin

        That’s sad, it was really very convenient !

      • plague

        Unfortunately, probably won’t ever come back, as Opera 12 used an MDI window model, which no other browser does.

        The only way I see it happening again, without them reprogramming the entire window model, is to make a tiling interface, where you’d put two (or more) pages side-by-side while still being fullscreen (each page won’t have their own window controls).
        Sure, it’s possible to hack together an MDI-like interface on top of an SDI-interface, but it would not be the same thing.

  • iosaddict

    Not possible to refresh speed dials anymore?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not in an easy way, i guess. You can do it by changing the thumbnail to another one and then returning to the original one.

      • iosaddict

        That’s annoying. I hope there is a refresh option for all bookmarks. 🙁

        • Lacedaemon

          It is even far more annoying that for this to change (back) we need to wait until version 30 becomes stable which is in 3 months time…

  • PaulW

    I fail to see why everyone seem obsessed with syncing speeddial and the like between devices. The last thing i want is to sync between my work and home PCs. They have completely different points of interest..

    • beBoss

      Lol, so don’t sync, wtf…

      • plague

        I’d like to sync _some_ things (like _some_ bookmarks) but not _all_ things. Have any suggestion for me as well?
        It’s simply not a “one size fits all” type of thing.

    • Wando Schneider

      The Sync is not ONLY to share things between home and work. For me, the important thing is to make a online backup of my profile. When I format my pc, for instance, after I re-install Opera, i can log in and i have everything there, as i left, without any effort. Other example: I have at home a PC, notebook and smartphone, and they all have my bookmarks (and in the future, all the information that will sync between devices). AND, if you really don’t see utility in Syncing, don’t use 🙂

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Although you can use it for that purpose, you should always bear in mind that no sync service is meant to be used as a backup.

        • Wando Schneider

          I don’t know about Opera Sync, but the Chrome Sync is designed to be a backup tool.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Where it says something about being a backup tool? I couldn’t find anything.

            I can’t see how a sync service can be a backup service. If some data is deleted then it will be deleted also from the backup because it’s synced.

          • Wando Schneider

            “When you sign in to Chrome, your Chrome settings on that computer are saved and synced to your Google Account.” .

            For me, saving the last state of my profile is a backup. For instance: i never need to backup the files of my profile.. i can format my pc and, after I re-install, just need to login to have everything in the browser again.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Ok, but what happens if you delete something by mistake? You will be able to recover it or it will be deleted from everywhere because of the sync?

          • Wando Schneider

            I know what you mean. But for me, works as a backup tool anyway. 🙂

          • loxiw

            It’s obvious that one of the Sync uses is to instantly get your synced data back every time you do a new install 😐 Call it backup or whatever you want

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can use different accounts or just don’t use sync.

      • plague

        How about when you’d like to sync _some_ things but not _all_ things, for example if you happen to look up some work-related things at home and want to sync that to your work machine? Yeah…. That won’t work.. It’s currently all or nothing, so his argument is valid.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I guess that in the future we may be able to select which itens (SD, Bookmarks, History, Passwords, etc) we want o sync.

          • plague

            Hope so.

    • Shion

      There are people out there, who have more than one “man-network physical interface”. PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone – many people have all of those and some even have more than two of the same. Cloud services and storage are an answer to realise true mobility privelege when one have access to all his data on any terminal at any place. Opera sync is a part of cloud services that focuses on user being able to switch devices instantly without stopping whatever he was doing. Nice feature, that also comes at the price of letting Opera and potentially some other 3rd party to know about your browsing habits and interests. Thus the obsession. Thus the paranoia.

      And speaking of paranoia, *extensionless* Opera with sync disabled goes to these adresses right from the start: – some chinese company – connection never goes down. Hey, we’re not a part of some chinese bot net, are we?
      * – cloud storage service, presumably used for Opera Sync feature or Opera Turbo, this connection is persistent too. – Cloudflare service – could be anything. Possibly a check for exstensions update. Non-persistent.

      It also frequents to and So our “browsing habits and interests” is pretty much somewhere out there already.

