The stabilization of Opera 28 is now underway, meaning that all new features and major changes will be going into Opera 29. In this build we have fixed the most common crashers and we have updated Chromium. We think this build is getting close to beta quality, though there are a few more issues with the address bar that need to be fixed first.

Thanks for testing and please let us know what else needs our attention, to get Opera 28 up to beta standard.

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  • Linux users on non-debian based distros:

    Arch (AUR)
    Fedora / openSUSE (more info)
    • Gentoo (use emerge directly)
    Other rpm-based distros
    Other non-rpm/deb distros

    • please let us know what else what else needs our attention
      “what else” has too much attention 😛
      (you can remove this comment)

    • L33t4opera

      As always, thanks for the update and fixes, Ruarí.
      I’m eagerly looking forward to new features in version 29 – it would be really nice to see (among others): a function to export bookmarks to an html file and hotkey to hide/show the bookmarks bar 😉

      • Cjcr

        +1 to export bookmarks to HTML. It is very needed if we want to move to Vivaldi. LOL

        • Wraith

          Until that feature comes to Opera you can use an extension:

          The only downside is that not support nested folders.

          • L33t4opera

            Hi, if you want, then instead you can use the export feature in the “Bookmarks” extension, which is better, because it allows you to export your bookmarks in nested folders (it not flattens the nested folders to regular folders, as the “bookmarks import & export” extension).

          • Cjcr

            Thank you buddy, but I knew that. I just wanna make the dirty joke 🙂 I’m still using Opera meanwhile.

      • Well, I guess you all see that it kinda makes no sense for a browser to offer a bookmarks export option … but as it was pointed out this is one of the things an extension can do perfectly well.

        • Vux777

          ๏̯͡๏ ?!?

          • pedralm

            It makes no sense because it might look the user is leaving the browser 😀

            PS: with Opera Sync I did stop needing to export bookmarks, but with Viv*al*i we could use it again. 😀

        • Rafael Lemos

          ๏̯͡๏ ?!? (2)
          I guess we all see it kinda makes no sense for us to use opera anymore since to just open websites is one of the things chrome can do perfectly well.

          • I agree, if all you want to do is open a website, these days it doesn’t really matter which browser you choose. They are all pretty good at that. And that’s a very good thing for everybody.

        • L33t4opera

          With all due respect Thorben, and don’t get me wrong, but are you kidding, or you really think so? and if that is the case, then your answer sounds only, like a really bad joke 😉

          • I mean that economically. For the same reasons that Facebook doesn’t offer you a content-export.

          • Cyrris

            Facebook might not be a good example there:

            Not that I disagree with your point. It’s not of economic benefit, but it certainly comes under “The right thing to do by your users”. I understand your point about extensions, but if Opera is changing often and the extension authors aren’t keeping up, that is a problem.

          • Nice, didn’t know Facebook offers that option

          • L33t4opera

            Ok, I see your point, but still it would be really nice to have it implemented natively in the browser, for three main reasons (at least for me): 1. simple way to backup your bookmarks, 2. more private, than using extensions made by third parties 3. convenient, and easy to use.

          • Marko Koivuniemi

            in a good old days it was quite common to have personal bookmarks in your own homepage. And I still could think to publish maybe some folder of certain topic bookmarks in my homepage.

        • Vux777

          there is many reasons why users need bkm’s export, not just for switching to other browser.
          But even if that’s the case, you can’t go that path (economically doesn’t make sense).
          It is user!!! collection of bookmarks, not yours.
          What would happen if MS forbids other browsers on their OS?
          Or any other software that conflicts their own…
          Economically that would make much more sense than just exporting bookmarks

          • You are talking about legally can’t do I suppose. There is a difference about not making it easy to do something or not allowing to do something. Any extension has access to all the data and can export, send, or process that however it wants.

          • Anyway, why do you want to export then? 😉

        • ryofurue

          “Well, I guess you all see that economically it kinda makes no sense for a browser to offer a bookmarks export option” — I wonder if you were serious when you made that comment. That attitude makes some people disgusted. You appear that you are not playing a fair game. You appear mean. That would turn some users away from Opera. So, it does make economical sense to you, I think.

          Big guys like Facebook are different. They are so dominant that many people *have* to use them even if they hate some aspects of them. I’m afraid that Opera is a little guy and so you can easily turn people away if you are not nice, because there are a lot of nearly-equally-good alternatives.

  • While you most certainly noticed that we neither removed nor unapproved comments about Vivaldi, this blog eventually is supposed to help us track down issues with the latest Opera builds. So to ease this process for us, we’d appreciate it if you took discussions about Vivaldi to the forum:

    Thanks 🙂

    • Marcin Mitek

      Thanks Christoph 🙂

    • Better yet, comment in their own forums. They would probably appreciate the feedback on their product being given to them directly. I know we do. 😉

      • I hope you don’t mind me amending this 😉

      • ma_t14

        Thanks for the link, I was actually looking for their forums before to no avail :^)

      • The Solutor

        It’s really hard to not mention Vivaldi here, when they did what the user base need from the first alpha, while you refused to follow any suggestion, after almost two year of development.

        The subject is Opera, not Vivaldi. The subject is the browser that once was BY FAR the best browser out there, and that now is just a “yet another browser”. The shadow of itself.

        I hope that the inevitable competition with Vivaldi will push back some great ideas that went lost almost two years ago.

        Even MS was able to understand the mistake made in the name of the pointless novelty, I really hope that the same will happen here too.

        • Patata

          Couldn’t agree more, but over time I’ve lost my hope for Opera ASA to change for the better. Jon and some of the other guys previously working for Opera ASA didn’t leave without reason. The company we knew and learned to value simply doesn’t exist anymore 🙁

    • SuperTommy

      Agree. This blog has nothing to do with Vivaldi, and I don’t see why people must advertise that they are moving or changing browser. This isn’t Facebook, y’all. 😉

      Edit: Thanks for new build!

      • Daniel Carvalho

        Here’s how things work: Opera has a blog where users can give direct feedback to developers regarding its features, customizations, experiences, everything! But what is the point of that when the developers ignore their entire user base? They haven’t given a single damn (for lack of better word) to its users, always using their “millions of users” as an excuse to not listen to direct feedback from their customers! They have stripped Opera from all its features there was in Opera 12, and kept telling us how adding/removing bookmarks was more important than re-opening closed tabs, stacking tabs, giving customization options, etc., all because of “millions of users” that come out of nowhere!

        The reason we’re talking so much about Vivaldi here is because it is becoming what Opera once was: a community that existed for the sake of its users. They’re listening to us, asking for our direct feedback, and if you check their forums, you can see they are actually listening to us! Unlike Opera.

