Check out the updated history layout in Opera developer 29.0.1773.0

Even though it’s Friday the 13th and we’re superstitious in Poland, we’re not slowing down our development pace – not for all the donuts we can shove in our faces. We got donuts today. Mmm, donuts.

The latest developer releases of Opera included some new styling for internal pages. We’ve updated the history page to match. That means your history benefits by having a navigation bar and the crisp looks of our bookmark manager.

And, speaking of the navigation bar, we added a link to your history on our internal pages: Bookmarks, Speed Dial and the Discover feature. Click the History button on the far right to quickly return to pages you left or accidentally closed.



As always, we fixed several bugs and updated Chromium. It’s now at version 42.0.2292.0, so you are equipped to handle bleeding-edge web sites and apps.

Give it a spin. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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