      LG did similar crap with their Smart TV. Don’t repeat their mistake.

  • Please make an option to change background color for centered standalone images. I prefer black but it should be optional if it will be included

    • Shion

      So they just centered the image and nothing else? I’m using stable stream only, thus the question.

      • Lacedaemon


    • 5gdev

      I prefer semi-transparent background 🙂

  • Bob Tarling

    Sadly, I now seem to have lost all of my speed dials and speed dial folders from my start page, and clicking on speed dial or bookmarks doesn’t bring up anything on the screen. Thank you Opera for another retrograde step.

    • Lacedaemon

      Try disabling opera://flags/#favorites-bookmark-backend or opera://flags/#experimental-start-page or both?

      • Bob Tarling

        Thanks Lacedaemon. It seems to have sorted itself out, although it seems to be very slow at loading the speed dial icons – sitting with the theme background image for a couple of seconds or longer, before displaying the ‘Windows 8 app’-styled coloured block images, before changing to the preferred display showing web page thumbnails… out of interest, how does one disable the two items you’ve mentioned?.

  • Hi, I wanna to discuss something out of this update. I’ve heard that your company, Opera Software has acquired a VPN service provider. As a Chinese user, we are concerned that maybe some day in the future Opera Broswer will be blocked by the government in mainland china, as the gov won’t admit an unauthorized third-party vpn provider providing its services within China if you are going to integrate such services in Opera browser. As aithful users, we’re not looking forward to such situation coming true. Maybe that’s too early to discuss the topic here for we don’t know what may happen and what you will do next, but under the current circumstances, we really worry about this. So, please be aware of it.

    Finally, thanks for the amazing update!

    • Jorton

      Take it easy, Opera is not that attractive to be blocked by China. China only blocks something that are attractive but meaningless.

      • Now the gov is so sensitive, as they just blocked Avast….It’s simply an antivirus

  • Rafael Luik

    Wait are you seriously going to keep this “Other Speed Dials” nonsense?? I want the same Speed Dial on every device. Do you know the thing that’s called “sync”?

    • Dmitry Kirin

      A user may need his or her entire bookmark collection but different its subsets on different PCs. For example, theoretically, I need a different quick access set (SD) on my travel laptop while having access to the entire bookmark collection. Personally I would welcome a choice of which folder of my entire collection to expose as local SD and local BM bar on each PC.

    • SuperTommy

      Just copy the speed dials from “other speed dials” over to your current speed dial folder or other devices. Takes 3 seconds.

      • Rafael Luik

        Copy and pasting things when that should be automatic? No thanks.

        • SuperTommy

          Sure thing, no one is forcing you.

          • Herr Pietrus

            In the old Opera there would be an option to check: “keep one SD for all devices” – I’m sure… And no, I wouldn’t use it, I have different SD on my phone an on my PC, but sometimes choice is a good option…

            Still, Opera 28 will be my last Opera, so I don’t care how it works…

          • Rafael Luik

            It doesn’t apply only to PC-phone, if you have access to various PCs, like a desktop and a notebook, hybrid or whatever it’ll still separate it like you have 2 or more completely different Speed Dials. Hello, what’s the point of sync then? Creating duplicate stuff and making your collection a mess is how this Opera beta works.

            I can create a folder for work stuff if I want. IF my job deserves that I bring any of it home.

            Perhaps even better would be a Speed Dial with optional “groups”: Home, Work, Etc. Then you can click on which one you want to display when you’re at your house or at your work and it’ll be registered to open the last you pick there as default next time you start Opera.

            I hate to use that phrase but: I don’t need Opera to “know what’s best” for me in this situation. I can decide how I want my bookmarks organized by my own…

            I use Speed Dial literately as my bookmarks collection (like the initial Opera 15 vision) and I see no need to move it all to a secondary location (the bookmarks manager) just so I have to perform more clicks to access them and now obligatory if I want real sync. So I want SD sync across all devices…

          • Vux777

            I think they screwed up with all that bkm-SD philosophy (and now incoming stash as reading list)
            Speed dial should remain what it was, with his own separate sync channel, and not being part of the bookmarks (either by sync or part of the bkm object)
            Now the boundary between SD and any other bkm folder is erased, which looks logical, but in practice creates more mess

          • Sidney Moraes

            You can rename the speed dial folders.