        We have spent the last 2 years trying to reach Opera developers telling them to change things for better. Their response was a big “no” every time! And to make things worse, they weren’t even trying to convince us their product is better than their rivals, they just tried to convince us not listening to their user base was the correct decision! Come in a group of guys who made the browser we loved – and still do – so much, and say they’re making a new browser and will listen to their user base. Vivaldi being advertised here is a consequence of Opera’s bad business decisions!

    • reesmichael1

      This is unfortunately off topic, but I must say that your new picture is very nice 🙂

    • senna_4ever

      thx Chris 🙂

  • Dave-H

    Thanks Ruarí, keep up the good work!

  • Zik

    “what else what else” ? 😀
    Thanks for update! Still cant wait for 28 beta.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Thank you from me too, this version runs very good here. Can anybody tell us what this windows patch is for: ?

    • It’s the autoupdate patch from last public dev build. As you may know, Opera does only download the differences to the last one instead of downloading the complete package, which saves you bandwidth and time 🙂

      • Marcin Mitek

        That’s a delta (diff) patch. Just to confirm what’s been written above.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Thanks to all of you. I’m always doing the update manually, so I didn’t and don’t need it.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess it’s the update patch for the autoupdate. With it Opera doesn’t need to download the whole pack to update to the new version.

  • helsten2

    Hmm, not able to run the Peacekeeper test.


    • You mean the lack of the “Test my browser button”?
      I can run the test by clicking the link in the text at the very bottom.

      • helsten2

        I have to stop the loading of the page to see anything. There is no button (as you say), and if I click the link at the bottom, it looks as the test is about to start, but I end up getting a “The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server” message

        Works fine in my other browsers.

        • “proxy” sounds like you enabled Turbo? Try switching it off.

          • helsten2

            Turbo is off

            Tried again – same procedure as above (using link at the bottom).
            Looks like it starts, but now I got another error:
            “Test timeout exceeded while running test renderPhysics”

          • Strange. Anyone else seeing this?
            It works for me apart from the button being gone, but that’s the same in Chrome Canary (Win 8.1)

          • Jamie

            When you click on the link (below), the webpage does take forever to load. That’s not the test itself, but just the main page of the site. Maybe that’s what he means?


          • Oh. It does indeed now. Probably internal server issues at futuremark then. Try again later.

          • helsten2

            Yepp, you are right. Worked now!

            Thanks 🙂

            Strange that my other browsers did not experience the same problem, though …

          • Jamie

            It might be due to the way the other browsers handle cache?

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            It takes a while here to load the page, the “Test my browser”-button is missing, but I can do the test with the link at the end of the text. Result: 4736 points, HTML5 capabilities 7/7. Vivaldi: 5767 points, HTML5 capabilities 6/7.

        • anonym

          i see similar behavour quite often. especially on linux after opening a tab with a plugin (inluding this pdf-js thingy). new tabs wont show any speeddial and many pages have something similar to those good old never-stops-loading bugs.

  • Michael van Dam

    Will the “new” Speed Dial, which has been removed in this current version, will be enabled again in the future?(Without the experimental about://flags option)

    Here is my thought about the previous new speed dial:

    – Metro-styled icons / name of website for thumbnails on speed dial
    – No need to scroll if you got 4 rows of speed dials
    – No overly sized thumbnails (yes I know you can make this smaller with advanced settings but not as neat as with the previous speed dial)

    – Switching between bookmarks/speed dial was kind of “hard”, should just have kept the bar on the side all the time in speed dial/bookmarks/discover so it’s easier to switch

    And please, let us disable discover and place a function there which we more regular use like history, settings or download

    • There’s no point in keeping experiments hidden behind flags forever. Those are made for features in early development that are not ready yet. If the new speed dial turns out to be better than the current one, it’ll probably replace it eventually.

      • Michael van Dam

        Well I was pointing at the fact that in the previous version there was an option to enable the “new” speed dial by clicking in the right bottom corner and I think it’s superior to the one in version 27.0.1689.54

  • Jamie

    Can you move the navigation bar on the start page back to the top (or side) before moving to the beta stream? At least give us an option to turn off the bar at the bottom. 🙂

    • Ste

      Same here. Its good that panel is visible when I switch for bookmarks, but it should be on top like before! Now I dont see part of my speed dial, before it was 4×4 blocks. Now last 4 blocks is hidden in some part.

      • You know that in the advanced settings you can display smaller Speed Dials?

        • Ste

          I like the default size, its ok. 🙂 Previously in this size I saw full 5×4. If menu must be on the bottom, maybe you can put boxes from speed dial a little bit higher?

  • Lacedaemon

    Rotating loading circle and no image in any stream after the latest upgrade. Using NPAPI W7x64.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Everything runs fine here. I think you should try out PPAPI.

    • GoodOmens

      it seems only opera have problem with that site. maxthon and vivaldi don’t

      i don’t have flash ppapi because it has always been out of process and after last automatic update it starts to make me some problems

      i tried to solve the problem with that flash, but nothing.

      i am not developer i am ordinary user how like to play with opera and who solve problems alone and who understand what is developer buil. but most of ordinary users will not try to solve the problem, they will switch to another browser if they find some probelm in stable version.

  • ChrisG

    OSX – Programatic “open tab in background” is broken, it opens the tab in foreground.
    Vimium, open link in background tab no longer works.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Wow, I found a problem: In the “Settings – Browser – Languages” the list of selected dictionaries and selected preferred languages is empty. If you add only one language, you see them all.

    • Confirmed.

      That bug doesn’t exist in Opera Stable.

    • Yes, confirmed, was in DEV before, too,

  • Magnus

    Well that’s it, [mod edit: watch your tone, please. Next time your comment will not be edited, but simply deleted] even Vivaldi what is technical preview is better, who excatly are you targeting with this browser, Opera? You can never compete with Chrome, remind yourself the reasons why people used Opera in the first place. You have turned into a toxic company.

    • nanana1

      I cannot agree with your toxic comments. I have been using Opera for a l-o-n-g time and if I am not in their target group of users, who else do you think Opera creates their browser for. 😉

      Back to testing Opera Developer 28 version and beyond. 😀

    • pedralm

      I think we have to embrace different approaches here.
      Vivaldi will be for people who miss and want back the old Opera.
      The current Opera is for users who prefer a different flavour of Chrome or don’t like Chrome’s icon.

      • > Opera is for users who prefer a different flavour of Chrome
        I do believe we offer a bit more than that …

        • pedralm

          Well, if I go to and see its “features”, it says that Opera has bookmarks, has extensions, a speed dial, is safe and has a news feed (Discovery).
          I know the browser and in fact it’s pretty much it, Opera’s marketing was being honest there.

          And Chrome has and claims all that as well (not putting here link to not give free advertisement), except for Discovery).

