Today’s developer build includes a update to our mouse gestures, adding back three useful gestures that trigger when clicking links.

  • Open link in a new tab (Down)
  • Open link in a new window (Shift + Down)
  • Open link in a new background tab (Ctrl + Down or Down + Up)

In case you aren’t familiar with mouse gestures, they work by holding the right mouse button, moving the mouse a certain direction, then letting go of the button.

To help new users to find out more about mouse gestures, Opera now shows a sliding toolbar when performing a gesture for the first time. It explains that a gesture was detected and links to a help page documenting all the others.

If you feel there are other gestures that are missing, please let us know. We make no promises that we will implement all the suggestions but we are always interested in what can help you navigate faster.

P.S. Yes, there are additional (disabled) flags and fixes on some long-standing flags in this release. We will provide more detailed information once they are enabled and ready for testing. You can enable them early but you may break the browser. But, that’s the fun in testing, right?

Known issues

  • The help page has not been updated to include these three gestures.

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Ruarí, thanks for the update 😉
    Is this intentional, that there is no the “” file in the Linux version, and the “pdf.dll” file in the Windows version?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Yes! “Configure shortcuts” – very good!

      What else do you want to make better than Vivaldi? 🙂

      • Yes! “Configure shortcuts” – very good!

        I’m waiting for this one to go live. Then, I will be able to retire my old blog post!!!!

        • Nekomajin43

          Are mouse gestures going to be configurable as well?

      • Wando Schneider

        I’ve been waiting for that too 🙂

      • Vivaldi does have fully configurable keyboard shortcuts, too. Just for the record… ^^

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          No, does not. That’s why I write it. Only a few shortcuts and after the next update they are all gone and you have to reset them all. Now. Maybe in two years it’s different.

          • Well, it’s a Technical Preview…

          • At the speed Vivaldi is being improved, saying two years is just foolish. RIP Opera.

    • Rafał Chłodnicki

      Code of the PDF plug-in is now merged with the main binary.
      At the same time, internal PDF plugin now runs in a separate process controlled by an extension.

      BTW. We are aware that some styling changes are needed for the PDF controls.

      • L33t4opera

        I see, thanks for the explanation, Rafał 😉

      • Wando Schneider

        Hi Rafał. After this change, the old bug off font loading on the PDF Plugins is back. I thinks it is a regression.

  • Lacedaemon

    Down, Up for cloning tab. I don’t remember how many times I’ve asked for it…

    P.S. thx for additional mouse gestures.

    • Yeah I have seen you ask for it. I ask again so I can get a list in one place. Thanks for reposting!

      • firuz_u7

        Ruarí Ødegaard

        Please make a gesture Open link in a new background tab only the top of the right mouse button, I like to open a link in a background and want that only the top and opened, and thank you for assembling hope you will gesture, a similar expansion here z

    • luator

      I also really miss this one

  • bwat47

    Thanks for the work on mouse gestures 🙂

    Can you please also re-implement the ‘hold right click + scroll mousewheel’ gesture for scrolling through tabs? That was by far my most used gesture in o12

    • Kai Ockendorf

      Can’t say it any better 🙂

    • Maciej Bałuta

      This is one of the things I miss the most and it was that made my browsing with Opera really fast even if it was struggling with some heavy website:)

    • Footman

      Is this not just the same like ctrl + tab and just needs another binding? Or do you have problems with sites that use javascript click events?

    • Jito463

      Yes, yes, yes! I can’t believe they *STILL* haven’t implemented this feature. It’s one of the major reasons I still cling to my PrOpera (Presto-based Opera). No other browser did it as well, and none still do. I use it equally as much as I do the rocker gesture. At least that finally made it’s way into to ChrOpera, but still no sign of this, after….how many years now? Come on, Opera team. Get it in gear. I’m finally running into issues that may force me to make a choice to switch (and I’m not entirely convinced those issues aren’t caused by the Opera dev team themselves); and I’m leaning close to Sleipnir than I am ChrOpera, right now.