          • Rafael Luik

            Sure. No one is forcing me to use Opera either.

      • Joe438

        Thank You SuperTommy! I was trying to figure out how to copy speed dial from one device to another, but it just was not coming to me. I kept trying to drag them from one folder to another.

        Now that I can copy and paste I have to say that I like this new sync version a lot more than the Opera Legacy version of Opera Link. I am really liking the directions that Opera is heading in.

        • SuperTommy

          You’re welcome. 🙂

      • jedy123

        Problem is if you copy them all in one go, you may get duplicates as it doesn’t replace the same speed dials. Also the picture from the speed dials copied just shows the coloured background and url. Very messy if you ask me.

        • SuperTommy

          Definitely could be done better, I agree.

  • Data Keeper

    REGRESSION: This version start its child tasks in idle priority.
    – When CPU is busy (100%) it takes ages to load a tab.
    – This was fixed few releases ago (all sub-process was load into normal priority) and back again in this version and the latest dev version.
    – Is there a opera flag, so Opera loads it child processes (tabs) in same priority as the master opera process?

  • icion

    add custom mouse gestures

  • Oleg

    Must be able to disable certain mouse gestures. Thanks!

  • Niedobry Pan option for changing thumbnails in heart menu.
    2. when speeddial page starts, in first moment i see all my speeddial icons in simple metro style which I prefer, then it goes back to thumbnails of actual sites
    3. how can I turn on that simple style?

    • SuperTommy

      All via the heart menu. Look again, you can choose image with the arrows. (metro style tiles are often last)

      • Niedobry Pan

        where are those arrows? no arrows here tommy.
        when I’m in hearts menu and my pointer is on any of thumbnails my only options are;
        a) checker in left corner
        b) small icon of a pen to edit name and url
        c x to delete
        thats all no arrows shows up

        my opera build is: 29.0.1795.21

        • sbs73000

          “Heart menu” is the heart at the right of the address bar… What you describe here seems to be the edit options in the bookmark manager.

          • Niedobry Pan

            jeeeez… thanks
            why its so complicated?
            little heart menu in address bar with some functionality
            plus this heart menu in speeddial tab with less functionality
            i’m confused
            thanks sbs73000!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Which heart menu in Speed Dial? You mean the bookmarks icon in the navigation bar?

    • It’s true. Whenever you open the new speed-dial for a brief moment you see the metro style dials and then they change to the thumbnail.

  • Michal

    Will it be possible in the future to have the option to change the Speed Dial from light to dark color?

  • Perk1

    Very good !

    “See which tab is playing audio”

    but i do not like how looks speed dial now.

  • Kamen Minkov

    Visual stuff aside, It’d be nice to have a fixed number of speed dial columns (not a maximum), so they’d scale down on window resize.

    Another thing – single key shortcuts seem to be messed up – context is not properly detected and they sometimes fire from inside a text field (while typing this for example).

  • Alesha Filatov

    Awesome! I love new opera 😀

  • Przemek

    I love the new release, thank you!

  • Puc

    well your “quick” way to access history and others from that bottom bar, it’s not working for me 🙁
    I added settings, flags, bookmarks and history to my bookmark-toolbar a while ago. It’s way quicker to access (on top with all the other bottons), takes less of my vertical space and is always ready to click.
    What’s your professional ergonomic approach with that bottom bar in contrast to all the other menus in the top area?
    Well you could make it worse and enforce using the speeddial by removing the bookmark-toolbar >:p

    • Herr Pietrus

      What’s your professional ergonomic approach with that bottom bar in contrast to all the other menus in the top area?

      It was easier to put all these big icons with labels beneath them at the bottom than redesign the upper part of internal pages in order to place there additional buttons. Yes, it’s “professional”…

      • plague

        I disagree..
        Look at the mockup in this post:

        By the way, there is nothing difficult about the placement, it’s simple css.

        • It should be either on the right side or on the bottom. Top is not that good.