          So… ok, Opera has Discovery over Chrome. I’m sorry, thorbeb, but it’s true and as I could understand in another post from you, that’s what Opera is going for in the desktop browser division: a slightly different flavour of Chrome.

          • Why are you only taking Chrome into consideration anyway? On this level I don’t think there is much difference between browsers. I think that’s a good thing: Browsers and the Web define something of a universal and open operating system.

            The point browsers can be and should be different is in how you get, organise, share and discover the content you find online. And I believe with speed dial, visual bookmarks and discover we already offer you something different there.

          • pedralm

            I based it on Chrome because Opera ever since “migrated” to its engine, it very much is a skinned Chrome. Firefox, Safari, IE, etc. and other browsers do have a separate “feel” (as old Opera did) and are somewhat more distant. It’s like jumping between those cars from the same parent brand that share the chassis but offer a different exterior design, while under the hood everything is exactly the same. They are “different” yet they feel the same. The features that could make this Opera stand out from the competitions just aren’t there (yet).

            I can understand the “vision”, that browsers should offer a specific set of basic functionalities and other things can come from extended functionalities (as extensions). But by doing this, and having all do the same in different ways, you are not creating an identity for the browser. Visual bookmarks is something Chrome already has (Google Stars and now Visual Bookmarks extension), Speed Dial same thing (not sure about speed dial extensions or stacking) and I bet Discover can be found as well in some fashion there.

            Bottom line, reasons to pick Opera over Chrome to the new consumer become difficult. Like I told elsewhere, when people ask why me Opera O15+ over Chrome I cannot provide a good argument except for historic passion reasons.Which makes both ends shrug.
            That same passion will lead people to the new music, Viv…

          • Technically, we migrated to WebKit, which was used by Safari and Chrome and then we switched with Google to the WebKit-fork Blink because the focus of the WebKit project was different than what Opera and Google wanted.

    • Rafael Luik

      even Vivaldi what is technical preview is better

      Wrong, nice concepts on bookmarking to Speed Dial and the new F2 for example and they fixed how the panel used to open and push the whole interface in Opera 12 YES NICE, but it’s still very buggy, keyboard shortcuts hit and miss for me, I can’t use different search engines in selected text, I can’t access the tab history in the back button, and other stuff. I think the first Opera 15 beta was less worse.
      Also Opera has big tab previews now which were already attractive to handle a lot of tabs and now we have the tab menu as an incredible feature to quickly scan all the tabs for the one you want…

      Let’s wait a bit longer until it’s usable and maybe we can compare… I can say I’ll have no use for a mail client.

      Sorry Christoph I think I broke the rules a little bit. lol

      • You **** son of a ***! Watch out or you’ll get banned! /s 😛

      • Lacedaemon

        Buggy but already faster (3971 vs 3379 points) and with many features that will eventually become bug-free:

        Regarding Opera 15 beta of course it was less buggy since it had ZERO features.

  • SuperTommy

    With the new Bookmarks Suggestions, is it possible to get bookmarks to be autofilled in the address bar, like it does with history?

  • Zin

    Bring embedded IRC back on Opera 29, it’s not that hard.

  • I’ve seen a buggy behavior in the CSS border-radius property.
    When you set fixed width and height along with the border-radius, the border-radius is lost.

    Plunkr with a demo:
    Play around with the .buggy-class with the dimensions or comment it out to reproduce the behaviour.

    • YemSalat

      Works for me.

    • Yes. Can confirm it.
      .buggy-class {
      width: 30px;
      height: 30px;
      does not show a circle but a rectangle.

  • Oliver

    Since the previous version I can’t get the update by opening the “About Opera” page. It shows my current version number (28.0.1747.0) followed by “Auf Updates prüfen…” (checking for updates). After a few seconds the info changes to “Opera ist auf dem neuesten Stand” (you are using the latest version of Opera) but it won’t recognise there’s an update and won’t download and install it.

    This behaviour first appeared for the update from version 28.0.1745.0 to 28.0.1747.0. My OS is Windows 8.1 (x64).

    • ricksper

      Ditto. Same for me.

    • Can confirm this Windows 7 x64.

  • John Rambo

    Does anyone can reveal what we can expect in O29??? I’m visiting this page few times everyday and can’t stand to see neu features

    • Michael Maier

      Don’t expect too much.
      The new features for 28 seem to be a trash can in Bookmarks and some new themes.
      For 29 I expect the reintroduction of the Navigation Bar at the top of the window, an animated trash can in Bookmarks .. and some new Spring themes.
      Here’s the official list of new features since Opera 15:

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Probably the new new start page.

      • taneli

        …. 😀

      • Rafael Luik

        I think you meant a new new new start page. XD

    • Nothing. I quit hoping when I realized there will be no sync feature in Opera.

      • Simone Previti

        why not? they are working on it, as far as i know.

  • vidajuridica

    Please, if not too much to ask for the thousandth time I ask … Do you have plans to implement at least the Tab Stacking? Grouping tabs?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      They usually don’t comment about future plans.

      • pedralm

        Happens when there aren’t future plans.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          So you are telling that Opera never had future plans? Because since the beginning in the 1990’s, they rarely commented about future plans.

          • pedralm

            Not in that sense. Most browsers don’t disclose it (unless you count in some way the “Developer releases”).
            But with the “old” opera, with ever major release (8, 9, 10, etc.) you could expect some big feature coming, and it was always so. You’d know that with each release, you’d get a richer browser, and that was the plan for the future and you knew it.

            With the new opera, with every major version (which come like once a month…) we get pretty much a Chromium update and some rearrangements for the speed dial. And considering that is what happened for the past 12 versions since O15+ (and some fooling around with Stash/Bookmarks – which took ridiculous amounts of time to arrive), I don’t see them having plans that diverge much from this. Which for me is the same as having no plans.

            Future “plans” for this Opera aren’t much better than the future plans for Internet Explorer, right? I’m even more excited about Spartan than I am about the next Opera release, honestly. After so long (and still) waiting for the new Opera to be even remotely as functional as the old one (which I still use), I am ecstatic to know Vivaldi is here. And as “future plans” are concerned, I _know_ Vivaldi has them much more ambitious, or, for that matter, that they have them.


          • Leonardo Gomes

            There are some points that should be taken in consideration:

            – Those releases used to happen with less frequency, something about once or twice a year;
            – Together with those new features “that no one ever needed before but from now on won’t be able to live without” 🙂 there also came lots of complains about Opera not fixing old bugs and/or not working with some major sites.

            Adding (new) features just for adding them doesn’t necessarily makes a product better.

            Regarding future plans, io guess that almost no serious company keeps disclousing their future plans for their main business.

          • pedralm

            I actually prefered the old release system. Big number change means big browser change (exciting days those were). Now we can go from 20 to 25 with nothing particularly new, but that’s alright because the number is no longer a differentiating thing, it’s just chasing after Chrome.