  • Jyri Oksanen

    Any chance of getting the gestures customizable? I’d really like to have my DOWN for new tab and UP for close tab setup.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, check if you have enabled Settings > Shortcuts > Enable mouse gestures, then hold right mouse: and move it down to open a new tab, or move down, then right to close current tab (just in case, that you did not know about this one).

      • Jyri Oksanen

        I know that Down+Right is close tab, but it’s clunky to do so. That’s why I’m asking if there’s any plans to add rebind function to them.

  • hspdion

    “DNA-34012 [Tools] Make the keyboard shortcuts customizable”. This is great as I can now set the “Focus address bar” action to a single key ( ‘h’ ) like I was used to in Opera 12.

    However is there a way to have so that opera intelligently disables this set shortcut when typing in a webpage’s text fields..again the way it was in Opera 12? As it stands now, typing out things like: ‘The humble hedgehog hesitantly hobbled his way home.’ becomes near impossible.

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      Are there any special sites where this happens to you?

      • hspdion

        The google front page, this very webpage when typing in the disqus comment section; it happens on all websites after assigning h to focus address bar. Same thing also occurs when typing in opera’s inline search text field.

  • Saskatchewan

    I would like to see close tab gesture backwards = reopen page, that is:

    Left-Up = Reopen last closed tab

    • Zik


  • Saskatchewan

    Gestures I used in old Opera:

    Right–Down = Scroll to bottom
    Right-Up = Scroll to top

  • Saskatchewan

    Right = Forward | Fast Forward
    Shift + Right = Fast forward

    Don’t forget that Fast forward used to be the same as Enter password, on pages with login forms.

  • The only reason that I do not use Opera is full featured sync, like Chrome or Firefox does. I do not want to transfer my all data included *extension*, setting, open tabs, history to another version of Opera. Opera link / sync (or whatever you called) should do that for me.

    – Where is closed tab button in dev version?

    – Add option to hide + button in,
    * Speed dial
    * folder on Bookmark bar

  • ouzowtf

    I always used

    right-up/down to go to top/bottom of a page
    down-left to reopen the last closed tab
    rightclick-scroll to tabcycle

    and I miss those gestures so much :'(

    • Zik

      Yes. down-left for reopen last closed is must have.

      • Илья Найдов

        And also, Ctrl+Z…

  • Vux777

    update wiped all my bookmarks :/

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Vux777, disable the “#trees-in-bookmarks” flag 😉

      • Vux777

        tnx, works

        • Does “works” mean that your bookmarks had not actually been lost, or that you lost them but you didn’t lose any new bookmarks after disabling the flag? I’m kind of afraid to open the browser now.

          • Vux777

            no, they were “hidden” (looks like empty)
            bookmark extension (internal) probably could’t read them because of tree error (I guess)

            after disabling flag, everything is back

          • Oh, that’s good. Thanks!

  • proxxy

    I would like gestures: left-right to reopen last closed page and left-up/down for scroll to top/bottom.

    • Lacedaemon

      The opposite of Down->Right (closing tab) should be Down->Left (un-closing tab), left->right does not make any sense in that regard.

      • Saskatchewan

        The opposite of Down->Right should be Left->Up 😉

        close tab gesture backwards = reopen page, that is:

        Left-Up = Reopen last closed tab

        And the best would be if we have mouse gestures configurable. 🙂

        • Lacedaemon

          Opposite as a mirror opposite. But you can say yours too, as the “reverse movement” of the mouse gesture.

  • Valdyn

    I would like to see a Minimize action back. Not the MDI but its tab behaviour.

    Open next tab after closing a tab: You open a link, look something up, close the tab and are somewhere else.
    Open previous tab after closing: You open several tabs and want a tab to stay open but first view the other tabs. So you click the next tab, read it, close it, old tab, click next – old tab – click next and so on.

    You can not have both?
    Presto has it with minimize: I enabled previous tab and if a tab is in the way I just minimize it which opens the next tab and move this tab at the end of the list of the next tabs.