          • plague

            I disagree about the right side being better than top.
            …which is why it should be an option.

        • Herr Pietrus

          Oh, I see I should mention something about the irony 🙂

          Of course I’ve seen that mockup and I know that propably it’s not very difficult to make that toolbar in this way. But you need some goodwill to do it…

          • plague

            Haha, ok knowing that, your post makes much more sense. 😉

            Agree about the goodwill..
            I’m just saying, it’s a very simple thing to add.

  • Nomo Hakon

    I liked the old Opera, you know, the last one with all the settings. Im still waiting for THE SETTINGS, like disabling all animations of interface or “minimising” panel after clicking on its tab. Please, work on that.

  • Mike Gagloev

    Well, I should say – I really like improvements in sync. But I really miss the “new style” speed dial. It looked awesome and was comfortable for quick recognizing sites.

  • Jorton

    I miss the opera link very much. I can visit any saved website on any computer using links in opera link. Is there any chance to integrate it into the new sync?

    • ayespy


    • Install Opera 12 and let it sync, then import them into the new Opera.

      • Sumit Malwadkar

        The same I’m doing for my passwords to sync.

  • Thomas Hurst

    So, encryption? Because I’m not sending you detailed logs of my browsing history, just.. no. You get zero-knowledge opaque blobs, or nothing.

    If “We take your privacy seriously”, damn well act like it.

  • sgrandin

    My Speed Dial settings have been wiped out with this build. My setting of 7 columns (with fairly small thrumbnails in 28b) is now 5 columns with large ones. The checkbox to not use large thumbnail size is missing. And I don’t like Metro style at all. This build is a real step backward re the Speed Dial.

  • May we please get back reloading of [custom] Speed Dial thumbnails.

  • LoverOfLife

    Default browser Opera beta again, because of this version. I hope to see these features in stable. Thank you!

  • Druszlak

    Great release, thanks Team.

    Two things:

    1) Please add option to quick open all bookmarks from folder by clicking right button the folder (left menu in bookmarks tab) and choosing “Open all”. This feature is available in “O” menu, so why it shouldn’t be in Bookmarks Manager? 😉

    2) Please give us option to choose bookmarks order when opening all bookmars from folder – now the last bookmark in folder opens as a first and so on. I would like to see the same order as inside the folder.

  • Sidney Moraes

    We will have passwords sync?

  • Some reason this build on OS X 10.10.2 is loading the Desktop blog in mobile view

  • Vux777

    bookmark “undo delete” doesn’t work. After animation item is in trash folder again, and if in list view, this happens
    switching from list to grid view and back, removes all other nodes from trash, and only bugged one is left. Only when clicking on other folder and back to trash, other nodes are visible again
    also, strange thing, while writing this, I have dev and beta opened…In beta, favicon on one of the tabs is blinking together with reload icon from that tab (no traffic). this is url of the tab , if it means something

    are you using any in-house method for “undo delete” bkm?

  • Barry Miller

    I have been an Opera 12 user for a long time. I’ve recently tried out both Opera Beta and Opera Developer. In the new speed dial I like the ability to stack sites under a single place better than having them all separate like in 12. I like the auto fill in both the new versions. I HATE the bookmarks in both the new versions. Because of the unhandy and confusing way bookmarks are handled in the new versions, I will likely keep 12 as my default browser. BTW I liked the transparent background in Beta and Developer speed dial and now that’s changed to a solid white 🙁 The lack of the ability to not see the add a tab like in 12 is also a disappointment. If or when speed dial changes or I have the ability to configure it differently like in 12 and if or when the bookmarks are handled like in 12, I probably won’t switch to the newer versions.

  • cr2004

    Can I suggest something? In my opinion the navigation bar is needless. “Speed dial” “Bookmarks” “Discover” “Tabs”… you can have those as a speed dial tiles (I am using experimental speed dial page in Opera 29). Please, give us a possibility to remove it or at least to move it to a different place (for example to the left, like it was in Opera 26’s experimental speed dial page).

  • Abhilash


    In OperaLink, its possible to browse through bookmarks, speed dials, notes etc which have been synced.