            Site compatibility was a major issue in Opera 12 and probably the biggest reason for the change to Chrome-ishness. I understand people would not use it because of that. I am not on that league, honestly, I won’t let a site ruin my internet experience as a whole, so I use O12 always and if for some reason it doesn’t work in a given site, I just launch IE, get it done with and return to O12.

            The features for features… well Opera was super rich but still managed to be super fast and super usable (just not super compatible but … standards, etc. and stuff). But it DID make it better. That’s why we used it, right? Didn’t you use Opera because of its features? I know I did and I know most people did, or else they would’ve stayed with Firefox or (later on) Chrome. Did I use 100% of those features? No, certainly not. But 20% of old Opera’s feature set is more than current Opera’s 100% feature set.

            And that’s the sad loss for the current Opera. We were (sort of, naive of us) led to believe the new Opera was just the old thing with a new engine under the hood for more compatibility. Sounded great, right? That was (I thought) the “future plan”. Well, one year later we have bookmarks (finally… welcome 1995!) and an everchanging speed dial. And a confirmation that the “future plan” for O15+ is not to become again a rich browser with lots of features, but like a very stable and very secure IE (like Chrome) and with extensions (like Chrome/Spartan!).

            I can’t see the niche for Opera and can’t understand its future. I’ll stay with the glorious O12 until Vivaldi meets some minimums (that O15+ hasn’t reached and I know it won’t, by design and “future plan”).

            I’m sorry, but that’s too little, too late.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, i used to like those times too, the expectation for which new feature they would introduce was very good and exciting.
            However i kinda of realized that i was somehow being deceived as many of those features seemed to be more a way to take user’s attention from the (old?) problems than to be something really useful for the majority of the users.

            I won’t say that i don’t miss some of the Presto’s features but i discovered that many of them weren’t so essential to me.

            Of course i did use Opera because of the features but only because of them.

            Regarding bookmarks, i think that Opera was trying (and is still trying) to bring the bookmarks to something more like the 2010’s but many users seem to still be very attached to the 1995’s concept of bookmarks.

            I’m using bookmarks nowadays much more than i ever used in my life. Mostly because my favorite Presto feature isn’t there anymore but also because i like the new visual bookmarks.

            About the future… Well, when i started using Opera, its main feature (or one of them at least) was to be able to fit in a floppy disk and i really would never thought back on those days that Opera would be responsable for lots of inovations in web browsing.

          • pedralm

            If you used those features, in what way were you being deceived? Those features keep me (and others) using O12 as my go-to browser (and IE when -very rarely- compatibility issues come up) and those features again implemented in Viv are like honey magnets for many. And O12 is still perfectly usable in today’s internet (yes, Facebook can work only on odd days and such).

            The new Bookmarking is finally getting into shape, I would say it is very usable (has foldering and search), but I suppose I am still in 1995:

            I have to see bookmarks as a list instead of thumbnails as my memory has more the names (list view) and functions (labels) of the sites rather than its home page look (thumbnails)) and I really miss the option to have labels/keywords, trash, being able to browse them without having to open a new tab (sidebar so needed!), etc.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Many of those features i never used that often. And my favorite ones doesn’t seems to be among the ones people most wants back.

            Deceived because of what i said, although i admit that “deceived” may have been a word (too) strong.

            Back in that time i usually only thought “cool, another feature cerated by Opera that will be copied by the others”, but now i guess i can understand the feelings of those ones that used to criticize Opera for doing “embellishment” instead of fixing issues.

            Of course Opera 12 still works but for how long? May be a wrong view of mine but the reports of issues seem to be increasing.

            being able to browse them without having to open a new tab

            May not be the best solution but you can use the bookmark’s menu.

          • pedralm

            That is understandable. We all have different browsing habits.

            The things I use though with Opera 12 (and made me stick with it) are used frequently enough so that Opera 15 feels stripped-down, naked and unusable.

            Though I believe that for the occasional user, Opera 15 will feel capable enough. But then so will IE or Chrome.

          • > a differentiating thing, it’s just chasing after Chr***
            That is not true:
            1. The numbers differentiate, all versions are different
            2. A rapid release schedule is getting standard in the industry for good reasons
            * faster security patches and new features for users
            * small and “evolutionary” development means less shocks for users
            * more frequent feedback allows to better tailor software to users needs

          • pedralm

            [ from all that post above, that’s the only part you felt like commenting? 🙁 🙁 🙁 ]

            My point was that before browsers would advertise themselves with their versions like “download now Opera 10”, “get the new Firefox 3” and now no longer.

            When I say Opera is chasing Chrome is because most new Opera releases will say like “Welcome to Opera 28 and it’s new features: we updated to Chromium XYZ and fixed a few bugs”. It seems motivation for changing the big number is just chromium update, whereas could be perfectly the smaller number for just that update (I think).

            Of course it is also marketing, Firefox is at 35 and Chrome at 42, we wouldn’t Opera to be 30 numbers behind, right 😀

          • You have to understand that as a company it hardly makes sense to publish your future plans. You can win (almost) nothing and potentially loose all the benefits.

          • Actually saying that, we told you a few times about future times in the last year already: We told you there will be a Linux version and we told you there will be Sync. It’s funny that when we actually disclose something, nobody believes us 😉

          • pedralm

            I had (as most others) were led to believe that the change to Webkit/Chromium would bring a new old Opera with the features that we used to know, plus added compatibility from the new engine and the ability to develop more “cool new features” as the effort put in Presto was being shifted to feature-activities.

            1 year later or so not only that is false as it seems it will continue to be. Sad and ashamed to have nurtured false expectations for so long.

            I believe something else happens at Opera and focus is leaving Desktop towards Mobile and other network services. So the available effort is minimal to develop anything and traditional Opera is just around for market presence and visibility.

            Well, at least we got good news this week from other places 😉

          • Actually, I think there were a lot of features introduced and matured in the last year. Probably more than ever before in the history of the Opera browser. It’s just that people don’t see the expected things as “cool new features”. We added e.g. bookmarks, a pdf preview and HiDPI.

          • pedralm

            Well all those are also Chrome-sister-features. Nothing singular to Opera as I understand.

            And bookmarks is not a “cool new feature”. It’s a 20 year-old thing that Opera just did not have. Having it back is more of a “finally” than a “wow”.
            PDF preview is not something I use, I prefer the plugin from a separate app (but that’s my particular case), so nothing to wow there as well.
            HiDPI is a godsend to people outside desktop environment, but also that’s not something I can admire (only desktop Opera here).

          • Leonardo Gomes


          • oic

            This is poor leadership then, if you don’t give tell us about your future plan. We’re not asking for detail description on what you plan to do or time its ready, but simple tidbits. e.g Vivaldi tell its users that they are working on extension and built-in mail. Thats all we needed

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Soory to say but imho Vivaldi is doing git for pure marketing, because they know it will attract attention, at least of part of their target audience.