  • Strathos

    It’s great to see news about the mouse gestures.
    When migrating from Opera 12, I first thought that the lack of mouse gestures was going to be a big problem for me, but then I realized that being able to modify the actions assigned to the gestures is way more important.

    I’ve come to use this simple but functional setup:
    Up: Reload
    Down: CloseActiveTab
    Left: CycleToNextTab
    Right: CycleToPreviousTab
    Rocker gestures: Back/Forward

    Which I’m managing by disabling Opera’s mouse gestures and using a desktop app (StrokesPlus) that sends keyboard combinations.

    Any chance of implementing a way to change the default gestures? Setting them up by editing the ‘preferences’ file like with keyboard shortcuts would totally do for me.

    I must insist that JS based extensions can’t really replace built in mouse gestures because the page must be at least partially loaded for them to work. For example: if you click a link and want to switch tabs you need to wait, which breaks the ‘flow’, imo.

  • VIctor

    Back/Forward – it reloads page. Is it possible to show already “loaded” page for these actions? For example – discuss comments on this page. They are loaded every time I use Back and Forward.

  • Puc

    I really like mouse gestures and think it’s great that you are extending them. But why in the world do you feel the need to combine them with keyboard-action? The *mouse* gestures should speed up the process just by wizarding the mouse, not getting started on two-hand-action 🙁

  • Zin

    Good you are following this path, please add more lost features from opera 12 back to new opera.

  • firuz_u7

    Ruarí Ødegaard
    Please make a gesture Open link in a new background tab only the top of the right mouse button, I like to open a link in a background and want that only the top and opened, and thank you for assembling hope you will gesture, a similar expansion here z

  • tr3w

    I’m really missing the gesture for “clone tab”! Pretty please!!!

  • Илья Найдов

    Ability to press Ctrl+Z right after you accidentally closed the tab… Shortcut to “Open the last recently closed tab”, like it was in “the old Opera”…

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, it requires a bit of effort, but you can rebind it, as follows:
      1. Go to the Opera’s menu > About Opera, copy the path to the profile, close the Opera, open Windows Explorer, paste the path into the address bar,
      2. Open the “Preferences” file in your text editor (make its copy, and if you make a mistake in the syntax, you can revert the changes by overwriting it with the copy), and at the top of the file ( just after the first line, which contains “{” sign ), change the keybindings (add the lines), as shown below:
      "Keybindings": {
      "Basic": {
      "ReopenLastClosedTab": [ "Ctrl+Z", "Ctrl+Shift+T" ],
      "Undo": [ "Alt+Backspace" ]
      (in case, that the sections "Keybindings" and "Basic" already exist, then you need to add just two above lines, that contain new keybindings)
      3. Save the changes, close the file, and launch the Opera.

  • 13.beta2

    I believe RMB + Scroll Up/Down is the most convenient and still missing gesture.

    • taneli

      Yeah we’ve been asking for that for almost 2 years already, right-mouse button + scroll to change the tabs just isn’t mainstream.

    • Guest

      Too hard to implement bro… too hard. Ask in two years again… maybe

  • Der Herr Nick

    Great to have mouse gestures back again! Would you mind considering some kind of gestures for touchscreen as well? Maybe something like two-finger for back/forward?

  • ap

    please enable customizing mouse gestures.

    my personal favs: right click and

    – simple up: refresh (missing)
    – simple down: stop loading (missing)
    – simple right: history next (avaiable default)
    – simple left: history prev (avaiable default)

    – simple top-right: open new tab (missing)
    – simple bottom-left: close current tab (missing)

  • guest

    Thanks for these new gestures. I suggest re-adding these:
    RMB+down+up – duplicate tab (when cursor is not on active link)
    RMB+down+left – reopen last closed tab
    RMB+mousewheel – switch tabs with tab previews and tab list shown in switching/activation order

    • taneli

      “RMB+mousewheel – switch tabs with tab previews and tab list shown in switching/activation order”
      Nooo no no no, RMB+wheel should be just straight up switch tab to next/previous, skip that preview all together.