    1) Where can I browse through synced bookmarks etc similar to link in the new ‘sync account’ ? I dont see any options

    2) Any plans to introduce notes in browser?

    • ayespy

      2) They will be in the extensions sidebar

    • Vux777

      you can try this
      …but you’ll need latest developer version

  • It’s getting to the point where there’s fewer gripes from other users I can agree with. Most of it just sounds like whining and tantrums.

    – Speed Dial look and usage seems fine to me. Took me a little to figure out you can Zoom in and out, and after that it seems fine.
    – Being able to remove the “Add a site” tile via settings or flags would be nice, but not critical.
    – Being able to shift where the navigation buttons for the Start Page are at via settings or flags would be nice, but not critical.
    – Adjusting thumbnail of bookmarks via the heart menu works great once you understand it, but it’s not a very intuitive way to change a bookmark’s icon. Most people would assume the bookmark icon is changed in the Bookmark Manager, which I think should be a feature. Maybe a heart icon right on the icon itself in the manager that simply replicates the heart icon menu you see with the page loaded?
    – Need to be able to sort Bookmarks alphabetically, forward and reverse.
    – Drag and drop while in list view in the bookmark manager is awkward and a little frustrating. It would be nice if the bar you’re dragging were offset to the right a little bit so you could more clearly see when you were hilighting a folder you’re trying to drop a bookmark in to.
    – Having the device Speed Dials and the computer Speed Dials separate sections of the bookmarks is a great idea and I’m glad it’s being done that way.
    – Very happy to see custom keyboard shortcuts showing up.
    – I like the “Open Tabs” page, and hope it may feature a way of loading tab sessions in the future from within it.
    – Centering stand alone images is one of those things you’d never really think about, but now that I see it in action I think it looks more “professional”.

    I’m still not quite ready to relinquish “Tidy Bookmarks”, but I’m /really/ close. Good update.

    • Guest

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  • Utkarsh Sharma

    Congrats devs, 3 back to back updates, new year resolution coming on fine, then.

  • LoverOfLife

    Please add Romania to Discover

    • Kamen Minkov

      So you’re fine with predefined content you can’t customize as long as it’s about your country?

      • LoverOfLife

        As long as they don’t remove it (from what i see), i preffer at list to be able to see info from my country

        • Kamen Minkov

          You can try – you can customize it with as many local sites you want.

          • LoverOfLife

            That’s another thing.. we’re talking about inside Opera built in features

          • Kamen Minkov

            Yeah, but people have been complaining about it since its inception and yet almost nothing’s changed. That’s kind of like non-removable sponsor content.

  • Ok, I take it back a little. After enabling sync and having part of my bookmarks duplicated between the “Bookmarks bar” and the “Imported Bookmarks” folders, then spending the next two hours and having to install an additional bookmark manager extension, I’ve decided Opera Bookmarks aren’t as close to being a good, finished product as I thought.

    – Being able to sort alphabetically and sort folders first is a MUST. I could not have cleaned up the mess the bookmark duplication glitch created without an extension that did this.

    – Tree of folders on the sidebar that can be dragged and dropped to. There’s apparently no way to move bookmarks UP in the tree without this, unless you’re moving to top level folders. You can do it by dumping to a top level, select that folder, then work your way down the tree, but that’s silly and time consuming. Again, had to use an alternate extension to do this the way most people would intuitively think to do it.

    – Need to be able to CUT tags, not just copy them.

    – The action to drag and drop one item into another tends to shift the tiles/bars around too quickly. There needs to be a delay in the tile shifting. The majority of the time, I don’t want to “custom arrange” my bookmarks, I want them alphabetical. Given that, it makes more sense for the drag and drop action to favor dropping into subfolders over shuffling tiles/bars. Keep the tile/bar shuffling action, just delay it a little more to favor dropping actions.

    – Sometimes while trying to drag & drop into the folder that’s the first entry of a folder, the folder failed to hilight and I couldn’t drop. I had to cancel the action, move the folder so it wasn’t first, then do the drag and drop. Weird and frustrating.