            And if not disclousing future plans is a signal of bad leadership then i guess that the majority of companies suffers from this.

    • Lacedaemon

      Sorry to disappoint you but it’s never going to happen. Haven’t you read (or understood for 2 years now) that the browser is targeted at mainstream audiences with 95% using no more than 5 tabs? Any attempt of persuading them is futile. Vivaldi or Spartan is y(our) natural choice.

  • mb

    Woo Bing is back as a defaultable search engine.

  • KN

    WHEN will you allow users to DISABLE the malware sitecheck and not sending every single page visited to you and Akamai? I’ve brought this up like 3-4 VERSIONS of Opera ago! Yet still no answer from Opera nor even an acknowledgement. It is easily disabled in Chrome, yet you purposely removed the ability in Opera and it shows in my outgoing traffic my browsing habits being forcefully monitored.

    • pedralm

      I did not know about this! This is unacceptable!
      Is there an extension to block this? Do you know of any firewall rules?

      • Lacedaemon

        You have to block in your firewall or add it to your lmhost or hosts file (if you are using Windows)

        • pedralm

          does that block Akamai as well?

          • Lacedaemon

            Unfortunately no. It requires much more work with packet filtering, iptables and such… akamai is evil, it’s practically a legal spyware. For a start though I tried blocking 212.205.43.* and it seems that it is blocking it… for now.

  • Marc

    Tab Stacking in O29 maybe? Hope dies last.

    • Lacedaemon

      Never going to happen. Haven’t you read (or understood for 2 years now) that the browser is targeted at mainstream audiences with 95% using no more than 5 tabs?

      • anonym

        lolz … my dad, clearly not technically advanced in any way, uses way more tabs than i’m using at the moment. and he actually liked the possibilities of tabstacks.

        • He is not mainstream then … it’s not about “technically advanced” you are. My grandmother uses millions of tabs because she doesn’t know how to close them and my girlfriend – until very recently – used hundreds of tabs because she didn’t know how to bookmark

          • pedralm

            Maybe she could use Sessions too 😀

          • Lacedaemon

            That is sad to hear. You ‘ve just admitted how wrong the choice of this engine for mainstream users was, since it crashes when having too many tabs open and how features like tab stacking and most importantly tab grouping (see Vivaldi) are needed more than ever.

          • I don’t think the engine has anything to do with what you just said

          • Hm, I fail a little bit to see how I admitted the engine-choice is wrong for mainstream. Both mentioned people never had issues with the browser being sluggish with that many tabs. Chromium is actually pretty good at handling a large number of (for a long time) inactive tabs, which is what these people would need and we added a few nice tricks on top of that. If you have 200 tabs and you haven’t used 190 of them in the last week that should work very well. If not, please report an issue 🙂

          • sbs73000

            … and your stats showed most people don’t use bookmarks, so you decided to not implement bookmarks in O15.

            Sad story.

      • Marc

        Well, you might be right… but they could at least implement it as an optional feature or even make it a non-default setting so that basic users don’t get confused…

        • Lacedaemon

          To be honest, I’m not expecting anything more from them and feel disappointed after 2 years of nothing, so the moment Vivaldi goes stable and decide their update cycle I’m going to give all my feedback to them.

    • I’m still fighting for it… not going to give in 😉

  • Gloriam

    I do hope yesterday’s blog was a eye opener for Opera developers, what we want, is what Opera 12 offered, a lot of features with customization. Current benefit to Opera is that the interface just works right, it’s smooth and the browsing experience is in my opinion, with some extensions very good. But it simply lacks the customization that Opera 12 offered that made it so much better to use.

    Chromium is fine, it’s a good base to work on, but we need more features, and please get the bookmarks sorted, I shouldn’t have to open a new tab to open a bookmark, and the bookmark bar below the adressbar simply doesn’t cut it.

    I hope both Opera and Vivaldi will be healthy competitors, only good things can come of it, may the best team win. 🙂

    • It’s shouldn’t be a shock, but I think it still is: The new Opera is not Opera 12 anymore. We have a different target and focus on other things. It’s simply not the goal to recreate Opera 12.

      I also think more competition is great and I hope Vivaldi is successful. What they have done so far is technically very nice.

      • taneli

        Atleast give enough API’s, so others can recreate some of the old features (Sockets maybe? For Mail/IRC/Etc. that many have been longing for) etc. via extensions.
        And the core actions people are craving for, like default search engines (to actually change them to what you want), what to do with downloads (“open xxx with program yyy automatically” seems to be a hot topic).
        And customization of the UI, that wouldn’t hurt.

        Is that too much asked? I don’t really know.

      • pedralm

        So what is the goal?
        How will it set itself apart from Chrome or Firefox?

        Why should I use it instead of Chrome? I used to have a million answers for that question when someone saw me using Opera 12-, but right now with O15+, I just have to shrug and say “meh, none, really”.

        • Ask yourself: What sets Chrome and Firefox apart?

          • Well… Firefox:
            – own opensource rendering engine, not a facto rendering engine.
            – not a lot of MB to download on every update.
            – works on 32bit machines, even works on win xp machines.
            – innovation (that was offered by O12, but now…)

            Chrome: — Google by default…

          • pedralm

            That’s not a question for Opera to make.
            Opera needs to question what sets Opera apart from all the others. That’s the market it is going up against, right?

            If you ask me what sets O15+ apart from Chrome, I will say cosmetics.
            If you ask me about O12- and everything else, well… list is enormous. But really enormous. And considering O12- is no longer a “living competitor”, Viv will fill in that market gap (my hopes and expectations are now deposited with them).

            PS: my highest appreciations for your patience and replies here in the forums, it’s a very welcomed and needed presence.

      • Rômulo

        Who is your target if not the people who used Opera in the first place? I know a lot of people who would not use notes, integrated mail and just want a background picture on browser to call it “customization”. But well, those people are very happy with Chrome and I don’t think they would uninstall it and start using a browser that almost no one knows and do practice just the same. Opera was cool because it had a lot features. That’s why so much people used even with compatible problems with some websites.

        And really, after some guy just created an simple extension that works almost like the Opera 12 feed reader it became pretty obvious that you guys don’t want to put the old features back just because you don’t want and not because you don’t have resources. And projects such as Otter Browser and Vivaldi are here to prove it.

        It’s really sad to see something like this happening.

        • If you are selling coffee machines and you only target product development for people already buying your coffee machines, it’s very hard to grow your user base. There is a group of people that buy coffee machines that only work in airplanes, but not so many. If all you can make is one product, maybe it’s a better idea to make machines that also work in other places and satisfy the need of customers not in airplanes.