      • guest

        OK, it should be optional (as it was in Presto).
        When you cycle tabs in activation order (and have lots of them opened) it’s super useful to see a list of tabs (ideally with the preview) in the switching (that means activation) order, so you won’t get lost.

        And the same goes for Ctrl+Tab IMO, the behaviour should be identical..

  • SLR

    Remember the mouse gesture UI from 12? now that was neat.

    • András Ács

      I thought it was cumbersome. For a settings UI I would prefer something like FireGestures where you can perform the gestures instead of selecting them from a predefined list.

  • anh

    Gesture: go to the top/bottom

  • Lacedaemon

    hmm, saved passwords (all entries) are lost, anyone confirm?

    • Utkarsh Sharma

      yeah, i suppose.
      added: saved password always show where i have wrote them while creating accounts on all page loadings. atleast on facebppk

    • Lacedaemon

      update: I’ve got the list back. This strange behavior occurred probably because I changed the Temp and TMP path of Windows to another drive and disconnected a drive some days ago. Why should that be relevant to the password manager though? Because of a hardware id? :confused:

  • lyl yuan

    Gesture: go to the top/bottom

  • lyl yuan

    Gesture: go to next page

  • lyl yuan

    Gesture: open page that Recently closed

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    yeah definitely, for the sake of fun,ruari.

  • theomni

    First and foremost missing mouse gesture,
    Right Click + Scroll Wheel to cycle through tabs. It’s something I use all the time and no other browser can do it or does it right. It’s the major reason I’m still using Opera 12.

    Other gestures that I believe are missing:
    Minimize Tab
    Go to Parent Directory
    Duplicate Tab

  • zakius

    configuration maybe?

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Wow, keybindings editor, cool! Thanks! =)

    1. Delete all shortcuts for Open Settings. Add Ctrl+F12. The action Open Settings disappears. O_O Re-appears upon reset shortcuts.
    2. Changing shortcut for New Tab to anything except Ctrl+T leaves the hint in the Opera menu empty. Other actions seem to be described correctly.

    3(?). If any shortcut is modified, the entire list of shortcuts is stored in Preferences. It would be enough to store only changed actions.

  • mixal11

    1. Configuration

    2. Minimize window. (DL) or allow 3rd party mouse gestures (PigToolBox does not work from Opera 21 upwards)

  • tr3w

    Nice, but does the last two make sense?
    Shift + click is already open new window, and ctrl + click is already new background tab. With the new gestures we still need a keyboard and an extra step (key + left click vs. key + right click + mouse movement)

  • Guilimote

    Currently, flip gestures are duplicate, so not relevant (hold one mouse button and click the other)
    * Flip back is a duplicate of left gesture (“previous”)
    * Flip forward is a duplicate of right gesture (“next”)

    So I propose:
    * Flip back to switch to previous tab
    * Flip forward to switch to next tab

  • Data Keeper

    Private mode is no too private.

    How to run 3 (three) different yahoo mail boxes in private mode?

    1. Open yahoo mail in opera tab and login into email1.
    2. Run new private window open yahoo mail. Login into email2
    3. Run second private window and open yahoo mail. It open already loaded email2 mail box.

    • AFAIK all private windows share one set of cookies. Once you close all of them they will be gone.

      Think about it as Opera being split into two separate parts:
      1. normal and
      2. private

      You can have as many windows as you want showing either one of them.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    A bug with gestures:
    Mouse pointer may not change to hand after an unsuccessful drag right gesture.

    1. Open this page in a new tab or just make sure you haven’t got here by pressing Back. So the sequence of ‘forward’ pages is empty.
    2. Locate any link in the comments section, for example, an “xx minutes ago” link in a comment header indicating when the comment has been sent in.

    3. With the right mouse button, drag right the link. Nothing happens, naturally.

    4. Without clicking anywhere, use the mouse wheel to scroll the page up. Hover the mouse pointer over a link in the original post, for example, one of the download links for Opera developer. The bug is: The mouse pointer does not change to hand, as it usually does over hyperlinks.