    – I don’t understand why the bookmark manager doesn’t do “Folder merging” and “Duplicate copying”. In other words, why can’t I take the “Links” folder from the “Bookmarks bar”, drag it into the “My folders” folder where an existing “Links” folder is at, and have the two folders merged into one, with duplicate bookmarks copied over each other. Is that some kind of feature? I don’t understand why you’d want to prevent merging identical bookmarks by default, and it made the experience of cleaning up this duplication glitch extremely frustrating.

    On a side note, I’m happy to see DuckDuckGo added to the official “default” search engines for Opera. I noticed that when I was hunting for bookmark extensions.

    EDIT: In addition, keyboard controls for the bookmark manager would be good (Keyboard control of the Speed Dial/Start Page in general is either non-existent or not intuitive), and there needs to be a way you can default all bookmark folders to either one type of view or another. I don’t mean the current method of each folder having it’s own viewstyle should be removed, I mean there should be a setting somewhere where you can say “Make all folders X viewstyle by default/as of now”, then the user can go through and individually pick which they prefer for which folder. As it is right now, whereas I’d prefer lines view for everything except a few select folders with just a few bookmarks I’d like to see screenshots of for icons.

    • bwat47

      To add to this, another annoying issue with the bookmarks manager is the search function. When you search there is no way to see what folder the search results belong to, which often leads to rather…useless/confusing/messy looking search results.

      This is exacerbated now that we have SD sync, because by default it searches everything at once, including your other speed dials, which often leads to messy looking duplicate results like in the following screenshot:

      As you can see, a simple search results in 3 identical bookmarks, and there is zero indication of which folder they are in or which device they are in. We badly need improvement to how search results are presented, such as:

      1. Search filter options, i.e. search only this device, or only this folder
      2. group search results by folder and/or device. (the search on the speed dial page already groups results by folder, so I don’t know why the heck the bookmarks manager search doesn’t)

      I find the bkm usable for the most part, but whenever I use the search function it makes me want to punch a baby 🙂

    • ayespy

      I personally have given up on trying to tidy up my bookmarks. The manager makes it nearly impossible.

      • Without feedback on why the manager makes it nearly impossible, there’s never going to be a change to make it possible. I use an extension to manage my bookmarks right now, but when new versions come out, I pop in and try to do things natively. The native bookmark manager has gotten better, and I’d like to think user feedback like what’s found in the comments on this blog have helped to steer that improvement. I mean, this is the beta stream. It’s kinda part of the deal of using beta software.

        • ayespy

          What would make it work would be a truly functional drag and drop tree view. The developers already know this, I feel, and are crawling toward it, inchwise. The fact, which has been mentioned over and over by multiple users, that one cannot easily see multiple levels of hierarchy and drag bookmarks between them, is what makes tidying up an arduous and time-consuming task. Again, this is not new data.

          It was not a big deal until I wound up with multiple versions of various bookmark folders and duplicates of bookmarks from different builds on different machines (due to syncing coming on line), but now that I have a big mess, it would be nice to clean it up. It just would not be easy – so after several frustrating minutes at it each of several days in a row, I quit for now until the bookmark manager actually permits bookmark MANAGEMENT.

          • Rob

            Also sorting options please.

  • ayespy

    Curious why, when 29 was promoted to beta, it didn’t bring the (functional) sidebar with it. You can turn the sidebar on, but sidebar extensions are still hidden from the beta stream browser.

    • SuperTommy

      Explained in the previous developer blog post, it needs more work for it to be beta quality.

      • Nekomajin43

        He is talking about the extensions, not the sidebar itself.

        • ayespy

          True enough, but it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other. If the extensions are hidden from the Beta stream and therefore cannot be installed, the sidebar might as well be absent, too. It appears quite functional and stable in the Developer stream, so the logic of hiding it once 29 was promoted to Beta is lost on me. I mean, “will have more improvements,” “it needs more work,” – yeah? What exactly does that MEAN? What improvements? What work? Wouldn’t the Beta stream be the exact place where such improvements and work would take place? The developers have something in mind, I’m sure, but I haven’t seen it laid out. So, I remain curious, just as I was when I made the initial comment. Nothing has been illuminated.

