More mouse gestures in Opera developer 29

Today’s developer build includes a update to our mouse gestures, adding back three useful gestures that trigger when clicking links.

  • Open link in a new tab (Down)
  • Open link in a new window (Shift + Down)
  • Open link in a new background tab (Ctrl + Down or Down + Up)

In case you aren’t familiar with mouse gestures, they work by holding the right mouse button, moving the mouse a certain direction, then letting go of the button.

To help new users to find out more about mouse gestures, Opera now shows a sliding toolbar when performing a gesture for the first time. It explains that a gesture was detected and links to a help page documenting all the others.

If you feel there are other gestures that are missing, please let us know. We make no promises that we will implement all the suggestions but we are always interested in what can help you navigate faster.

P.S. Yes, there are additional (disabled) flags and fixes on some long-standing flags in this release. We will provide more detailed information once they are enabled and ready for testing. You can enable them early but you may break the browser. But, that’s the fun in testing, right?

Known issues

  • The help page has not been updated to include these three gestures.

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