    It looks like it happens when the drag right gesture does not have any page to forward to and the links are in different iframes.

    Does anybody have the same effect?

    • Vux777

      I think it’s a chromium bug after DnD action, only even more deeper because of native mouse gestures in Opera (with DnD)
      try testing this page in Opera and FF (or IE) DnD nodes on the right.
      In FF and IE, after drop, hover state is fired correctly, but in Chrome and Opera (now) is not
      It is somehow fixed recently, but it doesn’t work as it should

  • franmart27

    I still have display problems in Opera development version ubuntu linux x64. (These problems occur: – Scrolling top / bottom of the page.) The objects of the web page are duplicated, and squares (empty or full) above the webpage.

    However, I found corrections.The problem is solved by clicking on another tab (I reported this problem before). This situation is repeated.

  • Lacedaemon

    Bug? Password manager does not save passwords.

    • Marcin Mitek

      WFM here. Any particular site?

      • Lacedaemon

        update: The list is back. This strange behavior occurred probably because I changed the Temp and TMP path of Windows to another drive and disconnected a drive some days ago. Why should that be relevant to the password manager though? Because of a hardware id? :confused:

        Sorry I don’t know what WFM is 🙂 Anyway all the password entries got deleted and can’t save any new either. I click on save but it doesn’t show up in the password manager in the settings.

        • Wando Schneider

          Sometimes I also get confused with abbreviations. But I guess is WFM = Work for Me

          • SuperTommy

            VUTK. Very useful to know!

          • Marcin Mitek

            Ah yeah, it is Works for me. Sorry 🙂

  • Kali

    Extensions sidebar
    Mac, Windows, Linux
    Adds a panel to the side of the browser area, usable by extensions.

    And it works… almost 🙂 at least im able to show/hide it.

    And now you’ve got my full attention!

    Just don’t forget to include the toggle edge option please.

  • netwolf

    Go to top (Right button + UP) is definitely missing, as Open last closed tab. Or much better: make them customizable as they are in Opera 12.17 😉

    • Guilimote

      I agree. The question should not be “please let us know what gestures you are missing”.

      Everybody has different needs/habits/workflow/usage of its browser.

      IMHO, the best solution would definitely to make them customizable.
      –> let the user choose: one mouse gesture = one or more user defined actions

  • Grant Cruickshank


    Please please please bring back Re-open closed tab, ideally set simply to (UP). Or, as Netwolf below me just said:

    “Or much better: make them customizable as they are in Opera 12.17”

  • Veger

    The problem with scrolling corrupting the screen ( seems to be gone with this version!
    At least it does not trigger anymore after using Opera for a while.

    • Veger

      I was too fast, now I am back at work the problem occurs again.

      Only (big) difference between PCs is that it has an nVidia GeForce 8400 GS Rev. 2 graphics card, instead of an AMD HD 57XX (do not exactly know by heart).

      Seems that there are some (scrolling/refreshing) problems with nVidia cards??

  • alvin

    How to open link in new tab while holding right click on link and move down, can anyone post an example vid or gif

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Er… Press the right button on a link, move the mouse down, release the button—that’s it. Anyway, clicks won’t be seen on a video… 🙂

  • Fra

    Bug: when adding bookmark, new folder creation won’t work. Also, sometimes CSS not loaded (a reload must be issued). Windows 7 64bit.

  • Oliver

    This version seems to have problems keeping it’s connection to the sync server alive. I can log in to sync, but within 5-10 minutes the icon changes to the red “X” and I have to enter my username again. This is a new behaviour which I didn’t encounter with previous versions.

    Btw. there is a small typo in the german error dialogue: it says “Irgendnetwas …” which should rather be “Irgendetwas …” (without an “n” after “d”).

    My system: Windows 8.1 (x64)

    • ahoj1234

      not disconnecting here.
      W8.1 x64 with this build (central Europe – Czech republic, don’t know the exact sync server)

    • taneli

      You also don’t need to spam it.