          • Nekomajin43

            You can install the extensions. Just download them, go to developer mode, then drag and drop the nex file to the extension manager.

          • ayespy

            Ahh. Kewl tip. Good to know.

          • Sierra

            Or simply go to extension web page and install it.

    • Sidney Moraes

      Side bar will have more improvements before go to beta stream enabled.

  • Walkie Talkie

    Linux x86, please! 🙂

  • Hayretle operanın Güncelleme ve yeniliklerini takip ediyorum, websitemizde en hızlı ve güzel filmleri opera ile izliyorum,

  • cr2004

    What if instead of
    navigation bar you will make something that look like this:

  • Zik

    Opera 30 Dev is already enabled.

  • ArMaP

    After updating to this new version PDF-XChange Viewer stopped working inside Opera, all links to PDF files appear broken.
    Edited to add that I only saw this on results from a Google search, I haven’t tried it in other situations.

  • L33t4opera

    New build of the Opera beta 29.0.1795.26 😉

  • Biohazard

    ad ctrl + shit = .net
    ctrl + shift + enter = .org

  • Trevozo

    The button “search and replace” of the Wikipedia does not work (in the stable version too).

  • Harken

    OK… «See which tab is playing audio». Fine.

    But what if one would like to disable the “always-on-thumbnails” feature in the tabs?

    Suppose you have, say, 200 tabs opened in background in your main window. Now, as opposed to what happened (as far as I know) with the releases up to “opera-stable-27.0.1689.76”, one has this multi-colored, nuanced ribbon made of all the tabs opened in background, each with its personal thumbnail… which, IMHO, looks quite messy, in an elsewhere basically grey window… 😉

    Is there a way to disable those thumbnails? I’d guess there isn’t, for, in the setup options, every possible sign of such an option (enable / disable thumbnails) has disappeared, if it has ever been there…

  • B0R0H

    Bug: Sound indication for tabs does not work on website.

  • Harry Bosch

    I really.. really dont like new speed dial style. Transparent background was much better, At least make a dark version of it.

  • Diogo

    Where’s Opera Link? Sync my Speed Dial.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Link works only in Opera Presto.

      Speed Dials are synced. You can see SD from other devices/installs in Bookmarks > Other Speed Dials.

  • Firipu

    Can I elect to use a different speeddial? e.g. I would like to “import” the speeddial from my desktop on my laptop. And basically keep all my speeddials synced across devices. Is this possible? Or is every speeddial unique for the PC and only accessible through the favourites menu?

  • Adel Khakimullin

    How I can use ONE speed dial on my PC and laptop? Now I have two different speed dials without synchronization between them.

    • kidtrebor

      I agree with this – I would find it much more intuitive to have the Speed Dial ‘fully’ sync’ed so that there was only one and you could access it from any device. Having a separate Speed Dial for each device accessible from any device, while a step in the right direction, does not make as much sense to me.

  • Tejas Amrute

    hey,i have 19 speed dial entries but the new version seems to be prohibiting me from keeping more than 5 speed dial entries in a row even though i have kept maximum number of columns to 11 in settings ….it only shows 15 entries in a single screen….and it is irritating to keep scrolling down every time i have to open the last four entries…..i liked the 18 and 19th version or so of opera where all the entries were in a single page, it was hassle free and if i add any new entry it automatically adjusted the number columns and the height and width of the thumbnails…..Please bring back that feature…For me the user experience is going down….and one more thing…how do i disable/hide the bottom tab on the speed dial? as it is useless for me…

    • reeboace2k7

      You may increase/decrease number of columns in speed dial with
      Control+Mouse Scroll.

  • Dan Ionescu

    Can’t we make the speed dial tabs transparent again? There’s too much white in there and it looks worse than the old speed dial.

  • Hadley Zedras

    Need quick scroll up / down from mouse gesture !

  • John

    If anyone wants the old speed dial back here’s how:

    Open opera://flags/#experimental-start-page ,deactivate/disable it and restart Opera.