          • Rômulo

            You know, that would make sense if those advanced options were available but just disabled by default. So the ordinary user would not get confused by so many options and yet the advanced user would be able to use the features that he loved. Then, your coffee machine “ALSO would work in other places” too because it would be hybrid.

            But in practice, you guys just abandoned the customers in airplanes and switch to the ordinary ones.That’s why there’s so many people complaining here. The feeling is that we marry with a person and after years we wake up with a strange in our side that have exactly the same name but a completely different behavior.

          • beamerkun

            Have you considered costs of introducing features? It’s not only time developer spend on making it work – you need to test it constantly and fix incoming issues. Every additional setting is putting a bigger burden on every level.
            It cames down to this – Considering the same resources in both cases, do Opera want to be feature rich, but pay the price in lowering quality, or introduce more basic features giving users good experience?

          • Rômulo

            It’s funny when you talk like that because, like I said, some guy just created an extension that works like the old Opera feed reader. He probably did it in his free time because he’s not a employee here and that came out for free. And the people who works here could not do the same. Do you see why this argument of lack of resources does not fit? The developers already do not need to deal with the engine like on presto, so what users hoped was that they would really focus in features now. But no.

            And don’t tell me that a browser full of features would compromise the quality, because that’s not truth. Just see Opera 12 using way less system resources than Opera 27 and full of stuff. If they do it well, it would work. But you and I know very well what is the real thing. We are not target anymore, that’s the truth. The rest is just excuses.

          • pedralm

            Excellent last paragraph. My feelings right there.

          • You assume that it’s reasonable to make a product that works well inside and outside planes. The reality probably is that you will have to sacrifice quality in the inside airplane situation to make it work well outside of airplanes.

      • Hecc-MA

        I hope you can hold that opinion, when many users fly away, you guys have stepped back before and will do so again.

  • YemSalat

    If someone hasn’t heard yet, a new browser is currently being developed:
    By ex-opera developers who left Opera ASA when it switched to webkit. Its also webkit, but supports features of the good old Opera. Like tab stacking! (^_^)

    • ruduh

      Please, see the “Featured Comment” above. 😉

      • YemSalat

        Agh! There is something about that comment that makes it virtually invisible, I’m guessing the grey background makes it look like a ‘related articles’ block or something like that, so I just skipped right past it.
        Anyways, glad it was mentioned!

    • oic

      vivaldi uses chrome’s engine, same as opera yet they have sidebar bookmark manager already. I like how they have a trash icon right of the tabs to show tab history. Much better implementation than Opera. They also have tab preview done right. Opera is falling behind. Hmm

      • pedralm

        as soon as I saw the sidebar (instant F4 attempt after launch) and the notes, I started bowing down and salivating… and then so many of those little details that we’ve been expecting for like a year… it had that Opera feel I was longing for…

        still work to be done there, but i’m more excited about that than Opera right now.

      • Ste

        Stash +1 here.

        • pedralm

          Favourites/Bookmarks > Stash.

          Same thing, better logic. Just a matter of organization.

          • Ste

            No, its not the same thing. This works only for deleted bookmarks. We want Stash for closed tabs, like in O12 and Vivaldi.

          • pedralm

            Oh, you mean trash for bookmarks (and Notes), not Stash (the “feature” introduced for Opera 15+ while there weren’t bookmarks).
            I am completely supportive of trashes for bookmarks, notes and tabs!

    • Guest

      Vilaldi is like Windows 10 done right for browsers, while Opera is like Windows 8

      • pedralm

        More like Vista.

    • John Smith

      Can’t believe my eyes – vertical tabs on right side and already in Preview version – I’m basically sold. Using Opera for close to 15 years now and Vivaldi could be the one to end this long and for most part good relationship.

      My current setup is still O12 as main browser and developer version for stuff that’s not working anymore on O12.

      Just to stay on topic: back button stopped working at some point on OSX but CMD-[ was still working. After browser restart was fine again.

  • sssas

    Still this problem:

    The new bookmark suggestions has series problem with Chinese Input Methods, Simplified Chinese input methods using PINYIN (which use English letters) to input Chinese words. and when I want search something with Chinese in addressbar, the first two or three letters aways auto converted into English (which I want input Chinese) and suggest me a bookmark or search engine, and I find it is a big trouble when someone use a Input Method especially when this method use English letters.

    • 唔,地址栏里拼音首字母和历史记录冲突的问题又粗线了?╮(╯-╰)╭

      • sssas


        • No way. ╮(╯-╰)╭ 除非你能忍受兼容性问题

          • sssas

            我很看好新出的 维瓦尔第,虽然现在还是TP版,还不实用,但是老Opera的功能都回来了,侧边栏、笔记、书签……

    • Targeted to removed comments on this: English only in here, please.

  • Григорий

    Что вы делаете? Куда делся новый упрощенный вид?? чего случилось с флеш?? чем дальше тем хуже !!!!! —–10 отстой!!!

  • Nashuim

    This build brought back the taskbar bug in windows. If you have it set to auto-hide the taskbar putting the browser in fullscreen will make it so it doesn’t appear anymore.

  • Fhury

    So, history in the nav bar would be nice and what happened to the tab preview? Did you guys sell it in some deal to MS? Seems to me a lot of wheeling and dealing goes on at Opera HQ that influence the dev – user relation in a big way…

    • L33t4opera

      It’s not enabled by default, go to Settings (Alt+P) > User interface, and tick the checkbox on the left of the “Show tab previews” option 😉

      • Fhury

        Thank you 🙂

    • 1. I also think History in the nav bar would be nice.
      2. We disabled Tab Preview after feedback from – mainly – the blog

  • Felipe
    • Leonardo Gomes

      Why not what?

      • Felipe

        Change the Bookmarks and Navigation Bar like the picture

    • We have good reasons for that, that I can’t tell you 😉 So now you at least know we have plans …

    • Well … why?

      • Felipe

        The space above is big for small resolutions and the Navigation Bar in bottom reduces the usable space in Bookmarks.

  • Кostadin

    With this and the previous build I am not able to rearrange speed dial entries. Somone else? Win 8.1 x64

    • Michael Maier

      Confirmed Win 7
      I hope it’s a bug and not a feature …

      • It’s a bug that’s caused by the new bookmarks backend.

  • Guest

    Confirmed Win 7.
    I hope it’s a bug and not a feature …

  • Der Herr Nick

    Bug or feature? This tab freezes/crashes when I upvote a post and subsequently click on another post. O_o


    Update 1: Crashes even without upvoting. Clicking on any post is enough. Can anyone confirm?
    Update 2: Only crashes when I use the touchscreen for clicking. Mysterious.

    • Feature. Most definitely. But it’s not “working” here yet…

      • Der Herr Nick

        🙂 You never know, don’t you?
        I’m using an MS Surface 3, Win 8.1, 64bit. The crash is reproducible for me with an w/o addons.