      • Oliver

        Sorry, what do you mean by that? Maybe I misunderstood Disqus here? I posted my comment but it was not shown and immediately marked as spam in my private history (obviously because I was using ZenMate proxy with their IP being on on a blacklist). But on the public list, my message didn’t show. Therefore I disabled ZenMate and posted again, this time showing the comment, but only once. Did I miss something here?

        • taneli

          Well, you kinda sent the same message 3 times in a row, slightly modified on the last 2.

          • Oliver

            Hmm, but where do you see the first 2 posts? Like I wrote, I posted three times, but the first two were (erroneously) detected as spam and not posted (as far as I could see), therefore I posted again…

            Regarding the sync-problem: today it’s stable again and I’m not logged out anymore.

  • Will exist a possibility for the Debian Wheeezy users to install Opera stable in future versions?

    • Actually yes, this is something we might add support for.

      • firuz_u7

        Please make a gesture Open link in a new background tab only the (up) of the right mouse button, I like to open a link in a background and want that only the (up) and opened, and thank you for assembling hope you will gesture, a similar expansion here.
        thank you beforehand z

        • Lacedaemon

          Talking about relevance 3xLOL

      • Well, I hope that Opera Stable will be compatible with LibC 2.13 (Debian Wheezy does not want to upgrade to the most recent version due to “safety” purproses). In Jessie, Opera runs fine.

  • Stve

    Open link in a new window (Shift + Down)
    Open link in a new background tab (Ctrl + Down or Down + Up)

    You can substitute left mouse click for down , is it a bug ?

  • juxly

    Windows Vsita without aero?

  • cxpfhrvd

    please disable webrtc and canvas. If you do not, I dont use Opera. Beacuse it is not secure.

    webrtc leak:

    canvas fingerprints:

  • ouzowtf

    I hope there will also be the possibility to customize and disable particular gestures.
    The newly added gesture ‘Open link in a new tab (Down)’ is great for some (or a lot of) people and it should not be removed, but I personally dont use it and it “misbehaves” in my workflow. When I just want to open a new tab (RMB+down, no matter where my mouse is located in the browser window) and the mouse is accidentally above an ad or another picture with a link, it opens this page in a new tab instead of a new blank tab.

    I just dont want to check if my mouse is located above a link before I use the mouse gesture and I dont dare to try to explain such different behavior to older people like my mom 😛

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I can not use WhatsApp Web [], because Opera seems not to be recognized on that page.

    • Marcin Mitek

      It’s reported as OTW-9523. I contacted their support. Seems that they don’t recognize UA strings from beta and developer streams. Workaround: change the UA string to the one from final version. Or strip the (Edition beta)/(Edition developer).

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Seems not to be so easy to find an User Agent Switcher that shows UA strings from actual browsers. What should there be shown for Opera 27 on a W7x64 system?

        Opera:about on my system shows:
        Version:29.0.1785.0 – Opera ist auf dem neuesten Stand
        Betriebssystem:Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)
        Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2298.0 Safari/537.36 OPR/29.0.1785.0 (Edition developer)

        Edit: I tried the last part (behind “Browser-Identifikation”) and just deleted the “(Edition developer)”. After switching the extension “Fix URL Links Redirect” off it was possible to get a connection.

        Thanks for your tipp!

        • Marcin Mitek

          Other way is to launch Opera with a command line switch.

          It looks like this: launcher.exe –user-agent:”Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/40.0.2214.115 Safari/537.36 OPR/27.0.1689.76″

      • ouzowtf

        This should have to do with the “official support” for Opera from Whatsapp since yesterday(?).
        Whatsapp Web worked before without a problem with the dev edition.

  • fauske51 not working for me in 29.0.1785.0

  • ws79

    It took only 2 years to implement these mouse gestures from Opera 12…

  • ws79

    I am done with Opera i near future.

  • Furious

    All I have to say… FINALLY…

  • Eugene Galonsky

    Missing “rigt button + Scroll” for tabs switching

  • MarinK

    Great. Vivaldi has overcome Opera team in just a few weeks. Cya newbies.

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera developer 29.0.1788.0 😉

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Sorry, I was on toilet.