  • Trung Huỳnh

    Next update, sync my settings, please!

  • IKU

    Dear Opera devs,
    Your explanation makes no Fking sense.
    Your title says:
    Sync Speed Dial entries
    Why Speed Dial is hidden in bookmark menu? You call it Speed Dial , not bookmarks, so why is it hidden in bookmarks? And there is no way to actually sync anything Just as well you could make a menu item My Ass and hide Speed Dial sync there. That way it would be clear where to look without digging through forums. Or make item like Look at Salmon Sticking out of Opera Dev Ass and put Speed Dial sync there.
    Why there is no fking button on Speed Dial to fking sync it? Is it not obvious that Speed Dial sync button must be on Speed Dial screen where it is easy to find?
    And why I can not copy FKING Speed Dial setting file from one Opera install to another? It is just a FKING settings file with web addresses.

  • Dan

    How can I import my speed dial Opera shortcuts from my android? I had some savings but I removed them. And now Import function is Inactive

    • Dr. Joshua Cappuccilli

      When you install 29 the speed dial on the device you install it – the computer – will have the entire speed dial deleted and you have to start over.

  • taher

    your program is very very complicat not all uzers andrestand you

  • Tom Meek

    I want to add another vote to sync Speed Dial across devices…one of the major reasons for using it, for me at least. Thanks.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s already there.

      • Tom Meek

        What I see…which matches what’s described here, is the ability to look at other synced speed dials – what I and others here are asking about is the same main Speed Dial page synced across various devices using the same account.

      • DS

        Don’t you get it? It’s NOT THERE! Duh.

  • miaholte

    It’s not proper speed dial syncing if it’s not synced to where you use them (the start page). Then it’s called backup!

    Please add a feature that let us choose to sync across devices (same speed dial across all devices).

    • Dr. Joshua Cappuccilli

      This is the only reason I upgraded to 29 because I thought it would allow me to sync them – not back them up. Also, it deleted the entire speed dial I had created.

  • Dr. Joshua Cappuccilli


  • DS

    Just downloaded Opera for the first time. I loved it until I I came to the realization that Speed Dial not sync across all devices. What were they thinking? A big negative. Still in search of one browser that I can use across all devices. They all have major faults. Unfortunately Opera is not the one either.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      First, why did you comment in a year old post?

      Second, look at bookmarks manager > Other Speed Dials.

      • DS

        1) Because it came up when I did a search on Syncing Speed Dial across all devices. 2) This is not syncing speed dial across devices. This is accessing other device’s speed dial. Having one speed dial that is the default regardless of the device I use is preferable not only for me but apparently a lot of other posters as well.

        Why are you replying to a post that is a year old?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, i replied to your a few hours old comment, not to the post.

          Regarding SD sync, it has been a long time discussion. Some people prefer the way it works today while others prefer a full sync.

          • DS

            I do not see the logic in having different speed dials for different devices. Major fail. Un-installing Opera now, back to Chrome.

            Why are you replying to an hours old comment on a year old post?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Many people want to have different speed dials at home and at work or on desktop and on mobile.

    • I’m with you DS, a “sync” that doesn’t sync doesn’t make sense. Making me rebuild the SD I have on my other machine, and hunt down the background I liked, is frustrating.

      Could it be that Opera gets paid by Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc, for having them be on the default Speed Dial? So that they try to keep your 2nd or 3rd synced device not on Your SD so they can be paid for additional devices on their customers (Facebook et al) SD?

      • DS

        That could be, who knows? I am now using Firefox with two extensions: FVD Speed Dial and EverSync and I am very happy. I am finding EverSync quite useful and it is available as an app for both my iPhone and Kindle so Speed Dials and Bookmarks are available from the app and aren’t tied to a specific browser.

    • I know this is an old conversation, but I have your solution!!

      Just rectangle-select all tabs and folders in “Other speed dial” use CTRL+C to copy, then Paste them in your speed dial. It’s the best way I know of to sync them.

  • Callen

    Can I sync my speed dial setup across devices? I’ve recently reinstalled Windows on my PC and I have to reorganise my speed dial which is really annoying. 🙁