    • It’s not crashing over here (Win 10), but the tab indeed gets completely unresponsive until I restart Opera – as you said: only when touched, not when clicked.
      Please report it.

      • Der Herr Nick

        Filed as DNA-33370. Thanks for the reply.

  • Michael Maier

    Opera was cool.
    In the early days it was much faster then others … cool.
    Then it got features nobody else had … cool.
    Then customizing possibilities … cool.
    You had skins, custom buttons, visible tabs right, left and at the bottom and (with some skills) a really own Speeddial.
    Then the switch to Chromium (which I supported).
    It started with site compatibility I never knew (we all know why Presto had problems) and a good speed.
    No mail, no notes … and no bookmarks??? (I hope that everyone that’s involved in this decision burns in hell)
    Ok … new engine … it takes time to implement most of the old features. No mail, no notes, no problem for me.
    Other things were more annoying. Downloads, Printing …
    Most of the problems are solved now.
    Now, we have a browser that works wihout any coolness. Opera works like Chrome but hasn’t its features.
    Chromium Opera had two features that I liked (and both were killed)
    New speeddial (< 27, killed by Opera, cause 99% disliked it. Show me this poll!).
    First page, last page behaviour < Opera 20 (I don't know exactly when it was gone, but it was a pleasure to see the site run down or up.
    The last thing I showed my friends, now I hope they don't notice that I use Opera.

    Opera isn't cool anymore.

    • Veger

      Another new feature that got killed is the tab preview. Not even a small preview is available when hovering over a tab…

      When it got introduced I got used to it very quickly. Now it is gone again I miss it a lot. 🙁

      (still trying to hover over tabs, only to notice that nothing happens)

      • SuperTommy

        Enable Tab Preview in settings.

        • Veger

          Oh…Thanks a lot!! 🙂 🙂

          I thought I read somewhere that it got removed, instead of being placed in settings (and disabled by default).

  • Michael Maier

    What’s the Opera feature you will share with your friends ???

    • sssas


  • NanoPi

    hooray, audio indicator


  • Dark Magician

    4K HTML5 video stutters on YT, while it works in IE and FF.
    IE of course uses h.264 instead of VP9. I think it’s a Chromium issue, since other Chromium based browsers have the same problem.

    Also when is the problem of missing resolutions going to be solved for h.264 videos on YT?

    • It’s being worked on right now. Stay tuned 😉

      • Vux777

        I hope the change is not because of me… lol

        • Nope, “German boy and pig” actually made me laugh pretty hard xD
          I deemed it’s time for a change as I came to use my Gravatar in a lot more places than just on this very blog and I didn’t wanna snitch Opera’s logo for that 😉

          • Dark Magician

            “German boy and pig” what now?? 😀

  • Mikhail Kaplinskiy


    Are there any chances to have Notes back? Or maybe there is any extension or tool to import notes from Opera12 to Opera Dev? Next thing is the search window like in Opera12 – could it be implemented or e.g. use drop menu in address field to select the search engine?


  • x a

    Using Drag-and-Drop makes my CPU sweat, 😉 ie make the CPU temperature go up and the fan spin up.* It happens, if you dragstart and perhaps additionally stay in a dragover state for a while (dozens of seconds); that is, start dragging a draggable item and keep that mouse button pressed. Having a breakpoint in the dragover/-enter handlers yields the same results.

    Overall CPU usage remains reasonably low, but there is quite some, though not excessive, I/O going on in Opera’s parent process as well as in one sub-job.

    • x a

      New investigative results seem to indicate, it’s not he drag’n’drop causing the increase in temperature, but a full-frame animated background.

      It’s the same subtly animated background as used in my Opera Update Watcher, its options page, respectively. There, on the other hand, the workload increase is much lower than with the extension-in-development, which caused me to post the above findings.

  • Mateusz

    Quick cold start please!

    • Devs are working on improving startup times just as they do to improve general speed and responsiveness.

      (see e.g. DNA-29812 [WP1] Improved startup on slow hdd in O28’s changelog)

      • Mateusz


      • Dmitry Kirin

        It’s great to hear that. Thanks!

        • Marcin Mitek

          We run some testing lately regarding this and we are able to shave off some some time when Opera is lunched during heavy HDD load. Work is ongoing in this area.

          • I mostly have Opera for lunch, too! ^^

          • Marcin Mitek

            I see what you did there. Fixed the typo. 😉

          • ruduh

            Thank you for this news Marcin, ’cause I thing Opera is delaying to much on the first boot, principally when are several extensions installed, in my case 25 !!!… LOL… O_o

          • I do have about 15 or so, too. It’s nothing unusual as that’s the concept. Slim browser, more functionality by extensions…

  • Jiri Marounek

    still not vertical tabs like old opera and vivaldi ???

    • No. But as a workaround, have you tried turning your display 90 degrees?

  • pureocean

    This build have high CPU usage when any site loading.

    Tested Windows NT 5.2 (2003 x86) and 7 SP1 (x64). No change.

    But this problem not happening in prevously build 1747.

  • Alex B

    Can’t find “Click to play” option in the plugins settings, but have “Detect and run important plug-in content” instead. What do this new option do?

  • taneli

    How do you even make browser this slow, i like to browse image sites now and then (imgur being one of them), i can check maybe 10 images at best and browser just dies, need to restart.
    Some sites that give 5 images/page, take up to 1min to load, that’s not what i’m expecting from a browser in 2015.
    And yes, this is pretty much the same in current beta and stable too, 26 stable being a bit better, but still gets hiccups.

    Configuration is I7-3770K@4.4Ghz, 16GB DDR3 @ 2133MHz, PCI-E card having 2 SSD’s in raid-0. The specs shouldn’t really be a problem.
    (Also GTX680 OC’d, but i have to keep HW acceleration off since it doesn’t work, so that probably doesn’t matter.)

    Taskmanager shows the imgur-tab constantly using 12.5% of CPU (got 8 threads, so 1 is being fully used by that one tab at all times, even if it’s “resting”, a.k.a opened the page 20 minutes ago and left it there)

    Edit 2:
    Now just having couple of static tabs open, only text content with 1-2 images, and 1 youtube tab, which is fully loaded and paused, and 1 CPU thread is again 100% used, and that affects the browser itself.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      I have never experienced this kind of behaviour. I have much slower laptop (i7 8-core, 8GB, SSD Windows 8.1 64-bit and older nvs3100m-adapter. ) What happens if you restore all the flags. Have you add-ons? Often adblockers could cause strange behaviour. So I would suggest to test with clean profile.

      • Yeap, try a clean profile. That does sound like sth got messed up there.