      • L33t4opera

        No problem Ralf 😉 You made me laugh so hard 🙂

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Sorry, but I think you don’t do it exciting enough. It should be something like:

          Ten minutes past two – PM!
          Somewhere in a dark corner on this planet…!
          A new developer was born…
          Download bla bla bla
          Changelog bla bla bla
          Announcement bla bla bla.


          • Veger

            You missed the part about your local weather!

  • Joaquin

    The fact that you are just focusing on adding half-assed static options for mouse gestures and not the ability to customize them however we want (like in opera 12) means that mouse gestures customization (one of the most useful features I used in order to optimize my browser experience) won’t be implemented or will be implemented in a long long time. This has killed my expectations.

    • Martin B.

      END OF OPERA? Mouse gestures were the best part of opera. Im missing eg. Duplicate order. So, please, will you suggest me any other browser besides opera 12?

      • EO_XE

        Cyberfox (a 64bit ver of Firefox) with FireGestures addon. Even more customizable than v12 ever was.

  • Vitali2000

    Please, give us back the wheel gestures to cycle through open tabs.

  • Drake Xiang

    If Ctrl + left click can open link in new background tab, why would I need Ctrl + Down or Down + Up, instead of optional open all tabs in background you have to add something useless right?

  • absp

    I have literally spent hours trying to find why I cannot get to the Opera Preferences. There is no way that I can find them and no way I can seem to bring it up. I’ve read about all I can and nothing helps.

    • Vux777

      in my case, In latest version (or two) very often internal pages (extensions, new tab page, settings..) are white blank.
      Is that what you are experiencing?

  • absp

    Well I never did Preferences. But I guess it isn’t in the latest version for windows. Onward, can’t do much about it. Thank you!

  • gloster

    Hi! I don’t know why but half of mouse gesture doesn’t work in browser.Anybody have so problem? Or it just common problem for opera browser. My opera version 29.0.1795.47. OS Windows 7 pro 64-bit.

    • Vux777

      I think version 29 introduced some
      extra mouse gestures for links
      If they mess with your browsing you can disable them in flags

      • gloster

        Thanks! So few mouse gesture commands.What’s the shame.

  • foobarbazqux

    The minimum threshold for gestures needs to be increased, especially if gestures are on by default. I can’t tell you how many times in the new browser I’ve right clicked on the screen and triggered the back page gesture by accidentally moving my mouse a millimeter. If I didn’t know about gestures, I would have had no idea what just happened. I think we can assume that the majority of users wont know to disable gestures (or know how, without unnecessary difficulty).

  • Martin B.

    Please what can i do to have All, or at least Most of my favourite mouse gestures? Is there any downloadable old but supported version of the opera browser? Is there any hiden option, or a new version with such options reenabled? Or will you, please, at least tell me for how long we should say Bye? Thanks.

  • Artur Popielarz

    Gestures don’t work in my Opera Linux at all! Currently on Opera developer 32.0

  • sambuev

    I usually use Back, Forward mouse gestures to navigate between open tabs, Next Tab and Previous Tab, I used to set it in old Opera, but this option is missing in new Opera. Please add this option, I cannot find option to add custom mouse gestures. That’s why I cannot use Opera now 🙁

  • Mump

    Hi there. Im a faithful user to opera for many year but I’m still stuck to opera 12 for just 1 reason. – I’m still missing the tab-list that can be shown by right-clicking and then turning the mouse-wheel.
    That is a unique feature. If more people would know that this feature existed – everyone would ask for it in the new version!
    Having a list in the order of of the last usage and a small preview is incredibly handy once you get used to it.
    Most times I have up to 40 open tabs… so where was the last tab I was looking at? One click right – wheel down and Im there… perfect!
    PLEASE re-install that feature! …and then advertise it! People will love it!

    Greetings and many thanks for the good work from germany…

  • LorenzoSabio

    This is probably the best browser anywhere. However, FFox reigns on flexibility. Its sidebat plugins and mouse gestures allow much wider freedom than anything found for Opera.