      • taneli

        I do use the stable version without flags nor extensions, it has the same problem, not quite as severe as these new dev builds, but it gets sluggy on the stable too. Gonna try “debugging” it with extensions and options this weekend again (so far, since this has been a problem here for several builds, i haven’t found a culprit in extensions or settings).

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          Sometimes is tricky. I am currently testing Mailbird -mailclient and I noticed that together running Opera and Mailbird cause sluggish behaviour. Both can use hwa – I disable hwa in Mailbird and it helped a bit. But stil quite heavy when compared using gmail via browser.

          • taneli

            I have HWA disabled on all versions since it doesn’t work well with my 3D work, Opera (any version) dies if i render stuff or do simulations. Other browsers with HWA enabled still do work.

  • Opera is saying my FLASH in out of date 🙂 NPAPI Plug-in version is installed. PPAPI Plug-in version is installed. 🙂 FIXXXX!

    • taneli

      Well that PPAPI is well out of date, and i believe, it only notifies you about the PPAPI, since NPAPI is being rolled out.

    • That is maybe an old beta of PPAPI Flash. You should uninstall it and then visit adobe to donwload the newest one.

      Maybe you need the uninstaller for beta-versions. Visit this site, scroll down to the button and use the uninstaller:

  • Lacedaemon

    How about being able to add a site to the media exception list even if it is http?
    For example a guitar tuner where I have to click “Allow” every.frigging.time even for a simple reload for almost 2 years now

  • Lacedaemon

    Please bring back ASAP the flag Impl-side painting (If enabled, painting is done on a separate thread instead of the main thread). As I’ve found out in these posts,, enabling it is the cause of white blinking of new tabs. DNA-30973
    You can see here the decription of the problem:

    or if you want to jump to the video directly:

    impl-side painting ON:
    impl-side painting OFF:

    • Those are Chromium switches. If they are removed in the engine there’s very little Opera can do to get them back.
      You should report / request directly with Chromium.

      • SuperTommy

        Disabling “Impl-side painting” causes the infamous checkerboard issue Chromium had in the past. So I assume they figured out a millisecond white blink was better than seconds with checkerboard while page rendered.

        • Lacedaemon

          You wouldn’t notice 1 millisecond or 10ms, this is more than 200ms. Plus checkerboard (which I didn’t notice one time since O15) doesn’t hurt my eyes, blinking does.

      • Lacedaemon

        Thanks for the advice but I’m not using Chromium, I’m using Opera.

        • Stubborn as always…. *sigh*
          You are implicitly using Chromium since you are using Opera. Like it or not.
          It’s like complaining to Airbus cause its Rolls-Royce turbine uses another spark plug now.
          You can for sure tell Airbus (or Opera), but all they are gonna do (at most!) is tell Rolls-Royce (or Chromium).
          So it’s your choice if you want your issue to be fixed ASAP or take some extra time…

          • Lacedaemon

            “You can for sure tell Airbus (or Opera), but all they are gonna do (at most!) is tell Rolls-Royce (or Chromium).”

            exactly… glad you understood that.

          • Marko Koivuniemi
          • I don’t see any rudeness in my reply. I just tried to explain the facts. Whether you like them is not up to me.

          • Lacedaemon

            “Ignorant as always…. *sigh*”

            What is this?

          • Whoops, I just double-checked. Looks like “ignorant” does have a some other meanings in English besides its German version.
            I meant to say “stubborn” / “not willing to accept another point of view”.
            Sorry for the mixup.

          • Lacedaemon

            It’s you who is ignorant and rude in the first place. As I’ve said before I’m a user of Opera and I report what I find not working well to the Opera team. It’s up to them then to take the initiative and judge if the issue is important to them to address it with a report to the Chromium people or not. It’s not related to Chromium directly. So next time stick your tongue in to your brain before calling me names.

          • What you fail to understand is that I am one of those who get to see your bug report and I instructed you to report this directly to Chromium if you want something to happen.
            Take it or leave it.

          • Lacedaemon

            I report it here in the official blog since it concerns the Opera browser. The rest is not my responsibility. It’s either yours or someone’s from Opera. (if they care)

          • You seem to forget that we volunteers put a lot of effort and time into helping to sort out your issues. So I don’t think it’s fair to expect us to do this for you. This blog is not the bug tracker. For minor issues like this you need to file a report. Either with Opera or Chromium (in this case). If you are not willing to do it, I don’t think anybody will be.

          • Lacedaemon

            As I’ve written in my original post which contains replies to @Zhenis Beisekov directly, the issue is already known to him and he was the one to report the problem as DNA-30973, while I have reported the (same) blinking issue twice in the past (months ago)

            So your sayings and playing… “the teacher” to me with Airbus and Rolls Royce examples are lame and your offensive attitude calling me names unacceptable.

        • Sidney Moraes

          Opera uses Chromium, if a feature is removed from Chromium there is a little chance of Opera bring it back. If you want you feature back, you should request in Chromium as Chris said.

          • Lacedaemon

          • We had that discussion before in detail @sidneymoraes:disqus (the deleted messages are remaining indications of this OT discussion). Lacedaemon doesn’t care. So be it.

          • Sidney Moraes

            Ok than.

    • Lacedaemon

      Update: For anyone that is interested in disabling it, adding a –disable-impl-side-painting in the shortcut’s target works like a charm (at least temporarily).

  • RX-3200

    please, wean Opera suspend pocess with tab opera://extensions/

    and please, add normal bookmarks tree to opera://bookmarks/

  • ezzdean

    How can i save my bookmarks from being lost?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do backups. I think it’s better to backup the whole Opera’s profile folder but if you want to backup only the bookmarks, the files are “bookmarks*.*”.

      • ezzdean

        Thank you, and i apologize for replying late. I will do what you suggested, but what i also want to know is, when is Opera going to be able to save my bookmarks automatically like Chrome does. Thanks in advance.

      • ezzdean

        I cant find Opera’s profile folder.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Check Menu > About Opera for the path.

          • ezzdean

            I know this came in late, but thanks anyways…

  • Daniel Kit

    What about vertical tabs?

  • Dark Magician

    Beta has a problem with Speed Dial not loading when doing cold boot from time to time. Restart needed.

  • L33t4opera

    New, small update – Opera developer 28.0.1750.11, and the change log 😉

  • Hylian Ticipated

    I don’t know, man. Seems like some of my extensions don’t work. Well, TamperMonkey and Violent Monkey don’t work. They enable, of course, even update scripts — just none of them seem to work. Ugh, I need them.

  • banc

    Guys, the subject is not anymore the missing features, but about that you are ZERO (0) at public relations and consumer satisfaction. ZE-RO!

    You totally ignore your user’s feedback, then for whom are you developing? 90% (my observation) of the users felt in love with Opera <13, this is why they still using it and their patience is running out, as mine.